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Read {PDF Epub} Download Dominic by L.A. Casey from the story Body by charissastebbens43 with 0 reads. forget, heart, argue. Simple Way to Read. Read {PDF Epub} Download Bracia Slater. Dominic by L. A. Casey from the story Respond by gilcresttsugane47 with 0 reads. public. Dominic (Slater Brothers) (Volume 1) [L. A. Casey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After a car accident killed her parents when she was a.

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La Casey, Dominic. 1. Dominic Slater Brothers [1] L. A. Casey L.A. Casey () After a car accident killed her parents when she was a child. Dominic L. A. Casey - dokument [*.pdf] Dominic Slater Brothers, Book One Reader's Note Dominic is set in Ireland; most of the characters are Irish, and the. Report. Slater Brothers by L. A. Casey. 1_Casey, L. A. - (Slater Brothers 1) - KB. _Casey, L. A. - (Slater Brothers ) -

More Details I want to make it clear that when you see an Irish character in Dominic say the word 'me' where 'my' should be, that is supposed to be written that way. He turned to face Micah and held his hands up by his face. I heard a deep chuckle from behind Jason then, a chuckle that made me want to shrivel up and die. Except as permitted under S. View all 7 comments. I thought she was pretty cool because of that.

They were clearly cut and pasted in and reading incorrect pronouns through the majority of their stories just confirmed it. Damien felt written in a rush and so did Brothers in my personal opinion. As a fan of the Slater Brother series I was looking forward to get my hands on this book. Unfortunately I was disappointed.

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My expactation was that I get a real insight in the think of the brothers and maybe get to know something new but this did not happen. The book is subdivided in 5 parts, each brother got his own: One chapter of the present day Dominic got two chapters , 5 chapters of past events and the last chapter is again present day.

Combined, all the present day events is telling a sho As a fan of the Slater Brother series I was looking forward to get my hands on this book. Combined, all the present day events is telling a short story.

Though I am not a native English speaker I have noticed so many mistakes in grammar and spelling. It annoyed me immensely. Some parts throughout the book had passages which were copy and paste from previous books. They were not done correctly, I got confused about the point of view a few times.

It is essential that a book is read through several times to correct the mistakes in spelling, grammar and to check if there are serious errors in the content of the text. Georgie, the only girl which was born is Dominic finds out she has a boyfriend and everybody her father, his brothers and all their sons flips about that. The Brothers are discussing if they can make Georgie break up with the guy. Some of them are the age of 12! But not for Georgie because she is loved by everyone.

Jax, the eldest, 16 years got caught naked with his girlfriend. This was a total drama and he was told not to have sex. But on the other hand Kane informed Jax were he can find the condom stash.

The author is aware of the double standards. She mentioned it herself: Dominic explains Georgie that because she is a girl she is treated differently. Which is in my opinion absolutely ridiculous, the Brothers started to have sex in the age of 13 and the twins got escorts as a gift for their 13th birthday by their older brothers. I have huge problems with these double standards. Why should a girl behave or treated differently than a boy?

Either tell them both no or tell both where the condoms are. There was a part in the book which enraged me big time. Throughout the series it is always explained how loving and respectful they were with each other and how the brothers hated how they were treated by their own parents.

Therefore I cannot understand in the slightest the behavior of Damien: His son is disrespectful to Alannah. The son aplogized but instead instead of accepting the apology and really trying to talk to his son, Damien punishes him by belting.

Just because you're my child doesn't mean you get a pass. Damien and his son talked after the beating but the beating should have never happened to begin with. Absolutely impossible behavior even more, as it seems like it is acceptable to abuse a child like that. Under no circumstances it is ok to hit a child and especially with a belt.

A hit is a hit. There is no excuse. The book is not worth the star I gave it. Oct 13, Nadia rated it liked it. All things must come to an end. In general, Brothers was a good book but it also had its problems. I will admit that as cute it is that all the Slaters "We laughed as we all raised our glasses and together, we toasted to the most important thing in our crazy, blessed lives.

I will admit that as cute it is that all the Slaters grown ups and children treat Georgie as their number one girl and they were upset over her having a boyfriend, it was also somehow annoying. They were TOO obsessed and freaked out and it became annoying at some point. Another problem was Damien beating his children with a belt. A fucking belt. As an abused child he should have known better as to hit his kids. Who the fuck thought it'd be a good idea to write that off as something normal?

