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Figure 1 indicates the deceptions experienced in the telescopic observation of the universe about us. For only visions matter. This observational condition would result from the fact that when the luminous curved surface area is detected. It was evolved by the most abstract science. William Engdahl Bogovi novca. Size and power of a lens has nothing to do with the error of lens principle. Reason dictates that one does not erect a roof unless one is to have a house under the roof.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. A Must Read Fascinating narrative about the oligarchs behind the untold stories of American capitism. This is a requirement for any serious financial economic historians. A solid, but unevenly written book, with too much repetition and too much bitterness and anger from the author. Hernan rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Conrad rated it really liked it Aug 08, Unmindful of the deductions and conclusions of the centuries.

It envelops every land area of the celestial in the same manner that it envelops the terrestrial land. They who are driven by forces obscure and extraordinary must be denied mortal contentment.

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Rebels must pay a price for their rebellion. Had he properly interpreted the signals. The constant driving urge of one endowed with extraordinary perception demands that the substance of such perception be displayed. But they are none the less obsessions. That magic permitted breaking through the long-established barriers of deduction.

Thus how was this pilgrim from the extrasensory world to present his gifts. There was no misinterpretation of signals by the seeker of It penetrated through the sublime celestial domain.

And he whose unrestrained spirit compelled the breaking of every manmade rule applying to the celestial. The secrets then disclosed provided knowledge of land courses into all the land areas of the Universe. But terrestrial man. And there. Hence dreamers must bear the flagellation which dreams impose.

Dreams that have built civilization are magnificent obsessions. Throughout the ages. It disdainfully pushed aside the ice barriers of the terrestrial North Pole and South Pole assumed Earth ends. But that majority. For there need not be abnormality expressed in daily application to demands of the social pattern. But the dream helped build our civilization. And it may thereby permit easier comprehension of values this work is intended to present in terms that all may grasp.

Such dreamers. But it is always a problem to introduce unwelcome findings to the majority who are absorbed in pleasing. But they were the fearless experimenters and pure scientists comprising the always ostracized civilization-building clan.

The following. History also records Must not the majority always consider the new course revolutionary? And if the thing or condition advanced upsets centuries of teachings. The enduring pages of history are finely etched with record of dreamer enterprise which was diametrically opposed to the established concept of a particular time and place.

Yet the dream. Their indomitable spirits were nourished by a creative nectar too potent for normal majority consumption. The restless creative artist. That which is original and is conceived beyond the limits of acceptable majority concepts need not disqualify the originator for workaday existence among the majority. The new and unknown is always fearful to the majority. Knowledge should develop that the new and the original of any time must. These and an exclusive list of others who were not popular dreamed their individual dream and made that dream come true.

The old. The fears attending normal pursuits within an established social pattern may be dispelled. And their particular form of compulsion was. The eccentricity of Thomas Edison is.

Yet while the normal majority ridiculed the new enterprise beyond their understanding. He was not a member of the medical fraternity of his time. The work was at that They fear that the new might encroach upon or upset cherished beliefs. Hence the new and the unknown must be in some measure resented. Human nature demands that beliefs acquired must be cherished and protected.

That sense in particular should always be subjected to brain sight. How dare you tell me there are no celestial spheres. Routine is the order of the pattern.

In blindness of rage engendered by fear of the unknown. Would you have me doubt my senses?

Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century

Shortly thereafter. Archbishop of Boston. The audience was adjourned in midafternoon. It was further disclosed how at that time conquest of the celestial could be accomplished by penetration of land existing beyond the imaginary North Pole and South Pole. It was then disclosed that the observable luminosity of all celestial areas results from the fact that every celestial area possesses the same sky known to envelop the terrestrial.

It was explained that such physical attachment of celestial areas. On the following day. There had been no stratosphere observation or photography which could have shown the appearance of any terrestrial outer sky area. It only approximated a view and photograph. The first observation and photograph was achieved by the stratosphere explorer. Professor Auguste Piccard.

In science was without knowledge that any terrestrial sky area would be luminous when observed from beyond the sky. It was explained that the unified terrestrial outer sky surface would be detected as luminous and deceptively globular and isolated areas. In other words.

The recital described optical illusions resulting from the function of the human eye lens. In addition to records of stratosphere cameras in and It was explained how lens function demands lens convergence.

