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Serie Interview with a Master- Jason Luke. * INTERVIEW WITH A MASTER. SINOPSIS: Es una entrevista como ninguna otra. Interview with a Master by Jason Luke. Jonah Noble is revealing everything in the interview of a lifetime There is only one question this Master will not answer. Erotic, Romance and BDSM books by The Master Jason Luke | See more ideas about Vignettes of a Master (Interview with a Master, by Jason Luke El desconocido de sus sueños - Camille Bell - Pdf Y EPUB Capitulo 1 La había creado.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jason Luke is an Australian man who lives on the far South Coast of New South Wales with his long time girlfriend. Jason. Interview with a Master book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It's the interview like no's the interview. For several weeks, Jason Luke appeared on Facebook pages from So I finished Interview with a Master and I loved Jason Luke's writing so much I really .

Interview with a Master 1. Want to Read saving…. And then we get to the ending. So Jericho James. Jericho's short time in this book as a Dom was extremely erotic and yet tender as well. This is straight up erotica that has some plot to it. I completely disliked Nancy, didn't feel we got to know Cecily or Cindy at all and April, well she was a contradiction in herself.

As if this guy wanted to be interviewed by someone so bad and when nobody came knocking said to himself "I'll just write a book about being interviewed" Give me a fucking break. Three reasons this book didn't work for me: The interviewer I didn't know you can become a reporter with an IQ of a pencil or can you??

What paper would hire someone as stupid as this chick?? I am sure even they have stardards. I am curious if the author did that so the male character would appear 'smarter' next to her? He didn't think we got that he was brilliant because he threw around Latin terms??

Quotes like this one: As a rule I never drank the stuff. Talk about having a fucking superiority complex. Dude, confidence is sexy. Arrogance is not. Just FYI. See this: I would rather watch Phyllis "work out" than recommend this book Thank you, M, for lending me a copy. View all 44 comments. Jan 27, Heidi rated it it was amazing. This was my anticipation in waiting for this book to finally go live to be able to buy it! What can I say?! First off it's written by a guy, um, hello, a guy!!!!

That had me from the start right there! Jason Luke: I had many moments while reading where I probably would have done this if I wasn't already layin This was my anticipation in waiting for this book to finally go live to be able to buy it! I had many moments while reading where I probably would have done this if I wasn't already laying down.

There was no sugar coating of anything but that made it even that more intense for me. This wasn't meant to be a story that was sugar coated, it was to give you a glimpse as to what it is like to be a Master and some of his experiences when he lived that lifestyle while being interviewed.

I did find it frustrating reading without any chapters. But I understand why they were left out besides the few breaks in the writing. The flow of the story would have been too interrupted by having actual chapters, plus for readers like me who like stopping at chapters when going to bed it makes us continue reading till we fall asleep because we're so damn tired but just can't STOP reading because it's THAT damn good of a book!

And then we get to the ending. Just when I think I have an idea of what might possibly happen next, I'm thrown completely for a curve and the book ends! I think I felt all of these and more and am still trying to figure out exactly how I feel. It is definitely a book I'll have to go back and re-read! I did find myself glancing ahead on the page and kick myself every time when I did that, but that only happens when it's a book I've been anxiously waiting to read.

I look forward to reading many more books by Jason Luke!!!!! View all 14 comments. Feb 05, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is truly an interview like no other. Luke informs his readers that he had spent and enjoyed several years in the BDSM lifestyle so this book is based on several real-life encounters and of fiction He will not state which parts are autobiographical.

Jonah Noble at age twenty-five was still learning to understand women, and certainly not a worthy Master. It's only now- fifteen years after I first met Claire-that I consider myself a decent man. As the two spend more time together, it developed into more of a deeper friendship. This is no ordinary tale of woman meets man and falls in love but simply a man and woman getting to know each other to the point that there is this real desire for each other.

Because BDSM is based on consent. The Master cannot exert control and power over someone who does not willingly- willingly offer themselves.

A Master without a submissive is a guy. Just a guy. He needs someone who wishes to submit to him, in order to become a Master. Jonah does not give you a standard interview of what people expects or interprets of what the BDSM lifestyle consist of. He gives Leticia an interview of a lifetime with raw, honest, and straight to the point.

