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Conversion of posts to PDF can be achieved by WP Ultimate PDF allows to convert all posts on a blog to a PDF file with a ease and . WordPress Blog to PDF Plugin can generate and export WordPress Blogs/Posts into a PDF Doc. It can also export revisions as well. It works with WordPress , allows you to format your book in takes an XML export of your blog and turns it into a PDF, which could then be.

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Here is how to convert your blog into a book or PDF using BlogBooker: 1. Log into your blog dashboard. Go to BlogBooker WordPress. 5. Click on Select your . Here's 4 plugins that will provide PDF copies of your WordPress posts and why million WordPress Superheroes read and trust our blog. Make your blog posts work harder to get you even more links and traffic - convert them into PDFs and submit to PDF directories. Here's how.

Erik Erik 1. Last name. I have been using pdfmyurl. And, BTW, you did not mention how to convert? The response was amazing. Great hack!

The ebook projects on your site consist of parts, or at least one part. The content for the parts of your ebook can be sourced from the existing content on your blog or by importing content from an external source. When it comes to using the existing content on your WordPress site, Anthologize displays all the posts on your site, which can then be dragged and dropped into the parts that make up your ebook.

Thankfully the Anthologize user interface includes a filter for making it easier to find the content you want to add to your ebook. The filter includes the following controls:.

The second option for adding content to your ebook is to import it from an external website. Once the feed URL has been entered, the Anthologize will display a list of posts from that feed, allowing you to select which content to add to your ebook. Those posts imported via the feed method will now be available in your list of posts and can then be dragged into the desired part of your ebook.

The posts that have been added to your project can be rearranged by dragging them into place, and they can also be edited before being exported. When it comes to exporting your WordPress content as an ebook withAnthologize, you have the following publishing options:. During the export process you can add additional information such as the author, copyright details, and change the appearance settings which include the page size, text size and font face, and even enable shortcodes.

While you can publish your ebook in multiple formats, you can only select one format at a time. This means you will need to re-export your content to create a different version of your ebook for another platform. Start using Anthologize. It has an additional feature that allows you to add a link to posts which allows you visitors to download that post as a PDF to their computer.

Creating PDF documents with this plugin is very straightforward and is simply a case of selecting which pages and posts from your site you would like to include, and then adding some content to the book such as header and footer information and a cover and final page content.

Prior to publishing the PDF ebook you can also set the font size, whether to include images or not , and whether to execute shortcodes or not. The PDF Creation Station plugin also contains its own set of shortcodes which allow you to add dynamic information to your ebook, including post date, title, permalink, comments, and much more. After hitting the Create PDF! When it comes to configuring the download the post as a PDF feature , the settings allow you to edit the HTML that contains the download link which is added to posts enabling readers to download that post as a PDF.

You can also enter content which is added to the first and final pages of the document, such as your branding or additional information for the reader. Other settings allow you to include post images or not, set a default value such as display the download link by default or only when manually enabled on a per post basis, and whether to automatically generate the PDF files upon post publish.

However if you need to publish content from a range of WordPress websites into a single document you will have to try one of the other options. Manually creating PDF documents and other ebook formats by copying and pasting WordPress post and page content can be a time consuming and frustrating way of curating your content into a standalone document.

The ability of the free Anthologize plugin to include content from a range of sources, and not just that published on the site the plugin is installed, as well as the number of formats that content can then be exported as, makes it the best choice for most users. However, each option has its own unique selling points so make sure you explore them all to find the right method of exporting your WordPress content as a PDF or other ebook formats.

If so, which method did you use? As well as being a regular WordPress user, Joe writes for some of the most popular WordPress blogs, sharing what he's learned about this most versatile platform. If you would like to work with Joe to get content for your website, please visit his website for more information.

Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive mail with link to set new password. Joe As well as being a regular WordPress user, Joe writes for some of the most popular WordPress blogs, sharing what he's learned about this most versatile platform.

The A to Z guide: How to create a WordPress child theme. And, BTW, you did not mention how to convert? Use some plugin or some online service to create PDF file out of blog post?

12 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

I have some vacation coming up so this will give me some time to get on the ball. I definitely want to be everywhere. Hi Ana, I really like the idea of syndicating content as pdfs and your post is a really great. Do you know if google will give duplicate content penalties for the same content words but in a different format pdf on another site or sites? There are no duplicate content penalties for posting the same content on several sites, Nigel — what would happen at best is Google would index only one version.

So go ahead and repurpose your content for traffic. Thanks Ana. Wonderful idea. Just transformed my latest article into a nice, shiny PDF and emailed it to all my clients. The response was amazing. One must never stop learning. Heard about this post through Kevin Duncan.

I learned about Print Friendly not to long ago when I was crafting a post similar about converting a post for SlideShare. My method is more for creating slides though. With Print Friendly only taking 2 minutes or less to create the PDF, it makes sense to add that to your marketing strategy. This is indeed one of those very easy to implement strategies that are worth a few minutes, Steven.

Hi Ana, Thank you for the tip. I tried this and it was SO easy, except my links on the slide share do not work. In the print friendly pdf they do…. Slideshare is known to have bugs though; it might be just fine next time you post a PDF. I know this is an older post, but somehow I missed it. This is such a great idea Ana — I love it! Every time I visit your blog, I pick up a new way to convert content.

I guess it is good to say that we often do away with the importance of PDF. Or, put in another way, the value of the PDF is often underutilized! From this post, we are reminded of how to use this format to increase traffic shares.

The tutorial is easy and it is very resourceful knowing some of the types of vital online file directories to share this post! I too believe that allowing readers to download pdf of the blog post script is a great idea. The site shows useful tips. Really impressive content. Nice video tutorial,thanks a lot. Short as it is, it offers a great tip, which goes to show that it is not about the length of the post as some — SEO gurus especially — would have us believe.

Another take is the importance of interlinking, which is said to be good for SEO, as this is how I got here and stayed on site a little longer than I would otherwise have which too is good for SEO.

WordPress Blog To PDF [User Guide]

But what I particularly love is that you gave us a link for creating PDFs that allows you some control, as in ability to clean out some stuff. I have been using pdfmyurl. This was awesome Ana — genuine bite sized brilliance! You give me courage. I will keep you posted by the results. It does seem simple. I have the ability in my word program. That would be easy enough.

Again, thank you. I think this is a great idea. Who would have thought of something like this. I am going to try converting it into pdf and submit to slide share and see how it converts. Thanks for this idea and the list of places for submission. Hi Ana I have never converted a file of any sort to another format before. But looks quite straight forward.

You have mentioned scribd and slide share are they the main two or are ther several other useful ones to use. Hi Ana, seems like you have added Social Locker plugin and it would be great if you can share your experience in using it. Indeed its a really good idea to get traffic from a purely new source like document sharing sites. Thank you. Ana, Thanks for sharing those awesome, easy-to-follow, tips! Watching over your shoulder as you do the steps live is the perfect proof of how easy it is to turn a blog post into a PDF.

Thanks so much for sharing. Also love how you locked the content to force a social share, very clever! How did you do that? Thanks for sharing this plugin Ana.

Just now converted my first blog post using Print friendly and uploaded to scribd. Was looking for a similar solution. I have already read your many articles like 15 backlinks from twitter.

Pdf wordpress blog as

But I want to Know that if you have some knowledge about Coupons that how we can increase our traffic for Coupons Site. A coupon site is no different from any other site, Ana, generally speaking. Most of the traffic generation strategies I talk about here will work.

How to Create PDF and EPUB Ebooks from WordPress Posts and Pages

Thanks for this video. I have never thought about promoting my posts turning them into pdfs and putting on Doc sharing sites. I think this idea will give huge traffic to our blogs. Thanks alot. Very nice spin on the idea of re purposing content. I totally love your site. Then started reading all your other stuff. Yet another great post!

I hope it continues to work out well for you. I like it!

Blog as pdf wordpress

You certainly deserve it! Probably could do a lot better if I hired someone to help me with it.

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I am not sure how much link juice will flow back to our sites by doing this. I know Googlebot can read pdf files now, so I am a bit hesitant to go with your strategy. Slideshare looks interesting but also seems like a little more work than I have time for.

I was just thinking, what about putting together several blog posts that have a central theme into one PDF? Can PrintFriendly. Another alternative is Zinepal. Will submit them to the others now too including Slideshare. That sounds a great idea, Ana. Converting a blog post into PDF and submitting it to other document sharing sites does help, surely. What about short posts? Your email address will not be published.

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