Education RAS SYLLABUS 2013 PDF

Ras syllabus 2013 pdf

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Rajasthan State and Subordinate Services Combined Competitive. Examination. New Scheme of Examination and Syllabus (). RAS Mains (New Pattern). Download for free (or view) PDF file RAS Mains New Syllabus for Rajasthan PSC. Visit Examrace for more files and information on. RAS Pre, RAS Mains, RAS Syllabus, Question Papers, Exam Pattern, RAS Eligibility, Previous Years (Past) Papers (PDF) for RAS from Many with Solutions RAS Pre Answer Key, Solved Paper with Answers - RAS Exam.

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Exam 1, 12/01/, RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. Exam , Scheme of Examination For RAS/RTS (Mains) Exam plus. Release Date. 17/06/ Syllabus Section. Exam Year: Select Year , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Invalid Value. RAS Mains Syllabus Pdf – RAS Mains Exam Pattern. RAS Pre Exam Answer Key, Solved Question Paper: Rajasthan Public Service Commission.

Mukhya Mantri Balika Sambal Yojana etc. Section B: Federal Structure. Which is better: Major Industrial Regions. Anti-defection All the National Commissions on Women. No optional subjects.

You can freely download them from http: GS Mains paper contains maths.

Syllabus pdf ras 2013

Since RAS got hundreds of vacancies this time. Additional sources: So I suggest you visit the bookstores dealing with college books. Vedic age etc. Mughal dynasty etc. And even in those Rajasthan state board textbook.

Indian 3. Indian Geography 3. World 1. Environmental and Ecological Issues. Freedom Movement. Folk Music and Folk Dances. Important Tourist Places. Paintings and Handicrafts. Political Awakening and Integration Religious Movements. Chapter 13 and Rajsathani Culture. Socio-cultural Issues.

RAS 2018: Pre Exam – Syllabus-Books-Notes

Although there is no harm in reading them. World Geography 2. Important Works of Rajasthani literature.

Major Landmarks in the History of Rajasthan. British Raj. For modern history. Physical 2. Major Dynasties. If you need additional reference. Traditions and Heritage. Broad physical features and Major physiographic divisions. For example who defeated whom and when?

Leading Personalities of Rajasthan. Class 12 Fundamentals of Human Geography Chapter 8. Medieval Delhi Sultanate. Agriculture and Agro based Activities.

RAS Mains New Syllabus 2013: Free and Fast Download of PDF

Salient features of Architecture — Forts and Monuments Arts. Class 12 Fundamentals of Human Geography Chapter 6. If you look at the old papers of RAS. Use google to dig out SEZs and towns of export excellence in Rajasthan. Mines and Minerals. Explain Eutrophication and so on. Natural Resource of RajasthanClimate.

But for MCQs. Major Industries and Industrial development. Note it down separately. Atomic minerals. Major Industries and Potential for Industrial Development.

Wildlife and Bio-diversity Major irrigation projects. Minerals — Iron. Environmental Problems and Ecological Issues. Chapter 15 Rajasthan State Five year plan.

Natural Resources. Major irrigation projects. Transportation— major transport corridors. Additional preparation for Rajasthan geography: India Yearbook: Prepare the Rajasthan related statistics from Census Use Rajasthan State education board textbooks preferably from Class 7 to 12 related to Social science and geography subjects and prepare the following topics. Natural Vegetation.

Basic Knowledge of Budgeting. Basic concepts 2. Public Finance. National Income. Stock Exchange and Share Market mrunal. Fiscal policy How to prepare? Indian Economy 3. Chapter 2 Ramesh Singh chapter 2. NBFC and related current affairs have been explained in Mrunal. Chapter 2 Ramesh Singh.

Chapter on public finance Ramesh Singh. Economy is subdivided into three parts 1. Monetary Policies Basic Concepts of Economics16 3. From where? Rajasthan State Environment Policy http: Now coming to the conventional topics of economy: For RAS prelims. Prelim topic Subtopics as per official syllabus 1.

Syllabus 2013 pdf ras

Growth and Development 4. Chapter 5 Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh. Tax Reforms in India. But pretty much all of them covered in the combination of: Provisions for Weaker Sections. Remedies 3. Financial Inclusion. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh 2.

