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Site Resultados Digitais. Santa Catarina (). blog/aida/. Accessed 25 Jan 6. Gomes Filho, J.: Gestalt do objeto: sistema. Request PDF on ResearchGate | O fundo estético da Gestalt-Terapia | In this article we discuss Gestalt Therapy Do you want to read the rest of this article?. 13 set. ://graficovisual.

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Gestalt do - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Gestalt do objeto. Wesley Teixeira. Uploaded by. Wesley Teixeira. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. () Masini, E.F.S.: Educação do portador de deficiência visual: as %20( ) Minardi, M.J.: Tactile Symbols for Gomes Filho, J.: Gestalt do objeto.

Menezes and Paschoarelli concentrate the design design as correspondent of searching, the search for something in its historical and etymological conception. Fundamentally the design of a new product follows logical events or stages, commonly called Feasibility Study, Preliminary Project and Detailed Project, before the production project itself. By Mavis Enti. Creative Process Tolls In this sense, the actress promotes methodologies based on the increase of innovation and creativity subsidizing the idea that the creative process can be enhanced through the use of tools and methods. Suh uses an analogy of feedback control loop to describe the design process.

In the textile industry there are few studies in the process area, and it calls attention because it is considered an obstacle for development, SANTIS Vicentini , p States that More and more industrial products feature greater complexity and sophistication, seeking to comply with an extremely competitive market, which consequently requires companies to have a increasing creative capacity. Because of the need of facing this increase of competitiveness and complexity, appear the need for methodologies that could help to systematize the process of product development.

The textile factory production has a growing and very competitive market, demand methods, tools and products with quality assurance regarding design, processes and organizational controls. Project in this sense is a creation that come up with a need with a formalized structure to introduce a budget. The projects have multiplied quickly at the business Market and most of the company work with any project methodology, which is time consuming and multivariate knowledge. The project methodologies according to Back seek to provide support for the project development.

The project unfolds a sequence of stages, each one considers resources, tasks and creative processes. The stages are called: Figure 1 www. Fundamentally the design of a new product follows logical events or stages, commonly called Feasibility Study, Preliminary Project and Detailed Project, before the production project itself.

In these phases a number of operations are performed to minimize redundant, repetitive or incomplete files. The design methodology is applied in a systematic comprising tools, techniques and models on the project. The project requires the knoledge and process integration to develop properly triggered serie of events with a critical analysis of needs and motivations. The project methodology generaly tends to develop a systematic, establishing rules and guidelines for product achievment, it can be applied to all clusters and types of organizations.

Bouer and Carvalho state that project methodologies have become important tools that add competitive advantages. Companies seek to expand its production following current concepts to become more competitive. Necessarily, the production techniques for goods and services prioritize ways to make the process increasingly agile and contributes to the use of reduced resources, quality and performance of the company.

Thus, the use of design methodologies for the development of the creative process helps to encourage creativity and innovation in the product design. Product Design The design or project in the current context is used in different ways in culture, ethnic, products, well broadcasted.

According to Menezes and Paschoarelli , knowledge learned at the design study acquires new approaches that should cover the contemporaneity demand. The design involves communication, technology, materials, processes and people. Menezes and Paschoarelli concentrate the design design as correspondent of searching, the search for something in its historical and etymological conception.

According to Baxter , p. It requires research, careful planning, meticulous control and, more importantly, the use of systematic methods. Project systematic methods require an interdisciplinary approach covering marketing methods, Strategic thinking is a way to structure and define paths to follow, a way to organize an action.

Do pdf gestalt objeto

In strategic thinking is analyzed the internal and external environment economic, governmental actions, etc , we define the goals we want to achieve and elaborate the strategy, which show a clear and objective view from where we are and where we are going.

Objective is a desired result which is desired to be achieved within a determined lead time. Strategic thinking is related to changes, which usually involve some uncertainties, it happens when its needed. The decision is the choice of a action, option among the available action alternatives, depends on many factors and from the analysis and strategy established to limit uncertainties.

The design on this conception is the search for something, it is the action of seeking an interface between the www. To Menezes and Paschoarelli , the law of Gestalt is an important factor for the design from the creative process to the product finalization. The law of Gestalt applied to the design facilitates the understanding of customer needs turning it into the final product to your satisfaction.

Gestalt expands the perception by understanding the object message meaning. This realization makes up the development of objects and their shapes, style and cultural standards that adequately supply the existing customer need.

According to Gestalt, art merges at the beginning of pragnanz of the form. At the image formation, the equilibrium factors, clarity and visual harmony form to humans one need therefore, considered indispensable in a work of art, an industrial product, a printing part, a building, a sculpture or any other type of visual event [ The textile industry has a market with high competitiveness and a lot of pressure on product design area.

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Textile companies seeks suit the international market and become more competitive introducing new products that achieve the expected performance. The need of quality assurance for product and is necessary to adapt the company to the international market is important.

The creation of new products, modern techniques and methodologies have been used to align the design with the application of Gestalt law on creativity. New technologies in textile companies caused the need of investing in development, improvement of quality controls and standards to compete in the market, making their products more competitive, this causes an necessary adjustment in the processes and management.

To keep up with new quality trends or even overcome customer expectations, be better than competitors is the necessary condition to compete in the market, and it is essential to have quality in everything we all do within the company. The design must incorporate all the needed techniques and tools for product development, as well as the necessary knowledge and resources for this.

