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ANSWER KEY: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam General Studies Paper - 1. August 27, ; Posted by: INSIGHTS; Category: PRELIMS - QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS . Source: doc/Legal_Studies/ Toppers · IAS Exam Guide · Books. TMH General Studies Manual Paper 1 PDF (MB) Click here to sir tmh ki boook half part nhi hai please upload full book thank u sir for ur efforts and free service to upsc possible plz upload TMH prelims Reply. India Year Book PDF · UPSC Prelims Gs Paper 1 Practice MCQ by Disha Shankar IAS Environment PDF · TMH General Studies Manual Paper 1.

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IAS Books: What are the books needed to clear IAS? NOW TO CLEAR IAS FROM WHERE I SHOULD START? AND I HAVE . ClearIAS study materials are available for download as PDF for FREE on the ClearIAS Telegram Channel. Essential Books For IAS Prelims – GS/CSAT (Click on the links to buy online). NCERT Books Set for UPSC how fast you can learn! Print Friendly, PDF & Email. Following are the link which has details about IAS preparation books needed for General Studies Papers and Optional papers. Apart from IAS exam preparation.

Guidance https: They emphasised four areas of cooperation, which are tourism, culture, education, and transportation linkage in order to be solid foundation for future trade and investment cooperation in the region. English lit.. Where is my starting point? Select the correct answer using the code given below a 1 only b 2 and 3 only c 1 and 3 only d 1, 2, and 3 Solution: For mains, most books for Prelims are useful. CACP recommends the fair and remunerative prices based on inter-crop price parity, inflation considerations, fair return to farmers and a host of other factors.

Strong westward trade winds result in westward surface flow in most of the tropical Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. However, several hundred mi. The stronger winds to the south pile up water where the winds are weak. As a result, the surface of the ocean can be up to 6 in. Consider the following pairs: Place of Pilgrimage: Location 1.

IAS Preparation Books

Nallamala Hills 2. Satmala Hills 3. The town as well as the mandal of Srisailam is reputed for the shrine of Lord Mallikarjuna on the flat top of Nallamala Hills.

2015 prelims books pdf for upsc

Omkareshwar is situated on the Mandhata hills in Madhya Pradesh, known in ancient times as Shivpuri. The temple dates back to the Krita Yuga. River Narmada flows here around the Mandhata hill in the form of an Om Omkaram. But, Pushkar lies in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Demonstrations against the Simon Commission coincided with the Rowlatt Satyagraha Select the correct answer using the code given below.

Among the following which were frequently mentioned in the news for the outbreak of Ebola virus recently? Fly ash can be used in the production of bricks for building construction 2. Fly ash can be used as a replacement for some of the Portland cement contents of concrete 3. Fly ash is made up of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide only, and does not contain any toxic elements. Select the correct answer using the code given below a 1 and 2 b 2 only c 1 and 3 d 3 only Solution: Fly ash from coal-fired thermal power stations is an excellent potential raw material for the manufacture of construction material like blended cement, fly ash bricks, mosaic tiles and hollow blocks.

It also has other, high volume applications and can be used for paving roads, building embankments, and mine fills. Fly ash contains trace concentrations of heavy metals and other substances that are known to be detrimental to health in sufficient quantities. Potentially toxic trace elements in coal include arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, barium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, radium, selenium, thorium, uranium, vanadium, and zinc.

IAS UPSC Prelims Previous Years (Past) Papers (PDF) from 1995-2019

It is a herbivorous marine animal. It is found along the entire coast of India 3. It is given legal protection under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act, The dugong is the only strictly marine herbivorous mammal, as all species of manatee use fresh water to some degree. Dadabhai Naoroji 2. Subramania Iyer 3. Dutt Select the correct answer using the code given below. Dadabhai Naoroji, R. Dutt, Ranade, Gokhale, G.

The drain theory was established by Dadabhai Naoroji. Increased poverty and lower wages were among the indirect products of colonial rule according to Dutt.

Insights also asked a question on this in March Secure When the Reserve Bank of India reduces the Statutory Liquidity by 50 basis points, which of the following is likely to happen?

So, they have more money to lend and the return on lending is also greater than what they get in SLR. Hence, the scheduled commercial banks may cut their lending rates. Targeted drug delivery is made possible by nanotechnology 2.

For pdf books upsc prelims 2015

Nanotechnology can largely contribute to gene therapy Select the correct answer using the code given below. Nanosystems have significantly different biological properties from large-sized systems e. In drug therapy, we face the problems of inefficacy or nonspecific effects; hence, nanosystems are being developed for targeted drug therapy.

In gene therapy using non-viral systems, the main issues are relatively transient gene expression and lower efficiency than viral vectors. Research efforts have focused on understanding the barriers in gene delivery so that non-viral systems can be developed that are as effective as viral systems in gene transfection. The whole geographical area in the State is divided and declared as a market area wherein the markets are managed by the Market Committees constituted by the State Governments.

