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More then words with Mnemonics Free Download with Mediafire Link Download Link for Pdf: Mnemonics:: sounds like abortion which is not normal delivery. 8. Abet: E+ tym(time) is the most imp word in everyone's dictionary so should be studied by. Full text of " Vocabulary Of Barrons With Mnemonic". See other formats. Wordlist 1 1. Abase: Meaning: lower; degrade; humiliate; make humble; make.

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PDF | Filiz Mergen and Simon Mumford look at the theory and practice of creating your own memory aids. L earning a foreign language is a. - Meaning of and a memory aid (called Mnemonic) to retain that meaning for long time in our memory. - Fun and easy way to build your vocabulary using Mnemonics, Pictures, Visual, Etymology, Usage, word games.

Confirm password: Tending to call up Mnemonic: Everyone wants a good home and hence good milieu environment Pulsar is a beautiful bike. A formal Expression of praise for someone who has died Mnemonic: Entfgoes for ant and ant are the insects

So it is outward force Roman army officer Mnemonic: CEREB is always connected to the brain So In foriegn countries, At colleges you find race diversity 3 Collate v. To avoid this scene, you will take some kind of security such as property, jewellery Collation is a light meal, often offered to guests when there is insufficient time for fuller entertainment.

It is often rendered cold collation in reference to the usual lack of hot or cooked food. The teacher holds up a stick in her hand and asks the student to come up and face the punishment he deserves.

Tom Plummet will help you remember the word. When you come to the air port, you need to behave with dignity. Like Composure 39 Composure n. He need all his composure to compose music. You will say "come and punch me" only if you are in deep regret of having done something wrong. If you convince someone about something, he admits it. Com - Center.. A conman is preparing it, in a concert disguised make up as a bartender. So a passage for ab electric circuit ,wire or water 71 Confidant n.

Flaving same kind of genes. If genes are same then the nature and tastes may match 81 Congenital Adj. Inherited through the genes. Word list 11 1. Meaning noun an occurrence combining miscellaneous things into a more or less rounded mass Mnemonics: The student demonstrated the congruence of the two triangles by using the hypotenuse-leg theorem 3. The measures are congruent with the changes in management policy.

Put your "jor" efforts to make someone come. Meaning help in doing sth wrong; the failure to stop sth wrong from happening Mnemonics: Sounds like "convenience". In Hindi Language Connoisseur sounds like kaun inse sure nahi hoga. Ye to expert hai. He is connoisseur.

When you live saath-saath together , you have kinship or a relation by birth. It refers to holiness when one dedicates his life to "god". Consider this. She has played with great consistency all season. We need to ensure the consistency of service to our customers She has the full support of her constituents.

You will get strained if you are forced to do something over and over again I have never seen anyone who makes as many stupid errors as you do; you must be a — - idiot Mnemonics: Only consume things which are complete Argumentive;quarrelsome;contravercial Mnemonics: Through conversations you can gain more knowledge and thus become conversant. In convocations colleges call all the students to get together.

Convoluted sounds similar to convalescent; and a convalescent home would require intricate and complicated medical care for its patients By copying in an exam, some get a LOT of marks One who eats too much crop is very fat.. She wished she could smooth away the wrinkles from his — brow Mnemonics:: COUNT the no. ALSO count the faces of depair seen in their expressions. A coward cowers from fear while the bold and the brave do not. CRAB is a peevish, bad tempered and is irritable in nature and it also tends to bite.

If you have the confidence in someone, you have belief in him. Cube is a small chamber so cubicle is a cube where u sleep or work sounds very close to word cousin If you PULL you take it; if you cull you reject it. Or cull So curTAIL is to shorten or to reduce. It sounds like DESK and a desk is similar to a raised platform which we use in a school or an office.

So daily you waste your time. The dead cant move are still and lock deadlock standstill resulting from the. You dont have enough money and the restaurant person is telling to "De Bill and Eat" means fist give bill and then eat. What will happen?? You will surely get weaken by Hunger HI! Word list Deciduous- being shed at the end of a period of growth 2. If u can remember the deciduous forest. Here the leaves fall with respect to season, so there is a seasonal variation and there are new leaves every season.

Decimate - destroy or kill a large part of a Deci [means 10] mate [in, chess mate means killing a king] so it sound like killing a king in every 10 people, so to kill a king u have to kill 10 persons. If u can assume, codes in the films are in decimals. And decoded using the same. So, declivity is the down slope of a hill..

