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Watermarked PDF. $ $ Designed for use with the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, the d20 Menace Manual presents a host of. D20 Modern Menace Manual Art Gallery d20 Modern Menace Manual - Star DOWNLOAD PDF d20 Menace Manual A d20 ModernSupplement. Kheyli Nghan . MONSTERS. THAT TIME FORGOT. CONVERTING MONSTERS. When I was asked to help write the Menace Manual for the d20 MODERN Roleplaying Game, .

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D20 Modern - WOTC - Menace Manual - Oef We - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Adkison, and the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game by Bill Slavicsek, Jeff MANUAL, and URBAN ARCANA are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Star Wars. d20 Modern - Menace Manual (OEF).pdf. File history uploaded by Creator 3 years, 2 months ago. No preview is available for d20 Modern - Menace Manual.

Harriken headsnatcher fiend: Etoile are immune to electricity. A charred one can use this ability If faced with several opponents, it makes good use of its once per day. If threatened, a probe typi- the probes sometimes carve patterns into fields as mes- cally uses its dimension door ability to flee. If armor is noted in its entry, the traits.

A creature can gain this feat multiple times. Each has a number of unused action points equal to one-half its time the feat is taken, select a different type of alien craft. The creature takes no penalty on attack rolls may increase its bonus by taking levels in a character class. A creature without this feat takes the —4 nonproficient penalty when making attacks with an alien Abilities weapon. Though creatures have the same six ability scores as charac- ters do Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, 10 Wisdom, and Charisma , certain factors unique to creatures Flyby Attack The creature can attack on the wing.

Fly speed. Quadrupeds can carry heavier loads than Benefit: When flying, the creature can take a move bipedal characters. See Carrying Capacity on page of the action including a dive and another partial action at any d20 Modern Roleplaying Game. The creature cannot take a second Intelligence: A creature can speak all the languages men- move action during a round when it makes a flyby attack.

Any creature with an Intelli- Normal: Without this feat, a creature can take a partial gence score of 3 or higher understands at least one language. Some creatures lack certain ability scores.

Such a creature does not have a score of 0 in the ability it lacks—it has no score at all. The advancement entry indicates the increased Hit Dice and often size of the creature, or it indicates that the creature can advance by character class. In addition to the Multiattack feat cream, or a fear of clowns.

In the modern world, plutonium and country music can be as deadly to creatures as swords and assault rifles. Assigning Alien Craft Operation weaknesses to creatures gives under-powered or poorly The creature is proficient at operating one type of spacecraft equipped heroes a fighting chance. Table 8—26 in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game page Aversion: The creature finds the source repellant. On a lists many sources to which a creature may be vulnerable.

In the case of traveling sounds, the crea- sensation, or activity. How the creature interacts with a source ture moves away from the source as fast as it can, stopping of weakness is left up to the GM, although most sources must only when it can no longer hear it.

On a successful Will save, be in close proximity to the creature if not touching the crea- the creature overcomes its aversion and may approach the ture to affect it. GMs may roll randomly on the table, choose source freely. Pick an effect that seems appropriate for the crea- damage rolls, and skill checks. See Addiction, above. Easily resistible 10 Each effect lasts until the creature leaves the affected Moderate Strong 15 20 area and for 1d4 rounds afterward.

Even creatures immune to mind-affecting effects are susceptible to a source- 11 Overpowering 25 induced aversion.

The creature finds the source fascinating Creatures usually react to a source of weakness in one of and ceases all attacks and movement upon seeing, hearing, six ways: On a successful Will Addiction: The creature is compelled to ingest, imbibe, save, the creature negates the fascination and can act nor- or inhale the source. The source must be within 5 feet of the mally.

On a failed Will save, the creature can take no creature to affect it. On a failed save, the creature creature. Any time the creature is attacked or takes damage, spends a full-round action indulging its addiction, then may it gets a new save to negate the fascination. The creature is frightened by the source.

Will save, the creature flees from the source as fast as it can. On a speed, takes a —4 penalty on Strength and Dexterity- successful save, the creature overcomes the fear and can based skills, and cannot make Spot checks.

Foes gain a approach the source or otherwise act without penalty. The creature takes a —4 penalty to initiative ceptible to a source-induced fear. Contact with the source or proximity to the source casting spells with verbal components. The creature harms the creature in some fashion. On a successful Forti- cannot make Listen checks. GMs or spell-like special qualities. Each effect lasts 1d4 hours. The affecting effects are susceptible to a source-induced addiction.

On a successful Will save, the crea- special qualities. On a successful save, the crea- compelled creature seeks to possess it. On a successful save, the a symbol painted on a brick wall, it gets a new save every creature takes 5d6 points of damage instead. Even creatures immune to effects that require Fortitude Even creatures immune to mind-affecting effects are saves are susceptible to source-induced harm.