Objeto pdf do gestalt

The product design aims to create ways to improve the process by increasing the ability to produce and reduce costs. The company that uses the product design to create ways of increasing production has great concern about quality and customer satisfaction.

GOMES FILHO. Gestalt do objeto.pdf

Please note that product design has activities based on customer needs including change in the process, improved quality, strategic changes, cost reduction and value creation, aiming the integration of the production system. Thereafter for quality, product design is essential considering activities of the industrial area that promotes understanding of customer needs, planning process, use of materials and proper use of this set for product development and customer satisfaction.

In theory and application statement of the method has to TRIZ which was developed for use in inventive problem solving because, although different methods in different areas of knowledge administration, advertising, arts , this methodology was born in engineering in order Home to develop a method to invent.

The TRIZ is a structured methodology for innovation. With it, organizations will not need to employ "creative geniuses" or rely only on intuitive processes such as brainstorming, for example to solve their problems.

In this way, the tools used at the design methodology provide a creative increase of the design process. Creative Process Tolls In this sense, the actress promotes methodologies based on the increase of innovation and creativity subsidizing the idea that the creative process can be enhanced through the use of tools and methods.

The project methodology tools presented in this article are the axiomatic design, the morphologic features and value analysis.

One of the attributes of these tools is to analyze the functional requirement of the product.

These tools are used for the creative process too. Most of the book discusses Axiomatic design approach and its particularly concerned about the creation and use of the tools to exam if a solution to a particular design problem is "adequate" or "inadequate". Also according to Mann , the two axioms are analytical in nature.

Suh uses an analogy of feedback control loop to describe the design process. Given a set of input conditions, "social needs", and a desired output - the product, prototype or process - the analogy indicates the presence of a black box "to idealyse and create" capacity for synthesis — providing to the designer generates a possible design solution based on the entries.

The two axioms are used as analytical tests the feedback part of the analogy of how "good" is solution synthetized. The axiomatic process performs the decomposition of product functions, analyzing the need and desire of the consumer. The first step is selecting the expected needs. The following we analyze the morphologic features, this method creates a new relationship with the parameters through combinations that consists of dividing the problem into functional dimensions and perform several combinations.

Back states that the method divides the problem into dimensions that are placed on a diagram generating a list of functions and enabling make various combinations. Back States that: Thus, the method consists of a systematic research into new combinations of elements or parameters in order to find something new and useful.

The dictionary defines the morphological method as relevant to the study of an organized system or form. Figure 2: Morfological Feature - Adaptated from Back , p.

Lawrence D. Miles developed the main purpose of value analysis technique focused on new research materials with high availability features and low cost, CSILLAG The value stream is defined as all activities that contribute to the transformation of a product from raw material to finished product, including design and manufacturing order Womack and Jones, Residues are any not necessary activity performed that does not add value for the customer.

MILES , p.

The concern about reducing process functions by separating the necessary from non-necessary function, improves the process functionality. Each client will interpret the value of a product differently. Their common carachteristics is the requirement for a high performance level, capacity, emotional appeal, style, etc. This can also be expressed as the maximization of the product function related to their costs: The value is not a question of cost, it can be said that the value of a product can be increased by increasing its function performance or capacity and cost, the additional function can increase without an increase at the additional cost.

The value engineering tool is not unique; it uses other techniques, cost analysis considering different alternatives. The methodology uses a lot of techniques to identify the best ideas and prioritize them in terms of cost, time and viability.

According to Csillag this phase is fundamentally important for the development of value engineering and various techniques are used at this step for defining the problem focus, assessment solutions and development of the creative stimulus. These techniques allow to visualize the problem in several respects and can be used only one technique or group of techniques depending on the choice of those involved in problem solving.

Several techniques are referenced by Csillag and are linked to forcible association procedures individual or group , free association procedure individual or group , complex procedure individual or group.

Do objeto pdf gestalt

Each of these techniques enables the collection of information for problem resolution; Analysis of information consist of the evaluation, analysis and breakdown of information by their criticality in the www. The analysis of information provides detail information gathered, sort them and analyze them.

At this stage techniques are used to break up the information enabling critical analysis of the problem, risk analysis, uncertainties and observation of likely failures; Preparation: Planning for the development of actions. The step preparation provides the selection of techniques, methods and procedures, aiming to subsidize the needs found to perform the next step; Development: In this phase are utilized selected techniques and procedures for simplification of the problem; Creation: To determine the actions, modifications and changes in processes.

A some reflection on progress. Human Factors Society. Cybis, W. Dondis, D. A sintaxe da imagem visual. Gomes Filho, J.: Gestalt do Objeto: Sistema de Leitura Visual da Forma. Heskett, J.: IIDA, I. Martins, L. Ergonomia Informacional: Melo, C. Produtos e processos. Moraes, A.: Anamaria de Moraes.

gestalt do objeto.pdf

Norman, D. La Psicologia de los ObjetosCotidianos. Editora Nerea, Madrid Google Scholar. Preece, J.: Design no Brasil: Raposo, D.: Design de Identidade e Imagem Corporativa. Samara, T.: Santos, N. Strunk, G.: Identidade visual: Takeda, F.

Ergonomia informacional: Wheller, A.: