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Feb 20, Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book Free Tutorial & Guide. Samsung mother board Iphone Repair, Mobile Phone Repair, Smartphone. Mobile Repairing Books - An Ultimate Android Mobile Repairing PDF Book, Get tutorials, techniques, cell phone repairing training Tips. Absolutely Free!. Download course Mobile Phone Repair and Maintenance, free PDF ebook by Commonwealth of Learning on 49 pages.

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Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book - Looking for book on mobile phone repairing . Download this PDF book for free to learn mobile phone. REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OF MOBILE CELL PHONES - OAsis Home Mobile Phone Repair and Maintenance Page 2 Acknowledgements This course . Mobile-Phone-Repairing-PDF Best book of Mobile repairing book. Latest mobile repairing book. New good mobile repairing. Try to learn book.

Light Emitting Diode. But all Mobile Phones of any brand are repaired in more or less the same way. Plz give me mobile repairing tips in hindi all about….. And emergency call shows anytime How can i do.. I found many mobile phone which lower touch is not working properly as like as Micromax A and Micromax so just tell me is it the problem of touch or any other part while after changing touch it works proper. Shakir Hassan says: It loads current operating program in a Mobile Phone.

Types of mobile phones topic 2: Potential hazards associated with mobile phone repair topic 3: Parts of a conventional mobile phone topic 4: Mobile phone repair tools topic 5: Disassembling and assembling a mobile cell phone topic 6: Diagnosing and repairing mobile phone faults topic 7: Repair of common mobile phone faults.

Beginners Created: November 23, Size: Commonwealth of Learning Licence: Creative commons Downloads: To Clean Tip ofSolder.

An Ultimate Mobile Repairing Books & PDF Guide- Download Now

Soldering Ironwww. To Desolder Screwdriver Kit: PCB Track.

Identification of Card Level Parts. Fascia 2.

Mobile Phone Repairing Course

Back Facia Facia Back Facia www. LED www. Charging Connector Data Cable Connectorwww.

Books mobile pdf repairing

Battery Battery Connector www. SIM Card SIM Card Connector www. Memory Card Memory Card Connector www. Camera Camera Connector www.

Learn Cell Phone Repairing

Keypad Button Keypad Connector Display Display Connector www. Antenna PCB www. Identification of PCB1. Antenna Point: The point where anteena is connected is called anteena point.

Network Section: The section below anteena point and above power section is called network section.

Anteena Switch: It is found in the network section. It is made from metal and non-metal. It has 16 points or legs.

Repairing books pdf mobile

Identification of PCB4. In some mobile phones, the anteena switch is merged with PFO. It is present beside the antenna switch. Network IC: It is below or beside the anteena switch and PFO. Nokia , , , etc. Identification of PCB8.

Mobile Repairing Books PDF – Download Android, Cellphone PDF for Free

Power Section: This section is below the Network Section. Power IC: In some mobile phones there are 2 Power IC. In some sets there are 2 CPU. Flash IC: Identification of PCB Logic IC: Charging IC: Audio IC: Definition of Big Parts1.

Antenna Switch: It is found in the Network Section of a Mobile Phone and is made up of metal and non-metal.

Repairing books pdf mobile

It searches network and passes forward after tuning. If the Anteena Switch is faulty then there will be no network in the mobile phone. Md kajemuddin says: August 11, at 8: RodrigoX says: August 9, at 2: Arcwell says: August 8, at 2: Muhammad says: August 5, at Siraj says: July 30, at Wilson says: July 18, at 9: Rachit Desai says: July 18, at 4: July 16, at 5: Umasankar says: July 12, at 3: July 11, at July 12, at June 6, at 2: Stev says: June 2, at May 10, at 5: May 11, at 4: Saurabh Madhu says: June 25, at Kabila says: May 9, at 3: Imamuddin says: April 14, at 2: April 8, at Fatimah Hafer says: April 7, at 4: Rajesh Khanna says: April 6, at 5: March 17, at 5: March 18, at 3: March 10, at 7: January 13, at 4: January 8, at 3: Rahul says: January 7, at 5: January 6, at December 23, at 9: December 25, at Sacad says: December 14, at 7: George says: December 9, at 1: December 11, at 2: Adnan Wazir says: December 9, at 4: Vijay sharma says: December 7, at 5: December 9, at 3: December 5, at 4: Adetoyese Adebayo.

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