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Dragon Age Game Master's Kit - A Bann Too Many v - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. User summary: PDF edition includes four files: Screen art (3 pp.) Screen tables (3 pp.) Reference cards (10 pp.) "Buried Pasts" adventure (36 pp.). Dragon Age Game Master's Kit (PDF Version) [RPG Item Version Link]. From the included book: The Game Master's Kit is here to make your job as a Dragon.

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The Game Master's Kit is a key accessory for your Dragon Age RPG campaign. The Game Master’s Kit is the perfect complement to the Dragon Age Core Rulebook and will help you run your game with style. The Green Ronin Online Store, like most sites, uses cookies. Dragon Age Game Master's Kit, RevisedAuthors: Chris Pramas and Dave The Game Master's Kit is a key accessory for your Dragon Age RPG campaign. and here is a PDF of the corrected spellcasting section of this Game Master's screen. Like all games, Dragon Age has rules, and those rules sometimes require some interpretation to determine an exact outcome during play. It is the Game Master's .

Its entirely possible that canny players asking the age-old question Who benefits? Each group of four outlaws comprises two archers with long bows and two with short bows. They dont expect to find any survivors. This encounter is a good place to introduce either rumors ofor the fact ofthe Competition subplot. Even assuming that the PCs are not observed in the act of murder, the main road is patrolled daily, and the bodies are likely to be found eventually. See the oPtionAl subPlots section for more information about this unpleasant man. To make matters worse, answers are not guaranteed to be truthful.

Its shortsighted, but its what he wants nonetheless. Ansel wants to convince the PCs to take up his cause and argue it before Bann Trumhall, in hopes that the bann will step in and nullify the deal. Although doing such a thing is not technically within a banns powerin Ferelden, a banns authority ends with the protection of the local freeholdersAnsel feels that the banns moral standing as a community leader will give Trewin no choice but to annul the relationship.

If you use this subplot, you can play Ansel anywhere on the range from devious but ineffective to cunning and malicious. He might be an annoying fount of misinformation, or a dangerous saboteur who blackmails the PCs into testifying about Trewins bad judgment before the bann. The only place Ansel stops short is in causing outright physical harm to any of the Logerswolders.

As embittered and distasteful as he is, he wont stoop to trying to hire the adventurers to murder Trewin, for example. Charged with the Task PArt 1 begins with the PCs on the road, having just entered the Ruswold Valley and thus finally nearing their destination. They are spied on while they camp and likely encounter a trio of men-at-arms once in the employ of Valdur Krole, now embittered and at loose ends. One of them imagines some slight and challenges a PC to a duel.

The next day, as the adventurers approach Logerswold, theyre met by a patrol of Bann Trumhalls men. These men tell them about the local situation while they ride together to Trumhalls encampment. Finally, the PCs come before the bann, who charges them with the task of finding and rooting out Gore-hands outlaws.

The Ruswold Valley The Ruswold Valley, also know more simply as the Ruswold, is good farmland in the west and deep forest in the east. The edge of Brecilian Forest crosses the valley from north to south. The Ruswold is crossed by a well-maintained and wellpatrolled main road that brings good timber out of the forest to the greater Bannorn in the east.

The valley is also crisscrossed by a great many tracks and trails used by local travelers on foot, mule, horse, and wagon. The major water route in the region passes from the northeast to the southwest, eventually emptying into a lowland swamp inside the forest. Bann Trumhall has set up his encampment on this river, which also flows through Logerswold. Logerswold is the only significant population center in the Ruswold. It is the chief staging ground for the timber that comes out of the forest before it heads east.

It is also where the regions farmers gather for their weekly market. Valdur Krole, the ousted bann, has a manor stronghold on defensible land roughly south of Logerswold. Be flexiBle and r esPonsive One last word of overall advice: As you run A Bann Too Many, its important to be responsive to what the players want to do. The best tabletop roleplaying experiences feel more like an open field than a railroad. Think about it. From the center of an open field, the players can do what they want and explore the things that interest them.

But as passengers on a railroad, they can only go where the tracks lead, with no opportunity to skip over the things theyre not interested in or detour for fun sidelines.

Kit game masters dragon pdf age

In concrete terms, this means that theres no reason for you to try to make sure that the PCs explore every nook, cranny, and nuance of each and every encounter. Instead, let the players take the lead.

Dragon Age Game Master's Kit, Revised - Green Ronin Online Store

When theyre ready to move on, move on! They can always come back if later experiences make them think that they missed something important. Similarly, theres no reason for you to force the PCs to experience every single encounter described, or to encounter them all in order. As long as the players are having fun, and as long as youre having fun, youre doing it right.

Youve been traveling together across open Fereldan countryside for some days. Youve heard news that the bann who protects the Ruswold Valley needs keen eyes and strong swords to deal with some threat that has emerged from Brecilian Forest of late.

Youve just entered the Ruswold proper, but it seems clear that you will not arrive in the local village tonight no matter how hard you press on, so youve stopped to make camp on a hillock next to the main road. How do you arrange your camp, and what do you do? Unless the PCs wish to avoid main roads, they find themselves camped near that of the Ruswold, as described in the read aloud text.

The weather is mild, but nights have been getting colder lately. Ask the players to describe the layout of their camp, and sketch it if they wish. Do they light a fire for cooking or warmth? Scout the area?

Post watches overnight? Keep the particulars in mind as you stage the rest of this encounter and the next. Allow the PCs to interact with one another, especially if this is the groups first adventure. Try to help the players incorporate their characters backgrounds and quirks into the camp routines.

Characters of certain backgrounds like the Circle are probably not practiced at camp chores if theyre even willing to carry any of them out , characters who cook well are probably lauded for it, and so on.

Near dusk, three men-at-arms formerly in the employ of Valdur Krole approach the camp. Although they dont take pains to remain hidden, neither do they announce their presence. If any of the PCs leave the camp for any reasonto hunt, for example, or get wateryou may choose to initiate this encounter while they are away. The advantage of doing so would be to make the encounter seem more dangerous, with the PCs numbers reduced.

The disadvantage would be that some players will have nothing to do while the encounter plays out. When the men-at-arms approach, call for opposed perception seeing or Hearing vs. Roll for all. If any PCs beat the men-at-arms, the degree of their successas represented by their Dragon Die resulttells how close the men-at-arms are to the camp when first spotted.

A low result like one or two indicates that they are practically on top of the camp, while a high result like five or six suggests that the interlopers are spotted or heard at some distance.

If the PCs fail to notice the approach, then the men-at-arms observe the PCs long enough to confirm their accurate suspicions that the PCs are adventurers come to take Bann Trumhall up on the task he has been advertising.

They then emerge into the PCs camp. The men-at-arms do not have a specific goal in interacting with the PCs. Their general intention is to give vent to their bitterness at being out of work and low on funds. In the truest sense of the phrase, they are looking for trouble. If the PCs spotted the men-at-arms and called them out for sneaking around, the men-at-arms take offense, as surely men such as them do not sneak. Unless the players take extreme care to avoid giving further offense, the men-at-arms continue looking for opportunities to take offense, until one of them has the opportunity to challenge one of the PCs to a fight in defense of his honor.

If the men-at-arms were not spotted before entering the camp, or the PCs were friendly to them upon spotting them,. Naturally, these men have a negative spin on Trumhalls recent appearance, and have a good many excuses for why Krole and those in his employ were unable to rid the area of Gore-hands outlaws when Krole was bann and they were the ones charged with the Ruswolds safety.

If any of these excuses are challenged, or the men-at-arms feel that their honor or proficiency is called into question, one of them challenges the offending PC to a fight. If the PCs are exceptionally courteous or show exceptional restrained when baited, they might manage to gain the menat-arms grudging respect.

Although the men-at-arms arent interested in sharing the PCs camp for the night they have their own camp nearby, where theyve stayed for a week or more , a positive interaction with these men could help the PCs when they interact with Kroles men in PArt 2.

One of the PCs must fight a combative man-at-arms who wishes to defend his honor. Assuming that one of the men-at arms who approached the PCs camp was successful in baiting one or more PCs, or if the PCs were combative without any need for baiting, this encounters involves at least a duel between one of the menat-arms and one of the PCs.

If you staged the previous encounter when one or more PCs were away from camp, the preparation for this duel excess gear being thrown aside, a ring of open ground being clearedis a fine time for them to return.

Before the fight begins, be crystal clear with the players that none of the men-at-arms intends for anyone to die in this confrontation. New roleplayers sometimes get the idea that all combat encounters inevitably end in death for one side or the other.

Here, however, everything the PCs know abut life in Ferelden suggests that this duel will be fought to the first blood. One way to introduce this bit of information would be to call for one or more PCs to make a tn9 cunning cultural lore test before the taunting stage is over and the duel begins. Alternately, you can work related dialog into the issuance of the challenge itself.

For example, if a man-at-arms shouts out a challenge, and then a PC responds with something like I accept! Make sure to wring the full measure of drama from the preparatory portions of this encounter. Although both you and the challenged PCs player may be eager to throw initiative dice and get started, you can heighten the drama of the situation by putting that roll off as long as possible while buckles are tightened, boasts exchanged, and seconds nominated.

Make sure to inquire about any preparations the PCs wish to make. Dont overdo it, of course. You dont want to delay the inevitable to the point that no one finds it exciting when it finally comes. Unless one of the PCs plans some kind of skullduggery, only the pair of characters actually involved in the fight need to roll initiative.

Powers fAvored stunts: Disarm and First Blood see this page, below. Axes, Brawling, Heavy Blades, and Spears. Even if you typically use a battle map, there should be little need for such elaborate staging here. Unless the circumstances dictate otherwise, the combatants begin the fight with any weapon or weapons of their choice in hand, at a distance that would make it possible for the character who acts first to use a Charge action to begin the fight4 yards, say.

The duelists fight according to the regular combat rules, trading blows back and forth until one inflicts a wound sufficient to draw blood. Any attack that does at least five points of damage after accounting for the targets armor does the trick. A character may use the special First Blood stunt to inflict no damage but still draw blood, and in some humiliating fashion, such as by dealing a long cut across the cheek.

This both makes that character the clear victor and also humbles his opponent. New Stunt sP 4 stunt first blood: The character draws blood in a humiliating fashion but without dealing any actual damage. Ranged attacks are frowned upon in a duel; a tn9 cunning cultural lore test reveals as much to any PC. Drawing first blood in this way earns the scorn of the defeated man-atarms, at the very least, and may gain the winner a troublesome reputation in the local area as news spreads. None of the men-at-arms launches a ranged attack in this fight.

If a PC wins a duel fair and square, the men-at-arms are none too thrilled, but they do not respond dishonorably. The three gather their things and leave the PCs camp. If a PC wins by suspect means, the men-at-arms also retreat from the PCs camp, but amid insults involving the PCs lineage and perhaps even threats of later retaliation. If a man-at-arms wins, he expects the bested PC to make right the offense that led to the duel, by taking back whatever insult or apologizing for whatever slight.

A PC unwilling to do so earns the men-at-arms insults and threats. However the duel turns out, the men-at-arms eventually leave the PCs camp for the night, returning to their own. Even assuming that the PCs are not observed in the act of murder, the main road is patrolled daily, and the bodies are likely to be found eventually.

Although these men-at-arms are not exactly model citizens of the Ruswold, they remain Fereldan freemen all the same, and the local lordBann Trumhall, in this caseis obliged to pursue justice against criminals.

The PCs may have luck blaming things on the outlaws, depending on the circumstances. After striking your camp in the morning, you proceed along the main road, which winds down toward the valley floor. As you travel, solitary trees join into copses that become more and more dense the further east you go.

Its still morning when you hear horses approaching, perhaps a half-dozen, most likely coming up the trail toward you. You dont see the riders yet. What do you want to do? The riders are Bann Thumhalls men, policing the main Ruswold road as part of their daily patrol of the area.

They arent doing anything to hide their presence. In fact, part of the point of their daily ride is to make sure that all those who live in the area feel safe and secure.

The bulk of this encounter should amount to a roleplaying encounter between the PCs and the banns men. The banns men are a reasonable lot, neither overly suspicious nor dupes. They hail the PCs and ask them reasonable questions about their travels and intentions. They are fairly skilled at making correct conclusions about travelers given their armament and accoutrements, and their goal is to make sure that no one traveling on the road represents a threat to the area.

Dragon Age Game Master's Kit, Revised (PDF)

If the banns men learn that the PCs are responding to their lords call for support in dealing with the problems in the Brecilian Forest, they cut short their patrol in favor of escorting the adventurers to meet with Trumhall at his compound. This saves the PCs some time, since otherwise, theyd likely go to Logerswold first, and only there learn where Bann Trumhall has set up his encampment. If the PCs lie to the banns men about their background or intentions, call for an opposed communication deception vs.

The banns men have no bonus to their roll, having Communication 0 and lacking the Investigation focus. If lying PCs are found out then the banns men insist on escorting the PCs to Trumhalls encampment for a more thorough questioning. If lying PCs are not found out, or if the PCs insist that they would rather travel alone, they can get directions to Bann Trumhalls compound without difficulty. If Things Go Wrong If the PCs go off the reservationattacking and killing all three men-at-arms, for exampleuse your judgment about what happens next.

Yorle, Ulruch, Ir, Ward, and Pepyn. Two are from the local area, two came with Trumhall from his ancestral lands, and one is a former retainer of Valdur Kroles who nevertheless supported Kroles ouster. Disarm and Knock Prone.

Brawling, Heavy Blades, and Spears. If the PCs hide from the banns men, call for an opposed dexterity stealtH vs. Each PC must make a separate roll, but roll just once for the banns men as a group. If the PCs hide and the banns men pass, the PCs are on their own in continuing to travel.

Theyll likely end up in Logerswold before the Banns encampment, in which case, skip to PArt 3: If the PCs hide and are seen, then the banns men begin their interactions with the adventurers in a suspicious mode. If the adventurers wind up traveling with the banns men to Trumhalls compound, the men are more than willing to tell the PCs anything that is common knowledge about the recent history of the area.

These men believe Trumhalls election to protect the local area was a good decision on the part of the local freeholders. Although the men are leery of actively disrespecting Valdur Krole, it should be clear to the PCs from their subtext that hes a hard man to likehes gruff, conservative, and demandingand that he hasnt done the local freeholders any favors since they elected Trumhall to replace him.

For example, rather than open the doors of his stout manor to Trumhall, hes essentially closed the shutters and left all those outside to fend for themselves. In the evenings, a prudent number of the banns men stand guard and walk the encampments perimeter. Trumhalls Encampment As a recent transplant Bann Trumhall has only just begun building what he hopes will be a long-term holding in the area.