Each creature in this chapter has a complete entry giving its statistics and description. Anyone who has ever been to a zoo or watched nature programs on television has at least heard about some of the strangest animals on Earth. But the cryptids, xeno- forms, and other strange creatures whose existence the authorities keep secret from the public could fill a zoo the size of Staten Island. Sometimes, humanity runs across such creatures by pure coincidence.

Perhaps the most frightening creatures, though, are the ones that deliberately seek out human contact for dark reasons of their own—particularly the alien races with designs on planetary domination.

They secrete an extremely caustic substance that can eat through flesh and vegetable matter in mere seconds. Seemingly composed of low-density plasma, an acid rainer resembles a gigantic jellyfish. A dozen or more long, trailing tendrils hang beneath its massive, hemi- spherical body. Because its entire form is translucent, the few humans who have actually seen one have been unable to describe it accurately, and most have failed to recognize it as a creature at all.

An acid rainer feeds primarily on birds that it captures with its tentacles. Because of its great size and strength, however, it is quite capable of capturing and swallowing humans or other Medium-size creatures as well.

When an acid rainer dies, its body usually decomposes into harmless air long before it hits the ground. Fortunately for humankind, so few acid rainers exist that contact between the species is rare. Even though advancing tech- nology has made it possible for humans to invade the upper atmosphere more and more frequently, the translucent bodies of acid rainers make them difficult to spot.

Most verifiable encounters have occurred at lower altitudes, either on very high mountaintops, or when turbulence in the upper atmosphere such as a windstorm has forced the creatures closer to the ground. During particularly stormy 13 weather, suspected encounters have oc- curred at elevations as low as the Smokey Mountains of North America.

Such encounters are sporadic, however, since acid rainers have no more desire to stay at low altitudes than humankind has to keep them there. In combat, an acid rainer attacks with its ten- tacles, attempting to grab its opponent and haul LF it into the mouth situated in the underside of its crown. If pressed by a large group of opponents, the creature uses its acid spray ability.

Acid Rainer: Each creature within this ance 10, acid spray DC 19 , acid touch, darkvision 60 ft. Acid Touch Ex: Power Attack. An acid rainer has the traits and immunities common to elementals. Advanced Acid Rainer: See Special Qualities in Chapter Eight: Employing small, sophisticated, with a high degree of autonomy. An individual probe can act light constructs as probes, the grays surreptitiously col- on a staggeringly complex series of instructions for weeks at lected data about Earth, its inhabitants, and its defenses.

In the rare cases when probes are spotted, they An alien probe in flight looks like an erratically moving sometimes respond to attempts at communication, often light in the sky or a hovering ball of fire.

Because of its abil- by perfectly duplicating sequences of flashing lights. The An alien probe can move at mind-boggling speed, easily most famous sightings occurred during World War II, when keeping pace with automobiles or even effortlessly tagging several alien probes followed aircraft during missions, dodg- along with supersonic jet aircraft. It can also travel short dis- ing in and out of air engagements.

Pilots and crews who saw tances through solid matter by some means as yet not under- the probes over and over eventually developed a nickname stood by human science.

Probes frequently use this latter for them—foo fighters. Alien probes are also responsible for the phenomena Alien probes are not designed to fight, though they can known as crop circles.

Using their psionic telekinesis ability, defend themselves adequately. If threatened, a probe typi- the probes sometimes carve patterns into fields as mes- cally uses its dimension door ability to flee. If unable to do sages to the base ships that monitor them. Such symbols so, it attacks with its shock attack or its psionic abilities.

As an attack action, an alien probe can base. The technique is quite similar to those that human produce an extremely bright, blue-white light in a foot hunters and trappers once used to convey information— cone.

This light is not so much an attack form as a side effect marking trees and stones to tell others of the means by which the creature gathers data. Neverthe- less, exposure to the effect can cause mild dis- comfort or even harm to carbon-based life forms.

A creature that fails the saving throw by 5 or more is also para- lyzed until removed from the area.

A creature that fails the save by 10 or more experiences such severe swelling of the flesh that it is blinded as well as paralyzed. The paralysis and blindness last for 2d4 days, or until the victim receives medical attention Treat Injury DC An alien probe has the traits and immunities common to constructs.

Invisibility Su: This ability is usable at will, and the effect lasts until dismissed also a free action. Psionics Sp: At will—brain lock, daze, detect psionics, tailor memory, telekinesis. Dimension Door Sp: The probe must be in physical contact with the materials or crea- tures that it wishes to transfer. This ability is usable at will. Shock Ex: With a successful ranged touch attack, an Eight: Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Roleplaying alien probe can deal 2d6 points of electricity damage.