It's a no from me. This book also gave me more insight on Ryder's and Alec's stories. I already loved Alec to death and it broke me reading about the shit he had to endure, but I must admit that my opinion on Ryder was average the least. But now, after having read his chapters and knowing more about his past He is my number two favorite. I expected more from this book and not just flashbacks and some new scenes here and there.

But it was okay and the Slaters will always have a place in my heart. Oct 15, Debbie Turk rated it it was amazing. The Perfect Good Bye! Alec's abuse was obviously one but much more stark for me was 6 year old Ryder becoming a Parent to Alec and Kane for the first time, it broke my heart!!

Urgh, it's too painful to contemplate! Each has been different but equally lovable and broken in their own ways!

I don't understand how her ARC Team doesn't pick up on them either? View all 4 comments. Oct 14, Tracy rated it it was amazing. Becaues I love the Slater bro's so much I can't even imagine giving this read anything but a 5 star.

I cried and I laughed out loud. It was so wicked to read this last book in the guys POV. But I would suggest Casey do a re-read and another Edit. There were many sentences that had 'he' instead of 'she' or 'her'. And there were words that were mixed up in lots of sentences It did not in anyway take away from the awesomness of this read though. Those Becaues I love the Slater bro's so much I can't even imagine giving this read anything but a 5 star.

Those boys are all my book boyfriends so I could not possibly say anything bad about them lol. Oh the man bible.

I can't wait to read it. I was laughing out loud when Nico gave Alec a small taste of what is in this so called man bible.

Oct 10, Steph Bardsley rated it it was amazing. I am not sure words can express my feelings right now at finishing this book other than to say I absolutely loved it! I have gone thru every range of emotion while reading it. This series has been amazing to read and all the books are so well written you fall in love with the characters. In this book each character gets there own part and through the chapters you read there backstory.

I was so drawn into the book I shed tears and laughed out loud it was so worth losing sleep to read it and finis I am not sure words can express my feelings right now at finishing this book other than to say I absolutely loved it! I was so drawn into the book I shed tears and laughed out loud it was so worth losing sleep to read it and finish it. If you have not for some reason read this series I highly recommend it.

I am looking forward to the Legacy series following the children as well as the Collins brothers. Oct 09, nath rated it it was amazing. When I first started the Slater Brothers series I had low expectations.

At one point I even thought i would hate it. Loved it!! I'm so depressed it's over!!! It would be cool if she did their kids' stories!!! I don't know if she plans on that but I can only hope!! It starts off with Dominic in the present time and then it goes to the past, in his view obviously. It goes like that for each brothers part. I personally wish she would of stayed in the present because it was really amusing, the dialogue between the guys and their kids.

Casey is in a league of her own. Apr 26, Jennifer marked it as to-read.

Pdf casey dominic l.a.

I love these books. Please hurry with the rest. Oct 12, Jessica Graham rated it it was amazing. I shot to my feet and put my entire focus on Alannah Slater. She was a pest that I was about to exterminate. Neither did just being in my boxers. He opened his arms and caught her as she flung herself at his body and wrapped her short-ass limbs around him.

I reached down, grabbed my foot and hopped around as agony tore through me. It happened. What every parent feared happened I stepped on a motherfucking Lego.

I would've finished this book in one day if it wasn't for the constant nagging of people wanting my attention. So with that being said, if you want to read this book in peace, make sure no one is around you, and you're somewhere, where you won't be bother. I thoroughly enjoy this book, I love it. The background story for each brother was so heart breaking, and shocking that I felt myself actually flinch, because of what I was reading.

They truly deserve there happiness in there lives. Each story brought new emotions and thoughts for each male character. I couldn't help but want to reach in and hug each one. At the same time I wanted to cry when the book ended. I thoroughly enjoy Alec part in the book, his sons are hilarious, and the way they are with one another, you can really see they taken after there father.

I love the relationship each of the brothers have with there family. And I enjoy it more that you can now find out what they felt when they met there wives. Reading this part inside of the book was the most enjoyment that I had while reading this book. And to be honest It makes me want to reread the entire series, and than switch between each book in order to get the correct reaction.

I love the fact that I couldn't stop laughing at all three stories. But mostly Alec story, it was too much that I couldn't stop. What I was shock more about is how they tell there kids who is ages 15 - 16 years old not to have sex until they're an adult. I was shocked by this since its normal for a teen to lose there virginity at that age. But more so that they really didn't want them to mess around with anyone until their Now what really shocked me the most is the fact that they told there sons that they're not allow to do that until they're I'm shock since most of the time it's the males that can get away with this, and even get pat on there shoulders for accomplishing the fact that they're out being sexual.

So reading this was refreshing and such a fresh drink, from the norm of the pat on the back for being sexual. What I love even more about this book is the bickering that is still continuing with Alec and Alannah.

They're still going at it even when they are more than grown, and have kids. These two are hilarious together and I more than enjoy reading about them. Dominic wants Bronagh and the only way he can get to her, is by dragging her from the boxed off corner she has herself trapped in the only way he knows how Dominic wants her, and what Dominic wants, Dominic gets. Read more Read less. Frequently bought together. Total price: Add both to Cart Add both to List. Buy the selected items together This item: Dominic Slater Brothers Volume 1 by L.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Bronagh Slater Brothers by L. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Ryder Slater Brothers Volume 4. Bronagh Slater Brothers. Alannah Slater Brothers. Brothers Slater Brothers.

After The After Series. Misadventures of a College Girl Misadventures Book 8. Lauren Rowe. About the Author L. Read more. Product details Series: Slater Brothers Paperback: English ISBN Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images.

Read reviews that mention high school wait to read looking forward debut novel main characters loved this book love hate must read really enjoyed well written hate relationship great read storyline sister branna absolutely loved highly recommend back and forth dominic and bronagh parents died slater brother.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. From the beginning of this book I felt connected to Bronagh. She kept to herself and her sister but was full of sass and spirit when triggered Dominic however had to grow on me. But he is a persistent one and as he opened up and I learned more of his story I was sold.

Anyways back to the actual story I loved the storyline and how it developed throughout. All of the ups and downs, backs and forths, twists and turns were so well placed. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series! I read the warning Good idea by the way So knowing what to expect, I was hesitant but figured I would keep an open mind. I had big hips and a small waist; I didn't have a big bust, but I had something else that was huge.

I turned to the side and rolled my eyes; if I could change one thing about my body it would be my arse. It was big, and more than a few times I have gotten crude comments about it. It made me mad because it messed with my need to be ignored. I liked being practically invisible. I grunted as I left the bathroom and pro-ceeded down the corridor to registration class. It was a stupid class we had every morning; our tutor - the person we went to if we got in trouble or needed the bathroom pass - took attendance and then let us do whatever we wanted for forty minutes until the class was over.

That sounded pathetic, but I really didn't have any friends. It wasn't for lack of trying on my classmates part; it was all down to me really. Ever since my parents died I had been closed off and guarded. I didn't like the idea of getting attached to someone new knowing that they could be taken away from me. That's why I chose not to make friends with anyone in school or anyone at all, it was too risky. Branna said it was stupid and that I couldn't be closed off from people forever, because it wasn't healthy.

I got that it was weird - I was weird - for just wanting to be on my own all the time but I was content this way so I didn't let her words get to me. When I reached my classroom, I opened the door and looked directly at my tutor.

My tutor nodded her head to me like I knew she would. I was never late for class, and if I did make it a habit, I doubted she would give me late stamps in my school journal, because she liked me. I was her quietest student.

I moved across the room and, as usual, none of my classmates bothered with me, but for some reason today everyone was very talkative and giddy. It was when I walked to-wards my desk that I realised why. I looked to the lads that were seated at my desk; they were identical twins, that much was obvious. One had hair as white as snow while the other had a colour much like my own, dark chocolate brown.

I didn't linger on looking at them, because they seemed to be enjoying the suggestive stares of my fellow female classmates, so I kept my eyes down as I neared them.

The twin with white blond hair made a move to get up but his dark-haired brother, the one who was in my seat, placed a hand on his shoulder halting his movements. Does it have your name on it or something? His accent made him stick out like a sore thumb, it wasn't Irish. My guess was American, but I didn't ask. I looked up at him and glared.

He had grey eyes that looked slightly silver when the light hit them. I in-wardly kicked myself for even noticing that about him and refocused. I simply leaned over the table and pointed to the corner of the desk. I had carved it on the desk in first year when I was bored. I hated when foreign people pronounced my name, they completely butchered it. I rolled my eyes. Let's just move out of this lovely woman's way and sit down in the back row next to the pretty ladies. I didn't like pretty boys who were full of themselves; we already had one in this school, and he was an absolute dickhead.

We didn't need another one, let alone two more. The dark-haired twin slowly stood up from my seat. He didn't smile at me, he grinned.

