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The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader). Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Tradisi Pcnulisan lladith Dalam Karya tJlama' MeJayu:Kajian Terhadap Kitab ' Aqidah al-1\'ajin. - Faizuri hin Abdul Laqf,' [email protected]

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UMAR KELAYU DALAM KITAB MANZARULAMRAD FI BAYANI QITH'ATIN The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader Program Studi Aqidah dan Filsafat Islam Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Pemikiran. A SCHOLAR INTERPRETATION IN TWENTY CENTURY Abd. Wahid Ushuluddin Faculty of UIN .. Kitab elektronik al-Islami JURNAL USHULUDDIN Vol. Therefore, the Discipline of Ushuluddin such as on the topic of tawheed . the Lord of 4 Muhammad IbnShaleh al-'Ustaimi, al-Qaul al-Mufid 'alaKitab al-Tauhid, .

Pustaka Azzman, , p. Deviating from all devils taghut and their worshippers. Truths stands out clear from Error. From the second interpretation that has been put forward by tafseer data, it is understood that there are several scholars. First, humans will have strong faith in Allah the Almighty so that they will be able to free themselves from neglecting 7Yusuf Qardawi, Haqiqat al-Tawhid, translation. The importance of tawheed in life nowadays can be Ar-Raniry: In general, tawheedis classified into three:

The was born from the idea of its founder, Maulana third method is not intended for people who Ilyas that he can get through the inspiration of easily accept and be invited to the truth, but it the interpretation of the word of God in the letter is for those who like to argue, arrogant and of Ali Imran verse , which reads: While the term is transnational Islamic in God. Aside from the above verse that the reason the implementation of the congregation in proselytizing 12 A. Pustaka Progresif, , Muhammad SAW.

Maktabah Nazar Musthofa al-Baz, t. They have managed to attract Islam to the people of Yemen.

People are transformed into the full life Hadith. Because they In Indonesia, Tablighi Jamaat supposedly often convey so they are named the group of evolved since l, brought by a group from India pilgrims sermons The attempts to convey Islam led by Miaji Isa. But this movement began to is what is known as the missionary movement.

As for the reasons given as archipelago. At that When it should be, preaching was done by time the join between scholars in Pekanbaru, like everyone, because everyone is obliged forbidding Jauhar Arifin, H.

Ushuluddin pdf kitab

Zamzami, Hafis Ahmad, Abd. If Kamis, Yusuf late. Three years later , propaganda is only done by scholars alone, and if their pilgrims have appointed al-Falah mosque there is a situation that does not allow a cleric located at Jl.

Sumatra as the main headquarter in delivering propaganda, the propaganda of Pekanbaru. From this mosque, they coordinate responsibility borne by whom?


As for the Muslim. The central headquarter of Riau province, al- shahada , prayer enforce, science and dhikr, Falah mosque in Jl. Sumatra, glorify each Muslim, sincere, struggling 2. Dumai Headquarter, Istiqlal mosque on Jl. This congregation Sudarso, 3. Nuansa 4. Duri Headquarter at al-Falah mosque in Jl. Karya, , Ash-Shaff, , Indragiri Hulu, in Taqwa mosque in Rengat, al-hasanah, and Mujadalah. From the research 3. Kuantan Singingi, in Kuantan mosque, that has been conducted on 60 respondents who 4.

Pdf kitab ushuluddin

Pelalawan, in Kerinci, had completed and returned the questionnaire 5. Kampar, in Kampar mosque, of bil hikmah was 34 people Rohul, in the al-Ikhlas mosque, Koto Tinggi very good understanding, and it was seen by their village, District of Rambah, attitude that strongly agree with the propaganda 8.

Rohil, in Raya Tanah Putih mosque, methods using clear language, a reasonable 9. A total of 23 people This method below: It is characterized by their answers the preaching by using this method.

Pdf kitab ushuluddin

While as many that strongly agree with preaching answer using as 29 people The total of who like to argue it. While 7 person Here are more clearly seen in the table and graphs: The issue of Conclusion proselytizing was especially discussed in chapter From the research data that has been fadhilah of tabligh. In their preaching in the form presented before, it can be concluded that the of delivering good news for the people, so they members of the congregation sermons Tabligh can provide the motivation for certain people to Jamaat have various level of understanding about practice their religion.

The using targhib giving glad tidings and tarhib second level, there are some people who are able threatening. In addition to questionnaire data, to implement the verses about the methods and this study also obtained data from try out. The From the second interpretation that has been put forward by tafseer data, it is understood that there are several scholars. For more details, it can be by Riau Pos newspaper media about one seen in table and graph below: Metodologi Studi Islam.

Rajawali Press, Al-Asfahaniy, Husain Muhammad. Nuansa Karya, Sirah Nabawiyah dan Dakwah. Amirul Hadi. Metodologi Penelitian Pendidikan. Wamy, Pustaka Setia, Jurnal Esensia diterbitkan untuk mempublikasikan karya tulis para intelektual yang menekuni bidang ilmu-ilmu keushuluddin-an seperti, Kalam, Tasawuf, Filsafat Islam, Tasir-Hadits, Perbandingan Agama, Studi Agama-agama dan Pemikiran Islam.

Silahkan melakukan submit ke jurnal melalui http: Select issue s. Author s: Zuhri Zuhri ,. Oct 01, Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Ushuluddin. Kamaruzzaman Bustamam , Ahmad Ahmad ,.

Ali Wasik ,. Alim Roswantoro ,. Andi Rahman ,. Ustadi Hamsah ,.

Ushuluddin pdf kitab

Khoirul Imam ,. Maisah Maisah , Yenti SS ,. Ahmad Atabik ,. Mohamad Yusuf ,. Toggle navigation.

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