Decollete' — having a low-cut neckline, low 9. Decoy — cheat, trick, lure, bait, snare, entice To destroy first u need to put the thing in danger DECRE decrease Deride, criticize, censure, and carp If you can see the deduci deduce part of the word, it originates from the word deduce, ie, to derive with the help of reasoning.

Deface — disfigure, mar When you forget to fill up the required parts the defalt settings are set. Defection — desertion, withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility When you go to a shop to buy something but you find that it is DEFECtive - you will surely desert it! Defection is seen in case of contagious infection. Everyone leaves the patient during that time.

Defect — shortcoming, fault Defer — delay; yield to another's wish or opinion Rhymes with prefer I prefer to defer the exam. Defeat reverence, in battles we give reverence to even those who we defeat, hence deference to all. Deference sounds like reference. If you have a reference for a letter of recommendation, then you usually respect that reference. Defiance - refusal to yield; resistance; V. Fiance - resembles fiancee, before marriage, fiancees generally resist or refuse to yield to our advances.

Defile — spoil, damage, pollute; make filthy or dirty; corrupt morally; profane; desecrate; N: If you de FILE a case against him you will tarnish his image. Definitive-most reliable; authorative and complete. Deflect — turn aside, turn away from the straight course Defoliate- destroy leaves; deprive of leaves by the use of chemicals Defray- bear the expenses of, provide for the payment of; undertake the payment of, pay Defrock — strip a priest or minister of church authority, unfrock The garment worn by priests is a frock like robe.

Deft — neat, skillful a Handicapped people like the deaf are sometimes skillful in other activities. Defunct — dead, no longer existing, having ceased to exist or live So something without a functioning is considered DEAD. Degenerate - worse in quality; deteriorate; a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior, deviant , deviate , pervert ,row worse, debauched , degraded , dissipated , dissolute , fast , libertine , profligate , riotous Degradation — humiliation, dishonour; Dehydrate — dry out, remove water from Deign — condescend, stoop, do something that one considers to be below one's dignity, descend DEIGN rhymes with dine.

Deans are people with very high posts in the organization and they can't condescend themselves as it's below their dignity. Reign, which shows high dignity, is the opposite of Deign, which shows low dignity.

Delete -- erases; strike out Can be related to delete. Harmful substances must be deleted to prevent danger. Deliberate - consider; ponder; discuss the pros and cons of an issue, consider , debate , moot , turn over a deliberate- u do things deleberatly,when u think u know it,ie wen u consider it to be known, after doing it, its the common thing, that our mind ponders upon the outcome.

Industries have to 'consider' seriously over the issue of liberating toxic products into environment. Delta - at plain of mud or sand between branches of a river Delude - deceive ;be false to; be dishonest with a very close to the word elude, and when you elude someone in a clever way ,you are actually deceiving them.

Dictionary pdf mnemonic

So when your wife is luring someone. She is actually deceiving you. Delusion- false belief; hallucination; deluding; a Sounds like illusion which is nothing but false belief b When you have a delusion, you usually have many illusions and therefore false beliefs and hallucinations.

Delve -dig; search deeply; investigate DigELVE Also DEMography-study of population wherein people are considered Demean - disgrace; humiliate; debase in dignity; a this word sounds like demon. Demise-- death a de-mise, de-mice to terminate all those mice. Give them death. Demotic — pertaining to the people a demo means relating to people like in a democracy. Denigrate -blacken; defame a Focus on the 'nigrate' part of this word and relate it to 'nigger' which means people who have black skin no racism plz Denizen — animal, person, or plant inhabitant or resident of particular place, regular visitor.

Denotation meaning; distinguishing by name; V. Denouement -final outcome; final development of the plot of a play or other literary work; the end of a story when everything is explained Depict -portray Deplore-Regret; express sorrow and severe disapproval for something bad a when i explored other countries, i deplored it.

INDIA is the best!!! Deploy-spread out troops in an extended though shallow battle line; distribute persons or forces systematically or strategically Deposition -testimony under oath; deposing; dethroning a deposition- testimony under oath. When someone takes a position or a side in a court of law, he has taken a deposition Depravity — extreme corruptions, wickedness, deprave, turpitudecorruption , degeneracy , depravation , putrefaction Deprecate — express disapproval of, protest, deplore, belittle a deprecate reiate this to depreciate Depredation -plundering; destruction a predation - relate it to the predator which plunders and then destroys.

Sounds like de arrange. On rang. Sounds very similar to ragg.. Ragging is considered a insane activity now a days. Derision — redicule, derisive Derivative — unoriginal, obtained from another source Derivation — deriving from another source.

Mathematical derivation Wordlist Read as: Word, Meaning, mnemonic. Derogatory Expressing a low opinion Tag: Hindi de rogue - you always will have a low opinion of rogues 2. Descry Catch sight of When you cry, people will notice you. Desecrate Profane, violate the sanctity of. Despise Look on with scorn, regard as worthless or distasteful.

Dictionary pdf mnemonic

No Spice!! Desultory Aimless De-result. Obviously a haphazard or desultory approach will result to nothing. Detached Emotionally removed Not attached!!! Irritating, discouraging Consider it as opposite of attraction I! A mental is harmful It is soft Doing and Acting are also part of teaching..

Easy one, I guess!! Talk at length.. Easy one, i presume!! Dirge - di means die, so when you die and have done good things for people in life, a song of grief or lament will be sung for you.

Avow is to declare or confess. Hence, Disavow - deny!! Easy one, i guess Easy one The word itself is confusing!!!! If ucan check the word Fit ,u can add a meaning ,by assuming, -if u are not fit disfit u are defeated and put to embarrasment.

Wisden is the official site that honours cricketers. Deprived of a civil right. His failure to pass the exam dishearted discouarge him 2. The capitalized says is he well dressed.. No, untidy.. This word is derived from the word "Genuine", which means true and real. Disingenuous is just the opposite of genuine. The Judge was not interested in the case, so he was not bothered about the outcome; he was disinterested and unprejudiced towards the case.

Shift one's position dismantle:: Dismember is to remove or cut-off. But how?? It can talk!!! Agarkar's spel was so bad that he was forced to stop his bowling disperse:: Hence disseminar could be understood as the scattering of people.

Imagine you are asked 2 write an essay on 'A dessert Station', dissident:: Chemistry, Salt dissipation. Dissolve into solution: Disintegrate bonds; Like water - loose Loose in morals too dissonance:: I am class first or got distinction! Someone who is not straight thinking is distracted and hence absent minded distraught: The old drums are inactive dolorous:: You can easily obliterate a 'Domicile' by a 'Missile' domineer:: Dominate don:: So your boss is here n he needs d file!

Full stop, i. Thus Dotage is old age, near to death! The drunken driver making nonsense in public droll: DIL SE song sounds sweet to the ear. Foolish people get amazed easily.. You can easily obliterate a 'Domicile' by a 'Missile' Dominate Thus Dotage is old age,near to death! The drunken driver making nonsense in public Burden M: Watch out for the word cumber and anything that is cumbersome is a burden. Anything that is dear to us either a thing or person, v show affection towards it When suml gives a speech, it audibility ends ende where the sound of speakers ends as the sound is passed through the mike mic to speaker.

So the speech is prevailed among a specific group of ppl or in a specific area. Think of the legal papers.. Everyl is due with sum good quality till his end End during: Jike if u throw a party at home and the most delicious dish lasts after the party too Or during the end days our are legends like Bhagat Singh, he survived the cruelty done by britishers though they tried their best to weaken him mentally and physically Well it itself says all 8 Enervate: When somel eats your energy as v say eat are head then your energy loses and u become weak or tired Same as above: When two genders end up together, there is a cause to produce children 13 Engross: From the word gross.

At the end when only one chance is left you try to give your best improving or increasing all your skills required. Enigma sounds like engine. Jike there is somel inside the engine Or Enigma sounds like engine.

Icoudln't find better 16 Enigmatic: Enmiy-a close connection with the word enemy and enemies have a feel of hatred and ill will for you. So u don't wish to do a thing wich causes boredom Enormity sounds like enormous which means huge Think of a rap music which pleases or captures your mind.

Ensconce sounds like the iskon temple Lord Krishna's temple where one can settle himself peacefully comfortably. Ensue sounds to sue suml and suml is sued becoz of the consequences or result of suml's wrong deed 24 Entail: Like we say hati nikal gaya elephant has gone and poonch reh gayi tail is left. Entity goes with the word identity so its like your own identity Entfgoes for ant and ant are the insects When u saw beautiful gals at the entrance u got carried away by emotions or spellbound.

Asking your frnd to give u a treat so u ask earnestly.. This word sounds like 'entry' which means entrance or a way in 33 Entrepreneur: Life is over.. To fight the enemy you need to be composed and temperamental, else he'll beat you. We are always alienated towards strangers 74 Ethereal: A formal Expression of praise for someone who has died Mnemonic: Mild expression in place of an unpleasant one Mnemonic: A feeling of great happiness Mnemonic: Mercy Killing Mnemonic: Vanishing Mnemonic: Impartial, Fair Mnemonic: Tending to call up Mnemonic: Make worse Mnemonic: Extremely Demanding, precise, accuracy Mnemonic: Demand and obtain by force Mnemonic: A passage selected from a larger work Mnemonic: Treasury, funds of a govt or institution or an individual Mnemonic: Clear from blame or guilt Mnemonic: Carry out a task Mnemonic: Explanation or critical interpretation Mnemonic: Not subject to duty,free from a duty Mnemonic: Strikingly strange or unusual Mnemonic: Exile Mnemonic: Payment or expense, or an amount spent Mnemonic: Explanatory,serving to explain Mnemonic: Protest Mnemonic: Explain Mnemonic: Make easier Mnemonic: Fallow of land plowed but not sowed to improve the quality ; uncultivated Mnemonics: Falsify make something written false by changing Falter hesitate; weaken in purpose or action; walk or move unsteadily through weakness; Mnemonics: Fanaticism excessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause; N.

Pdf mnemonic dictionary

English the words is synonym to zealot, zeal is praise so zealot is excessive praise or zeal. Eng Fanaticism is often zeal without knowledge or without a rational basis Fancied imagined; unreal Mnemonics: Fancier breeder or dealer of animals; one who has a special interest, as for raising specific plant or animal Mnemonics: Fancy things is something like we dont see very regularly in day to day life rather than in occasions i.

Rich and fancy people do everything on a whim or fancy because they have the money to afford it. Fanfare call by bugles or trumpets; showy display; spectacular public display Mnemonics: Fanfare - can be read as Fans invite their Heroes by conducting big Fair's Tag: Rhymes with fun-fair Farce broad comedy; mockery; humorous play full of silly things happening; ADJ.

English farce — face Think of the face of d clown Fashion give shape to; make; Ex. English It sounds like Phantom the comic hero. He was 6 feet tall. So, fathom is a unit of measurement equal to 6 feet. Fatuous smugly and unconsciously foolish; inane; silly; N.

Faze disconcert; dismay; embarrass Mnemonics: The face turns faze d when someone is humiliated.

Feature distinctive part of the faces as the eyes or mouth ; features: English febrile - feeble; the voice of a person becomes feeble when he has fever Fecundity fertility; fruitfulness; ADJ.

Feebleminded deficient in intelligence; very stupid synonyms: Faint The boxer was faked out by his opponent's feint. Fie then fainted because the blow he received was very strong. Relate it to the word feign which means to deceive Felicitous of a word or remark apt; suitably expressed; well chosen Mnemonics: Felicity happiness; appropriateness of a remark, choice, etc.

If one gets all facility s he must be very happy. Thus felicity may stand for happiness or some thing producing happiness Feline of a member of the cat family; N. Feral of an animal not domestic; wild Mnemonics: For Sake of memorizing let think it as beral means cat in bangla. Beral is domestic but feral is not Domestic.

Mnemonic Dictionary - Fun and easy way to build your vocabulary!

May be feral is some other creature like beral. Everyone fears non-domestic, wild animals Ferment agitation; commotionfnoisy and excited activity ; unrest of a political kind ; V. Ferret drive or hunt out of hiding; hunt with ferrets; drive out as from a hiding place ; expel; uncover or discover by searching; Ex. Ferret is also an animal that looks like a large rat. There was a ferret in my house so we hunted it out of its hiding place so as to kill it.

Ferret sounds like Fire Rat out of its hiding Fertile producing many young, fruits, or seeds; of land producing good crops; V. Fervid ardent; zealous; hot Mnemonics: His insult festered in my mind for days. Festive joyous; celebratory; relating to a feast or festival synonyms: SO your feets are tied with something like a chain and thus you restrained to go somewhere Romeo and Juliet; CF. Fiasco total failure; CF. Fiction Fidelity loyalty; accuracy Mnemonics: Fiend evil spirit; devil mnemonic- Tag: Figurative not literal but metaphorical; using a figure impression of speech 0 synonyms: Inna chota sa figure..