My glare only caused his grin to turn into a smirk. It was obvious I was stat-ing that no one was to sit next to me. I heard the dark-haired twin chuckle as he moved to the back of the class.

Nothin'," Alannah Ry-an replied. She seemed to understand that I was just content with being on my own, and I really liked that about her. I thought she was pretty cool because of that. My mind didn't have a filter either. I tended to say what I was thinking without thinking. I heard some chuckles then, and when I glanced up, I caught Miss McKesson grin-ning down into her book. He thought I was a bitch? Like I gave a fuck. It's easy to tell them apart with them havin' different hair colour.

Nico has brown hair and Damien has blond hair, well, more white than blond. A few snorts later Miss McKesson intro-duced me. I snorted. Slater," I replied making the class laugh. I didn't care that they were probably laughing at me because it was obviously not a pleasure to meet me, but whatever, I didn't care.

Not a second later the questions fired left, right, and centre from the girls to the twins, and it made me sigh. I hoped it wasn't going to be like this every day, because that shite would get old and annoy me pretty quickly. When Miss McKesson looked up, I shook my iTouch at her, and she nodded her head, giving me silent permission to listen to it. Oh no, just Bronagh.

She gets her work done every day, so she is allowed to listen to it as long as the volume is low," Alannah's voice replied to Nico.

I knew that made me out to be a geek, but I kind of was, not in the l-was-seriously- I didn't really have much else to do in school other than work so having it done on time was never a problem.

I didn't hear Nico's response to Alannah, because I turned my music on. I welcomed it and enjoyed the fact that the beautiful sound drowned everyone else out. I took out my English copybook and read over the essay I wrote last night for class later today. I corrected any mistakes I spotted, and then re-read it again. When I was satisfied with it, I put it back in my bag and zipped it closed. I checked the time and saw that there was less than two minutes left in class.

I sat up straight and took out my earphones then switched off my iTouch and pocketed it. I stood up at the same time the bell rang. I pushed the chairs under my desk, walked out of the room, and headed towards the woodwork room. I loved this class; I I always made jewellery boxes, makeup holders for Branna or cool shelves and book-cases.

I got more creative with each one I made, and Branna loved them, so it made me happy. When I got to class, I waved to Mr. He was the woodwork teacher, and he was nice. He always left me alone and only came over to me when I needed help. He was cool like that; he seemed to know how I worked, and I liked that about him. I'm just sandin' down all the pieces I cut up on Friday then I'm puttin' them together.

I won't be near any dangerous machines that music would distract me from. I put my bag under my woodwork desktop and moved down to the walk-in storage press at the back of the room; I grabbed an apron and put it on then put my earphones back in my ears and switched on my music. I moved back out into the classroom and noticed out of the corner of my eye that the rest of my classmates were coming in.

I was the only girl in the class; all the other girls chose metalwork over wood-work, which was fine by me. I didn't have to listen to them chitchat about who was going out with who when I didn't have my earphones in.

While the lads put their stuff under their desks, I moved to the right of the room and went into the supply room that was connec-ted to the woodwork room. I got some new sandpaper, and then headed back into the classroom to get a handheld sander from the I was minding my own business when I headed back to my desk, only to come to a halt. Nico looked up at me and smiled as he sarcastically asked, "Is your name on this desk as well? I didn't find him amusing in the slightest, I found him extremely annoying.

Our first interaction wasn't the best, but I now knew that he was purposely trying to make me mad, and I instantly didn't like him because of it. He shook his head, so I gripped my sander like a bat and moved towards him only to be blocked by the sir's body. Kelly said calmly with his hands raised in an I-am-unarmed-don't-hurt-me motion. I was going to hit him with it. Probably not that hard, but I was still going to hit him with it nonetheless.

I shrugged then grunted, "He is in me seat! Tell 'em to move. Some of the lads in the class cracked up at what I said while I fumed in silence. I just started today," Nico replied. The sir looked around to me with raised eyebrows. Would I be in less trouble if I attacked an old one? I huffed. I inwardly snorted, I liked calling him Fuckface instead of Nico. I prefer it that way," Dominic replied. Everyone might call him Nico, and he might prefer it that way, but I wasn't every-one so if I ever had to address him, it would be as Dominic or Fuckface.

Most likely the latter. But you can have the other end of the table since she has this one to herself. I like havin' it to meself, you know that," I wailed. The sir sighed when he turned to face me. The sir grinned - he was great like that, he never cared about students cursing - and patted me on the back.

