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Coltrain's Proposal - Pinangan Coltrain book. Read 48 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dr. Louise Blakely didn't want to love Jeb. Read Coltrain's Proposal by Diana Palmer for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Why Everyone Seems To Be Talking About Read Coltrains Proposal Description: Coltrains Proposal Diana Palmer Ebook PDF:Coltrains Proposal Long Tall.

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Coltrain's Proposal. Home · Coltrain's Proposal Author: Palmer Diana. 19 downloads Views KB Coltrain's Proposal · Read more · Jacob's Proposal. Coltrain's Proposal By Diana Palmer - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Coltrain's Proposal (Long, Tall Texans Book 14) Diana Palmer. Dr. Louise Blakely didn't want to love Jeb Coltrain. They were supposed to be partners, running.

Bagus ceritanya, alurnya jg membuat kita penasaran apa kelanjutannya. Diana Palmer is one of my go to authors when I want a good light hearted book that will put a smile on my face and have me giggling like a little girl. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. To create a series or add a work to it, go to a "work" page. Page 1 of 1. Susan is a former newspaper reporter, with sixteen years experience on both daily and weekly newspapers. Long, Tall Texans LibraryThing has 2 suggested works for this series.

That was a letdown so early in the book and so unlike a DP H! But anyways there other ways to hurt and confound a h.

Series: Long, Tall Texans

Throw in an arrogant and insensitive 'I know you are in love with me. The way the ow kept popping out of the woodwork and the past, the h barely got time to take a steadying breath. He, meanwhile kissed, dined and gave them lovelorn looks - respectively. Speak of complications.

But all's not lost and he's not a complete jerk - ow wise. And I loved the way the h took on each of them and sent them scurrying. No she doesn't chase him- that's his job. He just needed the memo that time's a-wasting and the way to reassure a woman is to give her the words, you idiot.

Saves time all around. The second time proposal is sappy sweet complete with heart-in-two key chains. Okay I'm regressing to teenage fantasies but I loved it! Oh and these two share a passion for toy trains so they are the Col-trains now! Hahaha If you don't find that funny, hear what he's heard telling the others at the end, about their train sets. Coltrain had as little use for his partner as he had for alcohol.

The hunger her poor heart felt for him was her only excuse.

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He laid his cheek against her head with a long sigh. It was like coming home. She and I were good friends, and we supplied each other with something neither of us was comfortable spreading around. She married year before last. You have nothing to offer anyone else until you do. Jane was blond and blue-eyed and beautiful, a former rodeo star with a warm heart and a gentle personality.

She had long, thick blond hair and big brown eyes and a creamy, blemish-free complexion. She was tall and willowy, but still shorter than her colleague.

I find Louise Blakely repulsive and repugnant, and an automaton with no attractions whatsoever. Take her with my blessing. Besides, she never wanted to marry. Nickie laughed and dragged Coltrain under the mistletoe, looking up to indicate it there, to the amusement of the others standing by. He bent his head, and the way he kissed her made Lou go hot all over. The fever in that thin mouth, the way he twisted Nickie even closer, made her breath catch.

She averted her eyes and flushed at the train of her own thoughts. He must be over his limit! Before she could think, react, protest, his head bent and his thin, cruel mouth fastened on hers with fierce intent.

His arm pressed her closer to the length of his muscular body, and his free hand came up so that his thumb could rub sensuously over her mouth while he kissed it, parting her lips, playing havoc with her nerves. Nickie held on to him as they went back inside.

He paused, shaken out of his brooding. Nickie was pretty, he thought, and uncomplicated. It made him relax. He smiled down at her. I had a hard childhood and I hated authority in any form. I was in constant trouble with the law. He traced her cheek lightly. It was one I broke when she married Todd Burke. She was jealous, angry. I'm kind of bummed I didn't like this more, because the characters were a little different for Palmer.

Our heroine Lou is not only a doctor, but she's pretty smart and tough. And Palmer was obviously just going crazy with heroes around this time, because the previous title in the series had a blond and this one is a redhead!

Palmer coltrains proposal pdf diana by

Don't worry though, they're still major jerks. With hairy chests. And Stetsons. All is right in the Palmer world. So I kind of liked the characters and the chemistry was go I'm kind of bummed I didn't like this more, because the characters were a little different for Palmer. So I kind of liked the characters and the chemistry was good, but the inconsistencies and implausibilities of the plot just drove me crazy. View 2 comments. Read this book a few times now.

It's all about a woman doctor who moves to a small town to set up shop with the town "God" doctor. They can't seem to agree on anything but toy trains which featured in a lot of DP books after.

They have a kid at the end and it would seem they would have a lot and maybe take time for it and each other but nope if you keep reading they their story in other books they just have the one and they are just doctors.

I liked this book a lot better before I knew how they Read this book a few times now. I liked this book a lot better before I knew how they turned out to be just dedicated doctors who's child was an after thought.

Like ok I did the kid thing and let's just put it in daycare and when I have time I can take it to the zoo. In real life I don't think their relationship would last cause they would not have real time for each other. It's just knowing Doctors, and both being doctors it would not be all roses and chocolate. However the book is good and I gave it 4 stars. I just don't love it. It's a good story but very DP which is good and bad.

