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Novels: Double Dealing (). Trading Secrets (). Amaryllis (). Zinnia () Amanda Glass. Shield's Lady Ann Krentz Book List. Amanda Quick. You can download a pdf file containing Jayne Ann Krentz's complete book lists, Amanda Quick. Jayne Castle. Novels: Guinevere Jones: Candlelight Ecstasy. Ravished is one of my all-time favorite Amanda Quick novels. It's a wonderful Free download or read online Ravished pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of this .

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by Amanda Quick. ·. ··4, Ratings. As a private investigator employed by marriage-minded women, Charlotte Arkendale has made a lucrative career. Amanda Quick, a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz, is a bestselling, award- winning There are over twenty-five million copies of her books in print, including. Thank you definitely much for downloading scandal amanda quick. My favorite Amanda Quick novels are her earliest ones, such as Desire, Dangerous.

Paperback —. Download Hi Res. At Close Range. Nov 25, Sometime rated it really liked it Shelves: Showing I wanted to shake her after a bit. Plotwise, I found it very slow at first.

The Sunday Times Bestseller. Deep Time: Department 6 Complete Collection: Devil In My Bed: Down with Love: Earth Zero: Falling for Mr. Friedrich Nietzsche: Ghost Girl: Gift-Wrapped Governess: Good Food good mood: Grave Memory: Haine s.

Halte au porno: Harlequin Heartwarming June Box Set: Heart of Obsidian: Heir of the Hamptons: Hemingway's Chihuahua: Home on the Ranch: Hot Winter Nights: How Firm a Foundation: I Loved a Rogue: Immortal Ever After: Innovons dans le cochon!

Iron Gray Sea: J'ai encore menti! Kissed by a Dark Prince: Last Kiss Goodnight: Le Cuisinier parisien: Le Diable dans la ville blanche: Le glas de l'innocence: Tome 5: Le Manifeste du Parti Communiste: Le vivant Fiche notion: Les philosophes sur le divan. Les Rouages du Yi Jing: Les Somber Jann: London's Perfect Scoundrel: Lord Dashwood Missed Out: Lover at Last: Lover Reborn: Luther's Return: Maintenant que tu le dis Manger juste! Meant for Me: Les recettes en mijoteuse Slow Cooker: Mort en eaux grises: Mortis Vampire Series: Mourir sur Seine: Fitzwilliam Darcy: Ne cherche pas et tu trouveras: Nine Perfect Strangers: Now Lovers: Ocean Light: Old Man's War Series: One in a Million: I will say I actually enjoyed their relationship a bit more before they married, when Augusta was doing her best to convince Harry why she was unsuitable for him.

I loved how upset he'd get with some of her schemes. After they married, there was still plenty of that, but it seemed like after I adored this book. After they married, there was still plenty of that, but it seemed like after the wedding Augusta was trying a little harder to please her new husband.

Even though she still got into plenty of trouble the scene where she was coaching her cousin in how to "train" a husband had me laughing out loud she wasn't seeking it out quite as much and did a bit more apologizing than I cared for afterward. There were a few reasons I took a star off the score.

For one, Harry was a bit autocratic and far too happy to try to change Augusta, considering her wildness was part of the reason he had decided on her as his wife. Also, like Harry, I found the constant references to the Northumberland Ballingers as an excuse for Augusta's behavior to grow very tiresome.

It was like she didn't even think of herself as a person with her own thoughts and desires -- rather, she was just an extension of the Northumberland Ballingers. I also felt that the identity of Spider was rather obvious from the beginning -- although maybe it was supposed to be. It's worth noting here that by the end of the book both characters had made some compromises and changes for the other, so the above gripes were not that big a deal.

The bottom line is that this book was incredibly fun and I found myself not wanting to put it down. I enjoyed the heck out of it and, as I have not read much Amanda Quick yes, I'm aware it's one of Jayne Ann Krentz's many pseudonyms, but I haven't read much of the stuff she's done as Amanda Quick , I look forward to reading more.

Jan 18, Indiana rated it liked it Shelves: Enjoyed it. Ever looked at your bookshelf and noticed you had a ton of books by one author but not really remembered what you liked about them? So I decided to give them a quick re-read to see if I still wanted to keep them. I inadvertently started with the fourth novel she published because I forgot the earlier three were elsewhere on my bookshelf.

