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Free Tamil novels, Tamil PDF novels collection for download online. Here is a collection of scribd links to popular Tamil novels online, in PDF format, for your. Mysteries and sci-fi writings cater to those audience who are not really interested reading stories on family, love and relationships. Reading these thriller and. Go for Rajesh Kumar's Vivek - Vishnu Novels, where Vivek is a Crime Branch Inspector and Vishnu is his mischevious and witty Assistant. Some of them are: 1.

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Shelves: tamil-fiction. The first detective novel of sujatha that I read. I liked vasanth character and the way sujatha has used him in the story. A good page turner. Tamil Bookshelf is an open and voluntary initiative to collect and publish free electronic editions of ancient tamil [email protected] Thriller Novels. எனைக் கொய்யும் மலரிது (Tamil Edition). 17 March by Anna Sweety, அன்னா ஸ்வீட்டி.

Original Title. Anithaavin Kaathalkal Read more. My first encounter with Ganesh and Vasanth, though Vasanth is attractive with his wits, somewhere it doesn't appeal much with his menine characteristics. Robert Livingston also i dont know that. It takes guts to do this even today since it puts some readers off, and to have done this in brings out a big salute to Sujatha. View all 3 comments.

The Hound of Baskervilles, 6. The Return of Sherlock Holmes Short stories written in 7.

Pdf tamil detective novels

The Valley of Fear, 8. His Last Bow Short stories written in and 9. Anu Priya. Kizhakku Pathippagam. Jennifer Jenny.

Pdf novels tamil detective

Vijay Joti. Subbulakshmi Ramalingam. Umm Fahim Badriyah.

Sanobar Mohammed Yousuf. More From Kizhakku Pathippagam.

Popular in Literature. Jakob Lorber.

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Gottfried Mayerhofer. Simona Panaitescu. Ritesh Sahu. Timothie Spearman. Jaylen Gardner.

Pdf novels tamil detective

Ungur Adrian Lucian. Ron Porter. Jerry Pranio. Samuel Mohau Hlonyana. The Fundamentals: Volume 8, Chapter 6: Enter your username or email: Mysteries and sci-fi writings cater to those audience who are not really interested reading stories on family, love and relationships.

Reading these thriller and suspense stories keep our minds engaged in breaking the mystery and notching up our curiosity quotient. Sci-Fis present a new imaginary world of science and fiction, with hi-profile and interesting detailing on different scientific concepts and inventions.

Oru Mothiram Iru Kolaigal - Tamil Novel - Sherlock Holmes

Home Family Novels. Ramanichandran Kanchana Jayathilagar Uma Balakumar. Janakiraman UmaBalakumar. Slide 5 Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More.

Pdf novels tamil detective

Login Now. Pick Your Favourite. Karpanayao Arputhamo Download Now Read more.

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Ramani chandran Read more. Minnal Oru Thuli Read more. Kanavu Tholirchaalai Read more.

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