Major Economic Problems and Government Initiatives. Ramesh singh. Covered under my summary of Economic Survey ch Rajasthan Industrial and Investment Policy 2. IIP etc. Budget speech of CM 2. Ramesh Singh Chapter 7 1. Poverty and unemployment: Poverty removal Flagship Schemes.

Syllabus pdf ras 2013

Foreign investment. Strategies and Achievements. Economic Reforms and Liberalization 1. Prelim topics How to prepare? Macro overview of 1. Service and Trade. Ramesh Singh ch. Although in mains some new topics will also come for example Issue of NPA. Major Sectors of EconomyAgriculture.

Impact and Control Mechanism 1. Contains scattered topics for example inflation. Social Justice and Empowerment 5. Additionally prepare the salient features of following: Current Status. Supreme Court and then High court. Chapter First you read the chapter on President. Major Development Projects. For topic 1 and 2 listed above. Then read on Emergency provisions.

RAS Pre Exam - Syllabus-Books-Notes -

Constitutional Amendments. Ultimately Appendix for union-state-concurrent list. Nature of Indian Constitution. State government would publish big colourful ads in the newspapers usually before any elections.

Chapter 2. Fundamental rights. Old Age People. Once parliament is finished. Indian Constitution related conventional topics e. Then come back and resume the chapter on parliament.

Directive Principles of State. For Hindi medium. Major Agricultural. How to efficiently read M. Read chapter on PM and cabinet. Anti-defection All the National Commissions on Women. Government of India Acts: Industrial and Service Sector Issues. Federal Structure. HC etc. Rajasthan state related polity e. Lokpal and so on. Panchayati Raj. Read whatever chapters are remaining.

Fundamental Rights. Vice President and immediately move to the chapter on governor. Indian Political System and Governance e. Move to 1. Refer to chapter Fundamental Duties. Development and Planning. NHRC etc. I would suggest you atleast prepare the salient features of policies given below.

Cities of Rajasthan under Police Commissioner system. State Information Commission The basic theory regarding power. Rajasthan Forest policy was enacted in which year?

Because the same concent will also re-appear under GS Mains paper 1. Governor 2. State Human Rights Commission 7. Rajasthan State Forest Policy 3. Economy related 1. Chief Minister 3. High Court 5. State Election Commission 8. After independence. State Assembly 4. Also using internet find following: Find the total no. Rajasthan State Environment Policy 2.

Mineral Development policy Environment related 1. Rajasthan Public Service Commission 6. District Administration Prepare the basic concepts.

Spectrum Editorial board How to prepare? Defense Technology Nanotechnology mrunal. The Rajasthan Right to Hearing Act. Space-tech related Current affairs compilation from to March Also available in Hindi medium under the title Vigyan Evum Prodhyogiki. OR just google it. Then whatever new thing happens. Aarogya Online etc. All you need is definition. Defense related Current affairs compilation from to March Sources 1.

In the RAS mains exam syllabus. And Divisional Commissioner is empowered to transfer an employee. Lot of stuff related to e-governance and ICT projects has been covered in my economy survey chapter 10 part 3 of 5 article. Space Technology including Satellites. Goto library. Human body. Development of Science and Technology in Rajasthan.

Mukhya Mantri Balika Sambal Yojana etc. For additional reference: Hence, candidates need to just clear the exam. There will be question s of multiple choice Objective Type , carrying equal marks. There will be negative marking. Socio-cultural Issues. Important Works of Rajasthani literature. Rajsathani Culture, Traditions and Heritage. Important Tourist Places.

Leading Personalities of Rajasthan. Ancient History of Rajasthan Till A. Art, Culture, Literature and Architecture. Major Dynasties, Their Administrative System.

Socio-Economic Conditions, Prominent Movements. Modern Period: Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present - significant events, personalities and issues. Social and Religious Reform movements in the 19th and 20th century. Broad Physical features. Environmental and Ecological Issues.

Wildlife and Bio-diversity. International Waterways. Major Industrial Regions.

Geography of India: Broad physical features and Major physiographic divisions. Agriculture and Agro based Activities. Major Industries and Industrial development. Transportation— major transport corridors.

Natural Resources. Environmental Problems and Ecological Issues. World Geography: RajRAS Notes: Indian Political System and Governance: Various Legal Rights and Citizen Charter. Rajasthan Sujas Section G: Major Economic Problems and Government Initiatives. Economic Reforms and Liberalization. Economic Review of Rajasthan Section I: