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Error Code Love by Suman Bhattacharya - Goodreads. First semester examination is on the deck and we had to cover tons of pages of giant. Get Free Access To | Error Code Love Online PDF Now. ERROR CODE LOVE READ ONLINE. Download: Error Code Love Read Online. ERROR CODE LOVE . ERROR CODE LOVE PDF - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you buy in a book store or download off the web. Our Over manuals and.

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When you have a nightmare, you believe something bad is truly happening to you. But there is a good part about it. When the worst is over, you come out of the . Error Code Love book. Read 31 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Error Code Love is an award winning coming of age novel about a tee. Error Code Love Read Online - [Free] Error Code Love Read Online [PDF] [EPUB ] As you know. Windows is now available for free via the.

A software engineer that too from Kolkata has written his engineering college high voltage drama amalgamated with tinge of love affairs and I. For the last few weeks I hardly touched my journal. In just 24 hours he lost everything. This Error Code is a cheat code for love. So much we resist ourselves from doing what our heart says, and our decisions get influenced by what other people do or say.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. I was not a book lover. But this book has something in it. It gather my interest in reading, i just could not wait to read the next page. As the story goes on you can really visualies it as a movie. A story which certainly reminded me of my engineering days especially till page , I won't say that this book is a page turner but surely you can go on reading to know what happens next as the narrative style is pretty simple and easy to read where many incident connect to anyone's day to day life during college times.

On a personal front this book is special to me because in real life I know someone whose character reflects very similar to Neera and off-course I loved reading about Bala with the humor added in between the story makes it more interesting to read. Wish all the very best to the author for future works cheers! Highly recommened book!!! After receiving the book, I started reading, however could only complete pages as I had to leave for office.

I forgot to carry the book to office and the whole day I was missing the book badly and thought all day long what could have happened to Dev, Neera and Isha. The story keeps you tied throughout and does not allow you to expect anything what could happen next.

Love pdf code error

It's a perfect illustration of friendship and love. Good job Mr. Author and best of luck for your furture endeavours!!! Its the first novel i have finished in 5 days. I don't know who suggested this book n why did I read this.. There are no such bloopers which i could catch except for couple of them.

Jan 06, Santosh Panda rated it really liked it. The story starts with Dev reaching Bengaluru to start life afresh leaving back all his past. He gets welcomed by his best friends, Rishi and Isha.

So the story in short is somewhat like this, It was during their engineering college days when Dev fell for Neera. But before he could propose, Neera was already in love with Neel.

Dec 24, inkoflove rated it really liked it. Love', you should read the book twice and compare it with the former two, is anything missing? Surely NO! You are getting much more here!

Love' starts its journey in an aeroplane and just as it lands, we get ourselves reached in an awesome southern climate and cool breeze coming from some beach starts pl review by https: Love' starts its journey in an aeroplane and just as it lands, we get ourselves reached in an awesome southern climate and cool breeze coming from some beach starts playing with our hairs! With humorous but realistic 'golgappa' and 'private-engg-college' cases, Suman Bhattacharya certainly deserves a place in our bookshelves for his next book, if he writes any!

The awesome green color cover of the book attracts you to turn some of its pages, and yes! With each statement of his I mean the protagonist Dev , he tells us that he is a common man who lives a life like ours and have nothing dramatic and imaginary to tell, but his normal life with a few writable abnormal cases usually it happens with each normal life, no? At some places, the child author Suman leaves his immaturity but still if you are not to review it anywhere, you will hardly notice those!

With a must-read advice to all of you, I will congratulate Suman for his successful debut and will make his known that "I'll be waiting for your next hit!

Error Code Love

Jan 12, Shalini Katyal rated it really liked it. Loved the way author ended up the story. Those beautiful, private conversation between Neera and Dev touched my heart!

Though plot was nothing new, I have already read many such stories before but in this story I felt connected. Author has written this story with much simplicity and love! I could feel d presence of author's heart in it! Expressive writing skills, one can imagine each scene while reading. Letter written by Neera and Dev's Journal involved me much in the story. Perfect flow in the story could be seen without any confusion or abruptness!

Overall a good read! A smile will definitely hug your lips when you close the book! My Rating - 3. All the very best. This is a story of an unquestionable friendship, crazy love, shattered relationships, lost smiles, honest tears and all shades of life of a 21st century youngster.

Okay, best thing first!

A software engineer that too from Kolkata has written his engineering college high voltage drama amalgamated with tinge of love affairs and I. There is so much to correlate!! Considering a debutant, Suman Bhattacharya has done a lot well, certainly trying to compare him with contemporary writers like E. L James and Amish Tripathi would be questioning a pure personal writing style.

Language is plain and simple, no euphemism, no exaggeration, no flowery vocabulary! While reading, initially I was missing detailed description of the world story passes through, but he proves me wrong as story proceeds!! Kolkata, an engineering college, I. Bande ne to dil ki baat likh di hai har shabd mein! The writer has written every throb of his heart. He has tried to evince every bits of emotions in the book.

Story unravels with his arrival at Bangalore for his new Job where he happens to meet his college buddies. No doubt the book is pure Bollywood Filmy masala.

And there is total imbroglio situation. Best friend, girlfriend who is no longer a girlfriend but an intimate friend and a lover. Then there is a villain and some recurring characters who help to put various episodes of his life together. Almost each one of us has gone through those incidents in college that makes us laugh. How can one forget stupid acts in the name of ragging, like being asked to propose a girl, singing in front of whole class and mischievous acts to impress that particular girl in the college that later on one finds an utter foolishness?

We all have one best friend who cares for us more than our parents and one female friend who appears to be our girlfriend for everybody but us. You must be twitching your palm and your head after reading this. To add a little bit more to that, we all have had wrangle with this best friend for a girl sometimes in our life.

Suman has appeared with a very good love philosophy. Then he has tried to touch social media psychology, the dilemma of to be or not to be and why is she ignoring me. Suman, being Dev in Error code love has exemplified that everything is fair in love and war. This Error Code is a cheat code for love.

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I was not playing right, love is something you need to play right, but you never know when you starts playing wrong. Intermittently story flash backs to his college life through his journals and brings some wounds, tears, smile and those dark facets of love that we have seen somewhere very close to our lives.

Character of Dev seems unexceptionable yet its remarkable depiction has made it other-worldly. He can be your alter ego if you have been a normal young adult with a college degree. Rishi is a friend with familial bond whose parental caring is too much to tolerate and sometimes we might run into skirmish with him.

Isha is next-door ideal girl who can be best life-partner but everyone fails to see her as that and she becomes just a mediocre.

Neera is the one everyone is crazy about but except the one, everyone sees stains of character in her. But a little character Prabhu seems stronger than all of them. It gives strength to Dev and works as a catalyst in the story. You should try and fix it. This books teaches a primal rule of friendship and relationship that is elixir to monotonic routine life in this I. How difficult is it to manage family and work life away from job. Most of us who are working for MNCs or in I.

Either way some sacrifice is inevitable. God, I am about to finish but it definitely touches my nerves specially Rishi and Isha. Isha is the girl you will definitely fall for, I have already fallen.

Take it for granted! It is said that love is insane, an utter madness, I too have felt, actually it is beyond insanity. Oct 24, Shifali Gulati rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 07, Santosh Chaudhury added it.

Love pdf code error

One of best among the books i read. Every Young should read this. All the Best for Suman. Will wait for your next Book. BBSR santosh skc. Aug 06, VaultOfBooks rated it did not like it.

By Suman Bhattacharya. Only a few tales have the main protagonist portraying a character with a generous dose of grey shades and fewer so, with him failing to be a likeable character. Love is one of them. For two w By Suman Bhattacharya. Not once does he confess his feelings for her and remains mute when she gets involved with his arch-rival, Neel. Feeling vengeful, Dev decides to do something extreme. Instead of doing something Neanderthal-like and engaging in a fist-fight, which the reader still might have justified, he decides to put his ego first and proposes to Isha — one of his best friends who genuinely falls for him and loves him deeply.

In doing so, he hurts every person around him including himself. Fast-forward four years. Once again he pursues her in vain, MORE so for his ego than the fact that he loves her. Sorry for being a romantic, but I believe that when you really love someone, you set them free. Terrible, immature characters doing selfish things to satiate their ego in the name of love, and even worse grammar.

Pdf love error code

Originally reviewed at Vaultofbooks. We are looking for perceptive readers who can write well, and we are eager to provide lots of free books in exchange for reviews. Shoot us a mail at contact vaultofbooks. Dec 30, Salve Prajakta rated it it was amazing. Wow , Suman , what a great story! Living life in a moment, taking momentary decisions can take severe turns in life; can take a life from a certain level to an entirely different complicated level.

We hide emotions, ignore them, resist ourselves from living in the moment, but forget that life is all about those moments only. If we want something, we just need to go for it.

So much we resist ourselves from doing what our heart says, and our decisions get in Wow , Suman , what a great story! So much we resist ourselves from doing what our heart says, and our decisions get influenced by what other people do or say. Expressing our feelings is very much necessary in life. If not expressed, it remains suppressed forever and then the feelings die and an entirely different person comes out of us.

But somewhere we do wish and hope to be happy, somewhere we want to go back in past and rejoice those moments again and get momentary happiness from that past even if it comes along with the remembrance of pain and hurting. True friends are difficult to get. True friends can be real saviors. Life is not about just oneself, our life has so many lives attached to it. Error Code: When I entered the classroom I saw at least 30 students had beaten me to the exam room.

I saw him at the end of the room fighting and pushing two other students. Amazingly, this clash was happening next to a gentle girl who seemed to be enjoying it. That must be Sapna! So we had to fight hard to get a place near her. I saw Rishi literally battling for that goal. I was dumbfounded at the whole situation. Rishi was pissed off as I took far too much time to reach him. Do you need an invitation? I still stood transfixed. He was almost on the verge of defeat. Why does everything related to me end so disastrously?

I pushed my bag far too hard to get rid of it and it shot off like a cannon ball. Rishi had lost the battle anyway and some random guy had won the place beside Sapna. But that was not the worst thing to happen. My bag flew in the Matrix style and hit a girl in the face. And then everyone was silent.

Love pdf code error

As usual, I took some time to digest what I had done and when I got my senses back, I saw ten students gathered around the casualty.

Considering that the best idea, the contingent paraded slowly out of the class. It was a bit funny though. She was already pissed off with you and she might even kill you now. I hit her for the first time. Now you hit her in the eye. Have you heard of Dinesh Sinha, the advocate? But most of us have.

You fucked up badly, my friend. I started shivering. I was in the worst possible situation a human being could manage to be in. What next? How badly will my dad react if I have to go back to a degree college? Suddenly everyone seemed in a hurry to get back to their seats as Professor Saha entered the room with a set of papers. I can pass info from Sapna to you.

I nodded but was looking at the door; almost all the nurses and doctors had returned to the classroom but the patient was missing. Is she hurt badly? Does she need an artificial eye? Is she already complaining about me to her Trustee dad? Pick up your bag and sit behind me.

ERROR CODE: ** LOVE ** eBook: Suman Bhattacharya: Kindle Store

I had to see how she was, and more importantly, what she was up to. I rushed out to stand near the ladies toilet. I had absolutely no clue what to do next. I needed to see what was going on inside. Time was passing by and the exam would have already started. I was toying with the idea that maybe she was not in the restroom at all and had already returned to the classroom. As I was about to move back, the door opened and there she was; looking beautiful even with a black eye.

I had just wanted to see how she was faring but she came and stood bang in front of me. I immediately regretted my decision to come checking on her. There was no chance I could come up with a decent sentence to show my concern or explain how sorry I was. I could have lost my eye.

I needed to say sorry and swiftly at that before I had to say it in front of the whole regulation committee. She bit her lips thinking. I know what I said that day might offend you and today again I did something horrible.