The straightforwardness of his answers in the interview will truly capture your attention and will want you to know more of Jonah Noble. The way Mr. Luke was able to capture Jonah and tells his story was done so beautifully. There is none. This book is about Master Jonah and his rules. His rules of punishment. His rules and the way he likes to do it. At the end of the book, I was left holding my breath and wanted more of Jonah Noble.

I did not want the interview to end. If you are expecting a happily ever after, there is none. Luke will leave you shock at the end and have you screaming at your kindle, WHY!!

So, I am hoping that there will be a book 2 and Mr. Luke will continue the beautiful development of Jonah and Leticia. It doesn't matter if the relationship is BDSM or vanilla- every man should go out of his way to make the woman in his world feel desired and wanted.

It's worth the effort and planning to occasionally appear spontaneous. View all 30 comments. Feb 02, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Reality and fantasy mingle as his story is told, through the voice of Jonah Noble. Ready to tell his story to the world. This is his story, told through his experie 4. This is his story, told through his experiences.

Leticia Fall has never fantasized too much about the idea of BDSM, but as she interviews Jonah she finds herself more and more aroused by the idea. Leaving the dull gray of a small town to live her life in color; Leticia finds herself on the cusp of a career making situation.

Jonah may be newsworthy in his business life, but his private life has never been exposed in such vivid details. He wants his full story to be told and he wants her to be the one to tell it. When I started to see the teasers for this story I knew this was going to be a drop-everything-and-read-it-now book.

But this story was all about anticipation for me. Not just of what he was going to reveal, but where they were going to go. Jason Luke did a fantastic job of ensuring that you were always craving more. Although I knew there was no way I was not going to read this book immediately, I was not quite sure if the format of the story would work for me.

The way his stories exposed her desires, the slow stoking of the flames of the unknown. After finishing this there is just one thing that I want With the recounting of events and erotic experiences, I found that the exposure of his life and her reactions far more enticing than the actual scenes laid out. It was as if we were slowly being seduced by his words.

If you are a fan of erotica and love something that is not just the same story retold with new characters, this is your book. View all 45 comments.

Jan 26, Lucia rated it it was ok Shelves: My Jonah and Leticia: But while Jonah shares his story, relives his past sexual encounters and explains his lifestyle; he wants something in return from Leticia If Interview with a Master was supposed to be a sexy story, author definitely failed somewhere.

I expected to be seduced, entertained and immersed in the world of Master Jonah. Unfortu My Jonah and Leticia: Unfortunatelly, I wasn't any of those things. Writing had this terse forced vibe and many things that Jonah said were turning me off instead of being hot. I get it that a Master has to be dominating. But Jonah Noble was crass not in a sexy aplha male way , did some disturbing things and overall didn't fit into my image of attractive and charismatic narrator of erotic novel.

I have to admit that I picked this book mainly because it is supposed to be written by a man who participates in BDSM lifestyle. Prior to reading this book I wasn't sure if I should believe it or if it was only a part of marketing. But now, after reading this story myself, I would say it is a true.

It was clear that narrator was very passionate about subject matter.

Vignettes of a Master by Jason Luke

However, author's storytelling skills were slightly amateurish and all over the place. And while it is understandable when it comes to debut novel of new author, it doesn't mean that I have to like it or that readers should ignore it.

At first, I thought that author's attempt to write this book in interview-like style is interesting and appealing idea. But it didn't work for me in reality. Firstly, story missed addictive feeling I have when reading classical novel and it never hold my comeplete attention. If it was a result of untraditional format of storyline or story itself, I cannot tell. But result was the same - I lacked the connection with characters.

Secondly, author did a poor job of separating Jonah's past and present feelings. While recollecting with a big pleasure his thoughts and feelings towards his past sexual partners, Jonah simultaneously thought intimately about Leticia.

It made Leticia look like sexual object , rather than a woman he was interested in and I never felt real believable attraction between Leticia and Jonah. It seemed like author put too much on his plate. All at once. And it all blew up in his face. I am sure that this book has its target group and that it will be loved by many. However, I was not impressed by this story and found it rather disappointing. View all 48 comments.

This one really jumped out of nowhere for me. Interview With A Master is the story of one dominant, Jonah Noble, telling his story over several days to a journalist intern, Leticia Fall. And so we begin. And from this moment I was completely captivated, utterly enthralled as I listened to that intoxicating voice telling his story.

We chart his metamorphosis from horny teenage virgin to the calm, collected and very commanding dominant we see before us today and I was hooked and just about ready to kneel at his feet. Not one to allow just one way traffic, Jonah insists that, for every revelation he gives Leticia, she reciprocates with one equally as personal about herself. I smiled thinly and shook my head. That was the agreement, yes? Our deal is based on the principle of reciprocity.

I did think there were a lot of loose ends very close to the finish and wondered if it would all come together by the conclusion but it did and its really quite a shocking ending that took me by surprise, even though the clues were there, and had me gasping in shock. It goes deeper than just the physical as Jonah talks at length about the psychological balance between a dom and his sub and I found myself falling for him and was a lost cause by the end of the book.

View all 16 comments. Feb 09, Shurrn rated it really liked it Recommended to Shurrn by: I was drawn to this book because word on the street and by "street" I mean GoodReads bookclubs was that the author was experienced in the BDSM lifestyle and would be offering a new perspective Other than the fact that this was a MALE perspective, I'm not sure how successful this book was in living up to the hype.

It was enjoyable The whole "interview inside a narrative" structure was entertaining and refreshing for this genre But it wasn't groundbreaking by any means. It started off strong and began unraveling mid-book.

It lost half a star for overwhelming arrogance. Because my experience with this book was shared with her, I must reference a few of the conversations we had while reading together She pointed out that the book was split into two narratives: I agree completely. This split structure was both a blessing and a curse. It keeps the reader on their toes and a little off balance as we try to figure out what Master Jonah's motives are for allowing this interview and for choosing the intern Leticia as the person to document his life.

Reasons to Read it: Some lovely erotic exploits 2. Jonah's endless opinions - even if you don't agree, he's passionate 3. The sinking feeling that this whole thing will end badly 4. The humor sprinkled throughout 3.

It still isn't. I love the power, given to me by the submissive. King of his business empire and renowned for his expertise in training submissives. I'd hate to miss a single word. The price for an exclusive in-depth interview with Jonah is that he will be granted the opportunity to return the favor - question for question, answer for answer - neither party will hold anything back.

This book parallels Interview with the Vampire with respect to the narrative structure One man telling his epic history to a complete outsider who finds the stories amazing and nearly beyond belief The similarrity to Silence of the Lambs is found in the calculating and manipulative hero as well as the "quid pro quo" dynamic of give and take between subject and interviewer The rest is an ode to Jonah's male ego.

He spends the entire interview telling stories which highlight his sexual prowess and attempting to demonstrate his expertise of women. As Master Jonah tells his tales, we are being seduced by him; obviously manipulated. A man telling his own history has complete control of the facts presented Jonah's answers are structured around recalling erotic encounters throughout his life - in vivid detail - which follow his journey in becoming a Master.

His anecdotes are often punctuated with his opinions on sex in modern society. He has very strong opinions on women in general, and considers himself an expert on female sexuality - This is where many readers will find themselves uncomfortable with the broad generalizations which Jonah presents as fact.

He knows he is a politically-incorrect jerk, and if you can recognize this facet of his personality, and not get offended, you will handle him as well as Leticia. The reader steps into the role of Leticia as we listen to Master Jonah's stories. We are experiencing these erotic stories at the same time, and since the whole story is from Jonah's point of view, we must assume that Leticia's thoughts mirror our own.

My thoughts on the Ending: Click the spoiler at your own risk! But I was put off by how quickly her character deteriorated after growing attached to him. She was never very interesting to begin with, so the fact that they didn't wind up "together" at the end wasn't so heartbreaking to me. The whole "I can't fall in love" stance for a Dominant is such a lame way to go.

Trust me, there can be love in BDSM. Jonah's feelings toward Leticia were so ridiculously angsty for someone who had shown so much aloof self-control toward women in the past. The only thing she did to attract him was listen to him talk. How much ego is required for that to happen?

The entire time I was reading this book I was waiting for the "catch" - Jonah is a calculated man, there must be a good reason he chose to tell his story to Leticia.

I was making up all kinds of dark scenarios in my head In my most twisted prediction I wondered if Jonah made a bet with the owner of Leticia's newspaper that he could lure the shy vanilla girl into being his submissive So when we discovered that Jonah had a brain tumor and was dying, I was massively disappointed.

Not shocked hello headaches throughout the book just disappointed that there wasn't a big ending A better reveal A more dark and twisted motive behind his choice to tell his story. The beginning and middle of this book were so strong, that the ending seemed bland in comparison. Will I read the next book? Who knows Synopsis of Jonah's entire perspective in GIF form: Are you for real?

You broke into my apartment. You son of a bitch. I'm standing here half naked! I could have waited I tasted the wine. It was good. I was the one who was simmering. She looked up into my eyes and her expression was almost pained. She started to plead. I loved the way Claire pleaded and begged for her release.

It wasn't about physical domination for me. They get into the lifestyle because of what they think they will get out of it, not because of what they can share. A submissive needs to have complete trust in her Master. She needs to know she can give her mind and body to him with absolute confidence that he will treat them as a gift, not a right. These women aren't looking for a husband in the bedroom who will make them feel safe and loved.

They already have that in their relationship. These women are looking for a man who is strong enough to conquer them. That way the woman can still feel vibrant and independent… but also feel comfortable submitting to their lover. The rest is just tinsel on the tree. It's all decoration. Sounds and scents are just as important as the other senses. For men it's ll visual, but women are more complex.

It's not the props or the decor. It's not the fear of any piece of equipment that compels a submissive to obey, and nor is it the menace of any threat. It's the man that a woman submits herself to, Leticia.

Not the room.

Luke pdf with a master jason interview

The ability to tease and arouse a woman is a subtle skill few men bother to learn," I said. Fish have sex in water As I mentioned several times this was a Buddy Read with Wendy. I encourage you to read her review of this book as well.

She's awesome, and I get more enjoyment of of a book when I have the opportunity to read with her. Jan 23, Vanessa rated it it was amazing Shelves: What am I supposed to do with myself now? That was incredible, perfection, a masterpiece!!!

I really don't know what Jason Luke has been doing his whole life, but I know that it should have been writing erotica books like this! He has just put every other book that have have ever read in this genre, with the exception of one or two, to absolute shame!!!!!!

I am making my husband read this book next! Every man should read this! About the book from author's FB page: This is his story - from his point of view. His world. The book is a work of fiction, but Jason has drawn heavily on encounters from his own real life. He won't say which parts of the book are fictionalized, and which parts are auto-biographical. Let's show Jason some love! Follow him on Facebook https: RebelBookChicks Our Blog: View all 10 comments. Jan 19, MandaLee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Who the freak is Christian Grey?

Thanks Emilia I just finished this and holy freak! The way this story is told. The feel of it. Idk peeps. IMO this is a smooth one. Can't wait for everyone to read this! There will be talk about it! Check it out at http: His name is Jonah Noble. She shrugged and closed her eyes. Then I touched her shoulder gently and slid my hand across the soft skin of her cheek. She opened her eyes again. She shrugged. I withdrew my hand, and waited, counting out the long seconds. Leticia smiled a little nervously, and then I traced my fingertip down her forearm.

She shuddered, and her breath caught in her throat. She opened her eyes, her face lightly flushed. RebelBookChicks blog: View all 5 comments. Feb 09, Wendy'sThoughts rated it really liked it. First and Foremost Thank you Shurrn for Buddy Reading with me For the sake of this book and review, I am believing this is true.

The title reflects exactly how the story is structured Jonah Noble is th First and Foremost Jonah Noble is the elusive, rich, powerful man in his mid thirty's who everyone wonders about. Many articles have been written about his business success; some have hinted to him being involved in the BDSM lifestyle. He has agreed to be interviewed this time by the local newspaper and they have sent Leticia, a young intern to do it. She is wrapping up the questions, thinking she has covered everything when Jonah, frustrated, lashes out and says how juvenile and immature her interview questions were; she could have just read all of the other articles out there and never wasted his time.

Something, however, stops him from allowing her to leave. He offers her a real opportunity if she is willing to take it He will tell her everything about being a Master, no question unanswered but it will be an equal situation for her Leticia ponders this for a moment as she wants to prove herself to the paper; doing an expose' would be a kudo for her.

She accepts. Here is where I want to explain my ratings for this book She broke the long term engagement to her high school sweetheart She is his audience This was where there were parts of the book which were hot There was so much telling of Jonah's experiences in minute graphic detail it bordered on almost too much I said almost I just didn't feel it.

She desired him and what he offered I think she was more turned on by the telling of the tales and wish fulfillment of her fantasies. He seemed very involved in the telling of the tales and remembering the past. It also felt at times like he was seducing or grooming her with these memories What was more interesting to me was the other book I ended up reading Here we were treated to the rare chance of hearing from a Master; what he thought about the workings of sexuality How anticipation can be power during times together This part of the book had some strong ideas and I felt the real reason it was written in the first place.

The author had serious philosophical concepts he wanted to share Many of these messages are thoughtful and actually would be excellent required reading for men So what are my final thoughts.. If you read it for insight from a BDSM Master, it had very interesting concepts; was understandable, educational and worth quoting and sharing with both sexes. There is a cliffy Master Luke is practicing what he preaches For my full experience reading this For more reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways View all 43 comments.

Feb 11, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: They want to be made to feel weak at the knees. An interview of a lifetime not to mention an interview that will make or break her career.

It's all about giving and taking. He is as curious about her as she is him, but how much is she really prepared to share with a man who is confident and arrogant enough to bare all …. As desires are satisfied could one really just walk away??? He knows what he wants, pushes the limit and tests his control to see how far he can go. Jonah has a sense of mystery behind him as to why do the interview now, why give people access to your private memoirs.

I kind of just jumped right into this read, so I wasn't prepared for the ending it had in store, because it literally left me with my mouth wide open. I need to jump on the second book ASAP. View all 46 comments. Feb 02, Vishous marked it as didn-t-finish Shelves: I literally couldn't feel a thing while reading it! I started to push myself to read it, not to lose focus, because I saw only 4 or 5 star reviews here and on Amazon, and thought to myself " I must be missing something".

I saw a little cheerleader on my right shoulder, cheering letter by letter " you can do it! But no Just no Then at the part that I decided not to finish it, to just let it go, something was said that made a hunch that there will be an actual plot happening But the problem was that I couldn't care less anymore The interview with a master The writing style..

I had a feeling like the author wanted to make almost every sentence quotable Then after everything, I decided to skim some reviews and found out that some parts are autobiographical.. And I just felt bad.. Because I had a feeling like a DNF-ed someone's life story Feb 05, J. McCoy rated it liked it. I felt like I was on the sidelines throughout the story. It's Jonah telling his story, with what I felt was very limited interaction with Leticia. I get that she's turned on by his stories, and he's interested in her because, well, I don't know why, honestly They did, however, have a ton of sexual chemistry between them.

I felt like the author was trying to use the Interview storyline as a way to give an education in BDSM. Thank you, Jason Luke, for that. Did some of the stories Jonah told about his past send my heart racing with excitement? Of course, those stories were hot. But, the scenes he was describing to Leticia were very The language he used didn't make it feel like a relaxed interview.

Sometimes I felt like things were over described for what he recalling. How could he remember, just exactly, every little thing she did when he touched her and this was supposed to have happened years ago? And the ending She sees him come out of a bedroom and flips out like that? Scratches his face up when they haven't even had sex yet?

And then, she just walks away??? The rest of the story didn't equate to that emotional scene for me. No tears here people. Not a single one. I really needed more Jonah and Leticia is this story, and less Jonah recalling his previous relationships. I think it just came a little too late. View all 17 comments. Feb 07, Heather Mullins rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I would not recommend it. I received an ARC for an honest review. I am having a very hard time writing this review because I know it is not easy to write a book and reviews are important but I can not give this book high stars.

As I read the other reviews I actually wonder if we read the same book. The first thing I noticed about this book is that there are no chapters, it like one long story.

I had never read a book without chapters but I thought OK and kept reading. I had a VERY hard time finishing this book. To me there I received an ARC for an honest review. To me there is no definitive story line, plot twist or even an HEA. The sex was hot but all in the past nothing in the present. The more I read this book the more aggravated I got with some of the things he says as a "Master".

I think this story has potential but as it stands right now the only way I would "buy" this book is if it was free Jan 25, Smitten's Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: This is one book that we all need to get our men to read!!

I can either censor the descriptions, or I can tell you in detail. The choice is yours. But if you want the detailed explanation, then you must be prepared for graphic language.

I'm no fan of political correctness, so you can't expect me to keep apologizing if your delicat Ladies! I'm no fan of political correctness, so you can't expect me to keep apologizing if your delicate, sensitive ears are offended by language.