Once a particular area is declared a market area and falls under the jurisdiction of a Market Committee, no person or agency is allowed freely to carry on wholesale marketing activities.

Which one of the following is the national aquatic animal of India? This mammal is also said to represent the purity of the holy Ganga as it can only survive in pure and fresh water. They are locally known as susu, because of the noise it makes while breathing. River dolphin is a critically endangered species in India and therefore, has been included in the Schedule I for the Wildlife Protection Act, The main reasons for decline in population of the species are poaching and habitat degradation due to declining flow, heavy siltation, construction of barrages causing physical barrier for this migratory species.

With reference to Congress Socialist Party, consider the following statements: It advocated the boycott of British goods and evasion of taxes. It wanted to establish the dictatorship of proletariat. It advocated separate electorate for minorities and oppressed classes.

The CSP advocated decentralized socialism in which co-operatives, trade unions, independent farmers, and local authorities would hold a substantial share of the economic power. As secularists, they hoped to transcend communal divisions through class solidarity.

Some, such as Narendra Deva or Basawon Singh Sinha , advocated a democratic socialism distinct from both Marxism and reformist social democracy. The Rajya Sabha has no power either to reject or to amend a Money Bill 2.

Books for UPSC Civil Service Preliminary Exam

The Rajya Sabha cannot vote on the Demands for Grants. Only the Lok Sabha can vote on the demand for grants. Rajya Sabha can only keep a money bill for not more than 14 days, before which the bill should be either returned to Lok Sabha with recommendations, or passed by the Rajya Sabha. In case of a disagreement between both the houses, the bill is deemed passed in the form it was passed by Lok Sabha. Every year the budget annual financial statement as mentioned in the constitution is discussed by the Rajya Sabha.

Laxmikanth — Indian Polity — Chapter 22 Parliament. The Government of India Act of clearly defined a the separation of power between the judiciary and the legislature b the jurisdiction of the central and provincial governments c the powers of the Secretary of State for India and the Viceroy d None of the above Solution: It relaxed the central control over the provinces by demarcating and separating the central and provincial subjects. The central and provincial legislatures were authorised to make laws on their respective list of subjects.

However, the structure of government continued to be centralised and unitary. It further divided the provincial subjects into two parts—transferred and reserved which is what we know as diarchy. It reflects the consumption pattern of the working class population. It is a powerful telescope to search for dark matter 3.

It is buried deep in the ice. IceCube is a particle detector at the South Pole that records the interactions of a nearly massless subatomic particle called the neutrino. IceCube searches for neutrinos from the most violent astrophysical sources: The IceCube telescope is a powerful tool to search for dark matter and could reveal the physical processes associated with the enigmatic origin of the highest energy particles in nature.

In addition, exploring the background of neutrinos produced in the atmosphere, IceCube studies the neutrinos themselves; their energies far exceed those produced by accelerator beams. It is buried beneath the surface, extending to a depth of about 2, meters.

Burying it deep in ice is important to enhance the precision of the detector. It is a contactless communication technology that uses electromagnetic radio fields 2. NFC is designed for use by devices which can be at a distance of even a metre from each other 3. NFC can use encryption when sending sensitive information. Near field communication, abbreviated NFC, is a form of contactless communication based on electromagnetic radio fields between devices like smartphones or tablets.

Contactless communication allows a user to wave the smartphone over a NFC compatible device to send information without needing to touch the devices together or go through multiple steps setting up a connection. Bluetooth can connect to devices up to 32 feet away, yet near field communication can connect to devices at a maximum distance of 4 centimeters on average.

Both businesses and individuals benefit from near field communication technology. By integrating credit cards, subway tickets, and paper coupons all into one device, a customer can board a train, pay for groceries, redeem coupons or store loyalty points, and even exchange contact information all with the wave of a smartphone.

Convertibility of rupee implies: Rupee convertibility means the system where any amount of rupee can be converted into any other currency without any question asked about the purpose for which the foreign exchange is to be used. Non-convertibility can generally be defined with reference to transaction for which foreign exchange cannot be legally purchased e. Medieval Indian State: Present Region 1. Central India 2.

Jammu 3. The ninth century saw the rise of a number of hill states in the Himalayas, some of which maintained their identity until recent years, despite their wars with each other and the frequent raids from the men of the plains. Consider the following rivers: Vamsadhara 2. Indravati 3. Pranahita 4. Pennar Which of the above are tributaries of Godavari?

Left tributaries: When a bill is referred to a joint sitting both the Houses of the Parliament, has to be passed by a a simple majority of member present and voting b three-fourths majority of member present and voting c two-thirds majority of the House d absolute majority of the House Solution: Such a sitting is summoned by the President to settle a deadlock between the two Houses on a bill. The bill is passed by a simple majority i. Which one of the following regions of India has a combination of mangrove forest, evergreen forest and deciduous forest?

