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Jannat Kay Pattay Novel by Nimra Ahmed Complete PDF. Hum Kahan kay sachay thay is written by Umaira Ahamd. It is a great social, romantic Urdu novel that describes the true picture of our society. Urdu Soft. Jannat Kay Pattay By Nimra Ahmad PDF Novel Free Download.

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Jannat K Pattay Novel by Nimra Ahmed Complete - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Jannat k pattay novel by nimra ahmed read online. Jannat k pattay novel by nimra ahmed read online or download jannat kay pattay in PDF format for offline reading. Jannat Ke Pattay Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel is written by famous writer nimra ahmed. Why did I choose Hijaab as the theme of a Jannat Kay Pattay novel?.

Its an awesome book!! To keep the video away from the eyes of the members of her traditional family and to avoid any complication The life of LLB Hons student Haya Suleman took an interesting turn when she received scholarship to study a five-month semester at a university in Turkey, but the circumstances became grave when someone leaked a private video of her made at a party on the internet. Leaves of Heaven is like a roller coaster ride in which most of your guesses will be proved wrong and this mysterious story will keep its secrets safe till the last sentence. The topics discussed are family loyalty or a tragic love story. Overall, this was an excellent story and I loved the character of Jahan but most characters including Jahan lacked some complexity. RTC when I am ready. Hadh hai!

Sort order. RTC when I am ready. View all 4 comments. Dec 25, Hina rated it liked it Shelves: I don't know how I feel about this book.

With all the hype I expected better I guess. Nimra Ahmed ka bhi ek formula hai: Mehmal, Haya; - male protagonist from security forces: Humayun, Major Ahmed; - A religious mentor: Farishtay, Ayeshay; - A kid: Taimur, Baharay Gul; - An out of this world sareela khandaan even by I don't know how I feel about this book. Taimur, Baharay Gul; - An out of this world sareela khandaan even by desi standards! I just skipped through those aur story pe koi farq nai para.

Would it kill writers to properly edit their stories? I don't know why. Ek tau jitni baar usne "aanson andar le ke" "shanay uchkaye" thay hairat thi ke uske andar sailaab aa ke shanay uchak ke bahar nahi gir gaye. Ya uske "aanson ka phanda" halaq mai lag ke woh marr nahi gayi. Each and every time these words appeared on paper I got so irritated I wanted to slap someone!

Hadh hai! Also, her journey and personality change was totally forced.. I mean for the love of God.. I mean it maybe right for routine issues but the kind that she got stuck in she should've mentioned it to her brother or father. There are times when girls do get in trouble and they should take their family in confidence esp.

I remember reading about a girl who was repeatedly raped by a guy for years because he blackmailed her with some comprising pictures and she was too afraid to tell her family. I loved DJ and I missed her badly when she left. After that I was only interested in Jehan Sikander btw what is with our Urdu female writers: Salaar Sikander, Jehan Sikander..

P and boy was it a pleasure reading about him! I loved the scenes between Haya and Major Ahmed teehee! Reading about Turkey was fun. View all 14 comments. Apr 28, Amna rated it did not like it Shelves: I don't know why our writers add religious philosophies to every novel. It might be because our average readers like to read romantic stories with a touch of religion. They like the amalgam of romanticism and Islam. But somehow recurrence of this theme is destroying our literature.

In fact it is already destroyed. Nimra Ahmad is not a bad writer but she writes very unrealistic stories. The whole story of Haya is very absurd and extremely unrealistic. No one changes so drastically in such a short I don't know why our writers add religious philosophies to every novel. No one changes so drastically in such a short time.

I would have gone straight to the Police if I had experienced any incident that Haya experienced. I do not follow Islam that much to be honest, but even I can tell that Islam does not allow a women to go out and do absurd and risky things like Haya does in the novel. A very weird image of Islam was portrayed in this novel.

But still that story was going okay until the author tried to act over smart and made a huge blunder. The fact that Jehan, Major Ahmad and Dolly and Pasha were the same person destroyed the story for me. I mean what was the author aiming at? Was she trying to turn her story into some sort of magic realism or fantasy?

I don't dislike these genres at all. In fact I am a big fan of magic realism and fantasy and I love authors like Murakami and Neil Gaiman. But this story was neither fantasy fiction nor magic realism. She might be trying to write a thriller, but she failed in that as well. I have no idea why it is necessary for our novels to have an extremely beautiful heroine and an arrogant hero like Jehan.