Jason Luke enjoyed several years involved in the BDSM lifestyle - but he is quick to point out that his experiences don't qualify him as an expert, any more than knowing how to drive a car makes him a qualified mechanic. He won't say which parts of the book are fictionalised, and which parts are auto-biographical. Erotic BDSM fiction written by a man from a man's point of view.

This fascinated me. I was absolutely gagging for this book after reading that. I wanted more of his past, his present, his future. There was nothing else given to the reader but this part of his life. The small amounts we did get were very minimal and left me wanting to know more. I felt that Nancy Collett was cold and calculating.

April Sullivan — I found her character a little fake. I almost felt like April was not a lesbian at all but bi-sexual. The writing is good though. Jason Luke tries to put you in the moment — and I must admit, he had me wanting more at some points. The anticipation throughout the radio sub club stints were well executed and held every bit of allure possible — these were my favorite parts. But the romance, passion, lust or love throughout this story was non-existent.

Mar 08, Krissy loves to read rated it it was amazing. I'm so glad Jason Luke is back at writing erotica. And did he come back with a bang or what?! This is my third erotica novel I have read of his and its my favorite so far!

Word Master Sub club, Yes Please with a serving of Jericho James on top!!! Holy Hell Hawt!!! Meet Jericho James That's my problem.

You've go I'm so glad Jason Luke is back at writing erotica. You've got a name that everyone will remember, an accent that will melt every women's panties And Australia might I add! It really can't get any better! Because to me, what makes the date perfect is pleasing the woman I am with. Ultimately, I want the time I spend with the lady to be something that she will enjoy and remember. Her happiness is the way I measure perfection". One who has the ladies going crazy to talk to and submit their every need to.

How you ask? And this is one of my favorite things about this story. Who is Jericho James and how does he fit in this story. Well looks like you have to find out for yourselves. You will love it!! This story is very sexy with other elements along the way that make this one a 5 star must read. Jason brings out Jericho's character with skilled conviction. This man knows his stuff and makes so many valid points. He speaks form his heart and teaches you things with such underlying meaning.

I now understand Bdsm in a new way. Its not what we always see it to be. A person taking demands over another, but a relationship with trust, feeling and understanding. Two people exploring the unknown and becoming one in a whole new world. With my eyes wide open and my mind wheeling I couldnt get enough of this story with added mystery, twists and a very emotional shocker, Jason Luke out did himself with this one!

All Jason Luke's fans and even new readers, this is a must pick up! I'm not sure if there will be anymore with Jericho I've seen the light to many things in this story and Im intrigued, which is not the first time Jason Luke has done this to me!! Feb 13, Christine rated it it was ok Shelves: It has an interesting if far-fetched premise -- radio station hires an unemployed but hot-and-sexy yacht builder to be the voice of their new BDSM-themed nighttime phone-in show.

And so Jericho James, a Australian BDSM Master, assisted by his lesbian studio announcer April, is now taking calls from all the submissive wanna-be's in Boston who are yearning to find their kink. But Nancy, the station manager, pressures Jericho for a more intense BDSM experience for listeners, and so the 'sub-club' begins.

In a total non-surprise, we also find out that Nancy is a closet submissive who persuades a reluctant Jericho to be her Master. And then there's back office intrigue, petty jealousies, and eventually a murder. Quite a motley crew! However, despite lots of sort-of group phone sex, and lots of up-close-and-personal-with-Nancy sex, it's a curiously passionless story.

It's narrated by Jericho in the first person, but it's delivered in such a flat and detached manner it's as if he's reading a weather report. The characters don't really come alive - they're almost caricatures, e. And lesbian April who 'converts' because ".. In one passage he tells Nancy "You're a ball breaker with your staff.

I just can't believe that you would have a single submissive bone in that body of yours. A lot of high-powered executives in the business world are secret submissives Wouldn't you think he'd know that already, being a Master and all??

Master jason interview with luke pdf a

Feb 11, MJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: Having thoroughly enjoyed the author's past works, I was eager for more. And I will say right off the bat that Jason Luke did not disappoint. The book begins with his applying for a job in Boston at a prominent radio station, where he hopes to have an 'easy job' as he states later on, and use his knowledge of the darker side to sex to guide those in search of answers.