His choice of site is good, a hillock that overlooks broad fields on every side, and near to fresh water. On one side of the hill, rocky ground provides both stone for permanent buildings and a defensible approach. Although Trumhall has grand plans, there is no encircling wall of any kind built yet. Most buildings of the encampment are, for the moment, tents. One completed wooden building houses the relatively small number of retainers Trumhall can currently afford to employ.

The fact that Trumhall has given more priority to housing his men than housing himself has been a major factor in the high morale among his followers. Bann Trumhall himself lives in a campaign tent. It is wellmade, has been partitioned into two different areaa sleeping room and an audience roomand contains plenty of sturdy wooden furniture.

There is a wooden pen for the encampments domestic animals, including a few cows, several goats, and a plethora of chickens.

The banns followers tasked with maintaining the household live in a series of tents near this area. During most days, there is much activity at the encampment. In addition to a crew of workers digging holes for the very beginnings of a palisade wall, servants take care of animals,. The PCs meet Bann Trumhall, are tasked with finding and defeating the Gore-hands outlaws, and discuss the particulars of the job. You emerge from the treeline into a broad lowland field with a hillock at the center.

Bann Trumhalls encampment is clearly a work in progress, with no fortifications to speak of and many more tents than permanent buildings. Even so, you get a sense of the areas vibrancy. Servants are tending to animals, workmen are digging what look like the beginnings of a palisade, and men-at-arms are drilling in the field. As you cross the field, one of the banns men turns to you.

Is there anything youd like to do before we bring you to Bann Trumhall? Give the PCs the opportunity to do anything reasonable, such as water their horses if they have any , clean themselves up, change their clothing, or similar. Once such tasks are taken care of: Youre surprised when the banns men bring you not to the single wooden structure on the hillock to meet Bann Trumhall, but instead to a large canvas tent.

One of the men exchanges words with the guard at the main entrance, then holds the flap aside. The interior is dim, and filled with carpets and solid wooden furniture. At the head of a large table, a lean, raven-haired man stands as you enter. Welcome and well-met! I am Bann Trumhall, lord-protector of the Ruswold Valley. How do you respond? This encounter should be relatively straightforward roleplaying between Trumhall and the PCs. Shortly after their discussion begins, wine and meat are brought in.

Both are quite fine and a welcome break from trail rations and campfire cookery. In the course of the conversation, Trumhall communicates following points assuming the PCs do not ask about them first: A band of outlaws led by the infamous Waldric the Gore-hand lives in Brecilian Forest somewhere in or near the Ruswold Valley.

No one knows where their headquarters is hidden. Outlaws have preyed on the loggers who operate in the Ruswold before, but never with the tenacity and violence Gore-hands men have shown of late.

The outlaws raids have not followed any predictable pattern. Trumhalls resourcesspecifically, his financial ability to hire fightersare stretched too thin for him to send a mass of men into the forest after the outlaws. He needs adventurers, who can travel lightly, are willing to take their reward from among the outlaws plunder, and who wont leave local families without hands to feed them in the event that the worst happens.

Freeholders from all around the valley have been harassed by the outlaws depredations. Many families, especially in the eastern part of the Ruswold, have temporarily relocated to Logerswold for safety.

Many of these are staying in what has nearly become a refugee camp in Trewin the Loggers compound see Part 3: All of the local loggers suspended their operations about a month ago when the attacks were at their worst. However, a group of the bravest ones, their families nearly starving due to their breadwinners enforced idleness, returned to the main logging camp in the forest about a week ago, over the objections of both Trumhall and Trewin.

Trumhall knewand said flat-outthat he would not be able to protect these men, and urged them to wait for adventurers to arrive, who could at the very least use the logging camp as a base of operations in tracking the outlaws, and add their sword arms in the event that the camp fell under attack.

However, for many of the loggers, it was work or starve to death, so they took what arms they had and returned to their camp. Nothing has been heard from these loggers since. Trumhall doesnt know if theyre dead or not, but fears the worst.

The loggers camp would be a good place to start looking for clues as to the outlaws whereabouts. Others in the Camp If the PCs want to talk to others in the camp, heres a short list of names and character sketches you can appropriate as needed. A bright-eyed scullery boy, eager to help within his meager means for a tale.

A laborer with a bad cold, interested in shirking his work. A woman who cares for Trumhalls tent and belongings. If the players seem to be on the fence about whether to accept this charge given either the meager support Trumhall is offering, or the unknown reward to come, he goes out of his way to offer them the comforts and resources of his camp, both now and in the future.

His craftsmen can repair their equipment, provide food and wine, and so forth. He also argues convincingly that he will not always be a new bann with a camp of tents and just the beginnings of a wall. Certainly, he argues, it is easy to imagine a future in which it is beneficial for the PCs to have a powerful connection in the Ruswold. If he can think of no other way to seal the deal, he offers to pay the PCs up to 80 silver pieces each in one years time although he starts bargaining below this value.

This encounter is a good place to introduce either rumors ofor the fact ofthe Competition subplot. The other adventurers may show up in the middle of the PCs audience with Trumhall. Alternately, one of Trumhalls workers might mention to the PCs that another group of adventurers passed through the camp recently. If you introduce it here, though, make sure you use this subplot to spur the PCs to action If we want our fair share of the outlaws treasure, well have to hurry!

At some point in the encounter, Bann Trumhalls Mabari mastiff, Blacktail, emerges from the tents sleeping room. Call for an opposed perception Hearing vs. It is highly likely that none will prevail against the dogs great capacity to move unheard. This is desirable; the PCs complete surprise should both put them a bit off-guard as well as suggest that Bann Trumhall has a few tricks up his sleeves. For all that, Blacktail does nothing nefarious past startling the PCs with his appearance assuming that none of them hears him.

He simply looks the PCs over, perhaps sniffs at one or two of them if their appearance is strange or alarming, and then pads over to Trumhall and sits down next to him to listen to the remainder of the conversation.

For his part, Trumhall is amused by any PCs surprise, and explains that Blacktail has been his companion for some time. Of course, Blacktail is in fact the shape-changed form of the apostate mage who dominates Trumhalls mind and actions. Hes listening now to understand the PCs plans, so he can assist themif necessaryin getting rid of the outlaws now that he has no further need of them. Nothing at all. The freeholders of Logerswold decided who would be best to defend and protect them, not me.

That said, I must admit that my only interaction with him was rather unpleasant, and it would certainly have been nice if he had allowed my men and I to lodge at his manor, at least for a little while.

Of course! He laughs. Why do you suppose I spread word of my need across the land, and am treating with you even now? The woods are the Gore-hands home turf. We have too few men to cover that ground, and doing it would leave the village and the main road unprotected.

What if we were lured into a trap? The woman and children of Logerswold would be slaughtered. CAn you send A few men with us, now? I wish I could. We are simply too few. The glory of serving the cause of justice in Ferelden! Find them, and then Ill decide. But keep this in mind: Any men I send will want equal shares of the spoils. But if you deal with the bandits on your own, all the rewards will go to you. Ferreting Secrets Too Early Make sure that you dont give the PCs the opportunity to ferret out the secret of Bann Trumhalls corruption or Blacktails true nature the first time they meet the bann.

Unless theyre extremely paranoid, and you feel agile enough to adjudicate the rest of the adventure freeform, its best to let the clues and their suspicions build through the encounters to come. Its entirely possible that canny players asking the age-old question Who benefits?

You obviously cant quash their speculation, so dont try. Simply remain silent as the players debate this possibility with one another. Questions and Answers Bann Trumhall is willing to answer the following sorts of questions, but doesnt bring these subjects up if the PCs dont. Its true, my familys holding are some days from the Ruswold.

As my mothers fourth son, it fell to me to seek my own place in the world. I heard of the need for strong swords here in the valley and came to see if I could contribute. Fate seemed to have a place waiting for me. Enter Brecilian Forest, find Waldric Gore-hand and his band of outlaws, and do whats necessary to eliminate their threat.

The encounters leading up to the PCs meeting the bann are straightforward. Even though different outcomes are possible for example, the PCs might not fight Kroles former menat-arms , as long as the adventurers wind up meeting Bann Trumhall and accepting his task, the route they take isnt all that important.

If the PCs hide from the banns men in encounter 3, they might find Bann Trumhalls encampment on their own, perhaps requiring a tn11 perception tracking test to spot the correct trail leading north from the main road. Alternately, they might follow the main road to Logerswold first. In the latter case, skip ahead to PArt 3: Keep in mind that you should be aiming for the PCs to meet Bann Trumhall before they head into the forest, and that nearly anyone in the village is able to tell them where Trumhalls encampment can be found.

If you use the optional subplot the ComPetition, the latter encounters of PArt 1 are a good time to plant the seeds of their involvement. The banns men might mention and Bann Trumhall confirm that at least three other adventurers have already gone into the forest. This should give the PCs a sense of urgency. Alternately, if the PCs show signs that theyre thinking about turning down the mission out of concern for the danger, the other adventurers might show up and offer to combine forces for equal shares of loot.

On the other hand, if the scenario to this point has seemed too easy or free of conflict, the other adventurers might show up at Bann Trumhalls camp at more or less the same time as the PCs, receive the same briefingperhaps at the same timeand quickly hustle out to find the outlaws on their own. This, again, should light a fire under the PCs to get their show on the road. As discussed at the end of encounter 4, the only unexpected events that can really throw the adventure for a loop in PArt 1 is if, by some unfounded or unexpected logic, the PCs decide that Trumhall is suspect and approach him with hostility or violence.

Exert what influence you can to convince suspicious PCs that Trumhall is trustworthy and true. Any or all of Trumhalls key supporters from LogerswoldTrewin, Liwis, and Sister Pliacinthcould be introduced at the banns camp rather than in PArt 3 and attest to his good character. Your other option is to simply let them do what they wish to do and carry on with a poker face. Even if the PCs slay Bann Trumhall and burn his tents to the ground unlikely, if theyre remotely heroic!

If you and the players are new to drAGon AGe, and this is your first adventure begun in a session where you also created characters, the end of PArt 1 is a good time to break between sessions.

While on this sideline or while they ignore it , Kroles supply wagons are attacked by the Gore-hands outlaws. A pair of sober commoners approach you, and after they waiting patiently for you to finish your conversation [or saddle your horses, or whatever], they speak. We are servants of Valdur Krole, once the lord-protector of these lands.

Our master would have a word with you. Will you accompany us to his manor? You can stage this encounter in roughly three different ways. First, the servants may approach the PC after they meet with Bann Trumhall but before they leave his encampment. In this case, ask the PCs to make a tn 13 perception seeing test to notice that Kroles servants are subtly shunned by Trumhalls servants as they approach the PCs.

Second, the servants may approach the PCs on the road after theyve left Bann Trumhalls outpost. In this case, you will obviously have skipped over the events of PArt 2 in order to interweave them with the Logerswold encounters of PArt 3.

In all of these three cases, the servants questionWill you accompany us to his manor? The servants are honest and persuasive, with no hint of guile. If the PCs are suspiciouswhich is entirely reasonable, considering their encounter with Kroles former men-at-arms encourage them to make perception empatHy or communication investigation tests, and roll a few dice of your own behind your screen. This isnt a legitimate opposed test, since theres no lie to see through.

Simply roll your dice and tell the players that their characters arent able to detect any deception on the servants part. The servants dont know what Krole wants to talk to the PCs about. He didnt offer, they didnt ask, and they have no wish to speculate. The PCs may get the sense that Krole is a hard master who brooks little questioning.

These two have been Kroles servants for many years, and at present are working without pay because they dont know.

They have some bitterness about their masters ouster, but theres nothing they can do about it. They dont offer this information. If the PCs simply agree to accompany the servants, this encounter is quite short, and the servants travel to Manor Krole with the adventurers.

Proceed to 2. Krole, below. It is also possible that the adventurers will not agree to accompany them. The servants do their best to persuade the PCs, but if it becomes clear that they cannot, they make sure that the PCs know how to get to Manor Krole if they change their mind later, and take their leave.

The PCs are free to continue on in whatever way they wish, either heading into Logerswold in which case skip ahead to PArt 3: If the PCs refuse to come with Kroles servants but then follow them in secret, they return to Manor Krole straightaway, as might be expected. The PCs, then, are faced with essentially the same choice about how to proceed as if they had not followed at all.

Full statistics should not be needed for these servants. If you require more information than the abbreviated stat block on this page provides, improvise statistics that seem reasonable.

Manor Krole is an imposing structure behind a wooden palisade at the foot of a tall bluff, with a watchtower at its summit.

Game pdf age dragon masters kit

In that prominent position, the watchtower commands a broad view, and you can see it long before you approach the walls stone gatehouse. The main gate opens at your arrival, and the servants lead you directly to the main manor building, an edifice of stone built againstand perhaps into the rock bluff behind it.

The rooms within are dim and dank, and there are few peopleeither servants or guards in evidence. One of the servants peels away from your party, leaving you in the care of the other, who leads the way up a spiral staircase. At the top of the stairs is a stout wooden door, upon which the servant knocks. Come, issues a voice from within. The servant opens the door and stands aside, motioning for you to enter. Inside his study, Valdur Krole, an exceedingly ugly individual with a lumpy face and pockmarks, sits alone in a chair behind a great wooden desk.

The servant follows the PCs in and stands available just inside the door, which he closes behind them. Each PC may make a tn11 perception seeing test. Anyone who is successful realizes that Krole is missing one of his legs, although is attempting to avoid having this be noticed by sitting behind the table with a blanket in his lap.

To be clear, hes not engaging in active subterfuge. Hes simply sitting in a way that will encourage the PCs not to notice. Once the PCs are arrayed before the former bann, he introduces himselfas Valdur Krole, without fanfare or titleand gruffly asks whether the PCs are the ones who were accosted on the road last night by the soldiers formerly in his employ.

They are the concern of others, now. He grunts. Are outlAws And eliminAte their threAt? As you can see, I no longer command men I could lend to such a cause. Protecting the Ruswold from harm, as was my duty. Manor Krole If they answer affirmatively, he says: Although it is not my duty to do it, I apologize to you for their behavior.

Times are hard for those who once called me lord. This is no excuse for their actions, but an apology even so. With that, he nods brusquely to the servant, indicating that the PCs should be shown out. The PCs are likely to want to speak further with Krole. He is not particularly excited to talk to them, but neither will he have them thrown out without answering their questions. However, if the PCs draw out the encounter, he eventually cuts one of them off in mid-sentence, asserts that he has other matters to attend to, and nods for the servant to show them out of his study.

The surroundings of Manor Krole are exactly as described in the read-aloud text of PArt 2: A trail wide enough for wagon traffic leads from the main road south and uphill, through mixed trees. The manor is set against a bluff, with a palisade wall half-ringing the manor house, which lies almost directly below a wooden watchtower at the top of the bluff.

There are a few additional outbuildingsmost now emptywithin the palisade, and also a well that provides the manors water supply. There arent enough residents at Manor Krole for whats happening to truly be called a commotion, but you hear running feet, and then someone call out: The wagons! Theyre attacking the supply wagons! Its relatively easy for the PCs to get the rest of the story by questioning a running servant or one of the few remaining guards.

The lone lookout in the watchtower at the top of the bluff saw, just moments ago, the monthly pair of supply wagons coming up the trail from the main road fall under attack from horsemen. Everyone assumes the attackers are Gore-hands outlaws. It goes without saying unless the PCs think to ask. In point of fact, these are Gore-hands outlaws, though this is not a random attack.

Gore-hand has sent eight men, in collusion with Trumhall, to strike at the resource-poor Krole where it will hurt him most. The hope is that this might drive him from the Ruswold for good. Any guards the PCs find are hurrying to don their armor and rush to the wagons aid, their demeanor is grim.

They dont expect to find any survivors. Word travels, and I still have the respect of some in the Ruswold. It is their right to do it. I wish him no harm. It has belonged to my family in three ages. Why should I turn it over to him? And indeed, no matter how fast the PCs respond to the hueand-cry, as they approach the thin column of smoke rising from the now-burning wagons, they can see from several hundred yards distance that there is no one standing at the scene of the scuffle.

It may or may not be worthwhile to draw the encounter out on a battle map. On one hand, fighting will not take place at the wagons themselves. On the other hand, having a concrete map to refer to so the players understand the tactical situation where theyre being ambushed from see the paragraphs that follow may help avoid any misunderstandings. As the PCs approach the site, they must make TN 15 perception seeing tests.

Allow the players to assume that they are trying to discern something about the scene of the attack. In actuality, the test is to see if they detect the outlaws who are still hidden in a pair of groves about 50 yards on either side of the ambush site, waiting to attack those who rush forth from the manor. What the PCs detect and when they detect it are determined by the result of the Dragon Die on a successful test. If all the PCs fail the test, they walk right into the ambush and are surprised when the arrows start flying.

Others at the Manor If the PCs want to talk to others around the manor, heres a short list of names and character sketches you can appropriate as needed. Kroles chamberlain, a smart man with smart ideas.

An old man-at-arms, nearly past all use, but with nowhere to go. A young, widowed mother, always looking for ways to protect and take care of her three young children. Giving Chase Mounted heroes may stand a chance of running one or more outlaws to ground.

PCs on foot simply do not. They cant keep up with horsemen no matter what. Each chase should be handled as an advanced test. It is unlikely but possible that PCs will end up chasing outlaws from both groups, who naturally flee in opposite directions.

If that happens, youll have to run separate tests concurrently, or simplify it for yourself by saying the outlaws from one group just had too much of a head start to catch.

Dragon Age Game Master's Kit, Revised

Participants in the chase must make a TN11 dexterity riding test each round. Racing through the forest in this way requires both a major action and a minor action. A character that only uses a major action takes a -2 penalty on the test that round, but can then use a minor action for something else.

The success threshold for the advanced test is Any outlaw that reaches it first disappears into the forest and escapes. If the PCs reach it first, they catch up to the outlaws, who surrender. The PCs can earn bonuses on their rolls with clever tactics at your discretion.

The PCs ultimate goal in this chase is presumably to capture one or more outlaws in order to interrogate them about Gore-hands location and operations. The encounter has been arranged to make this difficult but not impossible. Running a chase with an advanced test is different than using the normal movement rules.

You wont be measuring distance down to the yard but rather interpreting the Dragon Die results as they relate to the success threshold to narrate the action. If a PC succeeded at a test and got a Dragon Die result of 5 while on the same round the outlaw she was chasing failed her test, you could say, The outlaws horse stumbles and he almost falls, but your mount makes a spectacular leap over a dry riverbed and you continue to close the distance between you.

Those who participate in the chase have basically removed themselves from the action back at the ambush site by dashing off into the woods. Unless the chasing PCs catch their quarry very quickly indeed, they wont return to site until after the combat is over.

Outlaw Ambush drAGon die PerCePtion test result The character detects one group of outlaws but not until the party is within long bow range 52 yards. The character detects both groups of outlaws but not until the party is within long bow range 52 yards.

The character detects both groups of outlaws before the party is within long bow range. Presumably, combat ensues. The outlaws goal is very simple: Each group has four horses hidden in the trees and bushes near them. If either group is about to fall under a determined hand-to-hand assault, they flee rather than stand and fight, as Waldric has instructed them. Each group of four outlaws comprises two archers with long bows and two with short bows. The former are able to rain fire as far away as the ambush site which is 50 yards distant from each groups hiding spot , while the latter can increase the number of arrows in the air for a round or two if the PCs charge them and close the distance.

The outlaws with short bows can also harry any pursuers once they take to horseback. Firing a long bow from horseback is not possible. The outlaws are not willing to commit suicide in order to avoid capture, but neither do they have any illusions. That is, they know that if theyre captured, they may be executed for their crimes, and that their fellows wont waste any time trying to rescue them from the freeholders justice. So to the extent that any opportunity to escape pursuing PCs presents itself, they are willing to try it, the potential for death or grievous injury be damned.

