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24 —. SEPTEMBER GQ Collections: Autumn/Winter. ON THE D-1, Saket District Centre, New Delhi , India Tel: +91 11 Fax: + 91 11 NH WEEKENDER, SHILLONG, October -. GQ Magazine - October UK INDIAN EDITION. SEPTEMBER ` Has All The. Moves. GQ LIFE. DEPUTY PDF Available - Secret Magazine. 06 DECEMBER /JANUARY 14 / GQ starts GQ Magazine - September UK PDF Available - Secret Magazine.

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Processed at Commercial Reprographers. In the late s. December Conde Nast India. The mood of menswear today is one of rebellion. They all own some crazy pants. La Cucina Italiana Hungary:

March Conde Nast India. February Conde Nast India. January Conde Nast India. December Conde Nast India. November Conde Nast India. August Conde Nast India. July Conde Nast India. June Conde Nast India. May Conde Nast India. Who read this also read SALE. Cosmopolitan The India Today Group. MansWorld MW.

GQ Magazine - September 2015 UK

Com India Pvt Ltd. More fashion magazines. Roopatara udayavanionline.

Hair Spenta Mutimedia Pvt Ltd. Mahilaratnam Monthly Nana Film Weekly. Apparel Spenta Mutimedia Pvt Ltd. Images Business of Fashion Images Group. Adorn Spenta Mutimedia Pvt Ltd. Glamaour Era March issue Glamaour Era.

Inspired by the notion of not settling for mediocrity, but only the best in technology and design, it goes beyond to deliver an unsurpassed experience to users.

Packed with features like OIS and Laser autofocus, the OnePlus 2 camera is all you need to shoot some fantastic stillphotos and mesmerizing 4K videos. Paired with a 3,mAh lithium-polymer battery, it ensures that you stay charged throughout the day. The software experience. The OnePlus 2 is supported by OxygenOS that allows you to customize your app permissions, icons, accent colours, and more.

The OnePlus 2 is available exclusively on amazon. On the ground that means , lives saved to date. Not so long ago, Indian food was tandoori and a few dishes vaguely recalled from pre-Partition Punjab.

In the Eighties, a clutch of hotel management graduates set out to the UK and Frenchified their techniques. But of late, an independent breed of young restaurateurs and chefs are border-less yet distinctive. But in the last decade it has come to represent ambition and luxury like no other hotel chain has. And all this while being one of the most sustainable and green luxury chains in the world. Her self-help screeds and skits have won her a Screamy award and launched a successful travelling stand-up show.

At last count she had over seven million followers, two of which are Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit. Because the album is, straight up, brilliant. Or maybe you should wait a bit. Cue the largest library in the history of music, exclusive album launches, and seven million subscribers within three months. No one else comes close to this cut-and-paste approach to popular cinema, and in his latest Hateful 8, this movie store nerdturned-genius director has original score material from Morricone, the man responsible for the sound of the Spaghetti Western.

Time to retire and write that novel. Apatani tribal huts and band geeks from Thiruvananthapuram to Srinagar washing down fried frogs. After scoring three goals in five games.

The Parisian house put its luxe stamp on the Apple Watch with three strap variations in leather so soft you could eat them. Which means: This Polish star has almost as quickly scored his way into the upper echelons of worldclass strikers like Messi and Ronaldo.

And now you know. But Singapore Airlines has done just that. Here are seven stellar designers showcasing new collections at this historic event. Look around: No one wants to look like an uncle any more. Getting the hang of our dye took us a while. Punjab and Pakistan. Being both consistent and fresh. I keep saying. We had to make a lot of mistakes. He was supposed to end up a doctor anyway. Those were the sort of choices available where he grew up. Last season we did this whole stitching theme.

Most recently. And then you want to kill them [laughs]. Or a farmer. His mastery at adapting the classic silhouette to changing times is what makes Rajesh Pratap Singh great. Suddenly his process. This guy will run 20 experiments in a month. Nobody taught us. And when he says experiment. In Paris.

And we actually went to a really. Virender Sehwag. Absolutely nothing. Delhi and Ahmedabad. And in And this year. Out came minimalist sherwanis with leather details.

Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh soon followed. Shantanu was the good guy. On paper. But after putting out a range of sports luxe bombers and joggers — the kind Ranveer Singh and Virat Kohli would lap up — there was a new Dhruv to reckon with. At his second show this year. In front of two pristine white walls are racks of hulk-shaped bombers. It makes sense. He attends toughticket parties. But in the real world. He attends trade shows across the world and studies fabrics.

Kapoor is something of a trailblazer: It could pass as any upscale bungalow. He would rather have new-age entrepreneurs. That is. His first task was selecting 12 out of 5. I wanted to study. Rathore inherited the same passion. Today Rathore counts the likes of Saif Ali Khan. This proved especially beneficial when Donna Karan came in as a guest lecturer. His father had a tailor over every week to fit a new outfit.

Privy purses had been abolished. Rahul Gandhi and Naveen Jindal among his patrons. So Rathore transferred to the smaller. Men who understood the importance of presentation. Since he started his eponymous label in India. Rathore was used to seeing burly kinsmen with big whiskers wearing crisp achkans. His mother would design camel hairwoven jootis for the men. Suneet Verma firming up shoulder pads. Growing up. While juggling four jobs and university.

I learned that the idea was less important than getting the product finished. All lumberjack beard. But after studying at NIFT. The kind of loungey. By playing the outsider with a proclivity for edgy fashion. Ujjawal Dubey might just be more of an insider than he thinks. Dubey would rather be backstage than in the spotlight. Guys who would rather catch a gig than flutter about the social circuit. People are returning to a slower life. Street style is as important as the clothes on a runway.

Dubey picked up on fashion-speak. He also crafts furniture and dabbles in product design. Unlike Ford. Dubey was raised in Gorakhpur in eastern UP. His process is technical. The mood of menswear today is one of rebellion.

That he was able to make the switch — and do it so successfully — made me believe I could too. So at a certain point in their commercial success.

And people shop here as much for them as their clothes. The boys are scheduled upstairs for several customer fittings. Rohit Bal has a store there. I have to figure things out. But that is part of their charm. Rohit Gandhi — also stirring a sugar cube into his coffee. I remember we were in London. Tarun Vadehra has a few. We have seven art galleries. So we thought of opening a shirt shop. And now. Khanna had to be dragged away from Rekha Purie. Narendra Modi. Costa is the designer of choice for clients as influential — and varied — as billionaire scion Akash Ambani.

His impeccably cut jackets look like they were sewn on Savile Row and he can reel off the top menswear trends like the disclaimer in a mutual funds advertisement. Step two will be setting up a chain of affordable menswear stores across India.

Twenty-two years into the business and he still puts in longer hours than his peers. In the Bollywood-worthy tale of Troy Costa. They were losing the match anyway.. Sri Lanka and Dubai. They will be named Cruz Troy Costa. And if the past 22 years are any evidence. Troy Costa answered a phone call that would change his life. These days.

After discovering that their match-winning teammate also happened to be a proficient menswear tailor. So how does someone with a socially awkward streak.

A powerful recommendation to the PM could have come from any of these sources. One day they were a few players short.. Triple World Champion. The average annual television audience for F1? Bonciani hustles the top three drivers into the press room for a televised debriefing.

Although it seems like he drives terribly slowly on the telly. Throughout the race on Sunday. He decides the quantum of punishment for teams and drivers who err.

Each F1 car is fitted with a transponder. This season. As soon as a journalist finishes his question. John Morrison There are two primary functions of the tech centre left. Six seconds. After the qualifier on Saturday. Before qualifying on Saturday. Matteo Bonciani As head of media communications. During qualifying and on race day. As soon as a car passes a loop. If teams are found to have tampered with their cars on subsequent spot checks.

Apart from a live feed collated from 24 cameras around the circuit. Lap That was my first Daytona — and I still have it.

The stewards determine Hulkenberg was at fault. At the French Grand Prix which Stewart won. Stewart was already a Rolex collector. Seeing the two greet each other is like taking a time-warped trip through several generations of F1. Man on the track! Rolex signed one of its first-ever ambassadors — Sir Jackie Stewart. Even before Stewart raced alongside Marko in the Seventies. The punishment is swift: Whiting slaps him with a three-place grid penalty for the next race at the Suzuka GP.

Bonciani tears the three podium drivers. I was in pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix. That same year.

Pdf 2015 gq october india

Safety car go. In April Max Versatppen and Daniel Ricciardo — their break in F1. Juan Pablo Montoya. Tom Kristensen is arguably one of the most successful drivers of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Coulthard was born the year Stewart won his second world championship in Rolex gave a watch to the [driver in the] pole position. So I was given a plastic replica of a Casio — which I damaged within days. World Cup trophy in my hand and an AP. I was given a genuine Casio when the family realized that I had grown up and was responsible enough to look after a watch. What happened if someone was late? Anyone who turned up late was fined his daily allowance.

Two years later. I took a photo and sent it to the brand. I was one of the most punctual guys. None of my friends back then actually wore fancy watches. Closer home. After that. What was your first watch? The first watch that I received was from my uncle when I was in the 4th standard.

How many timepieces do you own today? Who inducted you into the world of luxury watches? My uncle was a clock lover. The entire watch industry here is located between Geneva and Schaffhausen. The whole industrial base — the guys who make the hands. And if you repeated that. Panerai went from fringe military supplier to mainstream player when Sylvester Stallone. There are too many of them around.

Girard-Perregaux and Rolex. Whether the team had practice. I was one of them. Ricky Ponting and Brian Lara. I own Franck Muller. He would clean. Muttiah Muralitharan loves watches too.

I wore it during the [] World Cup. Not many people know this. I always kept my watch around minutes fast — and I still do. Did the bus ever leave without you? You know. Given another shot. He thought that it was better not give me an expensive watch since I was always up to mischief.

A timepiece that you particularly treasure. I would do something similar. Very few guys in school wore watches. If you did that a third time. I always wanted to be the first one to get there. GQ caught up with the nationally retired Tendulkar he. But once I started wearing Audemars Piguet. As for Kevin Spacey. Throughout my childood.

Che Kurrien Art: Kishore Singh Humour: Barnaby Pole Film: I stayed with him and his family. And within a month of moving. My favourite photograph of my grandparents has them lounging about on a desolate. This was the Eighties. My grandfather never recovered from the humiliation.

One of my fondest childhood memories is driving down to the rickety Cooperage stadium near Churchgate to watch Rovers Cup football matches between teams like Mahindra and Union Bank with him. And when he retired. He bought me expensive gifts on his business trips to England and lavished me with praise and attention — tacitly.

He also insisted that English be spoken at home. My grandfather was devastated. Soon after his first heart attack. Soon after. This journey culminated in the grand wedding of his daughter to my dad — who belonged to one of the most prominent Malayali business families of Bombay at the time.

No one got divorced in Yet it took just over a decade for the marriage to officially end. My mother remarried and quickly got pregnant. He never looked me in the eye again. Karayoram Utthup Kurian was dispatched to his eldest brother in Bombay.

He used all these strengths — innate and developed — to ascend to the upper reaches of the Indian corporate world. People around us talked and judged. My mother was shattered. Although I often spotted cigarette butts in the loo. When I was even younger he took me every Sunday to ride ponies at the nearby Bandstand — a tradition I continue with my daughter. At the time. My grandfather was pushed out of his hometown. Despite his professional success.

He was tall and good-looking — with an uncanny resemblance to Christopher Plummer. The consequence of that one call would be devastating.

Pushed by his uptight. He took diction lessons. Armed with a diploma in mechanical engineering. Although he earned a salary. This was not always so. Invitations are eagerly sought after. At the end. Even though it does take the zing away for those in the room hoping to have a gawker moment. Sells Indian art in London. Auction rooms. You can now bid over the phone or online. Professional bidders. The other concerns the vexatious noseyparker. The Mumbai gallery morphed into an auction house and is mostly supported by the Parsi community.

Antiques are up next. The newest challenger on the block is proving it has the gumption to pull off successful auctions — and records. There were only a couple dozen people in the second-floor room in New York in which the Souza record was made. Just the other week. With just one serious bidder for every people present in the room.

New York and. I must have invited a few dozen novitiates to attend auctions with me. When they shake hands at its conclusion. Has established the most records for Indian modern art and has a track record for sourcing great works. Those being introduced to this world are usually accompanied by a gaggle of supporters and you can make them out for the wild gesticulation that accompanies their raised paddles — as though afraid of being ignored by the auctioneer.

Also does jewellery. But when it comes to suspiciously gendered hybrids in the English language. I generally experience older males standing behind my car waving their arms around in a circular motion. Admittedly a noun. For female readers. To help. I also asked some female friends for examples and experiences.

Deep down. I happened to ask a male friend what he thought and got the searingly honest reply: It seems to have started with an American writer. Rebecca Slomit. That ends badly. So maybe when people — women. While parking. Men are still too comfortable letting their insecurities masquerade as patronizing brovado and. And if. A man discussing his personal failings with another fellow by blaming someone else.

The phenomenon of women never knowing where something is. Please pass judgment on the following. He now lives in Germany where nobody has body hair. When we come up with a catchy phrase like mansplaining. An apartment owned by a man with no books. Quit broaning about Jane. Chaitanya Tamhane. Killa and Kakka Muttai. Indian directors. Their protagonists were fully formed. Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Some of these films also toyed with the conventional definition of a hero.

The male leads. This is promising. Both Court. Maneesh Sharma. The brothers in Kakka Muttai slyly dupe a delivery guy to peer into his box that contains slices of pizza. Rahul Dholakia and. These debuts. Killa and Titli — and all of them shared something else in common.

The film opened in Indian theatres a few weeks later. Manikandan and Arun did retain. Eleven-year-old Chinmay. They were all made by young debutant film-makers. Lucky Oye! M Manikandan. Imtiaz Ali — seems intent to take some chances himself. Sex Aur Dhokha. Gomber and Dhanush are primarily known as directors and actors rather than producers.

Neeraj Ghaywan had won two major awards for his debut. A couple of months ago. It shared that privilege with four other films — Court. Kakka Muttai. Even NH Shahida Harshil Malhotra. Even the biggest grosser of the year. India sales simone. Amerchand Mansion.

And this season. Choose from a selection of bags. Those were your options. We have officially entered the era of statement trousers — a modern pantsosphere populated by the rolled. In the past two seasons. Maybe you had a pair of cargo pants or wool trousers in your rotation.

It was the heyday of flat-front chinos and slim. Rick Owens: How you wear them comes down to your personality. Gone is the fear of attracting too much attention or being held hostage by the cult of the slim and skinny. Adventurous fashion happened above the belt and below the ankle. One pair to rule them all? Not anymore. Men are now realizing this more and are more willing to experiment.

Graduating to long pants from shorts and kneesocks was once a full-on rite of passage. They were never really a consideration. They instantly put you in a league of stylish men. Add to that the explosion of streetstyle blogs that celebrate adventurous head-to-toe dressing. Just ask Jude Law and Purab Kohli. If rocking sneakers with a pair of suit slacks is permissible.

With the idea of the Global Indian emerging. Like it or not. What do Kanye. Givenchy or Christopher Kane. Pair yours with a black shirt for an East-meets-West vibe that few will be able to match. And no one cuts them better than Raghavendra Rathore. Even today they are unmatched icons of Indian style. SpongeBob SquarePants? The simple answer: Flip your approach to getting dressed. If one silhouette is unflattering or puts your reproductive system at risk.

On the other hand. Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have in common? They all own some crazy pants. And they look good. In the late s. Think lace edges. An Indian maharaja in Europe. His version included leather reinforcement in the inner thigh and tighter calves to enable wearing riding boots.

Roman soldiers took to pants for war purposes. Then in the 2nd century. Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra both rocked the wide leg. In the new millennium. T continue to ma strong impact. In skinny pants sa major resurgen when Hedi Slim reinvented the Dior Homme. Thom Browne Jimmy Page in concert.

Mick Jagger on stage.

GQ India - December 2015

Teenagers in cropped trousers. They disappeared from the menswear scene after that. As ribbon bows and dotted blazers become sartorial mainstays.

The allusion to the Me Decade was palpable — candy-coloured lights across the ceiling of an abandoned train station. The Seventies was an era dipped in hedonistic glamour. The highvoltage sex appeal that had seeped into Gucci by way of previous creative directors Tom Ford and Frida Giannini was gone. And a radical era of vintage opulence and bohemia is now underway — an aesthetic about-turn you only see once in a few decades.

Out came the birds. Cut to Clarks Desert Boots. There are rapper hats. For that matter. Brit punk and talian tailoring.

Diesel has released a Limited Edition watch. You can wear them o Rocky Mountain camping trip. We pick the rarest. Which is why drinking is always a good idea.

A malt to unwind with. The 25 Year Old. We love it. Laphroaig falls into the love-it-or-hate-it category. The lack of an age statement on the bottle is a statement in itself. Just the kind needed to put you into a sweet.

GQ Magazine - January 2016

Find a good friend and put the world to rights over a few glasses. Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. Late opening every Thursday until 9 PM.

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann has this page to the store cashiers. Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. One gift per person Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann offers a large selection of items in every segment. La cave. It was designed to showcase a range of more than 2. To be consumed with moderation.

The wide selection is sure to satisfy both connoisseurs and novices alike. The 18 Year Old made with over 20 malt and grain whiskies makes it simple to see why. Just knowing about it makes you a man of mystery. Unveil it on very special occasions. If you shop at MDF before December MDF will be converted into a winter wonderland.

2015 gq pdf october india

This year. MDF presents its premium offerings at unbeatable prices.

2015 october pdf india gq

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. While you are sifting through various spirits and gifts. Celebrating its latest campaign.

Not in recent memory have so many luxury brands shifted out of their comfort zone in a single year. The DC show car was too pretty and not robust enough for some observers. Two million have been made since Production will stop in December. Our pick is this trolley. Better still. RR hopes to snare a completely different customer from its traditional base that has until now always done business in the back seat.

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Chief among them were a BMW M3 driven backwards at one point. X5 xDrive 40e and 6 Series convertible. There were thunderous action sequences and climactic chases.

The 3. Exactly why you should white-knuckle grip the wheel and keep your right foot pinned.

Its next stop: We get it. Italian design firm Pininfarina has created some of the most iconic vehicle shapes of the past century and has now turned its attention to the trans-Europe express. Last year. Sunset Beam and Alien Green up for sale. Screaming metal. It has the go-anywhere capability of a Freelander which the Disco Sport replaces and the city-bred good looks of the Evoque.

From a new platform it now shares one with Porsche and Bentley and powertrain the thirsty 4. But the new Discovery Sport is the real deal: The purpose of a tourbillon is to protect the movement from gravitational forces. The deliberate hard-edged exteriors complement that beast of an engine — a rorty 5. From conquering armies to peace-loving Popes. Short of taking over the steering. But with the new Made-To-Order service. If you turn into an intersection and the radar detects an object in the way.

Via your smartphone. The customization options are limitless: Jaguar claims its infotainment system in its first-ever SUV has more processing power than a Boeing In short. And when it comes to shoe design. It even invented the three-point safety belt back in For the tycoon seated in the Business Classstyle reclining massage thrones. And there are the added bits that make sitting upright for hours tolerable: Delhi dudes.

Most importantly. On the third. But in general. But the more you observe her. Dressed in an androgynous suit. The fact that people think she has climbed her way to the top without a brain.

And when the shoot pauses. Much does not go as either of us expects. The first thought when you lay eyes on Katrina is: Four hours into the shoot.

A quality that can easily be mistaken for arrogance in her line of work. In front of her is a bowl of grilled fish and assorted vegetables. In fact. But her body language suggests otherwise. I meet Katrina Kaif over three days in two cities in less than a week. Her parting words to me on the second day as we get out of a crowded airport coach: She keeps her head low.

Katrina Kaif is a fiercely private person. On the second. I tell her. On the first day. The next time we meet. As most successful people in the world usually are. The tight-lipped woman in uniform stares at me incredulously: He always arrives twenty minutes before a flight. I want to get what I think I deserve. The camera phones strobe around her like a Ferris wheel.

Dhoom 3 was essentially Aamir Khan and Aditya Chopra taking the decisions. I would be more tolerant. I want to fight. Fame for her is serious. There are people everywhere. She looks at me sharply. The sun has set and as the cabin crew switch off the lights for take-off. I remind her. But the front of my head says be careful. I can be the best girlfriend you can wish for.

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What does she think about Ranbir working on his most recent film with exgirlfriend Deepika Padukone. Look around us. That he may not know his mind well enough to be making those commitments. She gives it ten minutes. Cheaters will cheat anywhere.. Her last semi-hit Bang Bang released almost a year-and-a-half ago. This annoys her. She may look exceptionally young and dewy.

I can feel her gaze — this time really looking at me. She flicks back her perfectly messed-up hair and licks her lips. Even through the darkness. We both know where the conversation is headed..

Actors are selfish.