In any case this one is Enjoyed it. In any case this one is probably my favorite sort of Quick — where you have the sensible and intelligent but impulsive heroine Augusta Ballinger, last of the reckless Northumberland Ballingers and the bookish hero who was a spy during the Napoleonic wars and can wield a sword as well as a pen Harry Fleming, Earl of Graystone.

Putting it back on the shelf to keep. I have read and re-read this book so many times I have lost count. Whenever I am in the mood for a lighthearted, funny, romantic, sexy Regency I always fall back on all my old favorite Amanda Quick books.

The heroines are always sweet and quirky and the heroes are always dark and needing of some major love in their lives. They never disappoint. In this case Augusta Ballinger of the Northumberland branch of the family certainly gives Harry, the Earl of Graystone a run for his money. The whole idea I have read and re-read this book so many times I have lost count. The whole idea of Pompeia's a gentlemen's club for females is brilliant. Poor Harry, comes off as a stuffy, proper peer when in actuality he was a spy for the English in the Napoleonic Wars.

I love these books because overall the characters are usually pretty straight forward with each other. Not a lot of silly misunderstandings and while the sex is not over the top it is still hot and sweet.

Jul 09, Jaime added it Shelves: Can't remember a darned thing about it. Was this the one where the shy heroine tames the mysterious, brooding aristocrat or the one where the impetuous heroine shakes up the coolly reserved aristocrat Nov 15, Elaine rated it it was amazing.

I enjoyed this one very much. It kept me interested. Nov 27, Meredith rated it it was ok Shelves: No wonder I don't own this one. Not one of Quick's best books, heroine is particularly annoying to me to the point I wanted to smack her myself. Jun 11, Zel Polev rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I think this book was all over the place as if it couldn't make up whether it wanted to be a spy novel or a romance. I wasn't bowled over the romance.

There was just a disconnect.

Amanda Quick

I wasn't charmed by the characters. In fact, I felt the romance was too forced. She protested over his serious nature always saying he would not marry someone like her. As far as I knew, they don't have too many interactions.

It was just kind of weird for her to imagine his plans or lack of plans of marrying her. Also, I think this book was all over the place as if it couldn't make up whether it wanted to be a spy novel or a romance. Also, there was way too much title dropping. Yes, I know the name of the novel is Rendezvous, I couldn't take it seriously when Harry kept dropping the line.

I could almost imagine him breaking the fourth wall and saying Rendezvous dramatically after a pause. The story revolves around Augusta and Harry. Augusta is from the impulsive family branch of the Ballingers. She is reckless and is prone to trouble. Harry, the straitlaced scholar who is also an ex-spy, chose Augusta to be his wife.

He tries to reform her for his perfect wife but things go awry. The first part involves their "courtship" or lack thereof. He announced his marriage without asking her. She thought he meant Claudia and offered to retract.

He did not want that and slightly seduced her. He used that to bind her to the marriage. When she got into trouble with Lovejoy, she tried to save herself. He continually popped in to make sure she is safe. This involved breaking into Lovejoy's house and stealing her marker. They make love that night in a carriage and cemented their marriage. She moves to the country and meets his daughter. The daughter warms slowly to her but eventually grows to like her. She infused his household with laughter gaining the loyalty of his staff.

The marriage is happy for the most part except for their disagreement on her brother's past. She is a loyal person who values those she cares about with great importance. Her brother is accused of possible treason and she could not clear his name. She thought he was working as a spy, which Harry refutes on the account that he was a high-ranking official and would have known his subordinates. One of these disagreements culminated in a two day fight that revealed just how much she affected the household.

They made up and she gave up the poem that was a clue to the Spider's identity. The second part of the novel involves the mystery of Spider. He was a spy who have killed many men. Harry never found out his identity and it was a sore point. However, this clue reinvigorated his search where he found out that it was Lovejoy. Sarah got murdered along the way since she was the one who procured the list. She left the Pompeii club to Augusta. Everyone was sad since she was loved dearly. Lovejoy kidnapped Meredith and took Augusta when she tried to rescue the child.

Quick pdf amanda novels

He tried to make an escape in the wharf but Harry and Peter caught up to them. They found him out just in time. This book was underwhelming. I even found writing the summary to be quite boring but I suppose this is where I need it most. I am bound to forget because it wasn't really that memorable. I don't dislike that I read it but rather I don't care that I had.

It didn't charm me and I should have listened to my gut and put down the book. I had a feeling it wasn't that good and it really wasn't.

It was just alright. It doesn't leave too much impression. I was expecting something more because I liked reading Ravished. The heroine on this novel was just too impulsive with no real charm. She did not have funny quirks like an unwholly obsession with fossils, but just a penchant for trouble. It felt too artificial. The hero was also equally unimpressive. He was a straitlaced scholar who was way too overbearing. I wasn't sold on the romance.

They came off as opposites with no real reason to be together. There weren't any scenes written that gave off the idea that they had crazy chemistry together. It was the author's words that bound them together and it wasn't convincing enough for me to follow along. So story brief: Augusta breaks into a home to steal a journal from a friend, Harry helps her while admonishing her, she returns to the club to return the journal, they gossip about Harry's matrimonial, out of nowhere she says he won't marry her who asked?

He tries to manage her again. Nov 25, Sometime rated it really liked it Shelves: Most reviewers didn't like this but I enjoyed it. It had a sometimes lighthearted tone. I never took Harry too seriously because you knew that Augusta would lead him on a merry chase.

The story was romantic and the mystery, though easy to figure out, was interesting. View all 3 comments. Jan 05, Obsidian rated it really liked it Shelves: Please note that I gave this book 3. Another older Amanda Quick book. I read this for romance bingo and honestly I am glad that I finished up the other Quick book. Her writing style after a while starts to grate.

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I realize that all of the females in her books are "quirky" and the heroes are long suffering and either want the heroine to fall in love with them or are obtuse to the heroine being in love with them and railing against it while needing to Please note that I gave this book 3.

I realize that all of the females in her books are "quirky" and the heroes are long suffering and either want the heroine to fall in love with them or are obtuse to the heroine being in love with them and railing against it while needing to have sex with said heroine all of the time.

Did you follow that? I know, it's confusing. That said, the heroine Augusta Ballinger was annoying because of her constant need to go on and on about her ancestors. The hero Harry, the Earl of Graystone I liked okay, but I started to get twitchy because the guy was going around demanding loyalty from her while going on about how he would need to take her in hand to make her act like she should.

I so would have been burned as a witch in Regency era days. Augusta Ballinger goes on and on about her family tree of the Ballinger family located in Northumberland. I hope you like reading the phrases "Northumberland Ballinger" and how they are the best, smartest, bravest, daring people ever. It was so stupid. I really wanted to kick Augusta by the time we got to the end of the book. I started to loathe the word Ballinger because Northumberland was lurking around.

Augusta is orphaned and alone after the murder of her brother years before this book takes place, so I can see why she wants to make her family the best thing ever. But geez Louise, at least let someone call her out on it. Thank goodness though Harry does at one point.

What gets me most about these type of books though, Augusta in her current style of going about things would have been cut from society long ago. Jude Deveraux. Wilde in Love.

Eloisa James. Ocean Light. Touch of Red. Laura Griffin. Leopard's Run. Double Blind. Hot and Badgered. Shelly Laurenston. White Hot. Ilona Andrews. At Close Range. Beyond Danger. Wake a Sleeping Tiger. Lora Leigh. Just One Touch. Maya Banks. Rebel Hard. Immortal Unchained.

Lynsay Sands. Someone to Hold. Big Easy Evil.


Life of Lies. Lethal Lies. Rebecca Zanetti. The Unyielding. Assassin Next Door. Eve Langlais. Out of the Darkness. Hard to Kill.

A Rogue's Downfall. Diamond Fire. Allison Brennan. Mind Game.

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Once a Rebel. Mary Jo Putney. Too Scot to Handle. Grace Burrowes. Any Day Now. Robyn Carr. Amanda Quick. May The Other Lady Vanishes. Wait Until Midnight. Garden of Lies. The River Knows. Lie by Moonlight. Second Sight. Wicked Widow. The Mystery Woman. Crystal Gardens. I Thee Wed. Otherwise Engaged. Late for the Wedding. Burning Lamp. Don't Look Back. The Perfect Poison. The Paid Companion.

The Third Circle. Slightly Shady. With This Ring.