But what Jericho doesn't plan on, is he being thrust into not only a close friendship with one of his co-workers but is also called up to be the Dominant who can reawaken the submissive in a woman he barely knows. The use of the radio program in igniting the spark for women all over the Boston area is perfect. Jericho's nightly sub club instructions were off the charts hot.

Using his newly found friend in April, as his willing volunteer in the studio for demonstration purposes only, had me swooning. I could only imagine the sexy Aussie accent of our Mr. James, giving commands over the airwaves to women craving his touch. Just so well done. The characters are extremely well written and the way they all intersect each other's lives from beginning to end worked beautifully. The story had great flow and I found myself completely engrossed in every page.

Every scene was meticulously thought out and executed in such a smart way. Jericho's short time in this book as a Dom was extremely erotic and yet tender as well. The author seems to show the lifestyle in the proper manner, between the advice Jericho administers every night and the actual sexual acts he performs with his sub-trainee.

It is thoughtfully portrayed and I actually learned a bit from the master as well! It is a great read and well worth your time. This is not your standard love story but I was still left with a warm feeling in my heart after I read the very last lines.

Jason Luke knows how to create characters with soul and their passion for life comes through loud and clear. Mar 19, Kristin rated it liked it. For the most part, I enjoyed this book. I loved that about this book. I knew what Jericho James was thinking and feeling, and as a female reader it was very intriguing.

So Jericho James. I greatly appreciated that Mr.

In Love with a Master (#2) by Jason Luke

Luke gave Jericho so much depth that it felt like I was sitting in the radio booth with him. The attention to detail of not just the BDSM world, but the radio world even if it was stretched a bit added to the story. Simply wonderful. She was supposed to be submissive but to me she seemed like a switch a person in the BDSM world who likes to be either a bottom submissive or a top dominant.

This confused me in several places throughout the book. I would have chosen a different character and just left Nancy out of that circle. There were scenes with characters that were very uncomfortable to read because again it felt forced and not natural. All in all it was a good read. Try it and see what you like.

Feb 09, Leslie rated it liked it. Okay so my review is actually 3. I just can't positively give it that 4 star point because I will not recommend this book to be read. I've been following Jason Luke's blog where he send erotic snippets to your inbox daily. I have fallen in love with his writing style through my inbox so when I got the opportunity to review this book I was really excited.

But, I've put of writing this review because I've been conflicted about the book. He applies to the radio station and is hired to be the speaker for a new late night segment that the station is launching.

The Sub-Club segment I found a lot more entertaining but was dissapointed that there was so little of it. The rest of the book, interaction between characters, learning more about Jericho and his relationships with other characters, is what really carried me through. As his relationships develops through the story you begin to understand a little bit more about Jericho, since there is no back story this is really nice.

I feel that there should have been more interaction between characters for the reader to actually latch onto. With it being more Jericho addressing radio listeners, there wasn't enough for me to fully enjoy. Overall this book was a good piece of erotica but if you are looking for romance, there isn't any. This is straight up erotica that has some plot to it. I did enjoy reading this and will give some of Jason's other works a shot.

So what the heck have I just read? Self Help? BDSM lesson? It took me a bit to get into the flow of how this story was being delivered but once I was there I was fully invested with it and considering I couldn't stand one of the main women in this book, that in itself is a major plus th So what the heck have I just read? It took me a bit to get into the flow of how this story was being delivered but once I was there I was fully invested with it and considering I couldn't stand one of the main women in this book, that in itself is a major plus that I was still ok with the whole bigger picture.

On the other hand I really connected with April. This was indeed a well thought out premise, extremely well delivered and really did leave you at the end with a connection to the characters you come across. Well it did me anyway.

I would have liked this book to carry on further, to find out how things would progress with Jericho and his new lodgings, and this is where the element of romance but also not romance kicks in. For a book targeted at women, swooning, sexed up and raring to go from all the sultry sessions Jericho gave us, it was indeed odd but hand on heart very much refreshing that romance wasn't forefront at all of the book.

I am very glad to have received a copy of The Wordmaster in return for an honest review. Jason Luke does a wonderful job writing the descriptions and setting the scene.

I enjoyed the story, but the ending just killed me. While I am happy with the outcome, I just have a hard time accepting how the characters arrived to that point. As for characters, I really liked Jericho James and found him honorable. I may be of the few who feel this way, but I felt like the surface of character depth was merely scratched.

