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The NSA supports up to 12 Gbps of high-performance firewall throughput The NSA delivers up to 9 Gbps firewall inspection throughput, NSA some of our best-selling backlist titles in Adobe® PDF form. These CDs are the . extensive knowledge of SonicWALL firewall appliances and achieved. In this chapter we will look at the basics of deploying a SonicWALL “ basics” include a great deal of SonicWALL firewall has a large.

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Review this section before setting up your SonicWALL NSA Series appliance. •. Check Package Contents . Application Firewall. •. Content Filtering: Premium. All Dell SonicWALL appliances come with a 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty . Registering Your Dell SonicWALL Security Appliance. .. Firewall Name. Part 9. Firewall. Configuring Firewall Access Rules. To create a PDF version of the SonicWall Threat Reports, first select the desired view (global or.

Or, if a network is being redesigned, a SonicWALL device can be reset to factory defaults and the Setup Wizard can be used to roll the device out anew. Modifying this equipment or using this equipment for purposes not shown in this manual without the written consent of Dell, Inc. Page 32 Deployment Scenarios In this Section: This wizard helps you quickly configure the Dell SonicWALL appliance to secure your Internet When you are ready to begin initial setup, configure your connection. Administrators can either choose to select the Setup Wizard used to configure the SonicWALL device to secure network connections , the PortShield Interface Wizard for segmenting networks , the Public Server Wizard used to provide internal server access to the public or the VPN Wizard for configuring access to a virtual private network.

Pdf sonicwall firewall

Page 9: Page Page 11 Using this Getting Started Guide Page 12 Configuring the Appliance In this Section: This section provides an overview of available WAN types, a section to record configuration information, and initial setup information and procedures. SonicOS supports the following types: Recording Configuration Information Host Name: This typically occurs within a few minutes of turning on the power.

This wizard helps you quickly configure the Dell SonicWALL appliance to secure your Internet When you are ready to begin initial setup, configure your connection.

Testing Your Internet Connection Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to your computer or to your local network switch or other networking device.

Page 21 Troubleshooting Your Connections Registration is an important part of the setup process and is necessary in order to receive the benefits of Dell SonicWALL security services, firmware updates, and technical support.

If you registered your appliance through SonicOS, all licensed Note that your initial purchase may have included security services are already activated. The backup feature saves a Dell SonicWALL recommends that you run the latest available copy of the current system state, firmware, and configuration firmware on your security appliance.

Page 30 If you restarted with factory default settings, enter page 7 to locate the Reset button. Page 31 Upgrading Firmware Page 32 Deployment Scenarios In this Section: Advanced Deployment Scenarios "Scenario C: L2 Bridge Mode" on page 35 gateway appliance.

Pdf sonicwall firewall

Page 34 Two Internet connections may be routed through the NSA appliance for load balancing and failover purposes. Because only a single Dell SonicWALL appliance is deployed, the added benefits of high availability with a stateful synchronized pair are not available.

Page 35 Scenario B: Page 36 Third Party Gateway gateway. This The following settings are optional. This allows the unit to synchronize with the addresses and Ethernet MAC addresses. The Firewall Access Rules All menu appears.

How do I... Configure firewall security on a SonicWALL device?

In addition to revealing zone and priority information, the Access Rules menu displays source and destination data, service type, action status, and user information Figure H.

Traffic statistics for each access rule can be obtained simply by mousing-over the graph icon that appears toward the end of each access rule line. Access rule configurations can be tweaked by clicking the pencil and paper icon, or an access rule can be deleted by clicking its trash can icon. SonicWALL devices, by default, include service objects and groups designed to simplify firewall administration. Numerous service groups are provided by default Figure K.

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Dell SonicWall NSA 2600 Getting Started Manual

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Firewall pdf sonicwall

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