I glared at him as I placed my sander on my worktop then pressed my hands down next to it and leaned forward. I don't like you and want you to stay the fuck away from me, oth-erwise I'll imbed this sander into your stupid lookin' skull.

Are we clear on that, Dominic? Dominic's lip twitched as he looked me up and down like he was assessing me. I was a little shocked that I was so angry; the only other person who could get to me that easily without actually doing much was Jason Bane. He was the main pretty boy in this school and had always been a dick to me. He was currently on holiday somewhere in Australia and had been for the entire summer.

He wouldn't get back until late September, the end of this month. It had been the best summer and start of the school year without him around to bully me. He was an evil, good-looking bastard, and the fact that this Dominic prick might be an Americ-an version of Jason scared the hell out of me.

I thought this over while I waited for Dominic to move to the other end of the worktop. I put my earphones in and turned my music back on when he was away from me. I could feel his eyes on me, probably to try and annoy me but little did he know that I was very good at ignoring people.

I looked up as the sir was pointing out some different wood materials to Dominic, and I knew he was about to get started on his first project. This pleased me, hopefully he would keep busy and stay away from me. It was the end of second period when I finished sanding down all my pieces to Branna's new makeup compartment box. It was going to be big with lots of spacious compartments.

Branna had a lot of makeup so she would be delighted with it. I took my base pieces and moved over to the glue gun station. I picked up a glue gun, grabbed a new glue stick, fitted it into the back of the gun then switched it on. I waited two minutes for the gun to heat up and melt the glue stick. I aligned my pieces how I wanted them to be, then generously applied I put the glue gun down and stepped back, looking over my piece.

I bent forward and pressed down hard on the wood, forcing any air bubbles out from between the wood's open spaces and used my free hand to get a piece of card to swipe the now lukewarm ex-cess glue away. I did this for about twenty seconds, then got some used sandpaper from my worktop to go over some of the areas that I had missed. While doing this I felt like I was being watched so when I glanced over my shoulder, I was startled when I found that some of the lads in the class were look-ing at me.

Some looked amused while others were grinning at Dominic, who was grinning at me. That obviously meant something, so I looked at Dominic. That's sort of mean, Bronagh. Dominic smirked and said, "I just took a picture. I'll be a real ass if I do," Dominic replied, snickering. I balled my hands into fists and contem-plated hitting him, but I instead put my earphones back in and ignored him.

I knew he took a picture of my arse; it was obvious with what he said and the way the lads were I forced my-self not to care though. Fuck him and fuck this school day.

L.a. casey pdf dominic

It was turning out to be a bitch of one! I jolted awake and groaned out in tired-ness and annoyance. I just wanted to be left alone in peace so I could sleep! I felt a whack on my arse, which made me scream, and caused me to jump upright to my feet, so that I was standing on my bed. She didn't look amused in the slightest.

I did something wrong. Why are you in here wakin' me up and hittin' me? I'm your little sister you shouldn't-" "Save it, I heard you this mornin', turn-in' off your alarm and goin' back to bed. You ditched school today and that is not cool, not cool at all. You have been a walkin' hormone since you came home from school on Monday. What is wrong with you? I groaned, not wanting to explain why I've been off all week. I really didn't feel very good, but the entire truth was that I didn't want to go to school today be-cause I didn't want to deal with another day of Dominic while I felt ill.

If Branna knew that he was bullying me, she would call the school and demand a meeting, which would embarrass me. Or she would find out where Dominic lived and murder him. And that would leave me homeless since she technic-ally owned our house and paid for everything. Plus killing Dominic would land her arse in Mountjoy Prison and I would be left all on my own. I'll make a doctor's ap-pointment for you.

After that first meeting at school Monday morning, he made it his per-sonal mission to get as close to me as he could throughout the school week, because he knew how much I hated it. I even slapped him across the face on Wednesday when he grabbed my arse. He said there was a spider on it, and he was just wiping it off for me. It was utter bullshit, and he knew it. He fucking squeezed my arse cheek to the point of pain, and that's why he had a grin on his face while pretending to be a do-gooder.

Yeah, I was really grateful, so grateful that I left a pretty decent handprint on his cheek that was visible for the rest of the day which had him grumbling and his brother grinning. Speaking of his brother, it turned out that Damien was the polar opposite of I got paired with him for a science experi-ment and during that class he apologised for Dominic's behaviour and kindly asked me not to follow-through on any plans I might have formed to murder him, because he liked him alive and breathing, but only a little.

