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Citrix XenApp and Desktop (Studio) Questions & Answers. What is FMA? In addition, mention the major differences between IMA and FMA Architecture. From . Citrix Interview Questions Answers Guide - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. citrix. Citrix-xen-Desktop Interview Questions and Answers - Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. queriesss.

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With Citrix, one can access the customized application and can also Top 20 Citrix Interview Questions & Answers . Download PDF. Top 20 Citrix Interview Questions & Answers. 1) Explain what is Citrix? It is an application deployment system. With Citrix, one can access the customized. Also visit Citrix Xenapp jobs interview questions and answers page to get more . a platform-independent “electronic paper” similar to Adobe's PDF format.

Load balancing is a feature that distributes client requests across servers for optimum utilization of the resources. Terminal service role Application server role Iis role A database Jre 1. Clipboard policy, drive mapping policy, printer policy, universal printer policy, Universal profile management 4. If there are problems. Administrators D.

DAT B. An administrator has been monitoring activity on the XenApp servers and determined that most users in an environment access published resources Monday through Friday between 7: Which component should the administrator configure to complete this task?

MAN D. Health Monitoring and Recovery D. A company has six servers in the farm. A resource-intensive application is published on five of the servers. The administrator would like to consolidate the number of active sessions outside of this time period to five servers. Load balancing policies B. Provide Server 1 with a lower priority than the other servers. LOG C. An administrator needs to create a load evaluator that reports a full load when the Provide Server 1 with a higher priority than the other servers.

Power and Capacity Management Answer: There are 20 servers in a farm. If Server1 becomes unavailable. Create two worker groups and configure a load balancing policy. Load Throttling D. The administrator must also ensure that only users in a particular location can access the five servers hosting the application.

Citrix-xen-Desktop Interview Questions and Answers

The Austin user accounts and servers Answer: A farm contains 10 servers. Scheduling C. An administrator wants to set the preference for user connections from Austin to three specific servers. The three specific servers D. Which load evaluator would the administrator use to meet the requirements of the scenario? Advanced load evaluator assigned to the application Answer: An application is published on two of the servers.

An administrator needs to apply a load evaluator that reports a full load when the number of users connecting to the application exceeds The servers in the farm B. The Austin user accounts C. Default load evaluator assigned to the server B.

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Server User Load Answer: Custom load evaluator assigned to the server C. A company has nine servers in the farm. Which two load management rules must the administrator configure for the load evaluator? What must the worker group contain to direct Austin user sessions to these servers? IP Range B. Custom load evaluator assigned to the application D. Only users connecting from client devices within a certain IP address range can access published resources on servers.

A company has published a memory-intensive application on all servers in the farm. Maximum load for servers must be determined by read and write operations. Secure Ticket Authority Answer: All servers have enough memory to run the application when other sessions NOT running the memory-intensive application are running on the server. A resource. Terminal Services B. Which two should the administrator monitor? How can the administrator ensure that the application will only be started on a server when it has sufficient resources available?

By default.

Questions answers and interview pdf citrix

Maximum load for servers must be determined by page swaps. The number of users allowed to connect to a selected application needs to be limited to When CPU or memory usage reaches 90 percent. The number of users allowed to connect to a server should be limited to An administrator needs to schedule availability of selected servers or applications.

Which action must the administrator take to resolve this issue? They are complaining that the default printer in their published applications is NT the same as the default printer on their workstations. Use the Active Directory group policy to block driver installation.

Make sure the client Default printer option is disabled in the settings tab of the connection properties in the Citrix Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration tool. Configure the Server User Load rule to 50 sessions in a custom load evaluator and assign it to the applications. Users from the marketing department need to print on several printers. Configure the automatic installation of in-box printer drivers policy. Configure the Server User Load rule to 50 sessions in a custom load evaluator and assign it to the servers.

Create a user policy. Enable the Printer driver mapping and compatibility policy. Use Windows Print Management. An administrator published the application with the option "Start this application without waiting for printers to be created" enabled.

Filter the policies based on Users. A Citrix administrator of a large hospital's IT infrastructure is asked to configure XenApp printing for nurses who move between workstations.

Filter the policies based on Client Name. Citrix universal printing is a solution that will allow a XenApp server to act as a print server. Configure a Session Printers policy for each subnet. Filter the policies based on Access Control.

The administrator needs to make sure users always print to the network print device closest to the device they are connecting from. All terminals are configured to connect to a Web Interface server. Configure an Auto-create clientprinters policy for each group of machine IDs.

How will the administrator complete this task? Citrix universal printing is a solution that allows printing without the need to install a local printer. Filter the policies based on Client IP address. Citrix universal printing is a solution that will allow printing regardless of the operating system of the client device. Citrix universal printing is a solution that allows users to print whether or not the correct print drivers are installed Answer: The drivers on the client and server are named differently.

Using theXenApp Services site section. The printing profile must be redirected to the client device. Using theXenApp Web site section. An administrator needs to configure a Web Interface server to connect multiple XenApp farms so that users can access their applications using the local start menu on their PC with the Citrix online plug-in.

Citrix XenApp Interview Questions & Answers

Default printers B. A printer must be available while disconnected. How can the administrator configure the Web Interface server using the Web Interface Management Console for this scenario? A specific driver is not allowed on the server. Which policy must the administrator implement to accomplish this? Using theXenApp Web site management section.

Universal printing D. Auto-create generic universal printer Answer: An environment contains a previously configured XenApp Services site that points to the original XenApp farm. Session printers C. Select the access method 'Translated'. Kerberos authentication needs to be enabled in the properties of the Authentication method. Select the access method 'Direct'. An administrator is implementing an Access Gateway solution and needs to configure the internal Web Interface server for use with an external Access Gateway.

The administrator has already created a new XenApp Web site named "external. Select the access method 'Alternate'.

Select the access method 'Gateway Direct'. The Secure Access Method needs to be configured to 'Gateway direct'. Which change needs to be made to the XenApp Services web site in order to provide secure access to XenApp resources through the Secure Access Gateway device?

Which option most thoroughly describes the required steps? Some users will use pass-through with smart card authentication. In the datacenter on the same subnet asXenApp servers B. Enable both authentication methods for a single Web Interface site. One in the datacenter. The XenApp farm is configured with the default settings. EnableExplicit authentication to allow the site to adapt the authentication method. Click on the 'Exhibit' button to review the scenario. In the XML Service field.

Create a Web Interface Services site and apply both authentication methods. One web server in each office to be accessed by local users C. An administrator has just configured a Web Interface server.

What must the administrator do to satisfy the requirements of these users? In the Authentication methods field. The administrator wants to configure Web Interface so users can access their applications using a browser.

Which location for the Web Interface servers will optimize the enumeration speed of user applications? The datacenter for the XenApp servers is miles from office "A" and miles from office "B". In the Resourcestypes field.

An administrator wants to configure the enumeration speed for two Web Interface servers to ensure the fastest response time possible for users. Enable Pass-through authentication to pass the Windows logon method to a site. What is the issue in this scenario? In the XML port field. To increase the high availability of the solution. Users currently access the installed applications on the XenApp servers using the Citrix online plug-in configured with the URL of a XenApp Services site configured for online access.

An administrator wants to add the ability to stream applications to XenApp servers in an environment in order to cut down on the number of applications installed and managed.

What must the administrator configure to ensure that users can still connect to their applications even in the event of a Web Interface server failure? Install the Citrix offline plug-in on theXenApp servers. A company has successfully implemented a XenApp farm together with a dedicated Web Interface server.

Which two steps are required to achieve the desired functionality? Install the Citrix offline plug-in on the user's client device. Create a newXen App Services site and choose the 'Offline' resource type. Which two actions could an administrator take to reduce start-up time? Under the Advanced security tab. Several printers are set up on each user's Windows workstation. How should an administrator resolve this issue? Set up Auto-created printer creation after application launches. Remote Desktop Services Manager Answer: Reduce the number of print drivers loaded at start-up.

Users are complaining on a daily basis that XenApp published applications take too long at start-up. Performance monitor B. Add the site to the Local Intranet trusted sites. Windows Task Manager C. Set up only the default printer on the client to be Auto-created. Which two tools will allow the administrator to accomplish the reset against a remote server?

Interview and answers pdf citrix questions

Delivery Services Console D. Reset the client Internet Explorer setting to the default to allow ActiveX controls. What is the value the administrator will see displayed for a server with 17 users with active connections and two disconnected sessions? Which two issues could cause the problem? Some users complain that they cannot reconnect to their disconnected sessions. After investigation. Logons have been disabled for Serverl B. Session reliability has been enabled on Server1 Answer: Online plugin is not installed on Serverl C.

The driver is not supported. The driver is on the blacklist in the Printer driver mapping and compatibility policy. The user is running a terminal device. Using a custom load evaluator that utilizes only the Server User Load with the default setting. The user is running an outdated online plug-in. Which troubleshooting step should the administrator take? Verify a network printer is set up on the client device.

C http: Using a data store ensures a scalable and flexible system for managing your servers. Verify that the Auto-create clientprinters policy rule does not prohibit printer creation. The data store maintains information about the servers. The default port is For each server farm.

It uses a single port at the MetaFrame server. Check that Session printing is enabled in the Citrix policy. It contains information about The data store provides a repository of persistent information about the farm that Each server can reference.


Citrix Presentation Server uses the data store to centralize configuration information for a server Farm in one location. Install the Universal Print driver on the client device. Configuration for the ICA protocol is straightforward. Zone data collectors are communication gateways between zones in farms that have more than one zone.

27 Citrix Interview Questions and Answers

The local host cache also provides redundancy of the data store information. A subset of data store information. Zones are designed to enhance the performance of a farm by allowing Geographically related servers to be grouped together.

Each farm has at least one zone. The IMA Service starts automatically when a server is started. IMA is a centralized management service comprised of a collection of core Subsystems that define and control the execution of products in a server farm. IMA enables servers to be arbitrarily grouped into server farms that do not depend on the physical locations of the servers or whether the servers are on different network subnets. Zone data collectors communicate information used by MetaFrame Presentation Server to list available applications for users and.

IMA runs on all servers in the farm. If changes were made. RAID 5 is striped. RAID 5 uses multiple disk actuators that provide improved read and write performance. In addition. RAID 1 provides high fault tolerance and can improve read performance. It is the best configuration for both redundancy and performance. With disk mirroring. It is a striped and fully mirrored set of disks.

Citrix does not recommend the use of RAID 0 for critical data. The parity information is used to recreate data on a replacement disk. More actuators improve read and write performance.

The savings realized from purchasing fewer disks does not typically make up for the costs resulting from downtime and support. See the table below for information about cost.

How does Citrix load balancing work? When a client initiates a connection to the server. The loss of two disks in a group at one time cannot be sustained. If one disk in a RAID 5 group fails. RAID 1 writes the data twice. Because of this. A logical representation of a server or an application running on a server. An entity that is represented by an IP address.

The IP address of the service is taken as the name of the server object. The NetScaler uses a number of algorithms. You can also create a server object and then create services by using the server object. The following table provides an overview of the features available with each of these protocols: The client sends connection requests to this IP address.

The services are bound to the vservers. Identifies the server's IP address. If a server does not respond within a specified response timeout. An entity that tracks the health of the services. The server object is created when you create a service. The NetScaler periodically probes the servers using the monitor bound to each service. The NetScaler then performs load balancing among the remaining services.

The vserver represents a bank of servers. A typical load balancing deployment consists of the entities described in the following figure The entities function as follows: The default load balancing method is the Least Connections method. ICA File. What is contained inside an ica File File type: How would you go about figuring out the problem?

What tools would you use? CMD file that runs every time a user logs into Citrix. Query command in citrix? CMD runs the application scripts that fix user level problems with certain applications. Automatic client update Administrative means for updating client connection software from the server Pre-configured client Predefined client with published applications. This variable is used by the Logon Script to identify the user's home directory.

NET thin clients. CMD file is run. It is configured to run automatically when each user logs in. IP addresses. This file has two functions: What is the requirement for Citrix server installation?

Citrix Interview Questions Answers Guide

Windows Server Standard. Printers that are defined for users in their ICA sessions based off the list of network printers defined on the client machine. NET Framework Version 2. It also prevent singel of failure of all citrix servers due to load balanced capabilities. Hotkeys Tab. What is Farm? Citrix farm is a collection of citrix servers which provide published applications to all users. So if you add that hotkey combo into the default. Any printer available to a user before an ICA session is launched.

Autoretained Printers: These are client printers that are added by the user within an ICA session through the Add Printer wizard by browsing and connecting to printers enumerated through the client network print provider. Autocreated printers use the ICA printer naming convention. Autorestored Printers: A manually created client printer attached to a standard client printer port.

With the use for both this data collector and data store we can manage a farm. Its like a mini data base, for example if a XENAPP server losses its connectivity to data store then it will use the information it has in its local host cache. Terminal service role Application server role Iis role A database Jre 1. Hosted app is an application that are hosted in citrix xen app servers and are accessed by clients remotely. Streamed apps comes with platinum edition and here the vdisk is provisioned by a provisioning server to target devices.

Move application to xenapp, search and anaylize, virtualize and validate. Citrix client network: Citrix encryption service Citrix health monitoring and recovery Citrix IMA Citrix licenses management console Citrix license Citrix ls port updater service Print manger Secure gate way Streaming service Virtual memory optimization Wm service. Citrix XML broker behaves as an intermediary between the web interface and farm. It receives the credentials of the user from the web interface.

It retrieves the applications that have user permission to access. It is done by independent management architecture and returns to the web interface. XML broker detects the server in the farm, once the user is authenticated. It returns the address of the service rendering server to the web interface. It functions between IMA service and web interface. The LHC information is found in the file imalhc. Citrix receiver is a collection of suite of products that enables client devices to connect to various desktop virtualization services offered by Citrix.

It also enables instant access to the users and secure access to the company.