The South Andaman forests have a profuse growth of epiphytic vegetation, mostly ferns and orchids. The Middle Andamans harbours mostly moist deciduous forests.

North Andamans is characterized by the wet evergreen type, with plenty of woody climbers. The North Nicobar Islands including Car Nicobar and Battimalv are marked by the complete absence of evergreen forests, while such forests form the dominant vegetation in the central and southern islands of the Nicobar group.

Grasslands occur only in the Nicobars, and while deciduous forests are common in the Andamans, they are almost absent in the Nicobars.

The present forest coverage is claimed to be Which of the following kingdoms were associated with the life of Buddha? Avanti 2. Gandhara 3. Kosala 4. Magadha Select the correct answer using the code given below a 1,2 and 3 b 2 and 3 only c 1,3 and 4 d 3 and 4 only Solution: Magadha, Kosala, Vaishali, Vajji etc were the kingdoms and regions that the wandering Buddha covered relentlessly. The question was a repeat from the year Which one of the following is associated with the issue of control and phasing out of the use of ozone-depleting substances?

The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer a protocol to the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer is an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances that are responsible for ozone depletion.

Kyoto Protocol is about cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. Nagoya protocol is about benefit sharing from the gains by genetic resources. Consider the following: The arrival of Babur into India led to the 1. Statement 1: Chinese gunpowder technology is believed to have arrived in India by the midth century, but could have been introduced much earlier by the Mongols, who had conquered both China and some borderlands of India, perhaps as early as the midth century.

The unification of a large single Mongol Empire resulted in the free transmission of previously top-secret Chinese technology into Mongol conquered parts of India.

Regardless, it is believed that the Mongols used Chinese gunpowder weapons during their invasions of India. If statement 1 is wrong, the only possible option is B. Executive power of the Union of India is vested in the President of India.


In astronomy and astrobiology, the circumstellar habitable zone CHZ , or simply the habitable zone Goldilocks Zone , is the region around a star within which planetary-mass objects with sufficient atmospheric pressure can support liquid water at their surfaces.

Researchers are finding that life can thrive in some unexpected places. Who of the following organized a march on the Tanjore coast to break the Salt Law in April ? O Chidambaram Pillai b C. Rajagopalachari c K. Kamaraj d Annie Besant Solution: He was arrested in April for leading a salt march from Trichinopoly to Vedaranniyam on the Tanjore coast.

Who of the following founded a new city on the south bank of a tributary to river Krishna and undertook to rule his new kingdom as the agent of a deity to whom all the land south of the river Krishna was supposed to belong? He was the founder of Vijayanagar Empire. His initial military exploits established his control over the valley of Tungabhadra River a tributary of Krishna , and gradually he expanded his control to certain regions of Konkan and Malabar Coast.

By that time Hoysalas had lost its last ruler Veera Ballala III who died fighting the Sultan of Madurai, and the vacuum so created facilitated Harihara I to emerge as a sovereign power. The entire Hoysala territories came under his rule directly. First male President was W. First Muslim male President was Badruddin Tyabji. It is intended to assist the developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change.

The Green Climate Fund GCF is a fund within the framework of the UNFCCC founded as a mechanism to redistribute money from the developed to the developing world, in order to assist the developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change.

Arrangements will be concluded between the Conference of the Parties COP and the Fund to ensure that it is accountable to, and functions under the guidance of, the COP. The Fund is governed and supervised by a Board that will have full responsibility for funding decisions and that receives the guidance of the COP.

The Indira Gandhi Prize or the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize or the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development is the prestigious award accorded annually by India to individuals or organizations in recognition of creative efforts toward promoting international peace, development and a new international economic order; ensuring that scientific discoveries are used for the larger good of humanity, and enlarging the scope of freedom. The prize carries a cash award of 2.

The recipients are chosen from a pool of national and international nominees. The End …………………………………………. It clearly defines objectives for - Last Updated: Apr 10, View Papers for: Aptitude General Studies. Part 1 to 1 Download PDF. Keep reading to discover how you can do the s … more words …. Prelims is the first and most important step for UPSC exam,most people are eliminated in this stage,this is very tough exam and it needs lot of hard work.

Many people repeatedly fail in prelims not due to lack of knowledge or hard work but due to other factors. I assume that you know the syllabus and exam pattern. Still for benefit of all I am posting the syllabus based on notification. Take a leap of faith ,even if you fail you will fall in the correct path … which brings you a step closer to your goal! UPSC prelims have become lot tougher and demanding than the time this post was originally written, UPSC is unsettling the set pattern of preparation Prelims was the proof with lot questions from Current affairs and less questions from conventional static part.

But one cannot and in my humble opinion should not guess the paper rather than change his strategy and approach which in any kind of paper will help to clear the prelims. So Join only reputed test series, now a days it has become a fashion for every one to start a blog, and start a test series.