He was extremely flirtatious, but I paid him no mind and just focused on the project we had together. He seemed to get that I wasn't interested in flirting or talking with him at all.

He didn't even try after the first few minutes of getting no response from me, which I silently celebrated over. Now, if only his brother gave up as easily, then I would be on cloud nine.

Branna's loud snort pulled me from my thoughts and caused me to look at her. You wouldn't I am a medical student studyin' to be a midwife, after all. I'm in my fourth year, which means I get to be present in the delivery room now while women give birth so I can get a proper understandin' of what I'm goin' to be doin' when I graduate.

Since you aren't in school you can do the shoppin' while I'm at the hospital workin'. All medical students in her chosen field had to volunteer so many hours to get some live experience of childbirth.

It's not required that she get paid, because she has to volunteer for experience, but her hospital did pay her. It wasn't much but it was enough for us to live on. We didn't really need Branna's wages to get by. We still had lots of money left to us by our parents, which would get us by until Branna became a Once I fin-ished my final year in school and graduated, I'd get a summer job that would hopefully roll into a permanent job by the time I star-ted college so that I didn't have to leech off Branna for everything.

I gave her a deadpanned look making her snort.

La Casey, Dominic

Why have kids only to worry about their health and safety for the rest of your life? That's way too much stress for me to deal with, thank you very much. Branna rolled her eyes. I won't be the only person you love and care for. Someone will claw their way into that boxed off heart of yours and set up camp for the long haul, and there won't be a thing you can do about it. Branna laughed and asked, "Wishin' you find love is a threat? You never know, I might find him in the poultry aisle.

Groaning, I closed my eyes. I stayed that way for so long that I eventually dozed back off, and when I awoke it wasn't so bright out anymore. I checked the clock in my room and saw it read 4: I yawned and got up from my bed and stretched; I held my belly when light cramp pains attacked.

I went into the bathroom and groaned. Sure enough, my period had ar-rived as predicted. I got cleaned up, washed, and dressed before heading downstairs to take some painkillers. Branna had already left for work hours ago and had left the shopping list I needed on the counter along with cash to pay for the items. I tucked the list and money into my jeans, and then plaited my hair back out of my face. I didn't bother with putting makeup on because I felt like shite and would be going to bed when I got home anyway, so I left the I put my earphones in my ears as I walked down the street and hit shuffle on my iTouch.

I passed two people on the pathway, but if I passed more I didn't notice because I was too busy taking in the stunning view I had on my left. I sighed a little, living on the bottom side of the Dublin Mountains really did have its perks. I would never tire of the view it offered; the mountain cliffs, the trails, the multiple shades of green, the huge trees, and of course, a few sheep off in the distance. Content and happy I looked away from my left and glanced to my right, which only deepened my feeling of happiness.

To my left I had a mountain view and to my right, a town view. My housing estate was higher up than the rest of the estates in my area because we were right on the mountain side.

That meant I overlooked the entire town which was bril-liant. I never usually thought where I lived I took out the list Branna made and began picking up the items she wrote down.

I added some cookies and other treats into the trolley, because it was that time of the month, and I needed them. I was bending down to get the triple chocolate cookies - best cookies ever - on the bottom shelf. I had to go down on my knees, because there were only two packets left, and they were at the very back. I got them though, and when I stood up and turned to toss them in my trolley I froze mid-step. Dominic Slater's smirking face morphed into a smiling one.

Taking a shower? Dominic stepped in front of me, block-ing my way. I blew out a big breath. He noticed I wasn't in today? Probably because he had no one else to bully since I wasn't there. He blocked my way again by stepping to the same side as me at the same time. I glared at him. I hunched forward a little when pressure erupted across my lower abdomen and caused me immense pain. Dominic snorted.

You're obviously having stomach pain though. Dominic laughed at me then glanced to my hands. If you want me to move, then you will give them to me. He tipped his head back and laughed, so I took the opportunity and manoeuvred around him. I used one hand to hold the cookies to my chest and the other to grab my trolley. He was touching me!

Dominic Slater had his hands on my stomach and had his body pressed into my back. Oh, my Jesus. Did this motherfucker have a death wish? Was he trying to be funny or something? I lifted my leg and kicked back against Dominic's shin; he grunted as he jumped back away from me. I whirled around and glared at him while he shook out his leg probably trying to shake the pain away.

I smiled at him.

Pdf dominic l.a. casey

Have you not He dropped his hands and grinned at me. He just called me fat.