Use the statistics for rank-and-file outlaws in the mAJor nPCs section to represent all eight ambushers. Cruel laughter. Of course. Id sooner stab yonder sword into my own guts.

If I dont do it, the Gore-hand will do it for me, Maker be certain. The villain before you is dirty from a hard life in the woods, and sweaty from his flight. Even so, he looks you defiantly in the eyeno cowering here.

What now? Any outlaws the PCs manage to capture are tough nuts. Each remains silent through any questions posed to him unless the PCs take extraordinary measures. The PCs first option is an opposed strengtH intimidation vs.

WillpoWer selF-discipline test. A PC who wins such a test gets one answer to one question from one outlaw. Additional answers require additional tests. To make matters worse, answers are not guaranteed to be truthful. See the following questions And Answers section for the kind of answers the outlaws give. Spotting a lie requires an opposed communication investigation vs. The outlaws have no bonus to these rolls, as they have Communication 0 and lack the relevant focus.

Torture is the second option. The downsides are twofold. First is the potential falloutfrom uncomfortably zealous encouragement to quiet horroramong those who witness the brutality. Second is that all responses elicited by torture in this circumstance are lies. Use the same opposed test as above to recognize lies. One final, potentially fruitful option is the promise of freedom in exchange for cooperation. No roll to determine whether an answer is forthcoming is required.

An outlaw answers or not depending on how likely he thinks it is that he will actually be freed for cooperating. He lies or not depending on whether he thinks he can get away with it. Under no circumstances will an outlaw divulge any information before being set free, or, at the very least, being guaranteed that he will be set free by a PC who seems trustworthy. That is, an outlaw will not spill the beans about the hideouts location if hes going to have to stick around in captivity to see whether hell be freed based on whether the PCs find Gore-hand.

A captured outlaw forced to lead the PCs to the outlaws camp leads them into the outlaws ambush PArt 4: Ambushed instead. To make matters worse, this trek requires at least one overnight with a captive wholl take every opportunity to try to escape. What Rank-and-File Outlaws Know Even given the difficulty of getting answers and the potential for lies, here are the basic pieces of information that these rankand-file outlaws know, and could conceivably tell the PCs.

They know that Waldric Gore-hand is a highly effective, and highly ruthless, leader. His followers are wellfed, well-trained, and make good money under his leadership.

Some of these men have experience with other bands of robbers and brigands, but never have they been more successful. They know the true location of their hideout, deep in the forest. They can describe the route they take to get there, but arent able to locate that place on a map, if one is placed before them. Its simply too well hidden, too hard to find. They know roughly how many outlaws are in their band which is five times the number of PCs, minus any bowmen killed in the previous encounter, plus Waldric himself.

Each knows, in what is obviously great detail, their own personal histories: They do not know that Waldric is in league with Bann Trumhall, or that Blacktail is anything other than a frighteningly large dog. They do not know anything about recent events among the Ruswold Valleys freeholders since they spend all of their time removed from civilization in their forest hideout. If that happened, you have three basic options.

First, you can simply skip PArt 2, and assume that the attack on Kroles supply wagons happens, but off screen. Second, you can assume that Krole hears through the grapevine that adventurers have finally responded to Trumhalls call and he wants to warn them not to trust the new bann, in which case PArt 2 proceeds essentially as written.

Finally, you can decide that that Krole doesnt summon the PCs at all, but that the attack on his supply wagons happens somewhere near to where the PCs otherwise find themselves,. The scourge of Ruswold Valley? Indeed I am, pissant! Unbind my hands or my fellows will string your entrails from tree to tree! If, for whatever reason, the PCs are not nearby when the outlaws attack Kroles supply wagons, arrange for one of the locals to mention it to them. Travelers met on the main road might have heard this gossip, for example, and everyone in Logerswold will know about it soon enough.

Of course, by that time, there will be nothing for the PCs to do but curse their luck at the missed opportunity. Click here. Dragon Age Game Master's Kit. Watermarked PDF. Average Rating 6 ratings.

Experience Something New! This Quickstart Guide - originally featured on Free RPG Day - features rules, an adventure, and pre-generated characters so you can jump right into the action. Quick Start PDF The county fair is being held in Smallville this year and Superboy, the town's famous local hero, is invited as guest of honor. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 1. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Matt M February 21, 5: It seems like it should be, but I wanted to make sure there weren't supposed to be more than three pages to it.

Oliver K March 03, 8: Same problem here. Under Tables was the Cover of the screen. Under Screen was the Adventure. Adventure was also pointing to the Adventure. And Tables 1.

Still a bit of a mess. Is there any possibility to get the front of the screen on three seperate panels? Otherwise I cannot use it as a screen. Michael H. The DA Game Master's Kit is an excellent resource for an already excellent game - the charts are obviously highly useful and the included art work is top-notch.

Similarly the included adventure A Bann Too Many is well-written and interesting, and is [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale.

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