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Get all the definitions you need to know to be fluent in marketing speak. So instead of throwing hundreds of terms at you from all those other. I have even put together the digital marketing terminology PDF version for you to download! So, let's have a broad look at the essential digital. Digital Marketing Glossary of Basic Terms & Concepts. A/B Testing. Testing done to compare two variations of something against a variable. Often done to test.

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1. GLOSSARY OF MARKETING DEFINITIONS. Sponsored by IFLA Section on Management and Marketing. Updated and Corrected Version January slew of terms that explain different strategies, best practices, assets and metrics. Fear not! we have built the ultimate inbound marketing glossary, which covers . Glossary of marketing terms. Aggregation. The collection of information from a variety of sources that is then brought together in one place. Consumer.

August 25th, at 7: This can be utilized for identifying users looking for broad topics on social media. Keyword Density — The percentage a keyword appears on a page in comparison to the rest of the text. Worth a mention? Google My Business is vital to local SEO campaigns, as this is directly compared to location-based searches. User Generated Content UGC — When users create content on your website either by submitting a comment, creating a forum topic, uploading a video and so forth.

A medium indicated in Google Analytics that represents a website visit that came from another website.

Glossary pdf marketing

A method by which a web browser takes a user from one page to another page without the user clicking. There are several types of redirects the most common of which is the redirect , which assist different purposes. Typically, it helps to enhance the user experience across a website.

These types of links are sometimes considered manipulative by search engines, which can acquire a penalty against both websites. It is a rating of Google AdWords which is calculated by the relevance and quality of keywords utilized in the PPC campaigns.

These scores are determined mainly by the relevance of ad copy, expected click-through rate, landing page quality. Quality score is an element in planning ad auctions, so having a high score can lead to more top ad rankings at lower costs. It is an infraction issued by Google. The issues that caused the penalty will want to be fixed before the penalty is lifted.

Once the penalty is lifted, it might still take some time to return to the previous rank in Google search results. It is a source of traffic to a website that comes by clicking on a non-paid search engine result. Organic traffic is the primary measurement of an SEO campaign and converts as a site ranks better for keywords, or ranks for more keywords in search engines.

One of the meta tags that describe the web page in characters. The meta description is an essential aspect of a web page because it is what looks in Google searches and other search engines results.

Search engines utilize metadata to help determine what information from a webpage to display in their results. The section of Google search results pages emphasizing three businesses listed in a local map section.

This audience is generated from a source audience, and from this list, Facebook will identify common characteristics among the number of audience members.

Facebook will then target users that expose similar qualities or interests. It helps search engines serve up results to queries with higher precision. Google rewards websites which include relevant LSI keywords with higher rankings and more traffic. Search engines may now penalize or ignore such keyword-stuffed pages, save for extremely difficult or lengthy keyword phrases.

Keyword density points to the percentage of how often a keyword seems on a webpage content with the total words on that webpage. The Index refers to all of the pages in a website that Google has crawled and stored to be displayed to Google searchers. When utilized as a verb, it relates to the act of Google copying a web page into their system. A word or phrase indicative of the main theme in a piece of content.

When you are searching in a search engine, you typed in a keyword, and the search engine provides you results based on that keyword.

Glossary pdf marketing

One primary Goal of SEO is to have your website show in searches for as multiple keywords as possible. A hyperlink is an HTML code that creates a link from one webpage to another web page, often characterized by a highlighted word that takes you to the specified location when you click on that link.

It is a code in the HTML of a website that reveals search engines like Google which spoken language a web page is practicing. These are particularly useful for sites that have versions of pages in various languages, as they help Google understand which web pages are relevant and which should be shown to specific audiences.

It is a secured version of HTTP, which is utilized to define how data is formatted and transmitted over the web. It is the protocol utilized by globally to define how data is formatted and transmitted. When you visit a website into your web browser and press enter, this sends an HTTP command to a web server, which instructs the web server to fetch and transmit the data for that website to your browser.

A Heatmap is a graphical representation of how the users interact with your website. Heat mapping software is utilized to track where the users click on a web page, how they scroll. Heatmaps are used to gather user behavior data to help in designing and optimizing a website.

On a website, a specific code is located in the universal header section so that it can be accessible over all pages of the site. Typically in the header code, you will find things like Schema Markup, AdWords Code, Analytics Code, and other tools utilized for tracking data over a website. Adding hashtags to a post enables users to find that post when searching for that topic. This can be utilized for identifying users looking for broad topics on social media.

It is an automated piece of software that scans websites. Google search Console aka webmaster tool is a free tool offered by Google for webmasters. Within the tool are different areas that cover data on how a website is performing in search. Google My Business is a free tool for businesses and organizations to handle their online presence on Google, including Search and Maps.

