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menos lipídio quando se alimentaram em 'IAC' (4,8 mg) e PI (4,3 mg ), em comparação com aquelas Females accumulated less lipid when fed on ' IAC' ( mg) and PI ( mg) than those .. (Boletim Técnico, ). No. of bitstreams: 1 2-spdf: bytes, checksum: 13e4ef4edc5ad6f0a4f2ac . Campinas: IAC, (Boletim técnico, ), pt_BR. IAC The treatments consisted of the application of 30, 60, 90 and kg ha- 1 of .. portugues_setembro_pdf. Boletim Técnico, pp:

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IAC Gabriel Stefanini Mattar1, Carolina Cinto de Moraes1, Agronômico/ Fundação IAC, p. (Boletim. Técnico, ). (1). 77 p. (Boletim técnico, , Edição revista e atualizada) Solução com μg/ ml de magnésio: transferir ml da solução-estoque de magnésio com 1. Campinas: Instituto Agronômico/Fundação IAC, p. (Boletim Técnico ). Tables. Table 1. Nitrogen levels used in the fig tree fertilization.

The period of maximum requirement of B coincided with the flowering peak of passion fruit, confirming its importance in the germination of pollen grains and growth of the pollen tube SARAN; KUMAR, April 17, ; Accepted: Rice cultivation in uplands, traits were performed using the Pedigree Method, in order with or without supplemental irrigation, allows farmers to to manage the segregating generations, and genealogy, for produce good quality rice far from the traditional productive improving selection eficiency. Crop Science 6: Effects of rates and particle size of K shows soil the K concentration variations for the two sources on soil and shoot K content at different particle sizes evaluated. It was verified, however, that the fused Mg K phosphate with different particle sizes on solubility of these materials is low, which makes their dry matter yield and soil and shoot K concentrations use as a direct K source for plants unviable Siqueira of marandu grass and determine critical K level in et al.

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However, the export order verified in this study was similar to that found by Paula et al. The Fe was the most extracted micronutrient, but Cu, B and Zn were the most exported. For the P, considering the transformation of the quantity observed in P2O5 multiplying by 2. This fact is related to its low soil dynamics, together with its strong tendency to be fixed and to react with other components such as Fe, aluminum and Ca, among others, forming compounds of low solubility.

Thus its application assumes primarily the role of satisfying the soil requirement by adding several times higher quantities than those required by the plants MALAVOLTA, For K, the transformation to K2O was performed multiplying by 1.

For all the mentioned nutrients, the efficiency of use was not considered. If we considered the same, the quantities to be supplied in the fertilization of each nutrient will be larger.

The total accumulation of dry mass by the plant was low at the beginning of the growing cycle up to DAS, accentuating with the fruits appearing. The macronutrient accumulation was low up to DAS. From that date, there was an increase in the same, for N, K and Ca, and for the other nutrients it occurred later, at DAS. The nutrient extraction was in kg ha Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , Jaboticabal, v. Legis Summa, I Produtividade e qualidade dos frutos. Acesso em: FUNEP, Incaper, b.

Crescimento vegetativo do maracujazeiro-amarelo em diferentes tipos e dosagens de biofertilizantes na forma liquida. Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Solos, I — Macronutrientes. O Solo , Piracicaba, v. FCAV, HAAG, H. Rio de Janeiro: IBGE, New standard leaf nutrient concentrations for passionfruit based on seasonal phenology and leaf composition. Journal of Horticultural Science , Ashford, v.

Revista da Agricultura , Piracicaba, v. RAIJ, B. Acta Horticulturae, v. Embrapa Cerrados, Boron deficiency disorders in mango Mangifera indica: TAIZ, L. Fisiologia vegetal. Porto Alegre: Ed Artmed, A comprehensive equation for the pulmonary pressure-volume curve. Journal of Applied Physiology , Bethesda,v.

This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Services on Demand Journal. Fitotecnia Accumulation and exportation of nutrients by yellow Passion fruit cv. Abstract The mineral nutrition is essential to increase yield and fruit quality of passion fruit.

Introduction Brazil is the largest producer and consumer of passion fruit.

Results and discussion The productivity verified in the experiment conducted in the dry farming condition, a traditional way in the studied region was This can be explained by the lack of hybrids and different management techniques.

Conclusion The total accumulation of dry mass by the plant was low at the beginning of the growing cycle up to DAS, accentuating with the fruits appearing. April 17, ; Accepted: September 27, Via de acesso Prof. How to cite this article. Development and growth of root systems Plant Roots: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

100 iac tecnico pdf boletim

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Iac boletim pdf 100 tecnico

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Evaluation of insect damage and powdery mildew severity in soybean genotypes

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Tecnico pdf boletim 100 iac

CAB International, U. Vasconcelos, A.