Jericho does have a good amount of depth, but the other characters felt like they were lacking. So, with a heavy heart I give this a four because it left me wanting more depth and complexity.

Was the story hot? Yes, but it was a slow buildup. Had there been that extra oomph of character dynamics and depth then I would have given this a higher rating.

Feb 08, Devlynn rated it it was amazing. I am not so sure my grasp on the English language is there anymore. So, if you just read the above, I said this book was HOT.

I will post a warning I feel should be attached to this book at the end of my review. If you are at all, even 4. There is nothing brutal above a spanking. If I were to venture into the lifestyle, this is the type of Master I would have. Ok, and the story line… While there were some liberties taken, it was overall a very good story.

The story is written in first person and in the view point of the Master. I will not give away anything more, you will have to read it yourself! Do not read in public.

The Word Master

Do not read without the ability to squirm like a 4 year old. Do not read if you are unable to find an outlet for your tension. Do not read if you are at all disturbed by hot, sexy, alpha Aussie blokes who are also BDSM Masters and can make you wet with just a whisper. Do not read unless you have time to read; you will not want to put the book down.

Feb 16, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing. I will do my best for this review to make sense, because after that HOT book, I think my brain has melted. Jan 27, Cecily Bonney rated it it was amazing. Jericho James where are you This man is everything that a women needs and wants. He is sexy, amazing, and hot he is the full package and more. He used to be a BDSM Master and now he is looking for a change and the perfect opportunity just fell into his lap.

Jericho working for a late-night Boston talk radio station. I for one am would be happy if he join our local late night radio station because I would be tuning into it every single night.

So keep in mind that this isn't Jericho James where are you So keep in mind that this isn't your average segment. Let me just say that reading this book has my mind racing and when you get to the part of the book where he starts you have a club via the radio Holy cheese and rice April is is co-worker and she has some secrets but lets face it, we all have them.

I really liked when Jericho teamed up with April for the Sub-Club segment. Lets just say Jason Luke did such a phenomenal job writing this book that you want actually visualize Jericho giving you lessons, and that is all I will say! I really loved this book. The characters in this book are all amazing and different in their very own way. I have to say that my favorite character was Cecily I am kidding my favorite is Jericho.

I honestly believe that anything Jason Luke writes and continues to write will be gold! Apr 27, Jennifer rated it liked it. When I first started reading this, I had some flashbacks of one of his other books "Vignettes of a Master".

I wasn't for sure if I was going to like this and in fact, walked away from the book for about a week. I picked it back up this morning and quickly found myself immersed in the book. Jason Luke is very talented with making his readers be able to feel and visualize his words. I thought the radio scenes were very sensual at times.

The intimate scenes very erotic. I would have loved to know m When I first started reading this, I had some flashbacks of one of his other books "Vignettes of a Master". I would have loved to know more about Cecily. Her character seemed random, but left me wondering about her.

I think some things felt left out of the story, especially about Grover. What happened felt forced and came out of no where. I believe the character of April would have been much more believable if she had stated she was bisexual instead of lesbian.

I am a fan of his "different" endings. Not everything needs to be tied up in a neat bow, but I'm not sure what to think of this one. I can't really tell if it leaves an opening for another possible book or not? I think an epilogue would have worked wonders for this story. Sexy Sizzling Erotic Phenomenal read I was contacted to read this book for an honest review. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I figured it would be just your average erotica read.

Boy was I dead wrong. I felt things that other books have failed to accomplish. Jericho James made me want a Master in my life. Jason expla Sexy Sizzling Erotic Phenomenal read I was contacted to read this book for an honest review. I definitely am looking forward to reading more from Jason. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Vignettes of a Master

Readers Also Enjoyed. About Jason Luke. Jason Luke. Jason Luke enjoyed several years involved in the BDSM lifestyle - but he is quick to point out that his experiences don't qualify him as an expert, any more than knowing how to drive a car makes him a qualified mechanic.

The book is a work of fiction, but Jason has drawn heavily on encounters from his own real life. He won't s Jason Luke enjoyed several years involved in the BDSM lifestyle - but he is quick to point out that his experiences don't qualify him as an expert, any more than knowing how to drive a car makes him a qualified mechanic. He won't say which parts of the book are fictionalised, and which parts are auto-biographical. Erotic BDSM fiction written by a man from a man's point of view.

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