The robber filled his home with filched items. Filial pertaining to or befitting a son or daughter; Ex. Phil and Al can be names of children, therfore it is pertaining to a son or daughter - definition Filibuster block legislation or prevent action in a lawmaking body by making very slow long speeches; N; freebooter Mnemonics: English suppose that opposite of filigree is 3rd degree torture Finesse delicate skill; V: Finnish people are finesse in the winter Olympics.

Finicky too particular; fussy; difficult to please; too concerned with unimportant details or quality; Ex. Global finicky is derived from word fine. A finicky eater always needs fine details about the menu before placing an order in a restaurant. Finite limited Firebrand piece of burning wood; hothead; troublemaker; person who stirs up trouble Mnemonics: People who start fires are firebrand. I am fat and so trousers occasionally fit me fully. So its like sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Flaccid flabby; lacking firmness; weak; Ex. Flail beat with or as if with a flail; move wildly; thresh grain by hand; strike or slap; toss about; N: Flair talent Mnemonics: Tony Blair has no flair. English flay sounds very similar to play. His skin flayed when he fell down while playing cricket, fleck spot; mark with flecks; N: English l. A robber fleedfran away so fast that noone could see him 2. Flights are generally capricious when it comes to timimgs flinch hesitate; shrink back in fear of something unpleasant ; Ex.

She did not flinch in the face of danger. Such a person is flippant. So, flotsam means some thing that is floating specially some parts of a ship. When a batsman is given out by foul, the batsman shows his contempt to the umpire. When someone asks you to find something in an untidy cluster of things you get all confused 14 Fluted Adj. So its coarse food for cattle 17 Foible n. D 30 Forensic Adj. D 1 kno stupid but wil surely help!

His pockets were filled with jewels and money 54 Fray n. A fresh coat of paint 58 Fret v. When we litter food, we actually waste it. So 'fusillade' is discharge of bombs. WORD Meaning: WORD Meaning mnemonic: We find that most of theatre are from history, hence the name histrionic, theatrical.

A whore make so much money through prostitution that she has a hoard of cash, she has to make money earlier in her age as she cannot sell herself once she becomes old Hoary or Hairy white here. WORD Meaning mnemonic WORD Meaning English holocaust - cone, on caust - we read it as caustic Hone sounds like horn or cone, and both horn r cone is sharp.. So you concealed what you were doing: Picture Humming birds and mocking birds flying around small hills full of greenery.

Cheers to Olympic All wives are extravagant and spendthrifts where as all husbands spend sparingly, are frugal and save on the budget.

Husband deal with the money matters at home. This is a bit wierd. But something mnemonic is better than nothin! Its not easy to catch fish, so its catchy some difficulty to catch a fish: So, one who destroys idols into pieces is iconoclast.

Political idea: The phrase "to lose one's marbles" is an idiom. It implies that the person is crazy, not that its asking you to help find it for him. Suppose in a play, you have to choose between characters of frog and lion, you will be in a complicated situation.

Im Min Ent Min is Minute. So something which is going to happen this minute. Not mobile: This sounds like Omlette. When you make Omlette you sacrifice the chicken in it. It sounds like immature.. If you pierce then you will loose a lot of blood and will look pale: You cannot pass from the punishment Word: Not active Word: PAcca house is a;ways faultless when Compared to kutcha house Word: It is peculiar when someone travels Without money Word: In a stampede people always block the view Word impediment Meaning hindrance; stumbling-block Mnemonics: Impel sounds like Compel SO it is like compelling force.

Word impending Meaning: Cannot penetrate Word: Impenitent Meaning:: Word Meaning:: Mnemonic Word Meaning:: Mnemonic Word Meaning: Perception means detect or notice something. Person who is imperial is imperious.

When an imperial person talks to a tenant he will be rude and not talk relevant subject. A dog which is not PET will be violent and rash. Not pious: Not possible; It is unlikely that anything is Impossible. He is implicated in the scheme to defraud the Government. It is the opposite of explode Word: It is similar to importunate Word: If you are not having a proper posture then you are having a false identity Word dmpotent Meaning: You will have to improve every moment so you are impromptu Word imprudent Meaning: Why to invest in Icici Prudential?

