Biological exuberance animal homosexuality and natural diversity pdf

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Buy Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity ( Stonewall Inn Editions (Paperback)) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified. Biological Exuberance reviewed by Gert Korthof. Exuberance Biological Exuberance. Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. .. and evolution', Trends in Ecology and Evolution July TREE; (free pdf). Biological Exuberance book. Read 27 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Biological Exuberance is a book of great queer science. Two g.

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PDF | This is a JAMA book review of the book by Bruce Bagemihl, Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. Homosexual. Behaviour in. Animals. An Evolutionary. Perspective. Edited by .. B. () Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. Bruce Bagemihl, Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, New York: St. Martin's Press, , pp., $ This book is in two parts.

Homosexuality is natural, Christianity is artificial. Bagemihl's work, I just mean to say that it is lengthy. Biological Exuberance is a book of great queer science. This is something that is all-encompassing. The animal kingdom is rife with examples of homosexual behavior. Jacob Holloway rated it really liked it Feb 12, Biological Exuberance:

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Bruce Bagemihl. Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People. Joan Roughgarden. Animal Homosexuality: A Biosocial Perspective. Aldo Poiani. Homosexual Behaviour in Animals: An Evolutionary Perspective. Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire.

Read more. Product details Series: Stonewall Inn Editions Paperback Paperback: Stonewall Inn Editions; 1st edition April 10, Language: English ISBN Start reading Biological Exuberance on your Kindle in under a minute.

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Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention sexual behavior animal homosexuality biological exuberance animal species homosexual behavior real eye-opener family values animal kingdom heterosexual behavior animal homosexuality animal behavior behavior of animals homosexuality and natural bagemihl individuals human nature scientific fascinating purpose.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. Not a fun read, but there is so much information here. I'm glad I got and read it. The information is based on scientific studies, peer-reviewed work. All of the references are included.

I thought that was very important, especially for such a potentially red-flag subject. Complete with hundreds of well-documented examples, Canadian biologist Dr. Bruce Bagemihl presents the ideal response to the homophobic provocateur that says homosexuality is un-natural.

In fact, the book shows how natural homosexuality is in the natural world. Man is the only animal with gay members? All sexually reproducing species have not only homosexual representation, but transgendered, lesbian, and much more. If you're looking for a real eye-opener, this is it. Highly recommended Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. In our human arrogance, from the 50s when I was studying Biology Well the new science sure has revealed that the separations we used to hold as a rule, It is a shame this information was not widely available in my youth Hardcover Verified Purchase.

A grand expose of the diversity throughout animal species. As a gay man, I realize how I'm part of a spectrum of which I need not be ashamed. One person found this helpful. Have youever had a conversation with someone who vehemently opposes homosexuality, and uses as one of their arguments that "it isn't natural"? If, as is frequently the case, "not natural" is defined as "animals don't do it", this book pretty thoroughly debunks that claim.

The second half roughly of the book is a very successful attempt to alleviate that problem for future researchers; it gives detailed, specific descriptions of homosexual as well as non-reproductive heterosexual behavior in dozens of species. For the casual reader, this section may get somewhat repetitive and boring after a while; if so, skimming it for a general feel for the subject may be sufficient if one feels disinclined to read all the way through it.

But I found it fascinating that not only does homosexual activity occur in numerous mammal and bird species in roughly similar proportions to its incidence in humans, but in other species, it is actually the primary method of sexual expression!

Don't believe me? Read this book, then argue with the research, if you can. The first part of the book is an independent page exposition of homosexual, bisexual and transgendered animal sexuality. If you want to know what the birds and the bees are doing when Jerry Falwell isn't looking, this is the place to find out. Don't expect to find traditional family values in these pages.

What you will discover instead is that animals aren't doing it for Darwin, they are doing it for fun. There are amazingly detailed descriptions, pictures and illustrations here of animals having all kinds of sex that will amaze you , and most of it isn't for procreation.

More interesting to me, though, is the speculation on the sexual origins of language and culture in chapter 2 and the devastating examination in chapter 3 of bigotry in the biological sciences in over two hundred years of observations of animal homosexuality.

Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity

Bagemihl shows, for example, that in science as in society, there's a presumption of heterosexuality. Field researchers have commonly assumed, with no independent verification, that whenever they see a pair of animals engaging in what appears to be sexual behavior they are observing a male-female pair. Conversely, whenever they observe a known same-sex pair engaging in behavior that would be classified as sexual between a male and female, they classify it in some other way.

