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Ujungpandang. Kendari. Manado. Palangkaraya. Samarinda. Palu. Pontianak. Ambon. Jayapura. Yogyakarta. Beng kulu. Surabaya. Banjarmasin. Banddung. BANGKA BELITUNG KALIMANTAN SELATAN KALIMANTAN BARAT JAWA TIMUR JAWA BARAT JAMBI GORONTALO DKI - JAKARTA DI YOGYAKARTA BALI. and Yogyakarta Provinces and through several mountain ranges such as Sumbing, .. Direktorat Geologi (): Peta Topografi Yogyakarta, skala

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The present Atlas of Yogyakarta City is part of a set of three practical instruments to . Source/Sumber: Topographycal Map/Peta Rupabumi Bakosurtanal. 2 Geological Engineering, Gadjah Mada University,Yogyakarta, Indonesia.(email : .. Peta Geologi Lembar Yogyakarta, Jawa (Yogyakarta. Quadrangle. - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

Accordingly, This research is aimed to assess groundwater in term of quantity and quality as alternative source for irrigation. UGM It takes 20 km from Purwokerto or 15 minutes drive. To reach this island, people have to crossing the island by using ferry from special port that ran by Indonesia Justice Department, which located in Sodong Port, Cilacap for about 5 minutes and it has to wait in Wijayapura ferry port in Cilacap. Figure Administratively, this waterfall is located in Banyumas, precisely in the south slope of Slamet Mountain.

Conclusion is focused mainly to the southern Bantul Regency where is 3. In October, the depletion from surface water was 5. The study area is covered Groundwater Estimation Committee GEC of India, day to supply in Srihardono; however its quality is quite good for irrigation. The Figure 2 provides the research plan which has been conducted for 10 months period. Hence, objectives h annual fluctuation [m] the best source of water for irrigation based on its quality, environmental demand.

Pdf peta yogyakarta

Furthermore, groundwater quality is good enough to be used for crop in the research area. Subsequently, this research provides objectives as follow: Additionally, the available deep wells can be drilled more with permissible Static groundwater quantity in the volume of water unit irrigation corresponding to crop water requirement Problem Formulation daily discharge below the available remains of groundwater resources.

Research Preparation stored underground in saturated zone. Likewise, thanks also go to Geological Engineering Department, Gadjah groundwater abstraction for irrigation based on safe Hypotheses Dynamic groundwater quantity Qd is the discharge of Mada University UGM and for it cooperation as host institution. Furthermore, a profound gratitude is expressed to Dr. Wahyu Wilopo and Dr. Referring Field Reconnaissance Heru Hendrayana for their invaluable advices, invariable encouragement and guidances.

Their patience and kindness will never be forgotten. Doni Prakasa Eka Putra for his direction and guidance especially during the field work. Expressed Anuraga, T.

Pdf peta yogyakarta

Estimating groundwater recharge using land use and soil data: A case study in South India. Peta Rupa Bumi Digital Indonesia skala 1: Republik Indonesia. Main Report: Bantul Regency.

Pdf peta yogyakarta

Applied Hydrogeology 4th ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. The aquifer is tend be deeper at the middle in depth of more product of aquifer thickness b and aquifer width L , Groundwater Resource Analysis Karnawati, D.

Geology of Yogyakarta, Java: The Dynamic Volcanic Arc City. The Geological Society of London. Water for agriculture: Irrigation Economics in International Prospective.

New York: Project Final Report: UGM Unpublished report. Results and Discussion system. Additionally, the water table is located close to the can be reformed: Rahardjo, W. Peta Geologi Lembar Yogyakarta, Jawa.

Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Geologi. Sharda, V. Estimation of groundwater recharge from water storage structures in a semi-arid climate of India.

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Thesis Writing Report Compilation land surface. L 4 Journal of Hydrology , , Todorovic, M. Crops Water Requirement. Valenzano, Bari, Italy: Download pdf.


Baturaden Waterfall This waterfall is located in Ketenger tourism village, 2 km from Baturaden tourism object. Local people recognize this waterfall as Curug Ceheng.

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Around this waterfall, there is bridge where we can enjoy the scenery over the Baturaden. Batureden waterfall is one of attractions in Baturaden tourism object. Administratively, this waterfall is located in Banyumas, precisely in the south slope of Slamet Mountain. To reach this location, we can go by using private vehicles or public transportation.

It takes 20 km from Purwokerto or 15 minutes drive.


This waterfall…. Pekalongan Pekalongan regency is one of Central Java regencies with the capital city of Kajen. This regency is bounded with Java Ocean and Pekalongan city in north, Batang regency in east, Banjarnegara in south, and Pemalang regency in west. The history of Pekalongan dated back to the early 12th century.


This island is administratively located in Cilacap regency and it becomes one of the outermost islands in Indonesia.