Arrogance is not a symbol of being cool or classy. I totally despise Jehan. I don't know why girls like him so much. He was a total idiot. He was not even into Islam, he only used Islam to made his wife wear hijab. Ayeshay Gul was a really pathetic character. I hate people like her. But I understand the target readers were teenage girls and girls in their twenties who are usually indulged in their pathetic fantasies. This novel might be a masterpiece for our typical girls because the only thing they do is fantasize their love story, wedding and a typical extra smart and handsome husband like Jehan.

Though I feel that Nimra Ahmad is not a bad writer she can write exceptionally well if she stop following the footsteps of typical digest writers and start writing a little realistic stories. View all 19 comments. Aug 08, Ambreen Abbasi rated it it was amazing.

Wait till you read Jannat Ke Pattay!!! View all 12 comments. Nov 24, Aqsa rated it liked it. I am writing this review almost 2 years after reading the book I don't even remember the exact year , so it's kinda a gist of what it was and what I thought about it and how months of thinking about it changed my thoughts about it.

This is the one book that I rated 4 or maybe even 5 stars but as time passed, I looked back and always thought this was over-rated. It was one of my earlier books and maybe my first proper urdu novel and I loved it. I think I enjoyed Haya a lot, DJ was an amazing char I am writing this review almost 2 years after reading the book I don't even remember the exact year , so it's kinda a gist of what it was and what I thought about it and how months of thinking about it changed my thoughts about it.

I think I enjoyed Haya a lot, DJ was an amazing character that broke my heart and who reminded me of a real life friend that I was separated from. There was good character development of these two and even Jihaan. DJ was the best and Haya was second. There were many good Islamic lessons for us women here and I loved Haya grow into them and adopt a completely different lifestyle all the while figuring out the mess she was trapped in.

The mystery of it all was quite good and also confusing, but that's also the reason I started to hate a loved character and realised how different Haya and I can be. Of course, I loved that said character then but the more I thought about it, the more I ran away from it and decided to rate it lower. It's Jihaan.

Ahmed nimra kay pattay jannat by pdf novel

I mean He put her through so much just because she had a stupid phone call with her friend in the beginning of the chapter. I've had my share of men no, not those men who don't trust and are always on the lookout for cracks and ways to suspect me and some have the audacity to go to the character , and Jihaan was just another one. Of course he got better and realised Haya was not the cheating material and was rather loyal, but doesn't mean I like him for messing up with her.

I don't know how Haya could be so blindly in love to let that go. When you think about it, his reason for hating Haya in the beginning and distrusting her was so stupid. It felt good to say all that!

Jannat K Pattay Novel by Nimra Ahmed Complete

Also, I think the plot was unrealistic in many ways. A character had access to almost everything without any difficulty and without any questions or reference as to how they got it.

There was a little too much if you ask me. He was just a soldier. Now that's a book really worth reading. I read that one slow for just 3 chapters and then I couldn't stop at all! But stay away from it's sequel. It'll ruin it. If you loved it, that's amazing. This book actually played a great role in the life of a friend of mine and she recommended this to me. View all 26 comments.

When I can't decide what I should read, I open this. The characters, the story stays with me. Yet, I find it new every time I read it. I like how detailed her research is. I like how she interweaves the plot in different time periods. I like how she keeps a balance between fiction and Islamic book. Best of all, I like how her lead couple interact with each other. Of late, there have been a herd of new writers.

By nimra jannat pattay kay ahmed pdf novel

They do not shy away from indulging too much into description of a married couple. Even some of the seasoned writers, names I will not mention here; are too vivid in describing the intimate moments.

Often times I feel sick and ask, do these people have nothing better to do outside of room? If you've read "Jannat ke Pattay", you would be pleasantly surprised that a couple can be close to each other without touch. I rmember one such situation, and I site this example to others frequently. Haya confronts Jihan about his over-controlling and over-suspicious nature in deep well of Cappadocia.

She comes back, cries and falls asleep. Jihan comes to her room, and awakes her, sitting on the sofa.

Jannat Kay Pattay Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Download » Hamari hub

Another thing I like about the book, is that she does not conclude her story. She leaves with a stinging poison in the tail, which keeps haunting you long after you finish reading her book.

In her trademark style, she leaves you with a thought, that they will be doing it again. I am still a big fan. Just that things don't feel as original and I am not as smitten. She is a terrific writer nonetheless. She has a way to weave in a gripping narrative. Original Rating: Dec 01, Nazish Islam rated it really liked it Recommended to Nazish by: Waleed Ahmed.

I kept on reading it for over a month. Here are my some comments about it. I won't rate it as Islamic fiction, its basically a love story. Firstly, the things admired me most: Over all it was nice effort. The idea of Jannat kay Pattay was inspiring. Jannat Kay Pattay is every that thing you use to cover yourself up in the time of embarrassment, to use as a mode or tool to gain respect again.