To secure and make life stable. NOT articulate Word inaugurate Meaning: Incentives are given to motivate Word inception Meaning: Sounds like reception which is beginning Word incessant Meaning: Cognitive means to know thus incognito means to hide Corpse- dead body. IN school, teachers inculcate teach the students how to calculate different numbers. So you are angry at an injustice. I suffered the indignity of having to say that in front of them. Parents who Indulge in issues of there children and are very Gentle.

So they lean to the wishes of there children. So, a person will be lucky or unlucky in his work on a particular day as per his luck-table, he can't escape from it, it's unavoidable. It's a violation, but not a crime hence infraction Wordlist 26 Basic rule: Encroach , Violate Mnemonics: Fridge full of cockroaches. Cockroach sounds like encroach. Thus the meaning.

Meaning Clever , Resourceful Mnemonics: Genious is always clever and resourceful. Deeply established , Firmly rooted Mnemonics: Gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts Mnemonics: Ingratiate, take the word as intake of gratitude.

Dictionary pdf mnemonic

Matchless , not able to be imitated. An indirect and usually malicious implication Mnemonics: Thus the meaning.. Salu This derivative is normally associated with heath.. Not easily satisfied, unquenchable Mnemonics: She was insensible to shame. Start , provoke Mnemonics: Insulator is a substance Ablity to attain great heights..

Insurgents are those people who are rebellious. Thus the word insurrection is an attempt made by a rebellious mob to overtake the government. Incapable of being perceived by the senses especially the sense of touch.

Opposite of integration, is disintegration. When u disintegrate things.. So integrate is to complete something. So integrity is wholeness.. When you complete things truly.. Intellectual persons are high skilled persons So , an intellect is one who posses higher mental skills.

So interpolers are intruders. Characterized by bloodshed and carnage for both sides "internecine war". Mutually destructive, bloodshed. The time between two reigns, governments, etc. The skull of our head is usually hard. Eventually it is weak. Meaning denounce Mnemonics: Meaningdead astray, wheedle.

SO something that is concealed by a veil. Outward appearances are sometimes deceptive. In this word, we have a root ie.. This itself gives an idea of the meaning 2. Read vin as win. Voc related to vocal ie speaking so take it as calling 6. Hindi ATTA flour has very small grains 9. IRATE rhymes with "eye red". When does your eye become red? English in-controvertible; here relate controvertible with controversy thus something which cannot have any controversy is in-controvertible and thus is indisputable IR not knowing Narrow way leading to mass bodies Hindi chapper chapper bolna That leopard has put my life at risk.

Jingo sounds like Tango Charlie The suffix OSE indicates this is an Adjective, therefore pertaining to jokes JOSH, in that movie the scorpion and eagle gang kept on bumping each other 43jovial:: English At the festival, the crowd at Jagannath temple in India is juggernaut.

Actually this word came into use from the British rule. On the day of festival a british officer saw the crowd and mispronounced Jagannath as juggernaut. English ken sounds like "can" v: A combination of these is: In an army the colonel has an importance of being the central authority.

Then you will have to mix the dough KNO Know the Hill Generally in maths we use l,2,3,4, So statement is "There are so many n wires in the LAB which leads to complexion.


LAck of pieTY piety refers to church or religion; clergy hence person not connected with clergy 3 Lambaste v. Lustful lascivious lasci -lust vious -full so --lustful 16 Lassitude n.

Potential but undeveloped; dormant; hidden regroup the words and spell it as talent. Whereas some people HIDE their talent.. Coming from the side 19 Latitude n. Liberal; wasteful lavishf read it as love in love boy spends money generously sO generous in spending money 22 Lax Adj. Suspicious; cautious rhymes with Wary so when u r leery u r wary. Lustful 39 Lexicographer n. Child is liaison between both. Lustful focus on Like wood recall what we all learned in school Extremely small lilliputian is a also a brand of clothes for small childrens.

Clear limpid.. Pertaining to language 60 Lionize v. Lacking in spirit or energy 1 lost my list of universities to apply. Flexible; supple remember Blithefcareless, light hearted, flexible So having a low thought of someone else implies hate or detest 71 Lode N, metal-bearing vein remember the game: Very high 73 Log n.

So he has nothing to do ,so he is lounging about, lazily 76 Longevity n. Low Sound made by cattle Mnemonics: U will have calm when u die. The bear lumbered through the woods; N: English Indian bike remember luna the bike in india English lurid - horrid ; horrid , horrifying..

English sounds like hindi word makbara Marinating chicken or paneer in spices and masala to make them tender.

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