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Richard Hallows: Learners of English often worry about speaking like a native speaker. .. When you speak English fluently, you are fluent (in, at, with) it. 3. My definition is simple-- you speak English automatically when your speech is You speak fluent English when the words come out of your mouth-- without. Speak English - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for free.

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Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native. Pages·· WHAT'S THE SECRET TO SPEAKING ENGLISH FLUENTLY? It's mastery of. 4 days ago PDF | This study aims to investigate students' rules and practices in how they maintain speaking fluency. Six students were the participants in. Here's how to improve spoken English on your own in 14 practical, easy steps. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take Even people fluent in two or more languages have trouble switching.

Hardly about 2, words. He is far away from Agra. It hadnt good pictures. Singing is her favourite hobby. They were near.

And you can very well apprise that it is very difficult to be acquainted with all these words even for a well educated person.

English pdf speak fluently

A well educated person too would not be able to recognise more than 20, words while he reads. Thus, his reading vocabulary limits at about 20, words. Can you tell how many words he would be able to use in writing out of these 20, words. Hardly about 5, or 6, or upto the maximum extent of 10, words. Now you just think, out of these 5, to 10, words, how many words he would be able to use in his speech.

Hardly about 2, words. Because words other than these 2, words are not very familiar to the organs of speech of even well educated person or an Englishman. Do you know the main reason behind it? The reason behind it is that he generally encounters with mostly words in writing only.

If that person thinks to speak words more than these 2, words, the listener can mark down him as crazy. That is why, in the course of conversation, no person tries to speak very technical or archaic words. These words are meant only for reading and writing.

Pdf speak english fluently

Hence, you will rarely listen someone saying He is suffering with Icterus instead of He is suffer-ing with Jaundice. Thus, you can say that the speech vocabulary of a well educated or an Englishman is about 2, words. This vocabulary of frequently used words is called Central Words or Core Words vocabulary. You should not under-mine this vocabulary of about 2, words that it is very short and can be easily mastered.

You have to do subs-tantial efforts to make with it. And once these Central words are mastered, you can combine the words among themselves in different style and can generate numerous idea-units or word-groups. Core words are the treasure of great generative skill that can give you gift thereof. You are supposed to grasp these Central words, and you would have a Ready to Use Vocabulary created with some of these Core words.

The Central words or Core words have been segregated in two groups, i. Therefore, in the Mono-syllabic words, there is no need to have stress on them. The syllable that you have to stress is the word itself. Now, let yourself acquaint with the mono-syllabic words. Frequently Used Mono-syllabic Words A a, ache, act, add, age, aid, aim, air, all, am, an, and,.. B back, bad, bag, bake, bald, ball, ban, band, bang, bank, bar, bare, bark, base, bath, bathe, be, beach, beak, beam, bean, bear, beard, beast, beat, bed, bee, beef, beer, beg, bell, belt, bench, bend, best, bet, bid, big, bike, bill, bind, bird, birth, bit, bite, blab, black, blade, blame, blank, blaze, bleed, blend, bless, blind, blink, block, blood, blot, blow, blue, blunt, blush, board, boast, boat, boil, bold, bomb, bone, book, boot, bore, born, boss, both, bound, bow, bowl, box, boy, brain, branch, brand, brass, brave, breach, bread, breadth, break, breast, breath, breathe, breed, breeze, bribe, brick, bride, bridge, brief, bright, bring, broad, brook, broom, brow, brown, bruise, brush, bud, bug, build, bulb, bull, bump, bunch, burn, burst, bus, bush, but, buy, by.

C cage, cake, calf, call, calm, camp, can, cane, cant, cap, car, card, care, cart, carve, case, cash, cast, caste, cat, catch, cause, cave, cease, cell, chain, chair, chalk, chance, change, chap, charge, charm, chart, chase, chat, cheap, cheat, check, cheek, cheer, cheese, cheque, chess, chest, chew, chief, child, chill, chime, chin, chip, choice, choke, choose, chop, chum, ccite, claim, clap, clash, clasp, claw, clay, clean, clear, cleave, clench, clerk, click, climb, cling, clip, clock, close, cloud, clown, club, clue, clutch, coach, coal, coarse, coast, code, coil, coin, cold, comb, come, cone, cook, cool, cope, cord, cork, corn, corpse, cost, conch, cough, could, count, course, court, crack, craft, cramp, crash, crawl, craze, cream, creep, crew, crime, crisp, crop, cross, crow, crowd, crown, crush, crust, cry, cub, cuff, cup, cure, curl, curse, curve, cut.

D dam, damn, damp, dance, dare, dark, dash, date, dawn, day, days, dead, deaf, deal, dear, death, debt, deck, deed, deep, deer, den, dense, depth, desk, dew, die, dig, dim, dine, dip, dirt, dish, ditch, dive, do, dock, dodge, dog, doll, door, dose, dot, doubt, down, drag, drain, draw, dream, dress, drill, drink, drip, drive, drop,.