This protocol largely precludes the gathering of data about animal homosexuality even when it's being observed. In some cases, though, it resulted in published studies being repudiated as much as 20 years later when it was discovered that what was presumed to be heterosexual behavior in a population was really entirely homosexual.

It's an interesting fact that in some species heterosexuality has never been observed by scientists even when they go to great lengths to observe it over periods of many years.

Also, a lot of animal homosexuality that has been recognized as such has simply been excluded from the published reports. As a result, there is still widespread belief among scientists and the public that animal homosexuality is rare or nonexistent. People will believe otherwise after reading this book. Chapter 4 looks at the attempts to explain away animal homosexuality and chapter 5 considers arguments on the other side that try to attach evolutionary value to homosexuality.

Bagemihl rejects all the proposals on both sides, demonstrating the weakness of all the explanations and typically showing that they are plainly inconsistent with the evidence of animal behavior. Finally, he arrives at the question that the reader has been waiting for for almost pages: In pursuing this line of thought Begemihl offers interesting descriptions of animals that are nonbreeders, animals that suppress reproduction, animals that segregate the sexes so that reproduction can't happen, animals that engage in birth control, and animals that engage in other nonreproductive behaviors.

He also shows that a lot of the sex that actually occurs is not for reproduction, but apparently for pleasure. All of this he believes calls for a new conception of the natural biological world. The last chapter describes some ideas for a new paradigm, which he calls Biological Exuberance and I must say that it is much less convincing than the rest of the book.

It is interesting nonetheless. Much of the last chapter is a description of the myths about animals of native North Americans, the tribes of New Guinea, and indigenous Siberian people. When I started reading this chapter I began to wonder if I had accidentally picked up a different book, but in the end he makes a connection between the myths and biological reality. In fact, he shows that some of these myths contain more facts about animals than you can find in any scientific text.

Pdf natural exuberance and animal biological homosexuality diversity

Some of the most bizarre of the myths turn out to be true. So where does it end? Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Mar 23, marcali marked it as to-read. Nov 26, Bill rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Biology students, Christians, Muslims. The perfect antidote for the Christian folks who believe homosexuality is "evil" or a "tool of Satan". This little-known book crushes any notion that homosexuality is anything other than just plain normal.

The animal kingdom is rife with examples of homosexual behavior.

Many of the animals studied preferred same-sex couplings their entire lives. Bagemihl's effort should be made available to high school biology students, college students Wh The perfect antidote for the Christian folks who believe homosexuality is "evil" or a "tool of Satan". Why not 5 stars? The author tries to cram every single example he found into this massive book - highly repetitive and laden with dense text. Best used as a reference or text book.

Bruce Bagemihl

My vote for best book on the planet? Can I just say to Bruce Bagemihl, few have ever done such service to the general public with a book. It changes your ideas. You need this knowledge. It's not merely about gay animals - though there's no end of them. Of value to me was its study of indigenous peoples, how they see animals - the sexual diversity of animals - and the results of this for their culture and ideas about the world.

Homosexuality diversity pdf exuberance animal and natural biological

Jan 11, Clifton rated it it was amazing. If there is any clear-thinking person who still believes homosexuality is not natural, he or she should read this book. Published 15 years ago, Biological Exuberance documents over species of animals with homosexual practices of one kind or another. A superb job of reseach on the part of the author. This meticulously researched and documented account catalogues mammals, birds, fish and others demonstrating what humans would call long term homosexual and heterosexual relationships, bisexuality, cross-dressing as well as transgender transformation, group sex, masturbation and the use of sex toys — just to name a few examples.

Ah, you might say, but homosexuality is un-African. You never see homosexual elephants or lions. Wrong again! Among African Elephants, same-sex activity … may be preceded by a great deal of caressing and affectionate behaviours. And the catalogue of lion homosexuality is similar, including trios and mating circles. Or you might say, it just shows you how lascivious homosexuals are, they never settle down. Wrong again. Both male and female homosexual pairs in many species form long-term childraising bonds, for example several gull, tern and goose species amongst birds, and among mammals the list includes grizzly bears, red foxes, warthogs, seals and even cheetahs.

In the case of females, the pair might raise their own biological offspring, while male pairs often "adopt" young. And so it goes on. This book is pages long, meticulously footnoted, and includes two major sections. There is also a useful section on how it came to be that animal homosexuality was so seriously overlooked in centuries of biological observation.

