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A course for Business Studies and Economics students. English for. Business Studies A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN 0 X Student's Book. ISBN 0 .. A manual work. 2 to serve. Ce document au format PDF a été généré par Canon /, et a été . to the exercises in the English for Business Studies Teacher's Book. English for Business Studies Student's Book by Ian Mackenzie, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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English for Business Studies Student's book: A Course for Business Studies and Economics DOWNLOAD PDF Law for Business Studies Students 3rd edn. English for Business Studies - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. A course book for Business Studies and Economics Students. Download Download English for Business Studies Student's Book: A Course for Business Studies and Economics Students (Cambridge.

I have travelled extensively during my last three summer vacations. TheoryX andTheoryY The statementson the previouspage can be separatedinto two groups reflectingtwo very different ways in which employerscan treat their employees. Telephone English: Close X. I've been forced to appoint two women whom I know are apprentices. Expectquestions you havefaced,problemsyou havesolved, aboutdifficultsituations erc. Essential English for Medical Students.

What makesa goodmanager? Who saysthe things about managersin the table below - Carlo the first speaker or Olga the second? What makesa good manager? What do you think are the three most important characteristicsof a good manager? Are there any qualitiesor characteristicsyou would add to the ones mentionedby the MBA students? ManagemeniUnit I 11 Reading: What is management?

Readthe text summarizingthe differentfunctionsof management. Whichof the qualitiesmentionedin the Listeningexercisedo you think are particularlynecessaryfor the five tasksdescribedby PeterDrucker? Usethe word combinationsin the box to completethe sentencesbelow deal with crises allocate resources setobjectives measureperformance , it hasto make has 1 Afteran organization them. Selectinga ChiefOperatingOfficer Threecompaniesare looking for a senior manager- a ChiefOperatingOfficerwho will be responsiblefor managingthe company'sday-to-dayoperations,and making sure that all operationsare efficientand effective.

ComPanYAis acigarette manufacturer that has to modernize its Production systemsin order to become Profitable, in an industry that has an increasinglYbad CompanyB is a softwaredeveloper thatemploysa Iot of young,creative, talentedand rather undisciplined people.

English for Business Studies Student's book: A Course for Business Studies and Economics Students

C ompanY C i saP ni vate televisionchannel whose obiectiveis to bnoadcastProgrammes that get as big an audienceas Possible, in ondento maximize advertisingnevenue. Here are some extractsfrom their letters. CandidateI MJ skills involve helping businesses achieve their objectives. Throughout my career I have ensured that my suboJdinates successfully executed the strategies developed by senior management, delivered results and maximized revenue. Candidate2 I see my main skills as being abie to communicate with and motrvate people, to help them develop and accomplish their objectives, while also working effectively in teams.

Candidate3 At this stagein my career,I see myserfin a challenging new position that involvessettingobjectivesand decidinghow the organizationcan achievethem. I would then concentrateon measuringthe per-formance of the staff. Candidate4 M y career demonstrates a n a b ilit y t o a n a ly s e problems, find solution s a n d imp le me n t t h e m.

English for business studies 3rd edition - Fichier PDF

Writing lmagineyou work for a recruitmentagencyor a headhuntingfirm. Classify I l I l I l I I I I I I perks salary, bonuses, commission, goodremuneration withyourline goodworkingrelations andcolleagues manager alarge,light,quiet goodworkingconditions office;efficientsecretaries job securiiy of Promotion the possibility job a challenging responsibiliiy contactwithPeoPle does a beliefin whatthe organization you a difference job make can in which a class!

Attitudesto work Which of the following statementsdo you agree with? TheoryX andTheoryY The statementson the previouspage can be separatedinto two groups reflectingtwo very different ways in which employerscan treat their employees. Readthe text below and classifythe statementsaccordingto which theory they support.

C,',;t' ;' Safety needs Security, plotection, stability, etc. Comprehension Physiologiaal neeil. Readthe text againand answerthesequestions. What would you do to try to motivate subordinateswho did not want to take responsibilitiesat work, and who had uninteresting,repetitivejobs?

