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To download Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Brains, and Behavior: the Science. Behind Sex, Love and Attraction, Library Edition eBook. 6 days ago Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes Bodies Behavior And Brains The Behind Sex Love And Attraction Publication [PDF] [EPUB]. free do gentlemen really prefer blondes bypincott pdf - title: free do gentlemen really prefer blondes bypincott pdf author: michael joseph (publisher) subject: do .

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How long does it take to decide if a person is hot?Is your If you've ever wondered how scientists measure love--or whether men really prefer blondes over. do gentlemen really prefer blondes by jena pincott do gentlemen really prefer pdf . Marilyn Monroe wore a shocking pink dress in the film Gentlemen Prefer. Get Free Read & Download Files Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes Bodies Behavior And Brains The Science Behind Sex Love Attraction. Jena Pincott PDF.

So that would make her so angry that she would be glad to pay almost anything to get the diamond tiara. Cartier to have a jewelry store on the ship as it is really not much fun to go shopping on a ship with gentlemen. But they do not seem to spoil Mr. So I told him to go up and wait for me and I would be up later as I promised a dance to Mr. So the veecount was really delightful after all. Eisman feels that the country is really on the verge of the bolshevicks and I become quite worried. I mean I simply could not sit for hours and hours at a time practising just for the sake of a career.

I mean Major Falcon is always a gentleman and he really wants to do quite a lot for us in London. Eisman is always right and Major Falcon knows all the sights in London including the Prince of Wales so it really looks like Dorothy and I would have quite a delightful time in London. So I am going to stay in my room until Mr. April 17th: Eisman really sent me to London to get educated and I would hate to tell him that London is a failure because we know more in New York. But I did not tell Mr.

So we asked her to come over to our table and we were all three delighted to see each other. I mean you would really think it was New York because I always think that the most delightful thing about traveling is to always be running into Americans and to always feel at home.

So now Fanny lives in London and is famous for being one of the cutest girls in London. Dorothy and I are really at London. I have been coming to this hotel for 35 years and this is the first time I have been kept waiting. So yesterday Dorothy and I went down to luncheon at the Ritz and we saw a quite cute little blond girl at the next table and I nudged Dorothy under the table. I mean we got to London on the train yesterday as the boat does not come clear up to London but it stops on the beach and you have to take a train.

Because I and Fanny have known each other for about five years but I really feel as if I knew her better because mama knew her 45 years ago when she and mama used to go to school together and mama used to always follow all her weddings in all the newspapers. So I recognized her voice because it was really Fanny Ward. I mean everything is much better in New York. So Dorothy and I came to the Ritz and it is delightfully full of Americans.

Eisman when I cabled him last night because Mr. I mean Fanny is almost historical. So the first thing she asked us was she asked us if we bought some shell flowers from her daughter. So Lady Shelton said she knew we Americans loved dogs so she would love us to meet her mother. So her mother was having a party too. So we Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — But I told Lady Shelton we really did not need any shell flowers.

I mean she took Dorothy and I into the back parlor and tried to sell us some shell flowers she seems to make out of sea shells for 25 pounds. So we went shopping for hats and instead of going to the regular shop we went to the childrens department and Fanny and I bought some quite cute hats as childrens hats only cost half as much and Fanny does it all the time.

So at Lady Sheltons house we met quite a few people who seemed to be English. Because her mother seems to be called a Countess and raise dogs. I mean I am really going to have a quite hard time in London with Dorothy because she really should not say to an English lady what she said.

And some who are not Ladies are honorable. But quite a few are not Ladies or honorable either. I mean she should not say to an English lady that in America we use shells the same way only we put a dry pea under one of them and we call it a game. So Major Falcon invited Fanny to go with us to.

So if mama did not die of hardening of the arterys she and Fanny and I could have quite a delightful time in London as Fanny loves to shop. So we asked her how much it was in money and it seems it is dollars. I mean some of the girls in London seem to be Ladies which seems to be the opposite of a Lord. So we came back to the Ritz to meet Major Falcon because Major Falcon invited us to go to tea with him at a girls house called Lady Shelton. So he thought it did to.

Nelson took off his hat and bowed. I mean I think a diamond tiara is delightful because it is a place where I really never thought of wearing diamonds before. But I told the Countess that we did not need any dog.

So then I looked around the room and I noticed a gentleman who seemed to be quite well groomed. Weeks said it was in her family for years but the good thing about diamonds is they always look new. So then I asked Major Falcon to give us an introduction to one another and we met one another and I asked Sir Francis Beekman if he would hold my hat while I could try on the diamond tiara because I could wear it backwards with a ribbon.

The English lady who is called Mrs. Because she said. I mean I really think that a Countess should not encouradge Dorothy or else she is just as unrefined as Dorothy seems to be.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Anital Loos

I mean some Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — So then I met quite a delightful English lady who had a very. But she did not seem to act like a Countess of her elderly age should act.

So last night I cabled Mr. Eisman which told me he could not send me April 18th: Yesterday was quite a day and night. But I really think if I do not get the diamond tiara my whole trip to London will be quite a failure. So Sir Francis Beekman said that he could not come but I teased him and teased him over the telephone so he finally said he would come.

I mean I had a cable from Mr. Weeks said she was going to a delightful party last night that would be full of delightful Americans and it would be snaped up. So I was so worried that I gave her dollars and she is going to hold the diamond tiara for me. So I really have my heart set on the diamond tiara and I became quite worried because Mrs. Eisman and I told Mr. Because what is the use of traveling if you do not take advantadge of oportunities and it really is quite unusual to get a bargain from an English lady.

I mean London is really nothing at all. So she said Sir Francis Beekman was really famous all over London for not spending so much money as most English gentlemen. So she said you could tell what English gentlemen were like when you realize that not even English ladys could get anything out of them.

So we did not bother to get out. So she told us all about London. In London they make a very. So we did not go to any more sights because they really have delicious champagne cocktails at a very very smart new restaurant called the Cafe de Paris that you could not get in New York for neither love or money and I told Piggie that when you are travelling you really ought to take advantadges of what you can not do at home.

So it seems the gentlemen in London have quite a quaint custom of not giving a girl many presents. For instants. But she said that she did not have anything to sell but she wanted to borrow five pounds.

So then we went back to the table and I almost have to admit that Dorothy is in the right about Piggie because he really likes to talk quite a lot and he is always talking about a friend of his who was quite a famous King in London called King Edward. But I told her my own father was a whistler and used to whistle all of the time and I did not even have a picture of him but every time he used to go to Little Rock I asked him to go to the photographers but he did not go.

So in the afternoon a lot of lady friends of Mrs. Beekman was to great a price to pay for a couple of rounds of champagne cocktails. Eisman did not come to London as all the English ladys would ask him to tea and he Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — I mean you can always tell when to laugh because Piggie always laughs first.

So of course I laughed very. So then we met a lady called Lady Chizzleby that wanted us to go to her house to tea but we told her that we really did not want to buy anything. But I told Dorothy that I always believe that there is nothing like trying and I think it would be nice for an American girl like I to educate an English gentleman like Piggie.

So we did not go and I am really glad that Mr. Weeks heard about me buying the diamond tiara and called us up and asked us to their house to tea so Dorothy and I went and we took a gentleman Dorothy met in the lobby who is very. And now I must get ready to see Piggie because he and I seem to be getting to be quite good friends even if he has not sent me any flowers yet.

Because she handed me her fan and she Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — So the lady came up to me and told me that the Prince of Wales would like to meet me. The Prince of Wales is really wonderful. So then we started to dance and I asked him if he was still able to be fond of horses. I mean I always seem to think that when a girl really enjoys being with a gentleman.

I mean Major Falcon called for Dorothy and I at eleven and took us to a ladys house where the lady was having a party. So last night Piggie and I and Dorothy and the dancer who is called Gerald went to the Kit Kat Club as Gerald had nothing better to do because he is out of a job. April 19th: Last night we really met the Prince of Wales. So after our dance was all over he asked Dorothy for a dance but Dorothy will never learn how to act in front of a prince.

I mean even if he was not a prince he would be wonderful. So Dorothy and I had quite a little quarrel because I told Dorothy that she was wasting quite a lot of time going with any gentleman who is out of a job but Dorothy is always getting to really like somebody and she will never learn how to act. So I decided I would write down every word he said to me in my diary so I could always go back and read it over and over when I am really old.

I mean I really look quite cute in my pink negligay. But Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — Because if a girl seems to have an English accent I really think it is quite jolly. So I opened the box and sure enough they were a dozen very very beautiful orchids. So when Dorothy came back we had quite a little quarrel because Dorothy said that since I met the Prince of Wales I was becoming too English.

So I sent out a bell hop friend of Dorothy and I who is quite a nice boy who is called Harry and who we talk to quite a lot. I often remember papa back in Arkansas and he often used to say that his grandpa came from a place in England called Australia. So I looked for a card. So I gave Harry ten pounds of English money and I told him to go to the most expensive florist and to buy some very very expensive orchids for 10 pounds and to bring them to our sitting room at fifteen minutes past five and not to say a word but to say they were for me.

So I was very very worried while Dorothy was dancing with the Prince of Wales because she talked to the Prince of Wales all the time and when she got through the Prince of Wales wrote some of the slang words she is always saying on his cuff. I mean to say. But really. April 20th: Yesterday afternoon I really thought I ought to begin to educate Piggie how to act with a girl like American gentlemen act with a girl. So Piggie came to tea and we were having tea when Harry came in and he did not say a word but he gave me a quite large box and he said it was for me.

But he said it was not him. So I asked him to come up to have tea in our sitting room in the hotel because I had quite a headache. But I told her I was not so unrefined that I would waste my time with any gentleman who was only a ballroom dancer when he had a job. So by the time Piggie pays for a few dozen orchids. So then we had to get dressed. So he still said it was not him. So this morning Harry.

So Piggie really felt very very good to be such a good looking gentleman. So then I started to make a fuss over him and I told him he would have to look out because he was really so good looking and I was so full of impulses that I might even lose my mind some time and give him a kiss.

So he asked us all to dinner and then he and Gerald went to change their clothes for dinner. I said it must be him because I said that there was only one gentleman in London who was so sweet and generous and had such a large heart to send a girl one dozen orchids like him. But I said I knew it was him. So Piggie blushed quite a lot and he was really very very pleased and he did not say any more that it was not him. So he could not help blushing all the time and he could not help grinning all the time from one ear to another.

So I told her to try and eat it. So I really had to apologize for giving him such a large hug but I told him I was so full of impulses that when I knew he was going to send me one dozen orchids every day I became so impulsive I could not help it!

So then Dorothy and Gerald came in and I told them all about what a wonderful gentleman Piggie turned out to be and I told them when a gentleman sent a girl one dozen orchids every day he really reminded me of a prince.

Because I always think that spending money is only just a habit and if you get a gentleman started on buying one dozen orchids at a time he really gets very good habits. So Dorothy and I had quite a little quarrel after they went because Dorothy asked me which one of the Jesse James brothers was my father.

So Dorothy said Gerald was a gentleman because he wrote her a note and it had a crest. This morning Gerald called up Dorothy and he said that day after tomorrow they are having a theatrical garden party to sell things to people for charity so he asked if Dorothy and I would be one of the ones who sells things to people for charity.

Weeks and say I will bring Sir Francis Beekman to tea tomorrow and I hope it all comes out all right. So then we started to look at some bracelets but a lady friend of his who is quite friendly with his wife. But then I told him that I really did not think a silver picture frame was good enough for a picture of him because I forgot that they had gold picture frames until I saw them. So then it came out that his picture was taken in his unaform.

But I really wish Piggie would not tell so many storys. So I said he must be so good looking in his unaform that I really did not think even the gold picture frames were good enough but they did not have any platinum picture frames so we had to buy the best one we could.

So now I must telephone Mrs.

Because I told Piggie that when a girl gets to know such a good looking gentleman as him she really wants to have a picture of him on her dressing table where she can look at it a lot. April 21st: So I took him to a jewelery store because I told him I had to have a silver picture frame because I had to have a picture of him to go in it.

So Piggie became quite intreeged. So we looked at all the silver picture frames. So then I said that poor little I would really look like nothing at all to be going out with him in his georgous unaform. I mean I do not mind a gentleman when he tells a great many Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — So he really became very pleased because he grinned quite a lot and he said that he would.

So we said we would. So then we started to look at the gold picture frames. So then I asked him if he could put on his unaform tomorrow because I would love to see him in his unaform and we could go to tea at Mrs.

So then I told him that. April 22nd: Yesterday Piggie came in his unaform but he was really quite upset because he had a letter. But I promised Piggie that I would always stay in London and we would always be friendly. So then we went to tea at Mrs. So now I have the diamond tiara and I have to admit that everything always turns out for the best. Weeks to pay her for the diamond tiara and she nearly fell dead but she will keep it a secret because no one would believe it anyway.

I mean London is really so uneducational that all I seem to be learning is some of Piggies storys and I even want to forget them. Because Piggie always says that I am the only one who admires him for what he really is.

[PDF] Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies Brains and Behavior---The Science Behind

So she is going to stay with the lady who saw us in the jewelery store. But I really made Piggie feel quite good about his unaform because I told him I only felt fit to be with him in a diamond tiara. So Piggie arranged with Mrs.

So I am really becoming jolly well fed up with London. So I wanted to cheer Piggie up so I told him that I did not think the lady saw us and if she did see us. I mean his wife is coming to London because she always comes to London every year to get her old clothes made over as she has a girl who does it very very cheap.

But I told him that if England was the same kind of a place that London seems to be. I really know to much to bother with such a place. So Dorothy had to come with me because Mr. So I cabled Mr. So Dorothy is quite upset because she did not want to come as she is madly in love with Gerald and Gerald said that we really ought not to leave London without going to see England while we happened to be here. So I am really very very intreeged as I have heard so much about Paris and I feel that it must be much more educational than London and I can hardly wait to see the Ritz hotel in Paris.

I mean it seems quite unusual to think that it takes 6 days to come to London and only one day to come to Paris. I mean we had quite a little quarrel because Gerald showed up at the station with a bangle for Dorothy so I told Dorothy she was well rid of such a person.

I sold quite a lot of red baloons and I sold a red baloon to Harry Lauder the famous Scotch gentleman who is the famous Scotch tenor for 20 pounds. Eisman is paying her expenses because he wants Dorothy to be my chaperone.

So Piggy does not know that we have gone but I sent him a letter and told him I would see him some time again some time. So Dorothy said I did not need to buy any ticket to Paris on the boat because if I could do that. April 25th: I could walk across the channel. Because it does not take nearly so long to come to Paris as it does to come to London.

Eisman and I told him we could not learn anything in London because we knew to much. So the last thing in London was the garden party. And I was really glad to get out of our rooms at the Ritz—I mean 50 or 60 orchids really make a girl think of a funeral. Because the French are devine. And when a girl walks around and reads all of the signs with all of the famous historical names it really makes you hold your Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — So I looked around and I picked out a French gentleman who was really in a very gorgeous uniform and he seemed to be a very.

Because when we were coming off the boat. I mean it is so refreshing to listen to a French gentleman stop squeaking. So we came to the Ritz Hotel and the Ritz Hotel is devine.

I think it is devine. But the good thing about French gentlemen is that every time a French gentleman starts in to squeal. April 27th: Paris is devine. Nash and realizes what Mrs.

Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?

Nash has got out of gentlemen. Because when a girl looks at Mrs. I mean Dorothy and I got to Paris yesterday. I mean the French gentlemen always seem to be squealing quite a lot. Because when a girl can sit in a delightful bar and have delicious champagne cocktails and look at all the important French people in Paris. So it really makes a girl feel depressed to think a girl could not tell that it was nothing but an imitation.

So Dorothy will really never have any reverance. Eisman comes to Paris next week. Because when Dorothy and I went on a walk.

So then we saw a jewelry store and we saw some jewelry in the window and it really seemed to be a very very great bargain but the price marks all had francs on them and Dorothy and I do not seem to be mathematical enough to tell how much francs is in money. I mean I really try to make Dorothy get educated and have reverance. So I said to Dorothy. But I told him I thought that any girl who was a lady would not even think of having such a good time that she did not remember to hang on to her jewelry.

Coty makes all the perfume? So then Dorothy said that she supposed Mr. So the gentleman at the jewelry store said that quite a lot of famous girls in Paris had imitations of all their jewelry and they put the jewelry in the safe and they really wore the imitations. Coty came to Paris and he smelled Paris and he realized that something had to be done.

So when Mr. I mean a gentleman could deceeve a girl because he could give her a present and it would only be worth 20 dollars. I mean I would really be embarrassed. So when we stood at the corner of a place called the Place Vandome. I mean we saw the Dolley Sisters. I mean the Eyefull Tower is devine and it is much more educational than the London Tower. So the veecount was really delightful after all.

So then we went to dinner and then we went to Momart and it really was devine because we saw them all over again. So then we rode around and we saw Paris and we saw how devine it really is. So we came back to the Ritz quite late. So Dorothy said she would go down in the lobby and meet some gentleman to show us Paris. So I said I really did not mean to ask him. I mean in Momart they have genuine American jazz bands and quite a lot of New York people which we knew and you really would think you were in New York and it was devine.

So Leon said that we ought not to stay around the Ritz all of the time. So then we went to a place called the Madrid to tea and it really was devine. Why did you not get an American gentleman who always have money? So then we went back to the Ritz and unpacked our trunks with the aid of really a delightful waiter who brought us up some delicious luncheon and who is called Leon and who speaks english almost like an American and who Dorothy and I talk to quite a lot.

And it would even be very difficult not to notice the Eyefull Tower. So Dorothy and I had quite a little quarrel because Dorothy said that when we were looking at Paris I asked the French veecount what was the name of the unknown soldier who is buried under quite a large monument.