E each, ear, earn, earth, ease, east, eat, edge, egg, eight, else, end, err, eye.

Speak English Fluently.pdf

F face, fact, fade, fail, faint, fair, faith, fake, fall, false, fame, far, fare, farm, fast, fault, fear, feast, fee, feed, feel, fence, fetch, few, field, fierce, fifth, fight, file, fill, film, filth, find, fine, fire, firm, first, fish, fist, fit, fire, fix, flag, flame, flap, flash, flask, flat, flea, flee, fleet, flesh, flight, float, flock, flood, floor, flour, flow, flue, fluid, flush, fly, foam, fog, fold, folk, fond, food, fool, for, force, forge, fork, form, fort, foul, found, four, fourth, fox, frail, frame, frank, free, freeze, freight, fresh, fridge, friend, fright, frog, from, front, frost, frown, fruit, fry, fuel, full, fun, funds, fur, fuse.

G gab, gain, game, gang, gap, gape, gas, gasp, gate, gay, gaze, gear, get, ghost, giant, gift, girl, give, glad, glance, glare, glass, gleam, glide, glimpse, globe, glove, glow, glue, gnaw no , go, goal, God, gold, good, goods, grab, grace, grade, grain, grand, grant, grape, graph, grasp, grass, grave, graze, grease, great, greed, green, greet, grey, grief, grill, grim, grind, grip, groan, grope, ground, group, grow, growl, growth, grudge, grunt, guard, guess, guest, guide, guilt, gulf, gum, gust, guy gi.

H hail, hair, half, hall, halt, halve, hand, hang, hard, hare, harm, harsh, haste, hate, hatred, haul, haunt, have, hay, haze, he, head, heal, health, heap, hear, heart, heat, hedge, heed, heel, height, heir, hell, helm, help, hen, her, herd, here, hers, hide, high, hill, him, hint, hip, hire, his, hit, hive, hoarse, hoax, hoist, hold, hole, home, hook, hoot, hop, hope, horn, horse, hose, host, hour, house, how, howl, huge, hunt, hurt, hut.

I ice, if, ill, in, inch, ink, inn, is, it, its, itch. J jack, jail, jam, jar, jaw, jazz, jet, job, jog, join, joint, joke, joy, judge, jug, juice, jump, just. K keen, keep, key, kick, kid, kill, kin, kind, king, kiss, kit, kite, kith, knee, kneed, kneel, knife, knit, knock, knot, know.

L lace, lack, lad, lag, lake, lamb, lame, lamp, lance, land, lane, lap, large, last, late, laugh, launch, law, lawn, lay, lead, leaf, leak, lean, learn, least, leave, left, leg, lend, length, lense, lent, less, lest, let, liar, lick, lid, lie, life, lift, light, like, limb, lime, limp, line, link, lion, lip, lisp, list, live, load, loaf, loan, lock, lodge, log, long, look, loose, lord, lose looz , loss, lot, loud, lounge, love, low, luck, lump, lunch, lung, lux.

M mab, mad, maid, mail, main, maize, make, male, man, map, march, mark, marsh, mask, mass, mat, match, mate, may, me, meal, mean, means, meat, meet, melt, men, mend, mere, mesh, mess, midst, might, mild, mile, milk, mill, mince, mind, mine, miss, mist, mix, moan, mob, mock, mode, moist, mole, monk, month, mood, moon, more, mosque, most, moth, mount, mourn, mouse, mouth, move, mow, much, mud, mug, mule, mum, muse, must, mute, myth.

N nab, nail, name, naught, near, neat, neck, need, neigh na , nerve, nest, net, new, news, next, nice, nick, niece, night, nil, nine, ninth, no, nod, noise, none, noon, nor, norm, north, nose, not, note, noun, now, nun, nurse, nut, nymph.

O oak, oar, oath, odd, of, off, oil, old, on, once, one, or, owl, own, ox. P pace, pack, pad, page, pain, paint, pair, pale, palm, pan, pane, pang, pant, par, park, part, pass, past, paste, pastry, pat, patch, path, pause, pave, paw po , pawn, pay, pea, peace, peach, peak, pear, pearl, peek, peel, peep, peer, pen, per, pet, phase, phone, phrase, pick, piece, pierce, pig, pile, pill, pin, pinch, pink, pint, pious, pipe, pit, place, plain, plan, plane, plank, plant, plate, play, plead, please, plot, plough plow , pluck, plug, plum, plump, plus, point, pole, pond, pool, poor, pop, pork, port, post, pot, pound, pour, praise, pray, preach, press, prey, price, prick, pride, priest, prime, prince, print, prize, proof, proud, prose, prove, pub, pull, pulse, pump, punch, pure, purse, push, put.