By verifying and updating your business information, you can both help clients to get you and explain them the story of your business. Google My Business is vital to local SEO campaigns, as this is directly compared to location-based searches. AdWords is an online advertising There are normally four available ad slots at the top of a search result page, so for the best results, advertisers typically want an average position between A shortened piece of information that Google draws from a website and places right into search results, to show quick answers to common queries.

Featured snippets seem in a block at the top of search results with a link to the source. It is a metric in paid advertising platforms that calculates how much money is spent to get a new lead or customer. It can be measured by dividing the total spend by the number of conversions, for a given period. Keyword Proximity points to the distance between two words or phrases, or how close keywords are to each other within a body of text.

The rate at which visitants to a website make the predefined goal. It is measured by dividing the number of goal achievements by the total number of visitants. It is a series of advertising messages that share a theme, and sell a service or product. Within the context of digital marketing, campaigns can be driven by a search including display network advertising platforms, email, social media, or any other online platforms.

However, Google uses a bot to crawl websites so that they can be ranked and added to Google search. It is a metric in Google Adwords that assists advertisers to know where, on average, their ads are showing in Google search results pages. There are frequently four ad slots available at the top of a search result page, so for the best results, advertisers typically require an average position between A blog is a web page or a website that is continuously updated with new written content.

Blogs are an essential section of a site in digital marketing, as they give fresh new content on a consistent basis which can assist to attract new visitants, retain existing visitants, and give authority signals to Google. Hyperlocal advertising is an efficient method to achieve this goal. Hyperlocal means an area close to home—the people within walking or driving distance to a specific destination or those associated with one identifiable community.

Anchor text is a clickable text in a hyperlink. Getting your anchor texts directly improves the possibility of someone clicking on your link. The SEO best practices deliver that anchor text is related to the web page you are linking to, rather than generic text.

An attribute added to HTML code for images utilized to give vision impaired website visitants with information about the contents of a picture. Best practice delivers that all images on a website need to have alt text and that the should be representative of the image. Search engines group search results not only by specific keyword matches but also by changes of keywords in semantic groups, such as singular-plural, relevant suffixes and synonyms.

Glossary pdf marketing

Search engines view these similar keywords as synonyms. A hard bounce may happen because the domain name does not exist or because the recipient is unknown, is misspelled, or is blocked.

The email marketers will already be well aware of this marketing term. Hence, these are the most valuable digital marketing terms and definitions.

Shared Hosting — Website hosting that is shared with other websites. The servers resources are shared equally between the users which is fine for smaller sites. Site Audit — Conducting a full review or analysis of a site to meet a variety of goals. Such as ensuring a smooth user experience by checking for broken links or an indepth SEO audit to identify onsite SEO problems.

Site Speed — How fast a website loads — the faster it loads the better!

Sitelinks — A list of links to related inner page that appear underneath specific results on search engine results page. Sitemap — A page that links to all other pages on the site allowing spiders to easily find all of the pages on your website. Please also see XML Sitemap. Social Bookmark — A type of backlink that is usually created when a user publicly bookmarks your site with a service like Reddit.

Social Media — A website or application that is used for social reasons such as Facebook. Social Share — When a user shares your webpage on social media.

Spider — A bot or piece of software that is used to crawl the internet and index data. Split Testing — When you test different versions of web pages to see which performs better. This is usually measured in return on investment, conversion rate and click through rate. You can split test headlines, images or entire layouts and designs. Subscriber — When a user subscribes to your site either through an email subscription, RSS subscription or by following you on social media.

TED — A global business conference that invites business leaders with a huge range of backgrounds to deliver inspiring talks. Tiered Link Building — A backlink structure that takes the form of the Pyramid with your website at the peak. For example your website may have links pointing to it tier 1. Each of those , may have links pointing at them tier 2. And each of those , may have links pointing at them tier 3 creating a pyramid structure. Traffic Driving — Marketing activity with the goal of increasing traffic to a website.

Traffic Generation — Marketing activity with the goal of increasing traffic to a website. Upsell — Part of a sales funnel when a user has bought a product. You try to up sell them to buy something with a higher price tag. Usability — How usable a webpage is often improving its design to make it easier to use and increase conversion rates. User Generated Content UGC — When users create content on your website either by submitting a comment, creating a forum topic, uploading a video and so forth.

YouTube is a great example of a UGC site. These products are usually low quality and make false claims, avoid.

Web 2. The second generation of the web. Webmaster Tools — Usually meaning Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools you can get additional information about your websites status in the search engines. Wiki — A website that takes advantage of user generated content and collaborative editing.

WordPress — A popular content management system. I use WordPress to power this blog. Awesome list Matthew. Top quality as usual. Worth a mention?

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75 Must Know Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms [] [PDF]

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Glossary pdf marketing

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The Ultimate Digital Marketing & SEO Glossary

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