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How to astral project - famous Astral Projection guru Steve G Jones answers the questions on astral projection, lucid dreaming and out of body. Steve: Hi I'm Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist, here with Abhishek the age of 16, he accidentally stumbled upon the concept of Astral Projection. The. Find more about The Art Of Astral Projection HERE. www. free to begin to develop your astral projection skills. . would recommend Steve G. Jones.

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Steve G. Jones - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Introduction To Astral Projection Understanding Astral Travel The 4 Key. Learn to safely astral project with the Astral Projection Hypnosis MP3 download. Dr. Steve G. Jones enables you to safely have an out of body experience with. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. - Page 4 find someone that can create PDF files. .. explained that they needed an Astral Projection Program and would like me.

It should be of no real surprise that there are many interpretations. People often they worry that they may never be able to learn how to astral project at all. Kundalini energy is beyond everything. You will be able to explore any place you want to see, meet other people, and experience things that are truly out of this world! It is best if you can avoid eating meat on the days that you have your astral projection sessions. Heals Both You And Loved Ones There are many reported cases of people who managed to heal themselves during out of body experiences. And as most explorers know.

Beyond Delta — After this empowering session, a portal will be opened to final frontier of Delta and far beyond. Barrier Shattering — Here you will learn how to recognize negative subconscious thoughts and rid yourself of barriers that could prevent you from projecting. Complete Astral Confidence — Learn to exude confidence in yourself and in your ability to achieve astral projection.

Projection astral steve pdf g jones

Overcoming Fear — In this lesson, you will learn to confront fears so that you can confidently move forward in experiencing astral projection and welcome the unknown as opposed to fearing it. Astral Timing- Learn all about reality fluctuations and real-time zone. The Physical Return Journey — Here you will learn how to return to your physical body in a safe manner. This track will take you step-by step through getting out of your physical body. Astral Focus — Here you will be taken through specific exercises to keep you grounded while your Astral Body is not and help you to cope with Reality Fluctuations.

The Impact Of The Brow Chakra — Understanding the significant role of your brow chakra is critical to your astral experience. Here, I explain the concise reasons and how to harness that energy. Modifying Perception Techniques — Learn how to change your perception while exiting your body, which will help diminish fears related to astral projection and calm intense feelings. Astral Morals — Learn the moral limits while discovering the endless possibilities of astral sex.

Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Projection — Discover the difference between lucid dreams and astral projection and why you should never mistake one for the other.


Real Astral Feedback — Here I will go through many emails from people with questions about astral projection so you can learn exactly what to expect during conscious astral projection.

Astral Troubleshooting — If you are struggling to get your full astral body out of the physical body, this troubleshooting guide will give you the right solutions. Astral Projection Module 14 12 Strand DNA Activation Hypnosis This empowering hypnosis session is designed to provide you with a higher level of understanding and skills both inside and out , thus improving your capability as an astral projection student and enhancing everyday life.

If you have ever thought about Astral Projection, this is the program for you. I have been Astral Projecting most of my life, but unable to control when and what to do after I got there.


This program laid it all out. From what it is and is not. From meditations to proper breathing every thing. You will not believe the things you will do and see. You will learn to fly across the street to across the universe!! I have tried other programs most of them were only music driven meditation cds with no other help. Guys you got it right!

How to astral project - ask Steve G. Jones vol. 6

Steve G. Here you will gain new abilities, such as creative visualization, how to read the Akashic records, how to read auras, and having psych power; all of which will enhance both your astral journeys and your life in the 3rd dimension.

Jones astral projection pdf g steve

Image Interpretation — Learn how to interpret images and understand the meaning and role they play in your reality. Elevated Level Imagination Mastery — Learn how to access your inner imagination so you can create experiences before they occur. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 3 Creative Visualization B Positive Energy Restoration — Use positive thinking and creative visualization exercises to create positive energy within.

Link Replacement — Learn how to create new positive and powerful associations to gain mental clarity. Dream Interpretation Mastery — Discover how to accurately interpret dreams and what they mean to your reality. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 4 Akashic Records A Akashic Overview — Learn the history behind the Akashic records and why this phenomenon can only be experienced by certain individuals. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 5 Akashic Records B Akashic Mastery — Not only will you become one of the few people to access the akashic records, you can become a master at reading this infinite source of information.

Akashic Ethics — Learn what is accepted and what you should avoid when exploring the records. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jan 27, How to astral project - famous Astral Projection guru Steve G Jones answers the questions on astral projection, lucid dreaming and out of body experiences More info on http: SlideShare Explore Search You.

Astral Projection Secrets Revealed. Steve G. Jones

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