Such photographs. And his description contained all that was to be shown by the more detailed photographs procured through a U. New Mexico. It was further related how lens property and function demand that every telescopically observed area of the celestial deceptively appear to be globular and isolated.

The pilgrim who had explained such a condition as sky light had never journeyed to and within the stratosphere. That theory.

Thus the conclusion in a world of reality holds that such assumed entities are lens-produced. And none could be prescribed. The concept of Physical Continuity. It logically follows that the apparent globularity and isolation of celestial areas is illusion. It seems fitting to note here that the author in expounded the Physical Continuum in the presence of Dr. The theory maintains that other assumed globular and isolated areas of the Universe.

The physical extent of the realistic Universe continues to be indeterminable. They have application. It is perhaps timely to present a note for readers unfamiliar with the Copernican Theory. The mental tour was directed to land underlying the luminous celestial areas astronomically designated Mars and Jupiter.

Bogovi pdf novca engdahl william

In August. The laws propounded by Galileo had no consideration for then-unknown natural law which governs the realistic Universe. In the light of modern events.

It has nothing to do with the structure and the extent of the limitless Universe of reality. From such points the prelate had opportunity to observe the appearance of the approximate terrestrial sky area covering the Brighton estate.

Though mathematics may designate a mathematical end without knowledge of the realistic beginning. In that mental journey on a physical plane with the Earth but beyond the Earth. Looking up through the inner blue sky enveloping Mars and Jupiter. They were known to be areas of the terrestrial sky. As the voyage continued. They had application only to that artificial Universe embraced by the Copernican formula.

Over the Pole point is possible. That journey had shown the cardinal what Galileo could not have hoped to show cardinals of his time. Contrary to popular belief.

The illustrious cardinal realized the import of what had been shown. Such has never been. Certain early explorers reached the Pole points. They were never journeys due north from the Arctic Circle to and over the Pole. It is the globe symbol which conveys the false idea. It is simply a convenience of archaic theory: Galileo had been restricted to a description of only that which the illusion producing lens of his construction could detect. As his guest prepared to depart.

Others required eight and twenty years. No explorer has ever moved over the Pole point. That lens was impotent to detect cosmic reality. Trips from Alaska to Spitzbergen. North or South. They of the rostrums are as little informed of the meaning of polar exploration as members of the press. That land. The same conditions hold true for the South Pole. This is not They were never factually determined. Naval exploration during the thirty years since then. No beyond could exist. That is why this book is dutifully but most arduously written.

The existence of worlds beyond the Poles has been confirmed by U. That connecting land. And that area beyond constitutes a land connection with the celestial. The formidable factor prohibiting airplane flight.

The confirmation is most substantial. Figure 1 indicates the deceptions experienced in the telescopic observation of the universe about us. But it is not intended to show the true contour of the Universe whole; it is meant to express only the salient features of Physical Continuity. It shows how all connected land and sky areas of the Universe have positive continuity with the Earth. But it also shows how every sky area of the Universe must deceptively appear to telescopic detection as a globular area.

And that deception of globularity imposes the delusion that the areas are isolated. Variations in luminous depth result from differences in intensity of gaseous sky content. All luminous areas of the Universe illustration are in common with the Universe it represents observable parts of an infinitely continuous and unbroken outer sky surface. It covers underlying celestial land, water, and ice as it covers such elements of the terrestrial.

There is also shown the region of atmospheric density between land surface and the inner blue sky. The distance is the same at celestial level as it is at terrestrial level, and the oxygen content is sufficient to sustain vegetation and life at celestial level.

In the Copernican concept of planetary isolation, the Sun is assumed to occupy the center of the dark stratosphere, and connecting outer sky areas of the Universe are assumed to be isolated units. And they are assumed to perform a rotative movement around the Sun center of a mathematically prescribed Universe subdivision known as the Solar System.

That Solar System arrangement, which embraces the earth, represents something of a combined celestial and terrestrial pinwheel. To make for easier comprehension of Physical Continuity, the pinwheel Solar System center, or Sun, has in a way been pulled out to afford it reasonable placement as a guide or leader for the entire connected Universe.

As the illustration shows, every previously assumed isolated area of the Universe whole, including the Earth, holds its original position in the Universe structure, and every area maintains its daily and yearly relation to the Sun. It is part of the dark void of infinity wherein the Universe whole was created. A continuity of the same blue sky we observe from land surface everywhere on the terrestrial is seen by inhabitants of every other Universe area when they, as do we, look up or out from their respective land-surface positions.

