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Solar powered Hybrid vehicle. Article (PDF Available) in IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering (1) · July solar energy cars should be progressed. This project deals with features involved in a solar energy car which plays a vital role for the upcoming energy crisis. basic principle of solar car is to use energy that is stored in a battery during and after charging it from a solar panel. The charged batteries are.

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We hereby declare that this thesis titled “Solar Car” and the work presented in it and economical car that essentially runs on free renewable solar energy. All. Solar power is the best as Renewable energy. Solar power car. Why do not design solar power car. Pollution in Dhaka city. PDF | Solar car can be categorized as a 'green vehicle' which is powered by renewable energy with zero carbon emission. Various numbers of solar race events.

Cash flow diagram 1. This relation can be shown graphically in figure 8. The solar car battery charger does all the work for you without having anymore intervention. Anonymous 9soHe7I01l. Parameters Value Peak Power at

The drive shaft causes the wheel to a force. For this reason, a varying pressure distribution will spin. The spinning wheel moves the car forward. At low light produce a force on the body. For this work, drag force caused conditions or after dark, the consumed power rate is designed by the shape of the body is taken into consideration only. The low than it can be replenished too quickly. The system requires a fair amount of small times to recharge Besides, frictional force of the car, the batteries.

Thus assists the consumer the wheel. Moreover, only a fraction The formula for calculating the required power to oppose all of the solid waste is generated by the batteries which make the system total environmentally friendly.

Energy pdf solar car

The main components of the car includes solar panel, wiper motor, wheels, shaft, battery, wood for frame, steel pipe for steering, tin plate for seat, washers, screws, clamps, pins Insulated wire etc.

The design is made simple for economical reason and for user friendly Figure. Flow chart of working principle of toy car operation. The position of these parts in manufacturing the car has shown in the following top view figure. Wiper Motor Wiper motors are generally used in windscreen wiper of motor vehicles.

Wiper motors are designed for two speed operation [12]. The motor consists of three brushes namely; common, low speed and high speed. Two of the brushes will be supplied for different mode of operation. The torque is high but speed is low. Its speed is about 30 rpm. This type of motor is used for proposed system because it can carry more load than micro metal geared motor which are generally used in this types of toy car.

For this system, a 12 volt DC wiper motor is used which is shown in figure 5. This motor combines two mechanical technologies for its operation. A combination of electric motor and worm gear reduction provides power to the wiper also a linkage used which Figure.

Drawing of top view of the car converts the rotational output of the motor into the back-and- forth motion of the wipers.

The worm gear reduction A. Solar Panel multiplies motor torque by about 50 times, while slowing the output speed of the electric motor by 50 times as well.

The The basic working principle of a solar panel is shown in output of the gear reduction operates a linkage that moves the figure 4 [10]. When sunlight shines on the cell, photons light wipers back and forth. The photons carry their energy down through the cell.

The photons give up their energy to electrons in the lower, p-type layer. The electrons use this energy to jump across the barrier into the upper, n- type layer and escape out into the circuit.

Wiper Motor used in this car C.

Energy pdf solar car

Wheels A wheel is a circular component that is intended to rotate on an axial bearing. Wheels, in conjunction with axles, allow heavy objects to be moved easily facilitating movement or Figure. Working principle of solar panel [11] transportation while supporting a load, or performing labor in machines.

For this project, plastic wheels are used as these The alignment of solar panel for charging batteries of toy car types of wheels are light in weight. The diameter and width of is designed in such way that it will accept maximum amount wheel that have been used here are of respectively 5 inch and of solar irridation.

The generated power is used for overcome 0. Since power is generated from renewable D. Frame sources so it is free from genetaing smoke and fumes unlike convetional motor vehicles. The electrical ratings of the solar The frame of the car is made by wood because it is lighter panel that has been used for this toy car are in the following than metal.

This is a three wheeler car and its shape is table. Parameters Value Peak Power at Steering Voltage Vmp A collar is welded with the Current Imp 0.

Then the steering is welded upon it. Open Circuit Voltage Voc It Maximum Series Fuse 2A is shown in figure 6. Steering arrangement 2. Switch Board There is a series connection among motor, battery and The following figure 8 shows the decreasing rate of the battery switch which is shown in figure 7. But this charge connected to positive wire of battery Negative wire of decreasing rate is comparatively low.

Solar Car Presentation

Graph showing the state of charge with different load VI. Connection of motor and battery with switch Since it is a playing thing for children, maximum effort has been given for making the car as simple as possible.

This toy V. As the solar panel is very heavy, so the batteries are charged Rechargeable alkaline battery popularly known as one separately and then attach it in the car frame to connect with types of secondary battery is used for solar car for its lowest motor.

Power transmission. A solar cell converts solar energy to electrical energy Photons in sunlight provide the energy that moves electrons from one layer of a semi-conducting metallic semiwafer to another The movement of the electrons creates a current.

Solar Car Presentation

The main goals in designing the body are to minimize the aerodynamic drag Minimize weight, and maximize safety. A space frame uses a welded or bonded tube structure to support the loads and the body The semi-monocoque or carbon beam semichassis uses composite beams and bulkheads to support the loads and is integrated into a non-load bearing noncomposite belly pan.

A monocoque chassis uses the body structure to support the loads. Designed to minimize friction and weight. Basic types of transmissions used in solar cars. Single reduction direct drive 2. Variable ratio belt drive 3. Hub motor. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Solar Energy efficiency of a particular vehicle, given as a ratio of distance traveled per unit of fuel consumed.

Litres power. Active solar techniques include the use per mil are used in Norway and Sweden. The large magnitude of solar energy available makes it a The price of solar power, together with batteries for highly appealing source of electricity. The United storage, has continued to fall so that in many countries it Nations Development Programme in its World is cheaper than ordinary fossil fuel electricity from the Energy Assessment found that the annual potential of grid.

This is several times larger than the total world energy C. Batteries consumption, which was The cathode and anode the positive In , the International Energy Agency said that and negative sides at either end of a traditional battery "the development of affordable, inexhaustible and clean are hooked up to an electrical circuit. The chemical solar energy technologies will have huge longer-term reactions in the battery. These advantages are global. Hence the additional costs of the incentives for early deployment should be considered learning investments; they must be wisely spent and need to be widely shared.

Solar Panel Here we took Lead acid type battery: Solar load is placed across the battery terminals. Photovoltaic panels constitute the solar array of a photovoltaic system that generates and The storage battery or secondary battery is such supplies solar electricity in commercial and residential battery where electrical energy can be stored as applications.

Each module is rated by its DC output chemical energy and this chemical energy is then power under standard test conditions, and typically converted to electrical energy as when required.

There known as charging of battery. A single solar module can produce only a supplying the external load is known as discharging limited amount of power; most installations contain of secondary battery.

This chemical them will reach to pure Pb plate where they give their changes absorb energy during their formation. Hence energy and supplied to the load. Now we will try to there would be a flow of current through the external understand principle working of lead acid battery and for load between these plates for balancing this inequality of that we will first discuss about lead acid battery which is electrons.

This process is called discharging of lead acid very commonly used as storage battery or secondary battery. The lead sulfate PbSO4 is whitish in color. During discharging. Both of the plates are covered with PbSO4. Specific gravity of sulfuric acid solution falls due The main active materials required to construct a lead- to formation of water during reaction at PbO2 plate.

As a result, the rate of reaction falls which implies 1. Lead peroxide PbO2. Sponge lead Pb and decreases during discharging process.

Pdf car solar energy

Dilute sulfuric acid H2SO4. This is dark terminal of that DC source. During discharging, the brown, hard and brittle substance.

Hydrogen ions condition. These hydrogen atoms of water: A load is connected externally between extra electrons and become radical SO4. This radical SO4 these plates. The hydrogen ions when reach at Hence by PbO2 plate, they receive electrons from it and become charging the lead acid storage battery cell.