Nash all over again. Corey and Mrs. But when a girl looks at the Eyefull Tower she really knows she is looking at something. So tomorrow we are going to go shopping and I suppose it would really be to much to expect to find a gentleman who would look to Mr. April 29th: Yesterday was quite a day.

Prefer really pdf gentlemen do blondes

So the French veecount is going to call up in the morning but I am not going to see him again. I mean I did not know what to say. Because French gentlemen are really quite deceeving. So then I told Dorothy and then we put our brains together. I mean a girl has to look out in Paris.

So I really was quite surprised. So I really think that American gentlemen are the best after all. Eisman will be here next week and he told me that the only kind of gentlemen he wants me to go out with are intelectual gentlemen who are good for a girls brains. I mean Dorothy and I were getting ready to go shopping and the telephone rang and they said that Lady Francis Beekman was down stairs and she wanted to come up stairs.

Eisman like he was good for a girls brains and at the same time he would like to take us shopping. I mean they take you to quite cute places and they make you feel quite good about yourself and you really seem to have a delightful time but when you get home and come to think it all over. I do not think that I ought to go out with any gentlemen in Paris because Mr.

Because she said that something really must be wrong about the whole thing. Because it seems that Sir Francis Beekman and she have been married for 35 years and the last present he gave to her was a wedding ring. London who seemed to admire me so much that he asked me if he could make me a present of a diamond tiara.

You have got to be the Queen of England to get away with a hat like that. Because no matter how vigarous Lady Francis Beekman seems to be.

So I said to her. So there was a very very loud knock at the door so we asked her to come in. So it seemed as if his wife must have heard about it.

So then she said she would drag it into the court and she would say that it was undue influence. So then she said she would send for Sir Francis Beekman where he suddenly went to Scotland. So Lady Francis Beekman came in and she is a quite large size lady who seems to resemble Bill Hart quite a lot. Because I really think that there is nothing so wonderful as two girls when they stand up for each other and help each other a lot.

So it seems that she said that if I did not give her back the diamond tiara right away. So she had to stop talking against my reputation. So Lady Francis Beekman really seemed to get more angry and more angry all of the time.

Only he really was not a solicitor. April 30th: So she said she would turn it all over to her soliciter.

So Dorothy said. So then she said that if it was necessary. So when she went out she tripped over quite a long train which she had on her skirt and she nearly fell down. So Dorothy leaned out of the door and Dorothy called down the hall and said.

Broussard and it Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — So as soon as he heard us start in to talk about francs he seemed to calm down quite a little. So Dorothy said He gives quite a good imitation of the Moulan Rouge. So Dorothy really got discouraged and she said. So then he stopped squealing and he put it in his pocket.

So we stood and watched him for quite a long while. So Dorothy and I rushed into the parlor and Dorothy looked at him and Dorothy said. So Mons. Broussard handed us his card and he squealed and squealed and he really waved his arms in the air quite a lot. I mean he was squealing quite loud when he jumped into the room and he kept right on squealing. So Dorothy and I were getting dressed and we were in our negligay as usual when there was quite a loud knock on the door and before we could even say come in he jumped right into the room.

So Dorothy got her pocket book and she gave him 25 francs. So it seems that he is of French extraction. So when his papa had finished looking at us he really became delighted.

I could get a gold medal for my greek. So then we asked his son why his papa kept crying. So then Mons. So it seems that Mons. So then he told us his papa telephoned for him to come over because we did not seem to understand what his papa was saying to us.

Lady Francis Beekman. So then Dorothy and I asked his son what he was saying. Broussard had been talking to us in english all of the time but we did not seem to understand his kind of english. Broussard laughed very very loud. So then his son looked at us and then his son let out quite a large size squeal.

So the new Frenchman rushed in and he yelled Papa and he kissed him. So he became all smiles and he pinched our cheeks and he kept on saying Sharmant all of the time because Sharmant means charming in the French languadge. So then his son put up the window shade. So then his son said his papa kept crying because he was thinking about Lady Francis Beekman. Broussard stopped crying and put on his glasses and took a good look at us. So then his papa talked quite a lot and then he pointed at I and Dorothy.

So finally there was another loud knock on the door so we heard him rush to the door so we both went in to the parlor to see what it was and it really was a sight. Because it was another Frenchman.

So then his son broke right out into english and he really speaks english as good as an American. I think you had better put your spats back on. I mean I was surprised to hear Dorothy get so historical so she may really be getting educated in spite of everything. So he went to the telephone and ordered a bottle of champagne.