Q quack, quail, quaint, queen, queer, quench kwensh , quest, queue, quick, quiet, quit, quite, quote. R race, rack, raft, rag, rage, raid, rail, rain, raise, rake, range, rank, rare, rash, rate, raw, ray, reach, read, real, reap, rear, reef, rent, rest, rhyme, rib, rice, rich, rid, ride, ridge, right, rind, ring, riot, ripe, rise, risk, road, roam, roar, roast, rob, robe, rock, rod, role, roll, roof, room, root, rope, rose, rot, rouge, rough, round, rouse, route, row, rub, rude, rug, ruin, rule, run, rush, rust.

S sac, sack, safe, sail, saint, sake, same, sand, sane, sauce, save, saw, scale, scar, scarce, scare, scarf, scene, scent, scheme, scoff, scold, score, scorn, scout, scrape, scratch, scream, screen, screw, script, sea, seal, search, seat, seed, seek, seem, seize, self, sell, send, sense, serve, set, sew, sex, shade, shake, shall, shame, shape, share, sharp, shave, she, shed, sheep, sheer, sheet, shelf, shell, shield, shift, shine, ship, shirt, shock, shoot, shore, short, shot, shrug, should, shout, show, shrewd, shriek, shrink, shrug, shut, shy, sick, side, siege, sigh, sight, sign, silk, sin, since, sing, sip, sir, sit, site, six, size, sketch, skill, skin, skirt,.

T tab, tack, tail, take, tale, talk, tall, tame, tan, tank, tap, tape, tar, task, taste, tax, tea, team, teach, tear, tell, tempt, ten, tend, tense, tent, tenth, term, test, text, than, thank, that, their, them, theme, then, there, these, they, thick, thief, thin, thing, think, third, thirst, this, thorn, those, though, thought, thread, threat, three, thrill, thrive, throat, throne, throng, through, throw, thumb, thus, tide, tie, tight, tile, till, time, tin, tip, tire, toast, toe, toil, ton, tone, tongs, tongue, too, tool, tooth, top, torch, toss, touch, tough, tour, town, toy, trace, track, trade, trail, train, tram, tramp, trap, tray, tread, treat, tree, trench, trend, trial, tribe, trick, trim, trip, troop, truck, true, trunk, trust, truth, try, tub, tube, tug, tune, turn, twelve, twice, twin, twist, two, type, tyre.

U up, urge, urn, us, use, used. V vade, vague, vain, valve, van, vase, vast, vault, veil, verse, very, vest, vice, view, voice, vogue, vote, vow.

W wag, wage, waist, wait, wake, walk, wall, want, ward, warm, warn, wash, wasp, waste, watch, wave, wax, way, we, weak, wealth, wear, weave, web, wed, weed, week, weep, weigh wa , weight, well, west, wet, what, wheat, wheel, when, where, which, while, whim, whine, whip, whirls, white, who, whole, whom, whose, why, wide, width, wife, wild, will, win, wind, wine, wing, wink, wipe, wire, wise, wish, wit, witch, with, woe, wool, word, work, world, worm, worse, worst, worth, would, wound woond , wrap, wreck, wretch, wring, wrist, writ, write, wrong.

Y yacht, yard, yawn, year, yeast, yes, yet, yield, yolk, you, young, your, yours, youth. Z zeal, zest, zip, zone, zoo. In the given list of poly-syllabic words, you will notice that a portion of words is marked with a Dash on their top. This, dash-mark represents that portion of word that requires stress thereon.

While the remaining part of word needs no stress or you can say that part of word represents the unstressed portion thereof or stress falls thereon. For example, take the word accommodation. It contains a dash on letters da. It means that this part of word accommodation requires stress, i. The remaining parts accommo and tion have unstressed syllables and require no any pressure or force or extra effort to say it; and it should be said rapidly and softly.

Thus remember to pronounce the polysyllabic words with a special effect. The given list of poly-syllabic words contains almost words those are required for effective day-to-day conversation and general use. Proper acquaintance with these words is definitely capable to give you your desired fluency of speech. Now, go to the list very attentively and say each and every word with stress whereever it is needed. B backbone, background, backward, badly, baggage, balance, balcony, balloon, bandage, barber, bargain, barrel, basement, basic, basin, basis, basket, battle, beautiful, beckon, become, bedclothes, bedroom, bedside, before, beggar, begin, behaviour, behind, being, belief, believe, belly, belong, beloved, below, benefit, beside, better, between, beyond, bitter, blackmail, blacksmith, bladder, blanket, blessing, bloody, blossom, blunder, boldness, bombing, bony, border, boring, borrow, bother, bottom, boundary, bravery, breakdown, bridegroom, briefcase, brighten, broadcast, broaden, bubble, bucket, bulky, bullet, bully, bumper, bundle, burden, burglar, burial, bury, busy, butcher, buttonhole, bygone, bypass, bystander, byte.

C cabinet, cable, cafe, calculate, calender, campaign, canal, cancel, cannon, canvas, capable, capacity, capture, carbon, career, careful, careless, carpenter, carpet, carriage, carry, carton, cartoon, castle, casual, catalogue, cattle, cautious, ceiling, celebrate, celler, cemetery, central, centre, century, ceremony, certainly, certify, challenge, champion, channel, character, chatter, chauffeur, shof r , cheerful, cherish, chicken, childhood, childish, chimney, chubby, cigar, circle, circulate, circuit, circumstance, civilize, clarify, classi-fication, classify, clearing, clever, climate, climax, clockwork, clothing, cloudy, clumsy, cluster, collect, colleague, column, combination, combine, comedy, comely, comfort, command, comment, commentary, commercial, commit, common, commonplace, commonsense, commotion, communicate, community, companion, company, comparative, compare, e.

D dacoit, dairy, damage, dancer, danger, dangerous, darken, darkness, darling, daughter, daytime, dazzle, deafen, debate, decay, deceive, decent, decide, decision, declaration, declare, decline, decorate, decrease, dedicate, deeper, deeply, defeat, defence, defend, define, definite, definition, defy, degree, delay, deliberate, delicate, delicious, delight, delighted, deliver, delivery, demand, democratic, demolish, demonstrate, dentist, deny, depart, departure, depend, dependence, deplore, depress, deputy, derive, descend, descent,.

E eager, eagle, early, earnest, earnings, earthquake, easily, eastern, eastward, echo, economy, economic, edit, effect, efficient, effort, either, elastic, elbow, elder, eldest, elect, element, elsewhere, embarass, embody, embrace, emerge, emergency, emotion, emphasis, empire, employ, empty, enable, enclose, encounter, encourage, ending, endless, endure, endurance, enemy, energetic, energy, engage, enjoy, enlarge, enormous, enough, ensure, enter, enterprise, entertain, enthusiasm, entire, entitle, entrance, entreat, entry, environment, envy, equal, equip, erect, error, escape, especially, essence, essential, establish, estate, estimate, eternal, evaluate, even, event, eventually, ever, everlasting, every, evidence, evil, exact igzact , exaggerate igzaj rat , examine igzamin , example igzampl , excellent, except iksept , exception iksepshun , excess ikses , exchange, excite iksit , excitement iksitment , exciting iksiting , exclaim iksklam , exclude iksklood , exclusive ikskloosiv , e.

F fable, failure, fairly, faithful, familiar, famous, fancy, fantastic, farmer, farther, fascinate, fashion, fasten, fatal, faultless, faulty, favour, fearful, fearless, feather, feature, feeble, fellow, female, ferocious, ferry, fertile, festival, fiction, fighter, figure, filling, filter, filthy, final, financial, finely, finish, firmness, fitness, flatten, flatter, flavour, flexible, flicker, flourish, fluent, flutter, foggy, follow, follower, folly, fondly, foolish, footstep, forbid, forecast, forefinger, forehead, foreign, foresee, forest, forget, forgive, formal, former, formula, fortnight, fortunate, fortune, forward, founder, fountain, fraction, fracture, framework, freely, freedom, frenetic, frenzy, frequent, freshen, friction, friendship, frighten, frightful, frontier, fruitful, fugitive, fully, function, funeral, funny, furious, furnish, further, fury, futile.

G gabble, gaiety, gaily, gain, galaxy, gallant, gallery, gamble, garage, garbage, garden, garment, gateway, gather, general, generate, generous, genius, gentle, gently, genuine, gesture jesch r , ghastly, gigantic, giggle, glasses, glimmer, glory, goddess, golden, gospel, gossip, govern, graceful, gracious, gradual, graduate, e e e e e. J jacket, jealous, jealousy, jeopardize, jeopardy, jetty, jewel, jewellery, jolly, journal, journalist, journey, joyful, judgement, judicial, junction, jungle, justice, justify.

K kennel, kerosine, kettle, kidnap, kilo, kilogram, kilometre, kindhearted, kindly, kindness, kitchen, knowledge, knuckle, kudo. L label, labour, ladder, lament, landscape, language, lately, later, latest, laughter, laundry, lavatory, lawyer, layer, lazy, leader, learned, learning, leather, lecture, legacy, legal, legend, legendary, leisure, lengthen, lessen, lesson, level, lever, liable, liar, liberal, liberate, liberty, library, licence, lighten, lightening, likely, limit, linger, liquid, liquor, listen, literary, literature, livelihood, lively, living, lobby, locate, logic, loneliness, lonely, longing, loosen, lorry, loudly, lovely, lower, loyal, lucky, luggage, lukewarm, lumber, lunatic, luxury luksh ri or lugzh ri.

M maestro, magistrate, magnet, magnificent, mainland, mainly, maintain, maintenance, majesty, malice, manage, mankind, manly, manner, mansion, manual, manufacture, manuscript, marble, margin, marriage, marvel, marvellous, masculine, mason, masses, matter, mattress, mature, maximum, meagre, meanwhile, measure, mechanic, meddle, media, mediate, medicine, meditate, medium, meeting, mellow, memorial, memory, menace, mental, mention, menu, mercy, merely, merit, merry, message, method, middle, midnight, mighty, e e.

N naked, narrate, narrow, nasty, nation, native, natural, nature, naughty, navy, nearby, nearly, necessary, needle, needless, negative, neglect, negligent, negotiate, neighbour, neither, nephew, nervous, network, never, nickname, nightmare, nobility, noble, nobody, noisy, nominate, nonsense, normal, northern, nostril, noteworthy, nothing, notice, notify, notion, nourish, novel, nowadays, nowhere, nucleus, nuisance, number, numerous, nutrient.

O oasis, obedience, obey, object n , object v , obligation, oblige, obscure, observe, obsolete, obstacle, obstruct, obtain, obvious, occasion, occupation, occupy, occur, ocean, oclock, odour, offence, offend, offer, offensive, often, okay, omelette, omit, oneself, only, onto, open, operate, opinion, opponent, opportunity, oppose, opposite, opress, oral, orator, order, ordinary, organ, origin, ornament, orphan, other, otherwise, ourselves, outbreath, outburst, outcast, outcome, outcry, outdated, outdoor, outfit, outlaw, outlet, outline, outlive, outlook, outnumber, output, outrage, outside, outskirts, outspoken, outstanding, outward, oven, over, overall, overboard, overcoat, overcome, overflow, overhang, overhaul, overhear, overlook, overnight, overrun, overtake, overtime, overthrow, overturn, overwhelm, owner, oxygen, ozone.

S sachet sasha , sacred, sacrifice, saddle, sadly, safely, safety, sailor, salty, salute, sandy, satire, satisfaction, saucer, sausage, savage, scarcely, scarcity, scatter, scenery, schedule, scholarship, scientific, scissors, scornful, scribble, sculpture, seaside, season, secret, section, secure, seduce, seldom, select, self confident, selfconscious, selfcontrol, selfinterest,.

T tablet, tackle, talent, target, tarriff, tarnish, teenager, telegram, temper, temperate, temple, temporarily, temporary, tenant, tendency, tender, tension, terminal, terrible, terrific, territory, terror, theatre, theory, thicken, thickness, thinker, thirsty, thorough, thoughtful, e e. U ugly, ultimate, umpire, unable, unarmed, unbutton, uncertain, uncomfortable, uncommon, unconscious, underground, undergrowth, underline, understand, understatement, undertake, undo, undress, uneasy, unemployment, unfair, unfortunately, unhappy, uniform, union, unique, unit, unite, united, unity, universal, universe, unjust, unkind, unknown, unlawful, unless, unlike, unload, unlock, unlucky, unnecessary, unpleasant, unsatisfactory, untidy, untie, until, unusual, unwilling, uphill, uphold, upkeep, upon, upper, uppermost, upright, uproar, uproot, upset, upstairs, upwards, urban, urgent, useful, useless, usual, utmost, utter, utterance.

V vacant, vacation, vaccum, valiant, valid, valley, valour, valuable, valueless, vanish, variation, variety, various, vary, vegetable, vengeance, venture, verandah, verify, vertical, vessel, veto, vicious, victim, victor, victory, vigour, violate, violence, violent, virgin, virtue, visible, vision, visit, vital, vivid, vocabulary, vocal, volume, voluntarily, volunteer, vomit, voyage, vulgar, vulnerable.

W waddle, waken, wallet, wander, wardrobe, warehouse, warmly, warning, wasteful, watchdog, waterproof, waterresistance, watery, weaken, weakness, wealthy, weapon, weather, wedding, weekend, weekly, welfare, wellknown, wellmade, western, westwards, whatever,.

X Xray, Xmas. Y yearly, yellow, yesterday, youngster, yourself, yourselves, youthfulness. Z zealous, zealousness, zigzag, zipper. Do you know what does Bank do to earn income on its treasure of Deposits? Yes, it keeps its money in circulation to earn more money. As Bank keeps the money in circulation to earn more money, so, your this Vocabulary Bank also requires same type of circulation; and the best way to keep it rolling on is the maximum utilisation of this banks treasure.

Therefore, more and more and frequent use of these words is an indispensable process to enrich your Vocabulary Bank. In both, the list of Monosyllabic words and Poly syllabic words, you might have encountered with some strange words.

You are required to sort out them and consult these words with your dictionary to find out various meanings of them. Besides, you can classify them in following three groups for better acquaintance: For example, able, action, angry etc. For example, aback, absorb, affect etc. For example, admiration, anniversary, artificial etc. By classifying these words, you can acquire the skill to grasp the words quickly and your organs of speech would feel convenient to pronounce them effectively.

So make effective use of this drill and speak them loudly. This is very important task to be performed by your organs of speech to be accustommed in the fashion that demands English language. Now count your treasure. You have words in your hands, i. This treasure is enough to make you rich in fluency. These words are capable to bestow you the powerful proficiency to communicate effectively.

But it doesnt mean that you should limit your efforts to enrich this Vocabulary Bank. Make arrangement for any good book that can show you the way to make better use of Prefixes and Suffixes to frame more new words. Any how at present you should try to master the given list of Monosyllabic and Poly syllabic words, and you can rely then on your organs of speech that they wont feel any difficulty to make you fluent in English speech. Your Attention Please You are also required to bear in your mind that you should always use simple and common words to make your communication accessible to listener, and make your speech realistic.

Trying to make your speech high sounding can ditch your fluency. Thats why always beware of High Sounding and difficult to pronounce words at this stage.

Yes, after acquiring required fluency level you can be at your liberty to use such words at your convenience.

Let us Practice The following are the model structures to train your organs of speech. Read them out loudly so that your voice could easily strike your eardrums, and your memory can be waked up.

Practice Material Read out the practice material aloud, and try to speak the group of words as a single unit. For example read I wasnt the secretary. General Structure No. I am a student. I am not a teacher. I am looking at the door. I am not playing football. I am happy to see your report. I am not afraid of snakes. I am an actor. I am not a tailor.

I am going to circus. I am not going to cinema. He is a clever boy. He is not a good student. He is just going to read it. He is not writing the lesson. He is an intelligent. He is not a stupid. He is a very handsome chap. He is not so laborious. He is swimming into the pool. He is not running on the track.

She is a very sweet girl. She is not lazy. She is smart. She is not courteous. She is reading a letter. She is not cooking the food. She is a pretty looking girl. She is not so ugly. She is playing with kids. She is not the girl he wanted to see.

It is mine. It is not hers. It is Raju. It is not Rajus bag. It is big enough. It is not large enough to pick. It is his fault. It is not a good one. It is draining. It is not getting cool. You are down stairs.

You are not up stairs. You are across the road. You are not near to me. You are forcing him to run. You are not allowing him to go. You are sure. You are not pleased with her. You are a really nice fellow.

How to Improve Spoken English (Without a Speaking Partner!): 14 Incredible Methods

You are not cruel to others. We are listening the music. We are not singing the song. We are above. We are not below. We are proud of our son. We are not sure about it. We are managing a hotel. We are not tax payers. We are all geniuses. We are not all silly fools. They are our friends. They are not idiots. They are qualified teachers.

They are not trained persons. They are the people who live here. They are not doing well. They are sly and cunning. They are not feeling ashamed. They are very polite to us.

They are not so proud. I was inside. I was not outside. I was here. I was not there. I was having lunch.

I was not the President. I was lucky. I was not upset over that. I was the prefect of my class. I was not playing the match, I was not there. He was a clerk. He was not the thief. He was so kind and gentle. He was not wrong at all. He was the boy I wanted to see. He was a classmate of mine. He was the son of Prime Minister. He was not the Presidents brother. He was very happy and gay. He was not surprised to have it.

She was down. She was not up. She was outside. She was not inside. She was washing her clothes. She was not doing her best. She was a good dancer. She was not a dull student. She was very fortunate. She was not so lucky. She was the best girl to ask. She was not the girl I have been looking for.

It was me. It was not me. It was us. It was shining as it used to. It was not floating on the surface. It was worse at all. It the container was not full of sweets. It was as simple as that. It was not so tough. You were away. You were not back. You were writing the notes. You were not fighting with others. You were very crazy. You were not so idiot. You were wearing a fine shirt. You were not practising hard. You were his good friend. You were not her enemy. We were early.

We were not late. We were far away. We were not somewhere. We were pleased to see him. We were not calm about that. We were sure about that. We were not confused about that. We were planning for a trip. We were not explaining it to them.

They were ahead. They were not behind. They were near. There were not far. They were cutting it short. They were not making a noise. They were going there on business. They were not feeling very happy. They were ready to do it. They were not sly and cunning. I am behind the curtain. I am not by the gate. I was near the shop. I was not disturbed at all. He is far away from Agra. He is not in a good mood. He was at fault.

He was not across the road. She is from my town. She is not at the back of her seat. She was on the top of list. She was not on the board.

It is a long way from here. It is not by the side of the hotel. It was mentioned at the last. It was not included in the list. You are in between the rows.

You are not among your friends. You were away from here. You were not here for a long time. We are against indiscipline. We are not against freedom.

We were the customers of that shop. We were not the members of club. They are off side the street. They are not in front of the gate. They were of very different kind. They were not the person I have been looking for. I like it. I dont have money. He enjoys playing guitar. He doesnt play well. She stiches well. She doesnt cook so well. It belongs to me. It doesnt entertain nicely.

You write better. You dont speak in fluency. We run fast. We dont eat eggs. They believe much on it. They dont enjoy playing hockey. I lived in New Delhi.

I didnt go there. He forgot his promise. He didnt owe her any money. She ate too much. She didnt relish the dishes. It prevented her to play.

It didnt drop down from his hand. You completed your work. You didnt write any letter. We stayed at home till eight. We didnt avoid meeting them. They asked to enter the room. They didnt help me. I have finished that novel. I havent written my notes. He has confessed it. He hasnt used any unfair means. She has broken it open. She hasnt forgotten her insult. It has annoyed him. It train hasnt left before she reached the station.

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You have judged well. You havent misspelt any word. We have forgotten his mischief. We havent listened any noise. They have made many mistakes. They havent made fun of her. I had written. I hadnt spoken any harsh word.

He had quarrelled badly. She had allowed him to go out. She hadnt sung better. It had become dry. It hadnt made her work harder. You had addressed it to him. You hadnt started the speech. We had painted the room. We hadnt charged him anything. They had paid the coolie.

They hadnt offered any bribe. Dog is a faithful animal. Goats arent wild animals. Singing is her favourite hobby. Hockey isnt his favourite game. Rohit is a brilliant student. There are new designs of clothes. The postmen delivered the letters. The sweeper didnt sweep the street. Their men had done appreciable work.

The workmen hadnt report on their duty. A lot of people rush to the spot. One of my friends didnt go to the circus. Every girl want to be an actress. The house owner doesnt let out the flat. His shoes needs polishing. Her hair doesnt want setting. Just for a few rupees they fought badly. Just a few steps after he was not visible. More people have completed their assignments.

Many of them havent sprayed the housewalls. Chapter in Nutshell Build up your own Vocabulary Bank. Have better acquaintance with words, i. Mono syllabic words, and Polysyllabic words. Mono syllabic words contain only one syllable. On the other hand, Polysyllabic words contain more than one syllable. Monosyllabic words generally need not any stress or extra effort to speak them out, while Polysyllabic words require stress as the situation demands.

But fortunately, it is not so. It always wishes to cooperate with you from the bottom of its heart. And you always succeed to keep it busy in experiencing various tastes.

It is your tongue that also keeps you in effective speech, particularly in your tongue. Because you have given it extensive training for it since your childhood. Thats why you speak your mother tongue very efficiently. But whats the reason of not having desired fluency in English speech. And the valid reason is this that your tongue has not been provided proper training to speak English fluently. In the schools and colleges, youve learnt almost important rules and principles of English and English grammar, i.

But you have learnt them with your brain and eyes only, not with the help of your tongue. Therefore, you are most capable to describe and transmit your ideas through paper; and you still long for fluency of speech. Now it is the right time to train your beloved tongue to get it along with you in your efforts, so your speech may come out from your mouth without any extra strain.

To scrap the hesitational tendency of your tongue, make it adept about the principles of English grammar which were learnt earlier by your brain and eyes, so your tongue can become immune from faltering.

It is the only, important and indispensable programme that can bestow upon you the gift of speech fluency. Now go through the table of important combinations given here carefully and teach your tongue the principles of description. Use only basic form of action-words with them. For example, doesnt go, dont go and didnt go.

For example, has written, hasnt written, have written, havent written, had written, and hadnt written. Youve gone through the important combinations of various wordgroups of English language those follow certain principles and patterns.

You are required to adhere strictly with them.

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Understand the Verb and its 3 forms Verbs or Action words and their proper application is the lifeline of your speech fluency. Given herebelow is the list of most frequently used verbs or action words. Go through them and read them Aloud. The verbs of this group have the same physical structure spellings in all the three forms, i.

II built burnt bought caught clung crept dealt dug dreamt dremt dwelt fed felt fought found flung got ground held knelt nelt led leant left lent lost made meant met shone sat slept slid smelt. I II III speed sped sped spend spent spent spin spun spun spit spat spat spoil spoilt spoilt stand stood stood stick stuck stuck sting stung stung strike struck struck string strung strung sweep swept swept swim swam swam swing swung swung teach taught taught think thought thought understand understood understood weep wept wept win won won wind wound wound wring wrung wrung Group III: I fall fly forbid forget forgive forsake freeze give go grow hide know lie ride rise see shake show shrink sink slay sow speak spell steal strive swear swar swell take tear throw tread wake wear weave write.

II fell flew forbade forgot forgave forsook froze gave went grew hid knew lay rode rose saw shook showed shrank sank slew sowed spoke spelled stole strove swore swor swelled took tore threw trod woke wore wove wrote. III fallen flown forbidden forgotten forgiven forsaken frozen given gone grown hidden known lain ridden risen seen shaken shown shrunk sunk slain sown spoken spelt stolen striven sworn sworn swollen taken torn thrown trodden waken worn woven written.

This group contains the action words which can be changed into past tense and past participle by adding d or ed at the end thereof. For example: T talk, task, tax, telephone, test, thank, tidy, tie, tire, toss, touch, tow, tower, train, trap, travel, treat, tremble, trick, trouble, trust, try, turn, twist FYFW U unite, urge, use FYFW V vary, visit, vote FYFW W wait, walk, wander, want, warm, warn, wash, waste, watch, wave, weigh, welcome, whip, whisper, whistle, wish, wonder, work, worry, worship, wrap, wreck, wound FYFW.

Practice Material Group 1. I dont wish to go. We dont write illegible. You dont play hockey. You dont run fast. They dont see horror movies. They dont like to play chess. He doesnt ask questions.

She doesnt cook dishes well. She doesnt drive car. It doesnt look like that. It doesnt feel cozy. I didnt hear any voice. We didnt play bad.

We didnt beat them. You didnt inform me. They didnt allow to play. They didnt take their medicine. He didnt appear in the exam. He didnt teach the boy. She didnt wash her clothes. She didnt start her work.

It didnt work well. It didnt melt even at C. Ive done it. I havent gone to theatre. Weve complained today. We havent planned the programme. Youve attended the classes. You havent shown your results. Theyve broken the promise. They havent reported the facts. Hes painted the scene. Shes done her work well. She hasnt performed nicely. Its concealed nothing. It hasnt revealed anything. I had a little doll. I hadnt finished my lunch. We had furnished the informations. We hadnt given any chance.

You had written wonderfully. You hadnt shown your calibre. They had sung the song. They hadnt played the piano. He had beautiful pictures. He hadnt any good book. She had danced amazingly. She hadnt met her son. It the book had nice pictures.

It hadnt interesting stories. Group 2. She enquired where he was. She forgot that he called her. I didnt know which one he wanted.

I wonder who did it. They asked why I did it. They enquired where I was. He mistook her as his friend. He took her for her twin-sister. We cant remember how we did it.

We didnt know if he had gone. He combed his hair. He didnt washed his shirt. She did her best. She didnt cook well. They broke their hands. They didnt lose their purses. Wheat is sold by the kilo. Cloth is sold by the metre. Apples are sold by the weight. Bananas are sold by the dozen. These toffees are one rupee each. Bananas are eight rupees a dozen.

The cloth is 50 rupees a metre. Milk is 10 rupees a litre. Tomatoes are 20 rupees a kilo. Cauliflowers are 5 rupees each. She caught him by the arm. He caught her by the hair. She hit him in the head. He kicked her in the back. She slapped him on the cheek. He patted her on the back. You can start any time now. You can go there any day now. Theyll arrive here any minute now. Theyll call you any moment now.

I doubt if they can do it. I forgot if she had picked it up. He asked if I had seen it. She didnt know if I had gone. They wondered if he would come. Well find out if it is true. I enquired if there was any vacancy.

I cant recall if I have seen her. She wanted to know if I counted on her support. She asked him if he was tired of waiting. I asked her if she wore plain glasses. I asked him if he was born in Agra. Please tell me the truth. Please remind me if I forget it. You must tell me if you are late. You must inform him if they are going.

I enquired where he was. I apologized for what I did wrong.

He hadnt anything to eat. She hadnt a paisa to spare. Try the mirror exercise above, but challenge yourself to speak without stopping or stammering taking pauses between your words the entire time.

You can fill in the correct grammar and word rules as you learn them better. Word games like this will help you find the right placement for your mouth and tongue, and can even help your pronunciation. Use them to improve your fluency. Choose a short part of a show and repeat it line by line. Try to match the tone, speed and even the accent if you can.

Try to sound just like the native speakers on the show. FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. This makes listening and repeating even easier. Just turn off the subtitles when you want a challenge! FluentU helps you learn fast with useful questions and multiple examples. Learn more. At FluentU, you can decide how you learn. The more you listen to this authentic English, the better you will understand how to speak English naturally.

English uses stresses in words and sentences. Listen to where native speakers place the emphasis when they speak. Try to repeat it the same way to improve English stress in your own speech. Sometimes the placing the stress on the wrong syllable completely changes the word. Singing along to your favorite English songs will help you become more fluent. Once you can sing along to Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz , you can test your skills with something a bit more difficult: Rap is a great way to practice English because often the words are spoken like regular sentences.

However, the rapper uses a stronger rhythm and faster speed. Some practice comes before you even open your mouth. Make speaking easier by learning the different forms of any words you learn.

Knowing the correct way to use a word in any kind of sentence is important. This knowledge will help you while speaking. An even better idea to improve English is to learn word phrases, not just words.

Phrases and expressions can be helpful for sounding more natural when you speak. Learn how to say your most commonly used phrases and words in English.

Knowing them in English will help you speak as well in English as you do in your native language. Are you learning English speaking for a specific reason? For example, are you learning English so you can get a job in an English-speaking company?

Before you go to a place where you have to speak English, you can practice what you might have to say.

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Answer the questions a waiter might ask you. Try talking about food and menus. You can be your best helper or your worst enemy when learning to speak fluently! Just relax! If you get stuck or confused, just take a big breath and start over. Speak slower if you have to.