This book gave a strong position to hijabi girls. And defended brilliantly all the lame pointers against pardah. The information about Turkey really made me to visit once Yes, just like Rakaposhi: Turkish language, their trends and traditions were worth reading.

Pdf novel by jannat nimra ahmed kay pattay

The girl I liked most in the novel was not Haya, its DJ. Her naughtiness, quick replies and funny comments about Turkey was lovely.

P Now, the things that irritated me most: The novel was full of extra scenes which were too boring to read so the reader can skip those parts and can further move on. This might put negative impact on writer. When Haya first called him at Mehndi, he was watching her by next door. I meant seriously? Wo bandi itni smart banti thi, Pinky ko pehchan lia.

Jihan escaped from Indian Jail. How the hell he got enough time for those riddles. Shaaney uchkana, Muskurahat dabaye bolna, khafgi se dekhna, hont bheenchey dekhna, halaq mai ansoun ka phanda lagna Aaaand Ayeshey and Baharey are in Egypt, Jihan has got new assignment and Haya is still in contact with them. Wait for sequel guys: View all 3 comments. Jun 25, Humera gull rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like Nimra ahmed's effort of bringing everybody closer to the meanings of the Quran through explaining some ayahs!

Jazakillah for the great effort! I had quite long nails when i started reading this book but that curiosity made me bite my nails even that skin too. Thi I like Nimra ahmed's effort of bringing everybody closer to the meanings of the Quran through explaining some ayahs! This character is one of a kind which makes you wonder why there can't be people like him in real life. I know that Haya's character was also very important because most of the story is written considering her point of view.

I love how the story continues smoothly with all those mysterious people making us wonder why in the world all these people are following Haya making her life more miserable BUT in the end the truth is worth all these thoughts, and feelings. The ups and downs in the life of the main characters are described so realistically that reader can't help but shed a few tears in their sadness and smile involuntarily with their happy moments.

This book has moved me in ways no other could with Jehan's character. It gives an important message through his character that we should never give up and no matter what happens have faith in Allah Almighty and that everything will turn out to be fine.

ALL these lines are my most favt: View 1 comment. Mar 23, Madiha J Bookblogger added it Shelves: EDIT Read it finally and now i can't gather my thoughts.

Its one of those books that you like but also point out some flaws. In the start the book was very good, a good mystery but then it took a filmy turn which is Nimra Ahmed's forte, so i was like rolling my eyes throughout that part and i was telling and laughing over it with my bro.

I mean how can this be? Jihan was a bit mean and Haya was dumb. I felt veryyyyy irritated with their miscommunication on purpose: And the most odd thing was, ek esi video pe itnaaa vabaal, jo ghar k function ki hai, function mei sab family mojood thy sab k samny they both performed then family ku galat perceive karti? Stupidest thing according to me. Overall a good book for me to keep reading and have a laugh over it.

Some moments were cute. View 2 comments. Jan 29, ahmad afridi rated it did not like it Shelves: Feb 22, Saman rated it it was amazing. Jannat ky patay idk from where to start but this novel is beyond my expectations. A highly recommended novel My many friends convinced me to read this novel. They were sure that saman you ll like it. Then one day i decided this just for them after reading meri zaat zara e beynishan. As i started reading this novel i told them they were so excited and they said to me saman read it fast.

At the start i was very confused about the major ahmed and then ARP but the story catched my interest immedi Jannat ky patay idk from where to start but this novel is beyond my expectations. At the start i was very confused about the major ahmed and then ARP but the story catched my interest immediately and i get stuck to it. This novel is bestest novel and my heart favorite one as it catched my complete attention and my complete time including my study hours.

I was so lost and indulged in this novel by God i didnt even know what was going around me i was just lost myself in the story. I didnt even know the single word of all lectures. This novel is almost related to me in many sense. And i only cried at just one point and i just cried alot coz it reminded me my time when someone so close to me get separated from me suddenly and unexpectedly. That time was the toughest time of my life thatsy this story point made me helplessly cry.

I just went back and just thought about myself i also found something which always reminded me of her. And in the story just like all the similar places reminded Haya of DJ i can easily relate this to me and when i also went to similar places all the memories run infornt of my eyes just like a flash. When you already suffered through the same pain then you can easily felt the pain of other person so i felt easily the pain of Haya. In next sense it is related to me as it is a story of Pakistan army officer and army is my craze i love to read about their lives.

And i love their reserved personality and i wish i could also find someone like Major Jihaan Sikander Ahmed. I also want to be a part of army. I wish i ll get someone from the army for my future life.