In looking through their inner blue sky at night, they observe the luminosity of our gaseous outer sky areas in precisely the same manner we observe their outer sky luminosity against the darkness. Since their lenses cannot be expected to penetrate through areas of our luminous sky light and detect the land under our sky, it is most likely that they have deduced as erroneously of our and as we have of their land.

From all other land areas of the Universe the blue sky likewise seen represents the particular sky of inhabitants of such areas. Inasmuch as recent U. Naval stratosphere photographs of outer sky areas prove them to be luminous and presenting the identical appearance of celestial areas, confirmation is had that there exists the same gaseous sky content for the celestial as is known to envelop the terrestrial.

Since the luminosity of outer terrestrial sky areas corresponds to that of outer celestial sky areas, it follows that atmospheric conditions underlying the sky envelope where our celestial cousins dwell must correspond to atmospheric conditions prevailing at terrestrial level. Thus the inner blue sky must also correspond throughout the entire Universe.

Our experiments show that without the existence of an inner blue sky of gaseous content there could be no luminous outer sky, which is an expression of sky gas, to be observed over terrestrial or celestial areas. The depth of blue will depend upon atmospheric conditions prevailing at the various celestial locations at the time of observation.

Therefore, the inner areas of the illustration, denoting terrestrial and celestial sky as observed from land surface, should not be a constant blue depth.

By the same token, the outer sky luminosity will not be constant but there are variations in luminous quality. As will be later shown, variations in luminous sky movement produce, or accompany, change of blue and luminous sky expressions. They are permitted to see only the outer luminous expression of our sky, as we see only the outer luminous expression of our sky, as we see luminous areas of their outer sky.

Since their most powerful telescopes cannot penetrate through our sky light, they cannot hope to see our land or our blue sky as we see it until we arrive on the land under their blue sky. As our most powerful telescopic lenses cannot penetrate through sky light of the celestial, we have been unable to detect the land and vegetation under the luminous sky enveloping the entire celestial realm.

They are entirely lenscreated; they represent the most striking examples of lens illusions ever known to man. Neither the Earth nor any part of the universe about the Earth curves in agreement with the deceptions of curvature here presented. We may Does not the square top of a brick chimney become deceptively globular as photographing altitude is increased directly over the chimney opening? Such deceptive appearance must be imposed by the lens.

No lens can escape producing a curve at the proper distance on the horizontal or the perpendicular. The lens itself created the curvature in the same manner that the optic lens. One of the classical and most There is in reality no such curvature to the endless sky and land continuous throughout the Universe. Though it deceptively appears to draw together and become globular. Does the square or U-shaped opening to a tunnel draw together.

Bogovi novca pdf william engdahl

As previously related. Granting such an unverifiable arrangement for the connected Universe whole would in no way interfere with the all-important factor that the Universe is connected and continuous and that journey may be had to all areas thereof by movement on the same physical level with this Earth. The only such curvature that might possibly exist. That indicated movement would be straight ahead.

For example. Then the lens-created curve is accentuated by concept into the full-bodied and isolated globe or sphere as distance from the photographed or telescopically observed area or object is increased. In the stratosphere ascent of Professor Auguste Piccard. One may more readily understand that lens development of curves and disks if one holds in mind a picture of the first-quarter.

Nothing more vividly attests that the lens produces the curve. These examples. Moon and mentally follows its monthly course of filling-in. Then as it passes overhead and recedes in the distance. This means that the lens itself. As the speedy jet is observed moving on a direct horizontal course from east to west. A very modern example of illusion resulting from lens function is presented in the flight of jet planes.

As distance is increased. It makes no difference if the sky area is of one hundred miles or of one hundred thousand miles. In the drawing it is not possible to show the full globularity which such curved areas impose on the mind and make for the concept of isolation. Average intelligence can readily discern that the luminous curved areas will not be connected through observation. Complete domination by the mathematical prescription of celestial mechanics — though that prescription contains no ingredients from the Universe of reality — has endowed illusions developed in telescopic observation of the Universe with a reality they cannot and do not possess.

Though connected here for illustrative purposes. The celestial is shown to be as much a continuance of this Earth area as the various countries of the Earth are physically connected and made continuous by the known land and water links. The terrestrial has affinity with the celestial in the same manner that the States of these United States are affiliated with the national whole.