Readthe text and find out why. Fat ln The! As Herxhergput! L u Comprehension Are these sentencestrue or false? Would you stay in a job for the reasonKrishnasuggests? Out-of-workactivitiesffi Listento JanineGeorge,anotherMBA studentat cambridge,talking about motivation,and answerthesequestions. Whatdoesshemeanby thisandwhydo youthinksheapologizes for usingthisexpression?

Janine George lfrom South Africa l: A car manufacturer The New Yorker Theseniormanagersof a car manufacturersensean increasinglevelof dissatisfactionamong most of the different categoriesof staff.

The companyhas the following groups of employees,with different benefits: They have to decide whether any of the following suggestionswould be appropriatefor different groups of employees: Writing Write an email of no more than words to the CEO,outlining and justifying your choice of improved benefits.

Whichdepartment-production, sales,human marketing, accounting, finance, to workin? Whatreasons getintoconflict witheachother? Dovouoreferto workaloneor in a team? Wikinomicsand the future of companies. Howistheworldof organized workchanging? Ltetire cc: Companystructure Readthe text below. A disadvantageof fur: For example,a product manager lviih an i. Comprehension 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 of a chainof command? Whatisthe mainadvantage in a singlehierarchy?

Whatfactorsmightleadcompanies decision making?

Business studies students book pdf english for

Vocabulary Matchup the verbsand nounsbelowto makecommonword combinations. Incompatible goals The text mentionsthe often incompatiblegoals of the finance,marketing and production or operations departments.

Classifythe following strategies accordingto which departmentwould probablyfavour them. Big and small companiesflC Listento three MBA studentsat the Judge Businessschool talking about different-sizedcompanies,and answer the questions.

Big and smallcompanies ' How far do you share Krishnaand Olga'spoints of view, and agree with Carlo's advice? Do the following statementsrefer to the advantagesof working in a big or a smallcompany?

Presentation Write notes for a short presentationon your companyor a companyyou woltld like to work for. You should mention: Then give a short presentationto the class. Whataretheadvantages anddisadvantages of a multinational adapting itsmanagement company methods to the localculturein eachcountryin whichit operates?

Business english pdf for book studies students

Towhatextentisthe cultureof yourcountrysimilarenoughto those to havethesamemanagement techniques? I, qttu ui Sotil40Ltwt listening 1: In your country,what'gainsrespectwithin an organization,long serviceor achievernent?

Cana young,dynamic,aggressivemanagerwith an MBA rise quickly in the hierarchy? Managingacrosscultures communication RichardLewisis well known in the field of cross-cultural and the author ol When CulturesCollide: Globol Trendsin the 21st Century. Readabout his model of three types of cultures,and answerthe questions.

They are essentiallyindividualist. They believein socialor companyhierarchy,and respeetstatus. They iry ta avoid ccnfrcntation.

They rarelyinterruptspeakersand r: They try to formuiate approacheswhich suit both parties. Comprehension to be awareof localcultures?

Managingacrosscultures 1 Towhatextentdo youagreethat it is possible to sumup nationalcharacteristics in a fewwords? Or,on the conlrary, do youfindsuchstereotyping dangerous? Particularist or universa ilst? Youand your influences write a short text 1o Fl50 words explainingwhich five ol the factors listed below you think have had the most influenceon your behaviourand attitudes.

Students studies english pdf book for business

Put them in order of priority. Yourfamilyenvironment in earlylife.

English for Business Studies Student's Book : A Course for Business Studies and Economics Students

Yourfriendsandsociallife,thethingsyoudo in your freetime 28 Unit 4 Managtng across cultures. Primary or secondary school, teachers, andwhat you learnt. Thecultureof yourparticular company. Thecharacteristics typical thatareconsidered geography, climate, from your arising country, of and economic soctal religion, the political, history, andso on svstem. Thenin groups,report on your choicesand explainthem' tistening 2: Managersand culturaldiversityffi what would happenif the world becametruly globalized,and everyone travelled,or worked with people from different cultures?