And while reading this JKP i lost myself completely in istanbul and taksim. Jihan is so close to me as his habits are almost similar to mine.

Same dosro ki hr baat pyar and khalus py shaq krna and baat baat py ghussa and larai krna. And i also have a habit of testing loved ones for their love and care just like Jihaan did test haya.

Apno ko tang krny ka maza hi alag hy islia Haya aur Jihan ak dosry ko bht tang krty thy. Haya's one dialogue Jahanum ma jao reminded of my best friend. This story is so close to my soul in all aspects. I really didnt even study my any test with that much attention with how much i attentively and get indulged in this story. Haya suffered alot of pain and then she transformed in to completely different person.

Jannat Kay Pattay Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Download

Jihaan also sufffered pain and hardships. But After all that good days came and they lived happily. My favorite characters: Haya DJ Jihaan The most adorable characters: Taya furqan Waleed Irum Hashim The best dialogues are Us larki ky nam jo kisi un chahy ristay ky jurny ky khoof sy roti hy tu kabi un chahy rishtay ky tootny ky khoof sy roti hy.

Ma jihaan Sikander suleman mamo ka bhanja aur dimaad aur Haya ka husband. Haya suleman bharay gul tum sy bht pyar krti hy. White rose with a letter written to my valentine Ap ka matlooba number is waqt so raha hy baray meherbani zara thori deir baad call krn.

Achi larkiya thaper bht acha marti hain tum mery hatho bht pito ge bharay gul. Bharay gul achi larkiya asay bahir nae nikalti hain. Bharay gul apni behan ki jasoos hy sab kuch usy batati hy is tang bhar larki sy tu ma nibtoo ga.

Hot air balloon ride Abdul rehman ma tmhy pasand krti hun lkn ma tmhari dost ko pasand krta hun. Meri dost apny czn ko pasand krti hy aur wo bht handsome hy. Ak laraki sy ma ny wada kia tha ky jannat ky patay thamny walay kabi rusa nae hoty aur mjhy wo wada nibhana tha. Dophar ma kabootron ko b khanay ka pochny ma harj tu nae hy. Wo Haya suleman hi kya jo aqal sy kam ly ly. Khaber daar agar meri biwi ky baray ak lafz b galat kaha tum ny irum.

Ruko mjhy bakery sy kuch pick krna hy kya tmhara ginger bread house mjhy py udhar hy ye tum ny tu nae banaya lkn paisay tu ma hi dy raha hun naa.

Tum student ho ge us university and ma tmhara teacher aur tum sab sy zayada dant khanay wali student ho ge. Nae is story ko swap kro ma teacher hun ge aur tum student aur tum sab sy zayada dant mjh sy khao gy deal done kro.

Thrilling moments and sad moments: DJ dialogue i love is mera name khadija rana hy meri friends mjhy DJ kahti hain lkn tum srf mjhy khadija kaho ge. Mera name haya suleman hy meri friends mjhy haya kahti hain lkn tum mjhy srf miss suleman kaho ge At some point i get bored and get confused and regret why did i chose it but when i read it further i really get lost in the story and all the characters.

This is really a cute loveable story of Haya and Jihaan. In the recent years, when we are seeing much religion-related stuff in print and electronic media, whenever a protagonist is portrayed with strokes of Deen, writer is most of the times not always hung between story and religion, and as a result, one or more aspects of religious sanctions are ignored. Forget the others, even my previous heroines were not the perfect Islamic girls, and no one can be perfect. We are portraying humans, not angels, and we are portraying Pakistani girls and if they are not perfect, we have to write about imperfect ones.

Or else people cannot relate to them. But there are some girls, some because they are very few in millions , who at least try to adopt Hijaab completely. Not in parts. Not in bits and pieces. But as a whole.

They will wear it with every non-mehram, even try their best on their wedding, and other functions to cover themselves up. And then these girls have their stories. Happy stories. And painful stories. Just like a non-doctor cannot understand the troubles of a medical student, non-hijaabis can never understand those of hijaabi girls. Something every hijaabi girl can relate with.

And JKP was not about Haya only. It was about Ayeshe too A non-niqaabi, only-hijaabi girl , about DJ too a non-hijaabi, non-niqaabi girl and the message I tried to convey is that its about time Hijaabi girls should stop taking non-hijaabi ones as Kaafir, idiots and bad girls, and non-hijaabi girls should start showing some respect for the hijaab. This mutual tolerance can only help us become a better Muslim and a better human being. A message I always give: All Nimra Ahmed Novels List 1.

Namal Full Novel 2. Ahmaq Tamashai by Nimra Ahmed 3. Apni ungli by Nimra Ahmed 4. Guman by Nimra Ahmed 6.