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Nov 10, Full Thrust is a tabletop sci-fi ship-to-ship battle game. GZG has even been giving away the *.pdf files for free (pfft, as if neckbeards ever BUY. Original Full Thrust designed and written by: Jon Tuffley. Cross Dimensions developed by: Hugh Fisher. Thanks to the Emerald Coast Skunkworks crew, Clint . I am a long time BFG player and I am itching to get into this game. I am reading FT Remixed and have the colour pDF of the light rules. I plan on.

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turns because it is closing time -- with FULL THRUST you can orbit sensors detected emergence diffusion effects charac- hammer the Enemy (maybe even. Full Thrust - Fleet Book 1 · Full Thrust - Fleet Book 2 The More Thrust rulebook supplement is PDF. Full Thrust Boxed Starter Game · Full Thrust Boxed Starter. The Second Edition of FULL THRUST was followed by MORE. THRUST, a supplement of new ideas that did not change the original core rules. A few years later.

As the ship gets larger, its classification could change. In addition to the Spring Special Deals listed above, we have a new pack choice for the Full Thrust starship miniatures as a regular catalogue item:. Simply order your intro pack, download the FREE rules and get blasting your opponent! Ground Zero Games also publish the following wargames set in the same optional background universe:. Jump to:

The mathfags will point out that the point-buy system can be abused horribly by min-maxing your fleet into something monstrous.

Ground Zero Games

What it may sacrifice in realism it gains in dropping the need for a spreadsheet for each ship. Sure, you can abuse the ship design rules but if you do that you're a dick and you're not playing the game properly - its a game of toy spaceships, not Kasparov vs.

Deeper Blue! You get continuous and pulse beam weapons, missiles, fighters, power management, and you can field dozens of ships to a side without more than an index card for each craft. The game's history unrolls from , describing confederations of nations on Earth, and inter-faction fighting turning the world into a shitstorm.

Jump to: This article is a skub. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it. Retrieved from " https: Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Man, I guess I wasn't 'with it' that weekend!

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Had a good time, though! I'm a little surprised that GZG is supplying the minis. Perhaps they'll be easier and cheaper to get stateside!

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I'd love to but, realistically, at present miniatures production is occupying all my work time; one day in the future I might get them done, but it's going to be a long way off.

The hardcopies of my own rules have long since sold out, but I keep them available as free PDF downloads via the website for anyone who wants them - it's nice to see that they are still popular even with so much new competition around. Seeing GZG products used on the table with all sorts of different game systems is great, because it means people are buying the minis because they like them for themselves rather than because they are the "official" range for that game.

Ryan Manes. I don't know if anyone is actively working on it.

3rd edition. | Full Thrust | BoardGameGeek

You might be interested in Full Thrust Cross Dimensions. Scott Clinton.

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Bill Stec. Just as a FYI, there is a new ruleset coming out shortly.

Thrust pdf full