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Percy Jackson and The Bronze Dragon. His eyes suddenly widened. Could it be Festus? He thought then dashed towards Bunker 9. When he. This is just a Percy Jackson short story I did not make this up all right go to Rick Riordan. This takes place between the Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last. Absolutely FREE . The Demigod Files contains three of Percy Jackson's most dangerous PERCY JACKSON AND THE BRONZE DRAGONOne dragon can ruin your whole day.

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Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon. Home · Percy Thomas and Percy and the Dragon The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 5). Letter From Camp Half-blood. Percy Jackson And The Stolen Chariot. Percy Jackson And The Bronze Dragon. Interview With Connor And Travis Stoll, Sons Of. Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This is a short story from Percy Jackson.

Our journey inside was a blur of dark tunnels and mouldy rooms carpeted with old ant shells and pools of goo. He oversees abooming population among the dead and has all sorts of employment trouble with his ghouls and spectres. I always do. The bad news was that foronce Athena and Ares — both war god cabins — were against us on the red team, along with Aphrodite, Dionysus and Demeter. I was about to follow when something sharp and cold pressed against my neck. Percy faced his biggest challenge of his life when he had to battle the bronze dragon.

Jackson bronze dragon and pdf percy the

There is a way. The most famous was the bron! The ephaestus cabin made it with the blessing of their father. If we 7nd it, if we can reactivate it in time, if it will help us.

Or its programming went haywire. The sides were slippery and dotted with tree roots. It tumbled right down the slope and hit the neck with a loud, metallic BONK 2econnecting it was harder. It took a long time. I 7gured 'apture the. I wondered how soon the other campers would reali! Immediately, they began to glow.

The head turned and looked at us. It cocked its head and regarded the dirt. The neck strained once, twice. The dragon pulled itself awkwardly out of the ground, shaking clumps of mud from its body the way a dog might, splattering us from head to toe. The automaton was so awesome, none of us could speak. Its sides were plated with bron! Its legs were the si!

The neck creaked and popped as it turned its head to the sky and blew a column of triumphant 7re. Those ruby eyes! Instinctively, I reached for my sword.

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I was ama! I 7gured ilena had about a 7fty-7fty chance of getting blasted with 7re. The dragon looked around, as if trying to 7nd an enemy.

It was good incentive to keep running fast as we headed for the ,nt ill. It crashed through the trees, 8oints creaking, feet pounding craters into the ground. It charged straight for the ,nt ill. The dragon stepped on a few of them, smashing them to bug 8uice. Then their telepathic network seemed to light up, likeC Big dragon.

Bad ,ll the ants in the clearing turned simultaneously and swarmed the dragon.

The dragon blew 7re and sent a whole column of them into a panicked retreat. I could tell they let their food rot before eating it. Our 8ourney inside was a blur of dark tunnels and moldy rooms carpeted with old ant shells and pools of goo.

The faint bron! I glanced into a side room, and my heart skipped a beat. They glowed the way magic items do. The remains of old meals were piled as high as sand dunes0bones, chunks of rancid meat, even old camp meals. I could hear distant sounds of battle0metal creaking, 7re roaring, hundreds of ants snapping and spitting. Our friend the dragon was in trouble. Then he ga! It stopped struggling against the ants, and its eyes glowed. The air smelled of o! Others smoked and blackened, their legs twitching.

In a few seconds there were no more ants on the dragon. The ones that were still alive were in full retreat, scuttling back toward their ruined hill as 7ngers of electricity! The dragon bellowed in triumph, then it turned its glowing eyes toward us. It thundered toward me, shaking the ground.

Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon - PDF Free Download

The dragon followed. The three of us readied our swords. The dragon reached us and lurched to a stop. Its head creaked as it looked down at me.

The Demigod Files

All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. Get Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Demigod Files from Amazon. View the Study Pack. Order our Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Demigod Files Study Guide. Plot Summary. Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot.

Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon. Chiron's Interviews. It crashed through the fenceright behind me, ploughing down everything in its path. I jumped and landed on a rock island in the middle of the otter exhibit.

I willed a column of water out of the pond and doused thehorses, temporarily extinguishing their flames and sending them into confusion. I ran as Phobos cursed and tried to get his horses under control. Both of them went tumbling out of the chariot as it lurched forward. I sprinted towards the aquarium with the chariot right behind me.

Thechariot refashioned itself into a black metal box with caterpillar tracks, a turret and a long gun barrel. A tank. Phobos was grinning at me from the top of a World War II panzer.

And bronze pdf jackson percy the dragon

I rolled to one side as the gun fired. A souvenir kiosk exploded, sending fuzzy animals and plastic cups and disposable cameras in every direction. As Phobosre-aimed his gun, I got to my feet and dived into the aquarium. I wanted to surround myself with water. That always increased my power. Cuttlefish, clown fish and eels all stared at me as I racedpast. I could hear their little minds whispering, Son of the sea god!

Son of the sea god! I stopped at the back of the aquarium and listened. I heard nothing. And then… Vroom, Vroom. A different kind of engine. I watched in disbelief as Phobos came riding through the aquarium on a Harley-Davidson. Suddenly I was in a different place. I was at Camp Half-Blood, my favourite place in the world, and it was in flames. The woods were onfire. The cabins were smoking. My friendswere on their knees pleading with me. Annabeth, Grover, all the other campers.

Save us, Percy! Make the choice! I stood paralysed. This was the moment I had always dreaded: Now the moment was here, and I had no idea what to do. The camp was burning. My friends looked at me, begging for help. My heartpounded. What if I did the wrong thing?

Then I heard the voices of the aquarium fish: Suddenly I felt the power of the ocean all around me again, hundreds of litres of salt water, thousands of fish trying to get my attention.

This was an illusion. Phobos was showing me my deepest fear. I raised Riptide and blocked the blow just before it cut me in two. I counterattacked and stabbed Phobos in the arm. Golden ichor, the blood of the gods, soaked through his shirt. Phobos growled and slashed at me. I parried easily. Without his power of fear, Phobos was nothing. Ipressed him back, swiped at his face, and gave him a cut across the cheek.

The angrier he was, the clumsier he got. Hewas immortal. The fear god looked afraid. Finally I kicked him backwards against the water fountain. His sword skittered into the ladies room. I grabbed the straps of his armourand pulled him up to face me.

I turned towards the fish exhibits. Ihopped on, started the ignition, and rode out of the aquarium to help Clarisse. I had no trouble finding her. I just followed the path of destruction. Fences were knocked down. Animals were running free. Badgers andlemurs were checking out the popcorn machine.

A fat-looking leopard was lounging on a park bench with a bunch of pigeon feathers aroundhim. I parked the motorcycle next to the petting zoo, and there were Deimos and Clarisse in the goat area. Clarisse was on her knees. I ranforward but stopped suddenly when I saw how Deimos had changed form. He was Ares now — the tall god of war, dressed in black leatherand sunglasses, his whole body smoking with anger as he raised his fist over Clarisse.

Stand up to him! I knew you would fail me. Now you will suffer my wrath. Clarisse had to do it. This was her worst fear. She had toovercome it for herself. She glanced over, and I tried to hold her eyes. Get up! Then she began to stand.

When he struck again, Clarisse was ready. She disarmed him and stabbed him in the shoulder — not deep,but enough to hurt even a godling. He yowled in pain and began to glow. We averted our eyes as Deimos exploded into golden light — his true godly form — and disappeared. We were alone except for the petting zoo goats, which were tugging at our clothes, looking for snacks. The motorcycle had turned back into a horse-drawn chariot.

Clarisse looked at me cautiously. She wiped the straw and sweat off her face. Or chariots. Or motorcycles. Ride this thing across the Verrazano Bridge? There were bridges to Brooklyn and New Jersey, but either way it would take hours to drive the chariotback to Manhattan, even if we could fool people into thinking it was a regular car. Then I got an idea. They charged straight towards the water. Iimagined the sea turning solid, the waves becoming a firm surface all the way to Manhattan.

We arrived at Pier 86 just as the sunset was fading to purple. The USS Intrepid, temple of Ares, was a huge wall of grey metal in front of us,the flight deck dotted with fighter aircraft and helicopters. We parked the chariot on the ramp and I jumped out. For once I was glad to beon dry land. I was exhausted. Clarisse nodded.

I saw the camp in flames. Iwas paralysed. I know how you felt. It had been a long day, and I was ready to go home. Seeing my friends, for sure. Making your rep. I mean everybody wants to fit you into a box, right? If you had to trade Riptide for another magic item, whose item would you choose?

I guess it would be cool to have a set ofarmour that melted into my regular clothes. Wearing armour is a pain. So having clothes that morphed into armour would be really useful. Any advice for kids who suspect they may be demigods, too? Pray you are wrong. Seriously, this may sound fun to read about, but it is bad news. You can usually spot them at any school. They laugh weirdly and they eat anything. Find your school satyr and get his help. You need to make it to Camp Half-Blood right away.

But again, you donot want to be a demigod. Do not try this at home. Whoever gets in my face, loser. Oh, you mean specifically? So many choices. Iwould love to break his bow over his head. He thinks Apollo is so much better than Ares just because they can use ranged weapons andstand far away from the battle like cowards.

Give me a spear and shield any day. Aside from your father, who do you think is the bravest god or goddess on the Olympian Council? Well, nobody comes close to Ares, but I guess Lord Zeus is pretty brave. I mean he took on Typhon and fought Kronos. No disrespect intended.

Did you ever get revenge on Percy for soaking you with toilet water? Oh, that little punk has been bragging again, huh? He exaggerated that whole thing. Believe me, revenge iscoming. Why am I waiting? Just strategy. Biding my time and waiting for the right moment tostrike. I am not scared, okay? But that time with the bronze dragon? The evening started simply enough. It was the end of June. Satyrs were chasing the dryads.

Monsters howled in the woods. The campers were playing pranks on one another and our campdirector, Dionysus, was turning anyone who misbehaved into a shrub.

Typical summer-camp stuff. After dinner, all the campers were hanging out at the dining pavilion. We were all excited because that evening capture the flag wasgoing to be totally vicious. The bad news was that foronce Athena and Ares — both war god cabins — were against us on the red team, along with Aphrodite, Dionysus and Demeter.

Annabeth is not somebody you want as an enemy. Right before the game, she strolled up to me. Her grey eyes sparkled under her helmet. Her blonde ponytail curled around one shoulder. It was hard for anyoneto look cute in combat armour, but Annabeth pulled it off. Beckendorf walked up with his helmet under his arm. You ought to ask her to the fireworks.

Beckendorf was lead counsellor for Hephaestus.

Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon

He was this huge dude with a permanent scowl, muscleslike a pro ballplayer, and hands calloused from working in the forges. Since he was older, I usually listened to him about stuff, but the idea of asking Annabeth to the Fourth of July fireworks down at the beach — Then Silena Beauregard, the head counsellor for Aphrodite, passed by.

Beckendorf had had a not-so-secret crush on her for three years. She had long black hair and big blue eyes, and when she walked the guys tended to watch. She flashed him a brilliant smile and went to join Annabeth on the red team. I patted him on the shoulder. Come on.

While the Apollo cabin played defence with their bows, the Hermes cabin would charge up the middle of the woods to distract theenemy. Why the left flank? If westood in front of rocks, our breastplates, helms and shields turned grey.

If we stood in front of bushes, the metal changed to a leafy green. I could tell he liked being called Captain. The rest of the Hephaestus campers wished us well, and we sneaked offinto the woods, immediately turning brown and green to match the trees. We crossed the creek that served as the boundary between the teams. We heard fighting in the distance — swords clashing against shields.

Iglimpsed a flash of light from some magical weapon, but we saw no one. But I felt uneasy. Annabeth was a great strategist. We moved into enemy territory. The Apollo kids would get over-run sooner or later. We crept along the base of an oak tree. We kept moving. It was hard to tell exactly where we were. Some landmarks stood out, like the creek and certain cliffs and some reallyold trees, but the woods tended to shift around. I guess the nature spirits got restless. Paths changed.

Trees moved. Then suddenly we were at the edge of a clearing. I knew we were in trouble when I saw the mountain of dirt. The mound rose almost tothe treetops — four storeys at least. The Myrmekes were the size of German shepherds. Their armoured shells glistened blood-red. Their eyes were beady black and theirrazor-sharp mandibles sliced and snapped. Some carried tree branches.

Most carried bits of metal — old armour, swords, food platters that had somehow found their way out here from the dining pavilion. One ant was dragging the glossy black hood of a sports car. Fifteen metres away, two ants were struggling to drag a big hunk of metal towards their nest.

It was the size of a refrigerator, all glitterygold and bronze, with weird bumps and ridges down the side and a bunch of wires sticking out the bottom. Then the ants rolled the thingover, and I saw a face. I just about jumped out of my skin. I see it. Its skin was a combination of gold andbronze scales, and its eyes were rubies as big as my fists.

The head looked like it had been hacked from its body — chewed by ant mandibles. The wires were frayed and tangled. Come on! He sprinted along the edge of the clearing,his armour blending into the trees. I was about to follow when something sharp and cold pressed against my neck. I tried to move, but she dug her knife under my chin. Silena appeared out of the woods, her sword drawn. Her Aphrodite armour waspink and red, colour coordinated to match her clothes and makeup. She looked like Guerilla Warfare Barbie.

An invisible hand confiscated my sword. Annabeth took off her cap and appeared before me, smiling smugly. They make more noise than a lovesick Minotaur. No telling how long Annabeth and Silena had beeneavesdropping. He wasalready twelve metres away. She pulled me back. The ant turned, snapping itspincers. The second ant sprayed goo in his face,and Beckendorf screamed. He dropped his sword and slapped wildly at his eyes.

I surged forward, but Annabeth pulled me back. They grabbed him by the armour and dragged him towards the hillso fast he was swept into a tunnel and disappeared. She grabbed it by the wires and started dragging it towards the woods. Those are Myrmekes. Their bite is poison. They spray acid. They communicate with all the other ants and swarm over anything that threatens them. Now, grab some wires and pull! Then we collapsed, sweating and breathing hard. Silena started to cry. There is a way.

Chiron will know what to do. By the time we got everyone back here, it would be too late. Automatons were magical bronze robots made by Hephaestus. Most of them were crazed killingmachines, and those were the nice ones. Annabeth had been at camp a lot longer than I had. The most famous was the bronze dragon. The Hephaestuscabin made it with the blessing of their father. Supposedly it was so fierce and powerful that it kept the camp safe for over a decade.

Andthen… about fifteen years ago, it disappeared into the woods. The Myrmekes probably dug it up while they were looking for precious metal. If we find it, if we can reactivate it in time, if it will help us. You said this thing disappeared fifteenyears ago? Or its programming went haywire.

No oneknows. Besides, this could be a sign from Hephaestus. Beckendorf would want us to try. Beckendorf had said something about a sign from Hephaestus.

Maybe it was timeto find out. The sides were slippery and dottedwith tree roots. Ant tracks led to the bottom, where a large metal mound glinted through the dirt.

Wires stuck up from a bronze stump onone end.