Game for more information. Supersonic Speed Ex: At will, an alien probe can shift Scent Ex: This ability allows a giant anaconda to detect into an accelerated mode of travel that exceeds supersonic approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by speed. Its fly speed changes to 4, feet good. It can sense of smell. Skill Bonuses: If it succeeds, it swal- sion door DC 14 , invisibility, psionics, shock, supersonic lows its opponent, automatically dealing bite damage.

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A successful grapple check allows the swallowed crea- Advancement: Dealing at least 30 points of damage to the but such instances are exceedingly rare. Even a common stomach Defense 18 in this way creates an opening large anaconda of great size poses little threat to an alert and enough to permit escape.

Once a single swallowed creature mobile person, but the giant anaconda is another matter. A Huge giant ana- size of a rowboat. Tiny, or Diminutive or smaller opponents. A giant anaconda can devour an alligator as swiftly as a common anaconda can swallow a mouse. Sightings of these monsters are thankfully rare, though human disappearances are common in and around the swamps where they dwell. Species Traits Constrict Ex: Improved Grab Ex: To use this ability, the giant anaconda must hit an oppo- nent at least one size category smaller than itself with either a bite or a tail slap attack.

If it KM gets a hold, it automatically deals bite or tail slap damage each round that the hold is maintained, and it can con- strict in the same round and attempt to swallow in the next round.

If the giant anaconda wishes, it can continue to attack with its tail or its bite not both while it grapples with its body, but it takes a —20 penalty on all grapple checks if it does so. Animated objects typically make excel- lent sentries, since they never need to eat or sleep.

An animated object resembles whatever it was before animation—a candlestick, weapon, vehicle, house, man- nequin, or any other object. However, its form has a certain fluidity and may appear bendable. An animated object attacks by slamming opponents with any appendages it possesses.

Species Traits Blind Ex: A sheetlike animated object such as a carpet or a drape can use this ability against an opponent up to three size categories larger than itself. The animated object makes a normal grapple check. The blinded creature cannot make Search, Spot, or Survival checks to track, and it takes a —6 circumstance penalty on all other checks related to perception such as Listen. Constrict Ex: A flexible animated object such as a rope or chain deals automatic slam damage with a successful grapple check against a target up to one size category larger than itself.

A Large or larger animated object flexible or not can make constrict attacks against multiple creatures at once. Each of the targets of such an attack must be at least two size categories smaller than the animated object and able to fit underneath it. An animated object has the traits and immu- Giant Anaconda: An object with multiple legs such as a table, chair, or statue Feats: Certain objects might also have other modes of move- Advanced Giant Anaconda: CR 15; Gargantuan animal; HD ment.

A rope or similar sinuous swim 40 ft. This attack deals bludgeoning Skills: Strength modifier. A trampled opponent can attempt Feats: Colossal Animated Object: FS 5 ft. The average adult boar stands 3 feet Skills: Its Feats: Wild boars are mostly herbivorous, feeding on grains, Large Animated Object: Boars travel in family groups, usually foraging in wild ranged; FS 10 ft.

Because of their unusually sharp struct, darkvision 60 ft. A surprised boar always attacks to give the rest of the herd time to escape. Wild boars are known for their ferocity. A boar is so fiercely aggressive in combat ranged; FS 15 ft. See struct, darkvision 60 ft. Scent Ex: This ability allows a boar to detect approach- Feats: Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game for details.

Gargantuan Animated Object: Boar Wild Pig: Fortunately for humankind, bodaks are far more common Feats: Few of these Advancement: In fact, encounters with bodaks are often followed by lights in the sky and visita- evil, just as humans do. A fraal slain by a force of evil tions by grays in search of their lost companions. Bodaks fight with their fists and their gaze attacks. They A bodak looks like a gnarled version of a gray, with its never speak, but they can understand Fraal. Its formerly large, dark eyes have turned milky- white, and its skin has turned from pale gray to a darker, Species Traits Acid and Fire Resistance 20 Ex: A bodak ignores the 18 more ashen shade.

A bodak ignores the first 15 points of damage dealt by any nonmagical weapon. Death Gaze Su: Electricity Immunity Ex: A bodak is immune to electricity damage. Flashbacks Ex: Occasionally, a bodak sees something that reminds it of its past life. When such a flash- back occurs, the bodak takes no actions for 1 round, though it can defend itself normally.

Thereafter, it takes a —2 morale DO penalty on all attack rolls directed at that opponent for the remainder of the combat. A bodak does not speak, but it can read, write, and understand Fraal.

Sunlight Vulnerability Ex: Each round of expo- sure to the direct rays of the sun deals 1 point of damage to the creature. A bodak has the traits and immunities common to undead.

The creature retains its humanoid type. Challenge Rating: Dodge, Improved Initiative. Special Qualities: A bogeyman retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains the additional spe- Advanced Bodak: CR 11; Medium-size undead; HD 12d12; hp cial qualities described below. A bogeyman heals 5 points of Con —, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha This ability does not 19 enable the bogeyman to regrow or reattach severed body parts. Despite the fanciful nature of such tales, the bogeyman is decidedly real.

A grim, purposeful figure bent on punishing the wicked, this creature haunts the dark woods and back alleys where people gather to pursue illicit activities. When they have completed their lascivious and immoral acts, the bogeyman emerges from hiding to slaughter them, one by one, in a gruesome and horrible fashion. The creature usu- ally leaves the lifeless bodies of its victims grotesquely dis- played to warn others that a similar fate awaits them.

Most terrifying is the fact that a bogeyman is extremely difficult to kill. Such creatures have been known to survive explo- sions, electrocution, immersion in freezing water, and even baths in hydrochloric acid.

d20 Modern - Menace Manual (OEF).pdf

A bogeyman begins life as a humanoid that feels a cer- tain moral superiority over others. At some point, it becomes consumed with a kind of diabolical might that enables it to exact righteous vengeance according to its own twisted agenda.

A bogeyman most often seeks out underage drinkers, recreational drug users, or people who engage in premarital sex for victims. A bogeyman looks the same as it did when it was a normal humanoid, except for a maniacal gleam in its eyes. Some bogeymen affect unusual clothing, masks, or other accoutrements in keeping with their combat style and need for anonymity.

A bogeyman attacks with slashing weapons and is fear- less in combat. No threat to its life holds it back from its self-appointed, grisly tasks. A bogeyman is immune to disease, pounds. Its face and body are humanlike except for several mind-affecting effects, necromantic effects, paralysis, distinctly feline features: It is not subject to nonlethal damage. Previous allegiances are lost; Replaced by an big cats.

Its body is covered in soft fur—usually black, allegiance to evil. Changed allegiances might cause the loss although almost any shade is possible. If desired, a cat of particular class abilities see Allegiances on page 37 of the folk can assume the form of a normal albeit a bit large d20 Modern Roleplaying Game. Same as the base creature, modified by new form. The creature most often takes cat form to hide or run ability scores.

A bogeyman gains the following ability Whatever its form, the mere presence of a cat folk evokes score increases: A bogeyman must have a irrational fear in normal felines, usually causing them to flee.

Manual d20 modern pdf menace

For its part, a cat folk is highly disdainful of normal cats, and Languages: A bogeyman rarely speaks, but it can read, it attempts to kill any that dare to enter its territory. Against could. A bogeyman gains Great Fortitude and Improved attack to gain time for either drawing a weapon or escaping. Damage Threshold as bonus feats, assuming that it meets the prerequisites and the base creature did not already have those feats.

As an attack or move action, a cat gained as a 1st-level human character. By character class. In cat form, the creature has the same phys- ical statistics and attributes as a normal cat see page in Bogeyman Tough Hero 9: A cat folk receives Alertness as a bonus Wis 14, Cha Law Enforcement. Claws Ex: A cat folk has retractable claws that function Skills: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Armor Proficiency critical hit on a natural Variety of slashing weapons.

A successful save means the feline is shaken but does not flee. Cat folk are sleek and dangerous humanoids that prowl Mesmerizing Gaze Su: Any mammalian creature within the cities of humankind. Though cat folk have integrated Charisma modifier or be dazed see page in the d20 fully into human society, most have found their way into Modern Roleplaying Game. These creatures are often found running Scent Ex: This ability allows a cat folk, regardless of its prostitution rings, setting up drug distribution networks, form, to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, or dealing in illicit goods.

They prefer to surround them- and track by sense of smell. See Special Qualities in Chapter selves with weak-willed humans whom they can coerce Eight: Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Roleplaying into performing most of their dirty work. Humans who ally Game for details with or work for these creatures walk a dangerous Slow Fall Ex: A cat folk ignores falling damage from tightrope—cat folk can be extremely capricious, switching heights of 30 feet or less.

When falling from a greater height, from generous benefactors to murderers over the tiniest it can attempt a Reflex save DC 15 to halve the damage. Cat folk prefer to live in luxury and tend to covet wealth and power.

Cat Folk: Glock 17 9mm autoloader , 50 rounds of ammunition, concealed carry holster, formal outfit. Talents Fast Hero: Talents Charismatic Hero: Glock 17 9mm autoloader , 50 rounds of ammunition, formal outfit, con- cealed carry holster, cell phone.

A charred one exists only to burn the living and exact revenge on those it holds responsible for its death. A charred one resembles a human being that has been burned to a blackened husk. Its glowing-red eyes glitter with hatred and malice.

A charred one speaks one language that it knew in life. Its voice sounds like crackling flames. Despite its solid appearance, a charred one has no physi- cal form and can glide through solid objects.

It gives off a shimmering, intense heat that can ignite flammable objects it touches. In combat, a charred one uses its incorporeal touch attack to set opponents afire. Charred One: Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Focus incorporeal touch. Advanced Charred One: Species Traits Fire Subtype: A charred one is immune to fire damage. Heat Su: This heat is usually enough to melt nonmagical teric ingredients.

Flammable items, such as irrevocably insane, but whether that result stems from the clothing, wood, or paper, are automatically ignited by the mind-bending complexity of the work or the constant touch of a charred one see Catching on Fire, page in the CREATURES.

A typical chemical golem stands about 9 feet tall and Incorporeal Subtype: A charred one has no physical weighs approximately 4, pounds. Although the mem- its own attacks pass through armor. If the charred one was created as the faint, acrid smell.

A chemical golem wears no clothing and result of arson or careless use of fire, it gains the ability to carries no possessions. This ability is similar to the A chemical golem is incapable of speech, though it can effect of a locate object spell as if cast by a 5th-level understand any language spoken by its creator. Acolyte , but the creature can locate only the creature In combat, a chemical golem strikes with its mighty fists.

A charred one can use this ability If faced with several opponents, it makes good use of its once per day. A charred one has the traits and immunities common to undead. Species Traits Berserk Ex: When the uncontrolled golem goes on a rampage, it attacks the nearest living creature. It no creature is within reach, it smashes some object smaller than itself, then moves on to spread more destruction.

Once the golem goes berserk, no known method can reestablish control. Breath Weapon Ex: Once every 1d4 rounds, a chemical golem can breathe a foot cone of acid and toxic fumes. Each creature in the area takes 5d6 points of acid damage Reflex half and 1d4 points of Constitution damage Forti- tude negates. Chemical Healing Ex: A chemical golem does not heal normally, but it can drink toxic liquids such as acid, poison, or cleaning supplies to heal itself.

The creature heals 1 point of damage per 8 points of Purchase DC that it consumes in toxic chemicals. A chemical golem has no ability to discern which substances can heal it, so its creator must either command it to drink the appropriate chemicals on the spot or provide it with precise commands and a ready supply so that it can heal itself. A chemical golem gains no benefit from drinking a sub- stance not considered immediately harmful to humans.

The consumed liquids mix with the chemicals inside the golem and are destroyed. A chemical golem has the traits and immunities common to constructs. A chemical golem ignores the first 15 points of damage dealt by any non- magical weapon. A neutralize poison spell or effect slows the creature Skills: Rupture Ex: If the chemical golem takes at least 10 Advancement: Every creature in the area takes 10d6 points of Skills: Chemical Golem: A chimpanzee is generally humanoid in form, although all Chimpanzee: Wis 14, Cha 8.

Species Traits Feats: Weapon Finesse slam. To use this ability, the chim- Advancement: On a successful , these bizarre creatures are actually throwbacks to the hit with such an attack, it automatically deals bite and Mesozoic era.

Drifting high in the sky, nearly invisible to the slam damage to its foe. See Special Qualities in Chapter naked eye, they have coexisted peacefully with humankind Eight: Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Roleplaying for millennia.

A chimpanzee gains Weapon Finesse slam A Crawfordsville monster appears as a gigantic amoeba floating through the air. A typical specimen measures 20 as a bonus feat. The creature Skill Bonuses: Ordinarily, a Crawfordsville monster is completely SW transparent except for its nucleus, but after absorbing a meal, its body takes on a pinkish-red hue that lasts for several hours.

When in distress, a Crawfordsville mon- ster emits a piercing, wheezing noise that can be heard several hundred yards away. Crawfordsville monsters subsist primarily on birds that are attracted to certain pheromones the creatures emit. In recent years, however, these monsters have become much more aggressive, venturing down to the surface of the earth occasionally in search of humans and other land-based creatures to feed their insatiable appetites.

A Crawfordsville monster feeds by engulfing its prey, then secreting powerful enzymes to dissolve the food into a pinkish jelly. These aerial predators lived an idyllic life until the creation of modern aircraft, which have decimated their populations worldwide. A jet can blast through a Craw- fordsville monster with ease, causing only a ripple of turbulence for those inside the plane. A Crawfordsville monster attacks by slamming with its pseudopods, then attempting to grab and engulf its opponent.

Species Traits Acidic Enzymes Ex: These enzymes continue to dissolve the victim even after the attack, dealing 1d6 points of acid damage each round until the wound is washed with at least 1 pint of water or some other appropriate liquid.

Engulf Ex: A Crawfordsville monster can simply bowl over opponents up to one size category smaller than itself Create Crawling Claw as a attack action during a move action. Each Level: Mage 3; Components: V, S, M; Casting Time: Close 25 ft. Crawfordsville monster or a Reflex save DC 13 to avoid Severed human left hands within a 5-foot-radius circle; being engulfed. A successful saving throw indicates that the Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throw: Yes harmless monster moves forward.

A Craw- You create a number of crawling claws up to twice your fordsville monster cannot make a slam attack during a caster level.

The hands to be transformed must all be round in which it attempts to engulf, but each engulfed within a 5-foot-radius circle. Once created, the group of creature takes 2d6 points of acid damage on that round and crawling claws obeys your telepathic commands as long every round thereafter that it remains trapped. A Crawfordsville monster is immune to feet.

If you give the crawling claws simple standing damage from piercing weapons. A Crawfordsville monster orders to the best of their ability until you return and remains invisible even when attacking. Any creature that issue new orders. Otherwise, they mill about aimlessly, correctly discerns its location despite being unable to see it attacking anything that moves into their space. The Material Component: This ability is always active. They move about by walking on Ooze: A Crawfordsville monster has the traits and immu- their fingers in a spiderlike manner—in fact, they can easily nities common to oozes.

A Crawfordsville A crawling claw resembles a severed left hand. The stump monster takes double damage from attacks that deal sonic drips a clear ichor that exudes the faint scent of formalde- or concussion damage.

Though it is not intelligent, a crawling claw retains some Crawfordsville Monster: Reach 10 ft. CR 12; Gargantuan Construct: Animated by a mix of foul Advancement: Demonic Machine: Alertness, Improved Initiative. Demonic machines can function like normal machines of their kinds, and they often do so for long periods, just Advanced Demonic Machine industrial shredder: It attempts to draw its victim into its works and mangle or Con —, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 5.

Species Traits Charm Person Sp: Scientists and occultists argue as to whether these creatures Construct: A demonic machine has the traits and immu- come to Earth from other places or are created by dimen- nities common to constructs. Unlike most constructs, how- sional accidents.

Modern manual d20 pdf menace

Whatever their source, they can often be ever, it has an Intelligence score supplied by the demonic found near sites where great magic or dangerous experi- force that animates it. A demonic machine attempted.

Dimensional horrors make it their business to ignores the first 10 points of damage dealt by any non- guard such places from intrusion, killing any creature larger magical weapon. In campaigns without magic weapons, than a rabbit that approaches. Its black and purple Feats: Though technically a construct, a demonic carapace rises high over its shoulders to shield its head, machine is animated by a fell presence from beyond which is a nest of eyestalks, pincers, and tentacled, toothy Shadow.

From either side of this squirming mass juts a mas- beyond 1 HD. A demonic machine may make a grind attack blades of chitin.

Menace pdf manual modern d20

To use this ability, the demonic Invisible and intangible most of the time, dimensional machine must hit an opponent at least one size category horrors make ideal guardians.

Most interlopers who intrude smaller than itself with its claw attack. If it gets a hold, it on sites guarded by dimensional horrors simply vanish from automatically deals claw damage each round that the hold the world, never to be seen again.

Such places often earn is maintained, and it can grind in the next round. See Special reputations for being haunted or cursed. Local legends Qualities in Chapter Eight: Friends and Foes in the d20 may attribute the disappearances to an angry spirit, a fey Modern Roleplaying Game for more information.

Machine Possession: The animating force in a demonic Some scientists theorize that dimensional horrors pro- machine is a demon from beyond Shadow.

This creature can, tect rifts or tears in space—the larger the rift, the more at any time, choose to abandon one machine as a free dimensional horrors flock to defend it. Whether such action and possess another as an attack action.

Communication and negotiation with dimensional hor- Creatures within the coexistent dimension can see, hear, rors is impossible.

The creatures are incapable of speech, and affect each other normally, and they can also see and and they respond only to attacks and intrusions into the hear the normal world.

No visual cue differentiates crea- places they protect. A dimensional horror, however, innately knows attempts to grab a single creature and drag it back into which of the two dimensions any creature within range of whatever dimension or space it normally inhabits, thereby its blindsight occupies. Once it reaches the A dimension-shifted creature is unable to affect anything safety of its own reality, the dimensional horror can focus in the normal world and can pass through nonshifted all its fury on its prisoner.

Reliable reports of such attacks objects harmlessly. The coexistent dimension effectively are understandably rare, but from the few that exist, lacks gravity, so a shifted creature can move about at its researchers postulate that dimensional horrors have some base speed in any direction or orientation it desires. How- capacity to judge the threat that intruders represent.

A dropped object falls at the same horrors have been known to track those they view as per- rate as it would in the normal world and comes to rest on sistent threats up to miles to eliminate them. Species Traits Though the coexistent dimension has no atmosphere as 27 Blindsight Ex: A dimensional horror can ascertain all such, any shifted creature can breathe normally there.

These creatures and objects within 30 feet in both the normal world and its own coexistent dimension. Although a dimensional horror can be blinded and deafened normally, nothing can rob it of its blindsight. To use this ability, the dimen- sional horror must hit a single opponent that is its own size category or smaller with both claw attacks in the same round. If it gets a hold, it automatically deals damage for two claw attacks each round that the hold is maintained, and it can attempt to use its shift dimension ability see below in the same round.

Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Role- playing Game for more information on the improved grab ability. This ability allows a dimensional horror to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell. See Spe- cial Qualities in Chapter Eight: The dimensional horror may use its scent ability against creatures in the normal world even while it is in its coexistent dimension see below.

Shift Dimension Su: This ability, usable at will, allows the dimensional horror to move from the normal world to a coexistent dimension or back again as a free action.

Any creature in this alternate dimension is invisi- ble and intangible with respect to the normal world. Creatures there cannot see or hear dimensionally shifted creatures; to anyone watching a shift from the normal world, it appears that the DO affected creature simply ceases to exist. Many dimension as long as it wishes.

Any other shifted creature people died to bring these items into being, and many more or object remains there as long as it is grappled or held by will die unless they can be put to good use. When Dimensional Transformer: Acting on the few available that time elapses, the creature instantly shifts back to the reports of the coexistent dimension inhabited by dimen- normal world.

When a dimensional horror dies, all crea- sional horrors, scientists set to work attempting to access it. Creatures that arrive in the normal shifted to this dimension and then only for short periods. The result of 1d6 points of damage for each 5 feet so traveled.

The this development is the dimensional transformer. Once activated a move action , the dimen- when they automatically shift back to the normal world, sional transformer shifts any bullet fired from the gun into 28 they will not be obvious.

True seeing, see invisibility, and similar effects make the realm of the dimensional horrors. The bullet shifts just before leaving the barrel and remains in the other dimen- dimensionally shifted creatures visible to creatures in the sion for only a few seconds.

D20 Modern - WOTC - Menace Manual - Oef We

This effect allows the wielder normal world, and dispel magic returns them there, auto- to fire at dimensional horrors and other shifted targets matically breaking the grapple of any dimensional horrors even though they are not visible or tangible. The effects of that hold them. Nevertheless, a few technological useful in many encounters with dimensional horrors. The items have been created to combat these terrors from device can shift bullets before it burns out and beyond see the New FX Equipment sidebar.

An interesting side effect of the dimensional transformer Dimensional Horror: The bullets had no effect on the dimen- SQ blindsight 30 ft. When fired in the coexistent dimension, a Cha Multiattack, Track. For- Advancement: The potential of the Advanced Dimensional Horror: Small; Purchase DC: A shift detector looks like a bulky, Int 9, Wis 15, Cha Cleave, Multiattack, Power Attack, Track.

Alternatively, the small that it cannot swallow anything larger than 18 inches device can be wired to a networked alert system that relays in any dimension. Though its teeth are extremely sharp, they the alarm elsewhere. The field projects outward from the are better suited for grabbing, holding, and swallowing than shift detector in a to foot radius, and it can detect for chewing or tearing.

In fact, evidence suggests that ple- shifted creatures within or on the other side of objects. It cannot the stomach to aid in the digestive process. Medium; Purchase DC: A plesiosaur might nudge a boat a Shift Extender: Scientists have been unable to perfect few times in an attempt to determine its nature or gain its any means of transferring creatures or objects as large as attention.

If the occupants prove to be aggressive, the dimensional horrors from one dimension to another. Beyond incidents amount of time a creature remains shifted once a dimen- of this nature, however, plesiosaurs rarely attack humans. Their primary interests are eating and self-defense. Though it is somewhat awkward to use, this device, called a shift extender, has proven to be highly useful in fighting dimensional horrors.

Species Traits A shift extender is a surprisingly small device about the size and shape of a brick, with two nets made of long wires Scent Ex: This ability allows a plesiosaur to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by 29 sense of smell. When these nets are Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game wrapped around a creature or object weighing no more than for details.

Both the shift extender and its attachment remain shifted for an extra 2d10 rounds beyond the usual 1- minute duration after release in the coexistent dimension. If the wearer of the device is grappled again by a dimensional horror during this period, the device resets, providing another 2d10 rounds of extra time after the next release. When the extra time has elapsed, the device and the object or creature to which it is attached return to the normal world. If desired, the wearer can return to the normal world before the time is up by manually shutting off the device.

Doing so requires a move action to discon- nect the cables. Military; Weight: Plesiosaurs are intelligent as animals go, and they seem to be highly curious, especially about ships and other waterborne ves- sels.

Scientists have speculated that their interest stems from the fact that, at least in silhouette, a boat somewhat resembles the body of a plesiosaur. Averaging 45 feet long and weighing several thousand pounds, a plesiosaur is only nominally amphibious.

Though it can travel out of water for short distances, it does so only with great difficulty because its mass is a hindrance without the added buoyancy of water. Standing almost 20 feet tall, the tyrannosaur is a biped Feats: Its heavy, tapered skull features Advancement: Its almost vestigial forelimbs seem tiny com- pared to the rest of its bulk.

Tyrannosaurs roar primarily at dusk and dawn, when the pterosaurs, and the one that has survived the longest. Sight- noise carries over longer distances. Such reports may have always predators.

If they can get food more easily by scav- grown into the dragon legends that abounded in Europe and enging than by hunting, they do so. When it does stalk prey, China during the Middle Ages. It has a long, whiplike tail that trails when possible, then lurks until a good opportunity for attack presents itself. The moment its potential prey is dis- out behind it as it glides through the air.

To use this ability, the tyrannosaur feet above the ground as they search for prey. Despite must hit an opponent two or more size categories smaller documented incidents in which pteradons have attempted than itself with its bite attack.

If it gets a hold, it shakes the to carry off pets and small children, these creatures seem to grabbed opponent back and forth, automatically dealing prefer the role of scavenger to that of predator. Pteradons bite damage each round. Once the opponent stops resisting, are easily frightened by creatures and objects their own size the tyrannosaur attempts to swallow on its next turn.

See or larger, such as cars, trucks, and other dinosaurs; however, Special Qualities in Chapter Eight: Friends and Foes in the they fiercely stand their ground against smaller opponents, d20 Modern Roleplaying Game for more information. This ability allows a tyrannosaur to detect A pteradon attacks with its massive beak and sharp approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by talons. When attacking from the air, it generally tries to sense of smell.

If a tyrannosaur begins its turn struggling victims, so this maneuver may be repeated several with an opponent two or more size categories smaller than times with particularly feisty prey.

Modern menace pdf d20 manual

If it succeeds, it Species Traits swallows its opponent, automatically dealing bite damage. A successful grapple check allows the swallowed for details. Alternatively, the swallowed Spd 20 ft. Diminutive or smaller opponents. Dex 12, Con 19, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha A doom hag has the traits and immunities Skills: It is said that these foul creatures are the with- Con —, Int 15, Wis 17, Cha Simple Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy, Weapon 31 hag resembles a grizzled crone.

It is always clad in a Focus claw. Instead of walking, the doom hag floats a few inches above the ground, letting its gnarled feet dangle uselessly below. When a doom hag dies, its form dissolves into a foul-smelling vapor that forever taints the surrounding landscape.

A doom hag typically uses its confusion ability to get a potential victim thoroughly lost before closing in for the kill. Despite its emaciated appearance, a doom hag is incredibly strong and can rend flesh with ease.

Species Traits Confusion Sp: Mimicry Ex: A doom hag can imi- tate but not necessarily understand the sounds made by any person or animal it hears. Natural Invisibility Su: During day- light, a doom hag is naturally invisible and remains so even when attacking. This ability is always active, but the doom hag can suppress it for 1 round with a successful Concentration check DC A new check at the same DC is required for each sub- sequent round that it wishes to remain visible.

The doom hag is visible from sundown to sunup. Special Qualities in Chapter Eight: Intoxicating Fruit Ex: The fruit of a dread tree pro- gained a modicum of sentience, a streak of cruelty, and a duces a scent that is extremely intriguing to mammals. Any craving for blood. Once These fell creatures are typically found in the least there, the creature must make another successful Will save explored regions of the world, although occasionally a same DC or pick and eat the fruit.

A creature too small to dread tree has appeared in a populated area. A forest that reach the branches eats fruit that has fallen from the tree. The toxin the general area around it.

A dread tree resembles an ancient oak with black bark Plant: Dread trees have the traits and immunities and huge, glossy leaves that droop heavily from its branches. Anyone who stares long enough at its trunk can discern a Skills: Because a dread tree is intelligent, it gains skill twisted, evil-looking face in the bark.

A dread tree has at points as if it were an animal. These mis- Smash Ex: A dread tree can smash a grappled opponent shapen branches are much more noticeable in the winter into its trunk or on the ground, dealing slam damage every 32 months, when the tree loses its foliage. One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook.

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