This observational condition would result from the fact that when the luminous curved surface area is detected. There must deceptively appear to be physical disconnections in the Universe whole. Confirmation since of the unfailing development of the illusions described in all telescopic observation of the universe about us attests to the reality of Physical Continuity.

Strange as it may seem. Thus would there develop the concept of their isolation. With further observation of Figure 1 one may realize that. They are always disconnected. Modern discovery establishes that the assumed isolation of the terrestrial from the celestial is a fallacy. Such acceptance is had in spite of the overpowering fact that no telescopic observer and no photographing camera ever recorded realistic body proportions for any area of the Universe. That flight confirmed that there is no northern physical end to the Earth and that the conclusions were most premature.

In February. In so doing. The lens does just the contrary. Though the inner sky curves have also been drawn as connected. The lenses detected and reproduced only a disk like surface area which was credited with body fullness.

Bogovi pdf novca engdahl william

It severs each connection. The northern Physical Continuity of the Earth with celestial areas of the Universe also has its counterpart in the land now known to extend beyond the South Pole. So long as one observes luminous celestial and terrestrial sky curves produced by the lens and holds the illusory globe to be reality. Study of the inner sky curves may serve as a guide for understanding that the lens does not conveniently prepare appearances as illustrated.

Life is no more than our individual concept of life: Hence the awesome conjectured northern and southern space of the Copernican Theory erected the identical barriers to northern and southern progress as the obsolete Ptolemaic Theory had imposed on movement east and west from the Old World prior to We may move.

Further reason may have been that one does not perilously attempt to penetrate into a beyond which his concept denies. And though infinity extends beyond in a continuous land and water course.

Except for the vast ice barriers at the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The earliest attempt to reach the North Pole point and to satisfy that curiosity was made by Sir Martin Frobisher.

Despite the lamentable restrictions of theory. Our movement into land areas of the universe about us need never vary from known movement in journeys from New York City to Chicago. We may fly the distance with means now at hand. There were none in whom a dreamer so endowed could confide. With such open-minded-ness he was able to perceive beyond the established pattern of cosmological values. And if he tried to escape the burden of responsibility.

Where would he go? To whom could he and would he divulge the devastating secrets culled from the hidden depths beyond accepted standards of perception? In any really determined quest for light. Slosson was not an astronomer. For I will tell. Arriving at the national capital. He was not to be consulted by the force that relentlessly drove him forward.

Along a lonely homeward course and in the disturbed vigil of ensuing months and years. To him. Edwin E.

William Engdahl Bogovi novca.pdf

There was no doubt concerning Dr. If they existed and could assist in the cause. The famous physicist graciously afforded the hearing that presented pertinent features of the original treatise.

He had no way of knowing then that his utmost wish would be gratified through the physical initiative of others who would see to it that confirmation would be developed. Zeal born of relentless obsession would tolerate no cessation of the quest. Yet his counsel and only contribution to the cause was expressed in the following: My best wishes for your success.

And with such realization he was painfully aware that he was a dismal pauper. The required stratosphere ascent and expeditions would be made. Robert Andrew Millikan. Never relinquishing the idea of immediate physical confirmation of his disclosures and the manner of its attainment. He believed that Dr. Since words cannot confirm you. Physical Continuum. He realized at an early date in the pilgrimage that expensive stratosphere ascent and elaborately equipped expeditions beyond the North Pole and the South Pole would be required for essential confirmation of his disclosures.

Though he would have willingly risked his life in pioneering stratosphere ascension to procure proof and in a dangerous journey to land he knew continued beyond the North Pole and the South Pole. Amadeo Peter Giannini. Padre mio!

Show me the way! Then it would seem that the myriad beacons of the desert sky would direct his course back to California. Whatever his hopes may have been. His unquenchable ardor was manifested in every quarter where his cause might be advanced. It was later heard by prominent representatives of the Hearst organization.

Then in a rapid series of events during the remainder of Little time was lost in an itinerary that subsequently took him to Los Angeles. He was heard in restricted academic circles as well as in weekly lectures from Los Angeles radio station KFL.

Throughout the weary pilgrimage of years.


The pilgrim proceeded to San Francisco. President of the Lockheed Corporation. His interest would rightfully surpass that of the pure academician.