Biological Exuberance Review

If ever you wanted a story about how even scientists sometimes see only what they want to see, read this book. Dec 19, Chon Mkliiry rated it really liked it. Whether you are interested in evolutionary biology, sociobiology, the continuum of "human" behaviors found in animals, or just telling that douchebag at the bar who says "homosexuality isn't natural" that he's full of shit, this book delivers.

Part 1 addresses the more generalized questions which arise from understanding non-reproductive sexuality. Part 2 takes a taxonomic approach to organizing and presenting homosexuality across species and orders.

Most of us are familiar with homosexuality in Whether you are interested in evolutionary biology, sociobiology, the continuum of "human" behaviors found in animals, or just telling that douchebag at the bar who says "homosexuality isn't natural" that he's full of shit, this book delivers.

Most of us are familiar with homosexuality in bonobo societies, but this book delves into many other marine and land mammals, birds and more to further solidify the fact that homosexuality is in no way "unnatural. Animals are totally gay. No really, they are. This is the gay animal "Bible". I don't mean to cast aspersions on Dr. Bagemihl's work, I just mean to say that it is lengthy. It does have far more facts than the Bible, but the total mass of the volume is roughly equivalent. This book should not be read by superstitious animals who were raised to believe that homosexuality is wrong.

Nobody needs any Christian marmosets or dolphins protesting outside the publisher's office. Remember folks: Homosexua Animals are totally gay. Homosexuality is natural, Christianity is artificial. Jan 26, Delia rated it liked it. The writing is a bit repetitive but the pictures are Fantastic.

Sep 19, Shaun rated it really liked it Recommended to Shaun by: Mary Mack! Mary randomly found this in a library in Providence, and I can't believe I'd never heard of it! I've just thumbed through it so far - it's set up much like an encyclopedia with tons of provocative illustrations and photos.

I've been a big nerd on nature books and field guides since I was a little boy in Nebraska wanting to be a marine biologist in Florida , and this is probably one of the most exciting "nature" books I've seen in years! Looking forward to finding a copy when I get home. Sep 22, Janet Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Most animals are gay! My favorite part is reading how field scientists have covered up, condemned and made excuses in scholarly publications for the obviously gay behavior of the animals they were studying The book is huge, but only the first pages are text, the rest is more of an encyclopedia of homosexual and transgender behavior of animals Who knew?

Oct 08, Jessica Hurst rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the rare science book that is both thorough AND entertaining.

It reignited my passion for zoology. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in animal behavior. Feb 15, Sean rated it it was amazing. It is an easy read, equal parts scientific and colloquial, which serves to break up the notion that nature is heterosexual by design and by default and that, as nature documentaries love to sing, all or even most animals live in family units comfortably parallel to human ones, with "Mommy," "Daddy," and so on.

Once the groundwork is laid, the book begins an alphabetically-listed discourse on homosexual animal behavior as scientifically observed. If anyone in the year of our Lord is still trying to tell you that homosexuality is "unnatural" to any degree, sweetly push this volume under their nose.

Mar 28, Peter Van Der Walt rated it really liked it. If anybody, ever again, anywhere, in any context, makes the statement that 'homosexuality is unnatural' - it should be legal to shove a copy of this voluminous work somewhere painful.

Mother Nature turns out to be quite a lesbian, quite a queen. Even a drag queen. In an abundance of species and in an abundance of settings, homosexuality even exclusive homosexuality occurs.

This book not only debunks the stupid statement force fed en masse to young ones without the means to disagree But it is If anybody, ever again, anywhere, in any context, makes the statement that 'homosexuality is unnatural' - it should be legal to shove a copy of this voluminous work somewhere painful.

But it is a celebration. A beautiful book that shows it is a gay world after all.

Natural homosexuality and diversity biological exuberance pdf animal

Aug 04, Kristen Coffin rated it liked it Shelves: I probably wouldn't read this if I was of the mind that "homosexuality is a sin" or "a choice" unless you're looking to be more open minded or learn something.

Because it is a fact that same sex partnerships occur in nature for reasons more that "there weren't any opposite gender animals around.

Pdf animal biological diversity natural exuberance and homosexuality

Feb 15, Bruno Bitencourt rated it it was amazing. It's very informative and truthful. View 1 comment. I'm just re-reading the first pages in preparation for something I'm writing, but I'll go ahead and log this so that I can give this mind-blowing book the five stars it deserves.