Carlo de Stefanis lfrom ltaly Roleplay: WelcomingAmericancolleagues You Youwork in a multinationalorganization. You have been askedto help them settle in to their new workplace by preparinga short documentoutliningthe general practicesthey can expect to find when they are living and working in your country' The documentcould includeinformation about working practicesin your office,as well as practicalinformationabout your city or country,includingadviceabout transport, and conventionssuchas tipping in taxis and restaurants.

In groupsdiscusswhat shouldgo in this documentand then presentthese ideasto the rest of the class. Howlongdo youthinkrecruiters in a Human Resources department spendlooking at the average CVor resume for a juniorposition?

Howmanytimesdo youexpectto applyfor a new position duringyourcareer? Howmanytimesdo jobs? Whatdoesthiscartoonsayaboutthe recruitment process? Completethe chart oppositewith the letters A Resumeused to be spelied the Frenchway, with accentson the letter e resum6l,but it is now often spelled without them. The word has tfuee syilabies and the finat e is pronounced: Job applications When applyingfor your first job as a businessgraduate,you are probably only one of many applicants,most of whom will havesimilarexperienceand qualificationsto your own.

How can you get your name onto the shortlist for interviewswhen applying for a job? What can you do to impressthe organizationwhich is hiring staff? S iro r M a d a m , Dear I amwritinglo erpress myinfaresi in applying for the posilion of Community Fundraiser adverlissd in fheMorning Herald onl3!

English for Business Studies

I anrlooking for a challenging posifion entry-level thafallours melo conlribule myskills andexperience lo fundraising for a charity. I ptaufor the universitu basketbatt team. Wehave wonthe national universitg championship for the past twogears. I aw writLvg to apress wy Lwerestiw the pasLti. LtI cauldsh.

I did att mg schooling in English, but I speakand writefluent Frenchond Russion. I conatsoreodltali. July 2OO9,? I have travelled extensively during my last three summer vacations.

I bolievemy variad ealaeexperianeaand my Oachelor'sdagraein Ouoinees Administrationara an oxcallantmatch to tha qualifcationt lou ara seeKing. As you can seafrom the aneloaedresumo,I havesold a varietyof productain part-timojobs during ny eludiesand hava worKadin uloe dapartmanlsduring two intarnehippoailions.

Thit oxporionco. I am anthusiasticabout Pursuing a caraar in sales with [compan'1name] bacausoof your variodproduct line and internationaldistribution notworK- Recruitment Manageuoen! I am resultsorientated, a for professional opportunities and haveexcellentproject anda teamplayer.

I'ma goodcommunicator, self-starter peoplemanagement andnegotiation skills. I canalso interpersonal, management, ambitious, adaptable and creative, competitive, I am committed, workunsupervised.

I stayed on to do a post-graduatedegree in finance -'-andba-nking,and was encouragedto extend my Master's dissertationinto a doctorate,which I have done in the past ten months. I expectto be awardedmy PhD in six weeks' time. European photos;USresumes do not. BritishCVsinclude personal etc. LayyourCVout neatly. Getsomeone h Il til-. It's a headhunter who's been after me for weeks. Curricu[um Vitae: Ftuent in Spanish andEngl.

Thefottowing andphonenumbers andaddresses or emailaddresses of two people] [names 34 Unit 5 Recruitment Management ,, Noteson coveringletters.

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Thecovering whyyouwantthejob. How different would a coveringletter be in your language? Would it be more modest, or more assertivein listing your talents? Having read the job description, I believe that my academic record and interpersonal skills make me a strong candidate for the position.

My experience of studying in language and working in University of country have taught me how to live and work in different environments, and given me some experience of intercultural communication and working with diverse teams.

I am fluent in - and English. I am available for an interview from you.

Do you think mostpeoplearecompletely honest? Why might an employerwant to know about your hobbiesand interests?

Woufd you want to work for someonewho might be prejudicedagainstyour country of origin or religion? Would you target each coveringletter if you were applyingto 30 companies? Listening 1: Listento him talking about how to behaveat a job interview,and answer the questions. Confirmingfirst impressions rc Listento John Antonakistalking about the psychologyof job interviewers,and answer the questions. Employment Law for Business Students.

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