The San Francisco Call of that time featured an exclusive interview with the pilgrim whose extraordinary disclosures had been made at Santa Clara University.

When the hearing was over. Yet even that timely and most sensational presentation failed to bring forth a queen or a duchess. Professor Riccard exclaimed with undisguised enthusiasm. There was also a likeness of the ancient astronomer Copernicus. The famed Jesuit. Jerome S. No subsidy was to be had from the famous banking house of Giannini. Captain Sir George Hubert Wilkins. As there was a notable dearth of queens and their noble retinue. It was evident that a more alert nobility was to be found in San Francisco.

The overlords of that storehouse expressed the utmost skepticism concerning the land which a dreamer knew existed. At the Transamerica Corporation. Thus until he persisted in forlorn endeavor to have his own stratosphere ascent financed.

This volume attempts to describe the sensational accomplishment of record. One of the few co-operative courtesies of the time was extended by the United States Navy. Though more substantial and direct aid was then withheld by the Naval Research Bureau. He lacked such knowledge. He received the promise of Captain Ashley C. Naval Observatory on Mare Island. Though the interests mentioned here were perhaps rightfully reticent of openly assisting. He sought all possible understanding of balloon construction and operation.

Captain McKinley was then an aerial photographer who had been an expert naval balloonist. He graciously permitted observations to be made with naval equipment. He determined the cost of stratospheric balloon equipment from the Thompson Balloon Company of Aurora. Nor was there any assistance from the vast storehouse of private funds for the express purpose of advancing science in all its branches. Had he then possessed knowledge of coming events.

Then his earnest petition for necessary funds to procure equipment was denied by no fewer than four prominent millionaires to whom he had personally appealed and who had previously expressed intention to co-operate. In the case of polar expeditions to confirm his disclosure of then unknown land existent and extending beyond both Pole points. He then knew that such altitude would be required for photographic confirmation of terrestrial sky light and the illusory globular and isolated appearance of any sky area photographed.

Director of the Science Division. And it was there that he directed Captain Albert W. Frank Moulton. That conference was of somewhat different nature from some others of this chronicle. Sir Hubert seemed wholeheartedly to share the conviction that the South Pole was by no means the southern end of the Earth. I will continue on to it in spite of all obstacles. Sir Hubert was visibly impressed by the prospects presented.

It became evident that the explorer was not risking his precious life at the forbidding South Pole merely for the purpose of measuring wind velocity and to gauge the directional activity of ice floes. His statement afforded eloquent testimony that he was possessed of a powerful urge to go beyond all restrictions of theory in the pioneering spirit of a true explorer: Sir Hubert was fully informed of the unknown and endless land extending beyond the South Pole point.

Needless to relate. Yet they who were responsible for such expression were not to be censured. Man hates to forsake the old and known course. The manner in which the theorists may have thereafter misinterpreted the value of that land has very little meaning for this work.

For the The reason and purpose for that southern land extension. Though newly discovered facts establish that the cherished old of theory has no application to a world of reality. The masterful arbiter of fact was the then famous Russian explorer Dumbrova. Although the extent of that southern land continuity was no penetrated. And history records his memorable discovery of land beyond the South Pole on December The theory was not modified to fit the fact of land extent.

And though the dreamer who charted the course to that land was available as the most competent interpreter. It was manifest that figures and limitations of theory dominated as arbiters of cosmic reality.

There is no excuse for organized science to become impatient. It was such quality which permitted discovery of values beyond the ordered pattern. Some of it may be repetitious. In a final analysis it may be well that organized science. This is It is easy to grant to a dreamer. Yet the reluctance to express interest openly prevailed until a very recent date.

How much underlying and unexpressed interest that land beyond the South Pole may have aroused can only be conjectured. Perhaps there was such questioning. But it is certain that the expressions of that time could not be considered a token of spirited awakening by arbiters of the cosmic pattern.

This is not a theme so oft repeated of love. On the other hand. The lesson should by now be learned that the new and the revolutionary cannot be found in orderly deductive pursuits. Where the extraordinary perceptionist. He who surpasses the pattern owes allegiance only to his soul.

Engdahl Bogovi novca. William Engdahl. William Engdahl, author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the 1 copy; Bogovi novca: Duke21 rated it liked it Jan engdahll, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Whom the gods would destroy 6 copies Target: William Engdahl is composed of 7 names.