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PDF | Baguio, planned as a convalescent-cum-recreational center and a These two maps show that despite some revisions made on the Burnham plan. Baguio City Map. Baguio City Map. Map Legend. Terms. m. Manage account. Create new map. Open map. Shared with you. Help. Feedback. Baguio City Tourist Spot Map Tourist Map, Tourist Spots, Philippine Map, Baguio Baguio Tour - Map to Lourdes Jeepney Terminal Tourist Map, Tourist Spots.

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A collection of road maps, city maps and area maps of Baguio City Philippines to help you navigate better. Finding the locations for attractions, shopping, lodging and dining has just gotten easier with this new interactive Baguio City map with street view that you can. The City. Pines of. Baguio: MAP OF BAGUIO. Here's one that contains a lot of information,including icons that indicate buildings, mostly government, medical & .

Any recommendation sa hotel? Whats is the best time to arrive in Baguio if its a 3 days 2 nights tour? Travel Tips for Baguio Visitors. Plus you get to stay on each tourist spot in Baguio on your own time. Strawberry season in Baguio starts from November to May. Hi po!

I miss Baguio!

Pdf baguio map

Batirol and O Mai Khan on top of my list! Armando Magtalas Balajadia. November 11, at 7: Baguio City is also a nice place place to visit. Thanks for posting this article, Anton. Anton Diaz. You're Welcome! Thanks for reading and posting comments on the blog! Quick Links. How to Get to the Philippines. Getting Around in Baguio. Travel Tips for Baguio Visitors. Transportation Guide. Baguio City Road Map 3. This one is very useful because it contains as shaded rectangle that shows the Central Business District area subject to the Number Coding Scheme.

Like the one above it show the names of major roads. Interactive Map of Baguio City. Enjoy Baguio!


Hi Erian, better contact the bus services from Nueva Ecija to Baguio for their schedule. My partner and I are planning to have a 2days and 2nights vacation in Baguio. How much do you think is our budget sa tours and food? Hi Kathreen, budget for tours, less than a thousand pesos for each if you're gonna do it on your own and just take cabs or die jeepneys.

For food, depends really where you're eating. A meal can range from PHP Baguio din ang fave kong city! I fell in love simula nung nkapunta ako dito.

Pdf baguio map

Planning to go back this Nov. Season po ba ng strawberry? Same here, Baguio remains one of my favorite cities in the Philippines! Strawberry season in Baguio starts from November to May. Wow, isn't this blog the best?

I've been to Baguio 3x already but I'm planning to celebrate my birthday weekend there so I'm just looking for new places and itinerary. I almost forgot about Stobosa. Hi Elaine, thank you so much for appreciating this guide. Will try and include those on the next update after I visit them myself. Hello sir Onkyo! I know how you feel, bad traffic jams but still, we still head over to Baguio! Will keep those restaurants on my list, too many good places to eat out in Baguio.

Hi po! Pwede na ba mag-strawberry picking ng October? Planning to visit Baguio next week. Hi Catherine, I guess there's already strawberries by October, although strawberry season usually starts on November: Greata BLog out here! Baguio City is one of the best attraction and historical places here in the Philippines.

Punta kami ng boyfriend ko sa Baguio this october 18 and will follow your itinerary dahil 3 days naman kami. Pwede bang kung kailan nandun na kami saka lang kami maghanap ng hotel?

Pdf baguio map

Saka saan ba magandang magstay na swak lang sa budget and for two? Thank you. Yes, it is possible to find an accommodation right there and then, but you might not get the lowest available price. I recommend Hotel 45 for budget walk-ins.

Hi Irene, sorry for the late reply. Were you able to find a tour guide in Baguio? Better contact them first, just to be sure. It makes me want to back again to Baguio.

Nothig really beats first love, of all the beautiful places I had visit. Love your blog po, detailed.. Thank you for the informative blog about baguio tour. When are you going? Ber months are the best time to go to Baguio, super cold!

Ang galing mo po sobrang detalyado. Gusto ko rin sana pumunta dyan ngayong December pero solo lang ako and at the same time medyo kinakabahan kase hindi ko kabisado yong lugar.

Pero dahil dito siguro e note ko na lang yong places tapos pag nandun na ako saka na lang ako mag tatanong sa mga tao hehe! Salamat po sa info. Hi Anne, you need not worry about security in Baguio, if you somehow get lost, just ask around, lots of friendly people in the city. Ay Sir may follow up Q po ako hehe.. Kahit po ba hindi ka mamitas ng strawberry sa strawberry farm may entrance fee prin? Hi everyone, punta po ako ng Baguio this coming Nov.

Me and my boyfriend plans to visit Baguio. We 1st decided to avail tour package but we finally decided to travel on our own.

And thanks the Lord your blog will definitely help us get through our trip. Kudos to your work!! Will follow this. Wow this will be really helpful for me once I visit Baguio this year! Thanks for your effort! Wow, Baguio's a good place to start travelling. It's very easy to get around to! Hi Christian, were going to visit baguio. Tatlo sasakyan kami from Nueva ecija. Pare pareho kami Walang alam s baguio. May alam kaba tourist guide n marerefer s amin to follow your two days tour.

Bka kc masayang Oras nmin pag wala kmi guide. Hi, I really don't know any tour guide in Baguio. What you can do is load up for an unlimited internet on your phone and use the gps coordinates I posted above so you won't get lost going to Baguio's tourist spots. And, you can also ask people, they're pretty friendly. Im planning to go there kasi on FEB Panagbenga grand festival.

San kaya pinaka maganda mag stay?

So far, that's the cheapest Baguio lodging I know of. You may also try Hotel 45, it's a bit more pricey, but they have better rooms and location.