So then I said. But Dorothy told Louie he need not try to figure out his number because she got it the minute she looked at him. Because French gentlemen are very very gallant. So Dorothy started in to think about her 25 francs and she said to Robber. So then we got the idea to call them by their first name. So Dorothy looked at them a little while and she really became quite discouraged and she said. I am going to ask Leon what they said.

So while he was opening the bottle of champagne Louie and Robber talked together in French quite a lot and I really think I had ought to find out what they said in French because it might be about the diamond tiara.

So then his son said to his papa. Because Dorothy said. So it seems that they said in French that we seemed to attract them very very much because they really thought that we were very very charming. So no matter what happens they really could not lose. And she really would not mind spending the money because it seems that something either I or Dorothy said to Lady Francis Beekman seemed to make her angry.

So then I would leave the imitation of the diamond tiara lying around. So then I decided it was time to do some thinking and I really thought quite a lot. So it seems that they said that they would ask us out a lot and that they would charge up all the bills to Lady Francis Beekman because they would watch for their chance and they would steal the diamond tiara.

But I really think we ought to do more shopping because shopping really seems to be what Paris is principaly for. So then they said that even if they could not steal it from us. May 1st: Well this morning I sent for Leon.

So I told Dorothy I thought I would put the real diamond tiara in the safe at the Ritz and then I would buy an imitation of a diamond tiara at the jewelry store that has the imitations that are called paste.

So then we went to Fountainblo and then we went to Momart and we got home very late. Because Lady Francis Beekman is the kind of a wealthy lady that does not spend money on anything else but she will always spend money on a law suit.

Because it seems that Lady Francis Beekman would be glad to pay all the bills when they told her they had to take us out a lot so they could watch for their chance and steal it. So then Louie called us up so Dorothy told him that we thought it would be delightful if he and Robber would take us out shopping tomorrow morning.

Because I even might let them steal it at the last. I mean she said my brains reminded her of a radio because you listen to it for days and days and you get discouradged and just when you are getting ready to smash it.

So then they asked us if we would like to go to see a play called The Foley Bergere tonight.


Because Lady Francis Beekman has never seen the real diamond tiara and the imitation of a diamond tiara would really deceive her. So then Louie asked his papa and his papa said they would. So when we go out with Louie and Robber I could put it in my hand bag and I could take it with me so Louie and Robber could always feel that the diamond tiara was within reach. I could open my hand bag. I mean it would be quite amusing for them to steal it for Lady Francis Beekman and she would have to pay them quite a lot and then she would find out it was only made out of paste after all.

I mean the imitation of a diamond tiara would only cost about 65 dollars and what is 65 dollars if Dorothy and I could do some delightful shopping and get some delightful presents that would even seem more delightful when we stopped to realize that Lady Francis Beekman paid for them.

So then Dorothy and I could get them to go shopping and we could get them to spend quite a lot and every time they seemed to get discouradged. So when I got through telling Dorothy what I thought up.

So he said that all of the French people who live in Paris are always delighted to have some Americans. Dorothy looked at me and looked at me and she really said she thought my brains were a miracle. Eisman will probably think I know French. So one of the girls was a friend of Louie and he said that she was a very very nice girl. But I always think that when girls are in the nude it is very artistic and if you have artistic thoughts you think it is beautiful and I really would not laugh in an artistic place like the Foley Bergere.

I have really almost learned to understand Robbers english so when Robber talks in front of Mr. So even if I have not seemed to learn French yet. So we said we would go. May 2nd: So last night we went to the Foley Bergere and it really was devine.

Pdf really blondes gentlemen do prefer

Eisman only wants me to go out with gentlemen that have brains. I mean it was very very artistic because it had girls in it that were in the nude. I Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — So I wore the imitation of a diamond tiara to the Foley Bergere. Eisman that all we were learning from them was French. Eisman gets to Paris and we could not go around with any really attractive gentlemen because Mr. So I really think that everything always works out for the best.

So I said to Dorothy that. So now Dorothy and I are going out shopping to buy the imitation of a diamond tiara and we are going out window shopping to pick out where we would like Louie and Robber to take us shopping tomorrow. But they did not really annoy me because I had it tied very very tight. Because after all. I mean it really would deceeve an expert and Louie and Robber could hardly take their eyes off of it.

Eisman and I seem to understand what he is saying. I mean Dorothy was very unrefined at the Foley Bergere.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Anital Loos

So then they took us to luncheon so that after luncheon we could go out shopping some more. May 3rd: Yesterday was really delightful. So I left the daimond tiara on the table in the parlor so Robber could see how careless I really am with everything but Dorothy is keeping her eye on Robber. So I just heard Louie come in because I heard him kissing Robber. But then they began to run out of all the franks they had with them. Robber said he would have to telephone to some one. So we are all ready to go shopping this morning and Robber was here bright and early and he is in the parlor with Dorothy and we are waiting for Louie.

I gave Robber my hand bag to hold while I went to the fitting room to try on a blouse. So after all their franks were gone. So now I must join the others and I will put the diamond tiara in my hand bag so that Louie and Robber will feel that it is always around and we will all go shopping. So he was cheered up quite a lot. But it really cheered him up quite a lot to even hold it. I mean Louie and Robber bought Dorothy and I some delightful presents. So tomorrow morning Dorothy is going to take the diamond tiara and she is going to tell Louie that she stole it and she is going to sell it to Louie.

So then I saw Robber get her off in a corner and whisper to her quite a lot. Because even if it is unusual for an American to see a French gentleman always kissing his father. Because I am quite fond of Robber.

Because it seems that Lady Francis Beekman has got her heart set on it and she will pay quite a lot for it because she is quite angry and when she really gets as angry as she is. So I really think it would be delightful if Dorothy could make some money for herself because it might make Dorothy get some ambishions. So when we got back to the Ritz. I really think it is refreshing and I Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — I am going to walk in on them and say. So while we were shopping in the afternoon I saw Louie get Dorothy off in a corner and whisper to her quite a lot.

But I am really learning quite a lot of French in spite of everything. I mean he is quite a sweet old gentleman and it is really refreshing the way he and his son love one another. So then she will tell him that she might just as well keep the franks because she will steal it for him again in the afternoon. I have been looking for it everywhere. So it seems that later on.

So in the afternoon she is going to sell it to Robber and I really think we will let Robber keep it. So it seems when Louie whispered to Dorothy. But she will make him hand over the money first and then. So if Louie could get it and his papa would not find it out. Dorothy told me why they whispered to her. Louie told Dorothy that if she would steal the diamond tiara from me and give it to him and not let his papa know. I really do not think a girl ought to encouradge Robber to steal something from two American girls who are all alone in Paris and have no gentleman to protect them.

So it seems he had lost something. So Dorothy and I have quite a lot of delightful hand bags and stockings and handkerchiefs and scarfs and things and some quite cute models of evening gowns that are all covered with imitations of diamonds. I mean Louie and Robber were quite delighted not to go shopping any more so I suppose that Lady Francis Beekman really thinks that there is a limit to almost everything.

So in the afternoon we all went out to Versigh. So I asked Dorothy which pocket Robber put it in. So then he put it in his pocket. So then we got it back. But Louie told his papa that he did not Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — So then she sold it to Robber.

But when we were coming home I got to thinking things over and I really got to thinking that an imitation of a diamond tiara was quite a good thing to have after all. I mean especially if a girl goes around a lot in Paris. And after all. So we were in quite a quaint restaurant for dinner when Robber put his hand in his pocket and then he started in to squeal once more. So yesterday morning Dorothy sold the imitation of a diamond tiara to Louie.

So then I showed it to them. I told them all about it. Louie and Robber seemed to be so depressed that I really felt sorry for them. I mean there seems to be something common between us. I mean because we all seem to understand one another because. So that would make her so angry that she would be glad to pay almost anything to get the diamond tiara. So I suppose that most of the girls in Paris do not have such brains as we American girls.

So after it was all over. So then Robber looked at me and looked at me. Dorothy and I could really have a platonick friendship with gentlemen like Louie and Robber. So then we had quite a delightful evening. I mean I really felt sorry for Robber so I told him not to cry any more because it was nothing but paste after all. So they are going to charge Lady Francis Beekman quite a lot of money when they give her the imitation of a diamond tiara and I told Robber if she seems to complane.

So I told them that we would all go out tomorrow to the imitation of a jewelry store and they could buy another imitation of a diamond tiara to give to Lady Francis Beekman and they could get the man in the jewelry store to put on the bill that it was a hand bag and they could charge the bill to Lady Francis Beekman along with the other expenses. So then Louie and Robber looked at Dorothy and I and they really held their breath.

So I got an idea. So after Dorothy and I had had about all we could stand. Because Lady Francis Beekman had never seen the real diamond tiara anyway. Louie and Robber are going to give us a dinner in our honor at Ciros.

So we called up Louie and told him we had a headache but we thanked him for all of his hospitality. So when Lady Francis Beekman pays them all the money. Eisman gets here on Saturday. So we had better be on the safe side and stay away. Because it is the way all the French people like Louie and Robber are so hospitable to we Americans that really makes Paris so devine.

Dorothy and I are going to make Mr. Eisman give Louie and Robber a dinner in their honor at Ciros because of the way they helped us when we were two American girls all alone in Paris and could not even speak the French landguage. So now we have a telegram. Eisman arrived in Paris and when Mr.

But I always think that there is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — Eisman says in the telegram for Dorothy and I to take an oriental express because we really ought to see the central of Europe because we American girls have quite a lot to learn in the central of Europe.

Eisman wants us to see the central of Europe she bets there is not a rue de la Paix in the whole central of Europe. So finally Mr. Eisman really wants me to get educated more than anything else.

Eisman is in the button profession. Eisman seemed to lose quite a lot of interest in all of my shopping. May 16th: I really have not written in my diary for quite a long time. And I did not even bother to learn any more French because I always seem to think it is better to leave French to those that can not do anything else but talk French. So Dorothy and I are going to take an oriental express tomorrow and I really think it is quite unusual for two American girls like I and Dorothy to take an oriental express all alone.

Eisman nothing practically happens. Eisman is in Paris we really do not seem to do practically anything else but the same thing. So he heard about a button factory that was for sale quite cheaply in Vienna and as Mr. So Dorothy says if Mr. I mean we go shopping and we go to a show and we go to Momart and when a girl is always going with Mr. So now we are on an oriental express and everything seems to be quite unusual. Or else their husbands seemed to sit on a fence and smoke their pipe and watch them.

May 17th. Because it was farms. So now I am going to get dressed and go to the dining car and look for some American gentleman and hold a conversation. So I do not think we care to meet any gentlemen who have been born and raised in the Central of Europe.

I mean I became quite depressed because if this is what Mr. I mean the more I travel and the more I seem to see other gentlemen the more I seem to think of American gentlemen. I mean Dorothy keeps trying to depress me because she keeps saying that I will probably end up in a farm in the Central of Europe doing a sister act with a plough.

Eisman thinks we American girls ought to learn I really think it is quite depressing. I mean Dorothy and I got up this morning and we looked out of the window of our compartment and it was really quite unusual. So Dorothy and I looked at two girls who seemed to be ploughing up all of the ground with only the aid of a cow and Dorothy said.

Spoffard is a very very famous Prespyterian and he is really much to Prespyterian to meet Peggy Hopkins Joyce.

I mean it was quite a co-instance. And all of we girls remember the time when he was in the Ritz for luncheon and he met a gentleman friend of his and the gentleman friend had Peggy Hopkins Joyce to luncheon and he introduced Peggy Hopkins Joyce to Mr. And I mean our family in Little Rock were really not so Prespyterian.

Spoffard I really became quite thrilled. Spoffard is one of the most famous familys in New York and he is not like most gentlemen who are wealthy. Well I went to the dining car and I met a gentleman who was quite a delightful American gentleman. So when I saw no one else but the famous Mr. So I thought I would sit at his table. So I thought it would be quite unusual for a girl like I to have a friendship with a gentleman like Mr. Spoffard turned on his heels and walked away.

So then I had to ask him about all of the money because all of the money they use in the Central of Europe has not even got so much sense to it as the kind of franks they use in Paris.

Spoffard be so Prespyterian. I mean it is unusual to see a gentleman who is such a young gentleman as Mr. Spoffard and Mr. Because it seems to be called kronens and it seems to take quite a lot of them because it takes Because all of we girls have tried very hard to have an introduction to Henry Spoffard and it was quite unusual to be shut up on a train in the Central of Europe with him.

I mean he is the gentleman who always gets his picture in all of the newspapers because he is always senshuring all of the plays that are not good for peoples morals. Spoffards morals and I really think it is wonderful to have such strong morals. So it really was quite unusual because Mr. Spoffard spends all of his time looking at things that spoil peoples morals. Spoffard really became quite intreeged. Because if that is all we Americans come to Europe to look at.

So this morning Dorothy and I asked the porter to bring us a bottle of champagne and we really did not know what to give him for a tip. Spoffard will have to meet Dorothy sooner or later and he might wonder what a refined girl like I was doing with a girl like Dorothy.

So we finally had to push him right out of the compartment. So then I asked him to tell me all about all of the money because I told him I always seem to think that a penny earned was a penny saved. And why, when he becomes a daddy, his testosterone level seems to plummet? And did you know Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? From the Hardcover edition.

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