Their big misunderstanding was very overdone. Sep 19, Astraycat rated it really liked it Shelves: I was always curious about this couple's story because they appeared in most DP 's books whenever there were any needs of medical care, and I didn't realize they indeed had a book until today. Really admired h's personality cause she talked back when H treated her badly rather than endured him silently. H totally deserved it. Jun 04, GuisBell rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 21, Boo ljk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Satu lagi harlequin Diana Palmer yang menjadi favoriteku.

Ada masanya saat kalian muak banget sama harlequin, jadi pengen baca fantasi dengan sedikit bumbu romance. Begitu pula sebaliknya. Larilah ke harlequin. Tapi kayaknya too much harlquin deh. Sampai mual. But i'm not hate harlequin ya. Lini harlequin ngebantu aing menghadapi kerasnya penyakit s Satu lagi harlequin Diana Palmer yang menjadi favoriteku.

Lini harlequin ngebantu aing menghadapi kerasnya penyakit slump. Tapi kalau kebanyakan harlequin malah berbalik bikin reading slump. Louise "Lou" Blakely and Dr. Jebediah "Copper" Coltrain have been partners in the Jacobsville medical clinic for almost a year. Despite the fact that he hired her, however, Copper has treated Lou as an outcast. She finally has had enough and has decided to leave, but Copper shocks her by refusing to allow her to resign and instead wants them to get married.

I liked this book especially because of the professional relationship between Lou and Coltrain. The ins and outs of their medical practice brought a smile to me as they struggled with their relationship.

This story also was lighter and sweeter than I expected as the two discover what they have in common. There are typical misunderstandings that threaten their relationship, but these characters were interesting and I ended up liking them both.

Palmer often has heroes with deep insecurities that cause them to reject the heroines. This book is typical in that respect. I enjoyed this book. While Copper is a jerk to Lou especially at the beginning, the story was also at times funny and sweet as to two find out they are a perfect match for one another.

I give this book 4. View 1 comment. Jul 31, Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: Coltrain's Proposal Bintang 4. Lou vs Jeb Coltrain Lou tidak memahami situasi yang ada hampir 1 tahun menjadi partner di klinik dokter Coltrain.

Sikap Coltrain yang sinis, galak dan memusuhinya tak dapat dipahaminya. Sampai pembicaraan yang seharusnya tak didengar oleh Lou. Mengetahui skandal yang pernah terjadi antara ayah Lou dan mantan tunangan Coltrain membuat Lou memahami posisi serta perasaan benci Coltrain pada dirinya. Tapi benarkah kemarahan Coltrain bersumber dari hal tersebut? Lou tidak Coltrain's Proposal Bintang 4. Lou tidak bernah memikirkan jika ada motif lain yang menimbulkan kesan yang salah itu, sampai Coltrain mengubah situasi diantara mereka ketika Coltrain mengetahui betapa kehidupan Lou tidak semudah dan segampang yang Coltrain kira.

Proposal pdf palmer by coltrains diana

Versi terjemahan yang jauh dari typo. Suka cetitanya. Absolutely loved this book!! I love a good hero antagonist because he's a mean grouch. And a good heroine who could hold her own. Such a good book. It was funny in some parts and interesting in others.

You get the gist of it in the description of the book. Diana Palmer is one of my go to authors when I want a good light hearted book that will put a smile on my face and have me giggling like a little girl. I absolutely love her. And even though I haven't read a lot of books by her, I kno Absolutely loved this book!!

And even though I haven't read a lot of books by her, I know when I do, I'll either love it or think it was an okay read that did its job; which was to distract me. And this book more than its job!! Feb 09, Tonya Warner rated it liked it. Louise Blakely knows that Dr. Jebediah Coltrain can not stand her. Overhearing him saying just that makes her realize that even though she might love the man, she must leave. Jeb has never understood why Lou always backed away from him. He knew that he had given her a hard time while working with her.

But he had a difficult time getting past who her father was, and what he had done. He knows that Lou is keeping secrets from him, but he finds that she loves him, and he refuses to let her go. A very sweet story. Enjoyable quick read.

I have read quite a few of the long tall Texans books and the Doctors Coltrain frequently make an appearance. I have been interested in seeing how they got together. I liked their chemistry together and how much each loved their careers. I liked this book very much, mostly because of the medicine theme.

Coltrain's Proposal by Diana Palmer - FictionDB

Lou was really sweet and Copper, if a bit rough at first, turned out to be really something. Another favourite by Diana Palmer. Great Read, Love DP's books. Jun 09, Lisa Gibbs rated it really liked it. This was Lou and Copper's story. I didn't read this series in order and I always wondered how the two doctors got together. In typical Diana Palmer fashion they both struggled with rough childhoods and had hangups to get past. I like both of these characters and Copper's temper is explosive but Lou seems to handle his temper by not backing down like most people do when he is on a rampage.

It was a fast and fun read. Really liked it. Jul 12, Tiffany rated it liked it. Cute quick read. Jul 12, Delia Aguipo rated it it was amazing. Two thumbs up! Emmett Deverell. Nell Regan. Gloryanne Barnes. Boone Sinclair. Libby Collins. Graciela "Gracie" Marsh. Keely Welsh. Tiffany Blair. Kingman Marshall. Amanda Callaway. Tyler Jacobs. Evan Tremayne. Cash Grier. Quinn Sutton. Melody Cartman. Mack Killian. Philip Hunter.

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Coltrain's Proposal - Pinangan Coltrain

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Pdf diana proposal coltrains by palmer

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