Will follow this itinerary sa bday ko this january 20! Nag leave ako ng jan. Thanks for this blog! Thankyou sa Blog na to. Sa totoo lang gusto ko lang magtravel ng hindi nagpapabook. Gusto ko ako lang para hawak ko time ko lalo na pag pagod ako sa kakalakad: Napakaimpormative nito. See you soon Baguio. After 17years makikita ko ulit ang Baguio: Hi Sharmayne, glad to hear that you're coming back to Baguio!

Interactive Map of Baguio City

Hope you have a hassle-free DIY Baguio tour! Hi Regine, if you're staying on a really affordable accommodation, 3, pesos for a 3 days, 2 nights tour of Baguio is okay.

Hi Diana, thanks for appreciating! Hope you have a fun time in Baguio! Thanks po. Hi, some tourist spots in Baguio have parking lots for private cars. A few, you just have to park on the street: My husband and I with our 7 years old son will go to Baguio this February 4 to 5, what will be the best itenarary for almost one and a half day? If we leave from Manila at Saturday 6am, we will most likely arrive there at Saturday noon.

Makakapaggala kami from that time to 6pm. Then Sunday 7am to 4pm. Ano ano magandang unahing puntahan on that so limited amount of time?

Thanks a lot! Hi Lara, the best thing to do is to check the Baguio tourist spots map I posted above for places that are within each other, then you can formulate your customized Baguio one and a half day itinerary. We'll be at baguio in two weeks from now.. We choose your itinerary and got some ideas.. But my bf hard to find cheap accommodation like what you had..

Any suggestions for accommodation?? Any suggestion? Like Bed and breakfast that you know? Hi, I suggest that you check the link I posted above for more Baguio accommodations: It would be a bit hard to find accommodations on Baguio for walk ins on weekends, for weekdays, I guess it wouldn't be that hard.

Baguio City Tourist Spot Map | baguio in | Baguio, Baguio city, Tourist map

Hi, Christian! You're a genius! I loved reading through your blog note that I am NOT a reader and how hard I try not to read through articles and just skim through them and learning a lot on how to get to places and just know what to do once you're there.

It will be my first time to travel alone on a DIY IT trip and I have spent days, literally daaaayyyyss just trying to figure out how to plan this trip properly and without hassle. I'm very meticulous, especially to the detail regarding the value and quality that I get out of my money now more-so for I'll be shouldering my expenses alone for this trip.

This blog of yours is without a doubt helpful and informative. It is only in your blog that I got the number of the hotel that I've been trying to reach for days and I just booked a room for 3 nights! Hi Eeia! Thank you so much for appreciating my blog! Always glad to help out a fellow traveler, especially when it comes to Baguio. I love this city!

I'm actually preparing for a trip sometime in October. This would really help me a lot. Katapos ko lang po basahin ung guide nyo, maraming salamat dito Thanks to this I find it really helpful. If we opt for car rental, do you have any recommendation for the most reliable, safe and affordable provider?

Great thanks. Hi Cecile, I'm not that familiar with car rentals in Baguio. What you can do is simply flag a taxi and request if they would be okay in renting their cab for the day. Most taxi drivers in Baguio are quite honest, so I don't think you'd have any problem with them. Hi Sir, I'm wondering bakit po kailangan mag-early checkout each day? Any recommendations about the accomodations? Hi Chienthy, the early check outs are for those wanting a shorter stay in Baguio and won't be finishing the whole itinerary: Hi, thanks for blogging this, super helpful siya for me who doesnt know how to set a getaway.

Maps of Baguio City, Philippines

Any recommendation sa hotel? I have 1, to per night budget, for 2 person, yung accessible sana sa public transportation. Hi John, for cheap Baguio accommodations, I suggest that you search on Agoda, they have lots of affordable places there: I am now going to follow your itinerary.

You're such a blessing! Thank you kuya sa blog mo. Hindi po ba pwdeng laperal white house n lng muna? Naguluhan lng po ako hehehehe Sana po masagot mo po thank you. You can switch the itineraries, of course. The Baguio Cathedral is at the center so, it's up to you where to go next after that.

I dedicated the second day to the Laperal area and the first day to visit Tam-awan, which is quite isolated. Such a helpful blog! Thanks a lot for this gonna bookmark this so i can celebrate my birthday in Baguio City..

PS Is the price of the foods in your blog is updated this ? Enjoy your Baguio trip Rommel! Prices for the food are updated up to KUDOS to you sir! Whats is the best time to arrive in Baguio if its a 3 days 2 nights tour? Any suggestions?

To maximize your Baguio trip, I suggest that you take the midnight bus ride from Manila. You'll arrive in Baguio very early the next day.

If your accommodation doesn't allow early check in, just leave your bags at the lobby first: Hi, fees and fares ganyan pa din hanggang ngayon? Your blog is very detailed and informative! I think, everything I should know were all written.

I've always wanted to go to Baguio alone.

Baguio City

Would it be possible for me to go on holidays? Lakad Pilipinas. Posted by Lakad Pilipinas on Monday, September 19, Christian Lakad Pilipinas December 2, at Katherine de la Cruz December 2, at Marco December 2, at 3: Christian Lakad Pilipinas December 2, at 5: Maya Harrison December 2, at 9: Christian Lakad Pilipinas December 3, at Anjo December 13, at 8: Christian Lakad Pilipinas January 21, at 9: Christian Lakad Pilipinas February 18, at Lily Anne Abania March 15, at 3: Christian Lakad Pilipinas March 21, at 1: Turista Trails April 8, at 9: Christian Lakad Pilipinas April 8, at Christian Lakad Pilipinas May 26, at 9: Nnahoj Lucas May 30, at 3: