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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga, Second Edition and continue to teach her so much, and to all her many inspiring teachers along the way. Eve's children. CELEBRATES. A HANDBOOK OF. BASIC ASANAS. Yoga for Harmony & Peace .. It gives complete rest to mind, body, brain and soul. · Calms all the body. 3. Table of Contents. Intro to Man Flow Yoga. 7. Physical Benefits. Key Concepts. Exercise Guide Information. Sequencing.

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Yoga poses (also called Asanas) are physical postures that exercise your entire An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide To 90 Slimming Yoga Postures includes. A Beginner's Guide to Yoga & Meditation From the desk of Angel Messenger . perfectly balanced and complete form of exercise that can be started by anyone. The Complete Yoga Poses Yoga is, indeed, an excellent form of exercise that carries with it many. own Guide to YOGA Meditation - The Yoga Institute.

Putting into practice the famous saying, "Sound mind in a sound body", a well-planned programme was made for physical development that helped in mental and spiritual development as well. The great advantage of this practice is that we come to know the science of differentiation. Asthma Pranayama Rhythmic breathing, Nadi-Sodhana alternate breathing without retention of the breath. Meditation on any chakra should be learnt and practiced under the guidance of a master in Kundalini Yoga. The concept of human unity is very old. The present education system provides nothing of the sort.

Everything lies in body. A physician too examines the body first of all, when someone complains of some ailment. And it is very mysterious. A physician examines the body from medical point of view. He tries to understand both the nervous system and the glandular system. But the concept changes when the body is studied from the point of view of Science of living. There are certain centers in the body where consciousness is highly dense centred.

In Prekshadhyan, they are known as centers of psyche. Experiments in meditation are carried out on them. If spiritual power is to be aroused, we will have to concentrate on the center of intuition. If we want to be balanced, disciplined and self-restrained, we will have to concentrate on the center of purity.

If the habit of drinking is to be given up, one has to concentrate on the ear. Vigilance center is the center for de-addiction. Ten systems in all, such as digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system etc. All these systems are closely related not only to the physical activites but to human behaviour also.

Breathing The second component of life is breathing. The brain has two sidesright side and left side. The breathe taken with the right nostril activates the left side of brain. The various experiments made in breathing help in bringing about emotional change. Vital force Vitality is the main source of our life-force.

Body is conducted by vitality. Breathing is conducted by vitality. Mind and speech too are conducted by the force of will and speech. Balance of vitality controls the whole life. When it gets imbalanced, the physical health is affected adversely and the whole system of life gets disturbed.

Pdf guide complete yoga

In Prekshadhyan, there are many means that can maintain balance in vitality i ii iii iv Perception of body, Perception of Taijas center, Perception of purifying center, Perception of equanimous breathing.

Health means balance of vitality. Man gets sick when this balance is disturbed. Vitality is a subtle element. It is not perceived by any instrument. Hence it is unknown. Mind The fourth ingredient of life is mind. There are two stages of mindinstability and concentration. An instable mind is responsible for failure and a concentrated mind is the key to.

The means by which concentration can be gained are as follow: Restraint in breathing by adopting some particular procedurebreath stopping. Perception of Intuition center. Perception of thoughts. Perception without a wink. Too much instability of mind causes many problems. On the other hand, concentration of mind provides solution to many problems. Memory, imagination and thinking all three are the business of mind.

When these three reach to an undesirable point, they cause mental tension. Psyche The fifth ingredient of life is psyche. Psyche is a ray of the light of knowledge. It is affected by our consciousness and in return, affects our gross body. Through brain and nervous system, it conducts and controls every activity of lifebody, speech and mind.

The aim of Preksha meditation is purification of psyche. It aims at removing anything that covers consciousness so that no dirt of delusion may defile it. The means that help purifying psyche are as follow:. Perception of the centers of consciousness. Experience of attachment and aversion free moment. Experience of pure consciousnessequanimity. Thought-free meditation. Experiment of knowerperceiver feeling. Psychical activity.

Psychic colours: The test of the purity or the impurity of psyche is the purity or the impurity of emotions, psychic colour and aura. Success and contentment are gained by positive emotions. Healthy emotion is the basis of the mental health.

The basic aphorism of Preksha meditation is freedom from physical, mental and emotional ailments. Man instinctively wants to lead a life of ecstacy. Physical, mental and emotional ailment are the obstacles in gaining this state of absolute meditation. In Preksha meditation, emotional health is given the utmost importance. If one is fit emotionally, one is sure to be fit mentally and physically too. The experiments for gaining emotional health are as follow: Contemplation of friendship.

Contemplation of compassion. Contemplation of tolerance. Mind is a nonsentinent element. It is not self-conducted. Its motivating force is emotions. Mind is related to subtle body. There is a subtle body within the gross body and that is known as Taijas body. That is an electrical body. In the center of that body are formed emotions. Emotions are the motivating and determining factors of life.

They affects the psyche in the gross body. This psyche, through the brain, affects and conducts all the activities of life. Karma is the result of human endeavour. The endeavour of the present is known as self-exertion and that of the past is known as karma.

Karma is one of the elements that affect human life the most. This invisible force can neither be denied nor can it be regarded as supreme. Whatever happens in life is not always accidental, without rhyme or reason or result of circumstances.

Some incidents may be affected by circumstances but behind most of them there is some reason and that is karma. Some diseases too are the result of karmas. It is surprising that the physiologists who have investigated each and every cell of body and have tried to find out the bio-chemicals, did not come forward to search the soul. The first step towards the search of the soul is the search of karma. The ways by which karmas can be transformed are as follows: Congitational meditation on worldly troubles.

Righteous analysis. Psychic colour meditation. Psychic center meditation. The aim and object of Science of living is to study the. In the direction of understanding life as a whole, concentrating on these seven points and constantly trying to refine them is the first step to be taken by any human being. By paying full attention to these aspects and by following them we can build our life and can mould our character. Outline of culture and science. Education and Culture, Jainendra Kumar, Our cultureDr.

Development of Indian culture. One drop: World religion perception, Prekshadhyan magazine, December, Common Yogic and Naturopathic prescriptions for healthy living Introduction During the prolonged process of evolution of Universe the human body is a creation of nature. A healthy human being in a span of 24 hours produces cubic tones of energy. He can speak words; he can utilize muscles, relaxes 7 million nerve cells, respires times and heart beats times.

Blood circulates through blood vessels to a distance of 1. These vital processes are possible to continue in normal pattern only when there is a proper co-ordination and balance between the process of respiration, digestion, nutrition and excretion. The major biological systems function in a typical manner only on the basis of the functioning of the above process. With this, one achieves an elevated status of healthy living. A healthy daily routine lays the foundation of a healthy life style.

A person with healthy life style, compared to others develops much better physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Naturopathy various therapeutic measures which contribute significantly towards the healthy living include; Hydrotherapy, Chromo therapy, Diet, Fasting therapy, Air etc. For a healthy living it is also important to follow the laws of nature. Along with this one must discard the ill habits which cause adverse effects on health.

Following are the typical characters of healthy living: Ailments free life. Desired preventive measure towards the physical, mental and emotional factors. Perception with realities.

Co-operative attitude and co-operative behaviour. Adjustment with the changed circumstances. Awareness of realities. Desired social and spiritual characters. Balanced emotional control and reconstitution. Lack of jealously, complexity and hatred. Unified personality. A proper co-ordination over the psychic stage,. Healthy living is governed by several factors.

Healthy living on one side affects physical and mental health and on other side is influenced by living environment personal factors, family relation and the consumable food ingredients normally. Following are the major factors: Physical and mental disorders. Over all food and nutrition.

Regulated respiration process. Normal digestion and excretion. Stress-free routine. Level of moral and traditional values. Physical and mental paucity. Positive thinking. Daily routine in compliance with nature. Control of lust and submission to God. Physical and mental total relaxation. Barriers of healthy living In the ancient time man used to live in the midst of nature. As a result he was the master of health, personality, excellence, contentment and pleasure. On the other hand as of today advancement of science and technology as brought forth a heap of.

Nevertheless, there is void with respect to physical and mental health. In this background there is a best possibility of healthy living. Following are the barriers for healthy living: Uncontrolled food habit. Liquor consumption and smoking. Cardiac disorders. Arthritis and other joint disorders. Distress and disappointment. Role of Yoga in healthy living Yoga is a subject of science of high order, which carries in it the mystery of conservation of health and transformation of life.

A complete expression of life is possible only through Yoga. Yogasana, pranayam, meditation develops faith in a person, chiefly because it is half a therapy. It is common saying that confidence is. The concept of Ashtanga Yoga proposed by Mahrashi Patanjali with different aspects have enormous contribution towards healthy living as out lived here:.

Through this first step of Ashtanga Yoga one turns to more ideal in his day to day life. With this he discharges his duties towards society in a more orderly manner. Practice of this aspect of Yoga turns a person, more disciplined and orderly. With this one can overcome the deformities of personal senses. In fact the reformation of personal actions for us is the basic foundation of healthy living.

Asanas Having achieved the perfection over the guideline of Yama and Niyama only then one must commit for the practice of Yogasanas. Without this the Yoga practices is ineffective. For various Yogasanas body is flexed for an specific posture regularly at a given time for a given purpose.

This revives the normal. At present time special significance to Yogasana is direct relation to healthy living. Pranayama Pranayam is a highly sophisticated procedure of Yoga, where by one achieves a total control over the vital force which governs the proper functioning of bodys life process. Pranayam helps to tone-up the most vital activities of the body, such as respiratory system, cardio-vascular system. In addition, it strengthens the body immunity which is extremely important for maintaining the quality of life and healthy living.

Pratyahar The real purpose of this Yoga practice is to drive the bodys consciousness inwardly and focus at a pleasant thought or a point of auspicious feeling. In a daily life the practice of such yogic terms helps to achieve a high order of quality life. Dharna For the purpose of achieving the spiritual excellence, this type of yogic exercise, called Dharna carries special significance. It is mainly for the reason that Dharna itself means to focus on a solitary point through flow of thought.

Continuity of this state is termed as- Dhyan, which is the final objective of Yoga practice for healthy living. Meditation acts as a powerful tonic. It is a mental and nerving tonic as well. The holy vibrations penetrate all the cells of the body and cure the diseases of the body. Those who meditate save doctors bills. The powerful, soothing waves that arise during meditaion exercise a benign influence on the mind, nerves, organs and the cells of body. The divine energy freely flows like Tailadhara flows of oil from one vessel to another from the feet of the Lord to the different systems of the Sadhakas.

Considerable changes take place in the mind, brain and the nervous system by the practice of meditation. New nerve-currents, new vibrations, new avenues, new grooves, new cells, new channels are formed. The whole mind and nervous system are remodeled. You will develop a new heart, a new view of mind, new sensations, new feeling, new mode of thinking, acting and a view of the universe as God in manifestation.

The fire of meditation annihilates all foulness due to vice. Then suddenly comes knowledge or divine wisdom, which directly leads to final emancipation. Real peace and Ananda bliss manifest only when Sankalpas get extinguished. When you fix the mind on the supreme energy even for five minutes Sattva guna is infused into the mind.

Vasanas impression are thinned out and the force of sankalpa become less and less. You will feel peace and bliss during the five minutes. You can compare this Ananda from meditation with the transitory. You will find that this Ananda from meditation is a million times superior to sensual pleasure. Meditate and feel this Ananda. Then you will know its real value. You will get the full Ananda of the divine glory only when you merge deep into silent meditation. When you are on the border land of divinity of God, when you are at threshold of God, when you are in the outer skirts, you will not get the maximum peace and bliss.

Diet Change over to foods rich in iron and Vitamin-B juice of wheat sprouts grass , uncooked Juices or soups of leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, germinated corn and beans, pulses etc.

Diet Avoid sours and masala food. Eat light vegetable foods. Take alkaline content fruits like sweet lemon and orange, pineapple etc. Asthma Pranayama Rhythmic breathing, Nadi-Sodhana alternate breathing without retention of the breath.

Diet Avoid milk and milk product, non vegetarian food, eat fruits and vegetables in season and cooked rather than raw vegetables. Asanas Uddiyana Rising of the diapharm , Trikonasana triangle posture , Vakrasana spinal twist , Paschimottanasans stretching the back and legs , Sarvangasana shoulder- stand , SuptaVajrasana The Supine Pelvic Posture.

Diet- Include food with flares and roughage in daily diet. Plenty of raw vegetable, fruits, whole wheat chapaties etc. Diabetes Pranayama Rhythmic breathing, Nadi-Sodhana alternate breathing without retention of the breath.

Diet Avoid starchy food, eat more fibbers and protein content food, restrictions should be followed. Exhaustion Pranayama Rhythmic breathing, Nadi-Sodhana alternate breathing without retention of the breath. Diet Avoid foods containing fats and cholesterol. Eat more vegetable and fruits. Take light vegetarian meals. High blood pressure Pranayama Rhythmic breathing, nadi-sodhna alternate breathing, without retention of the breath.

Asanas Padmasana the lotus position , viparitakarani the inverted posture , savasana complete relaxation posture. Diet Include food with flares and roughage in daily diet. Plenty of raw vegetable, fruit whole-wheat chapaties etc. Diet Take liquid diet for a period and gradually change over to our usual. Eliminate fatty food and alcohol from diet.

Obesity or Overweight Pranayama Bhastrika Bellows , Ujjayi energy-renewing Pranayama , Kapala bhati breathing that revitalizes the body. Diet Restriction in diet are unavoidable, if reduction in weight is desired. Reduce drastically the in take of foods containing high proportion of carbohydrate and raw vegetables should form a major part of daily diet.

Anxiety Pranayama Kapalabhati breathing and revives the body , NadiSodhana alternative breathing. Kumbhaka retention of the breath. Depression Pranayama Rhythmic breathing, Surya-Bhedana breathing that revitalizes the nervous system , Bhastrika Bellows.

Frustration Pranayama Rhythmic breathing, Nadi-Sodhana alternative breathing , breathing that purifies. Above is a short list of various Pranayama, Meditation and Asana exercises corresponding to different disorders and illnesses, both functional and organic.

It is absolutely essential to ensure the guidance of a properly trained and experienced expert, able to adapt these exercises, based on long experience of Yoga, to the needs of the individual. Naturopathic techniques for healthy living Naturopathy is a unique therapeutic system where the natural measures and sources are employed to keep a person hale and hearty.

The basic concept of naturopathy is that a man is an integral component of nature and he is made up of five basic. In a state of imbalance of these elements the morbid matters start accumulating in the body and a person turns sick. Under naturopathy mud, water, air steam, sun-rays are employed to treat a patient. Under naturopathy bodys in built power or immunity is toned-up to reconstitute healthy living through following technique: Food and nutrition For an ideal life style balanced diet plays a vital role.

As we know there are four major aspects of health; physical, mental, social and spiritual. All these major aspects must be built-up for achieving an ideal health. The purpose of food is not to satisfy the hunger or the taste of tongue. Instead of this the purpose of diet must be to offer nutrition to body along with toning-up the mental spiritual health. This is significant since the body mind and the inner conscience all the three are the strong pillars of health.

Until all the three are healthy one can not term it as a complete health. In the ancient Indian literature the food has been classified under three major categories, Sattvic, Rajsic and Tamasic.

It is mentioned that those who desire for a good physical, mental and spiritual health, they must go for sattvic diet. Those who look for the two aspects of health i. With pure food mental rejuvenation is ensured,. Further, pure food helps to generate mental concentration.

The most suitable food is that which offers vitality to the body, reduces destructive forces, provides desired body temperature, must be digestable, non-stimulant and promotes memory, longevity strength, courage, mercy and co-operation. All type of synthetic and confectionery food products, salt, alcoholic drinks, meat products, hydro peroxides used for food processing, plastic wares, pesticides.

Chemical fertilizers and food, cosmetics, toilet products and various chemicals which come under the direct contact with the body may cause diseases on prolonged use. The sprouted food and fresh eatables carry with them a higher percentage of enzymes, vitamins and essential minerals. Enzymes play a vital role in the biological process of digestive system. Moreover, it helps in providing essential portions for the regeneration of body cells, enzymes and also purifies the vital body fluid; blood.

The cooked food entirely lacks the enzymes; as a result the body runs into enzymes deficiency. Enzymes are the key factor for health and longevity. Enzymes are present essentially in the sprouted and uncooked food material. Life promoting food includes fresh unripe fruits, fresh green vegetables, sprouted cereals, wheat aqueous extract; milky Juice of sprouted seeds etc. Such biologically live food stuffs, contain high quality and partially digested carbohydrates, dextrose,.

Such major mineral elements and those enzymes which participate in biological reactions, for combating physical and mental disorders and for maintenance of normal health. Life supporting food items carry clinical importance in fighting against common ailments. Leading scientists related to Bionutrition such as Dr.

Vigmor and other Biochemists have investigated the role of micro-nutrition for the management of various chronic disorders such as cancer, eczema, intestinal disorders, paralysis, arthritis, anemia, asthma, psoriasis, posrosis etc.

With this it may be inferred that food of biological origin especially vegetable, non-cooked or sprouted cereals may built up the deteriorating physical and mental health of entire world.

This may not be possible with other expensive therapies. All types of fast food lack vital elements eg. Due to the deficiency of the essential nutrients the persons who consume the fast food, turn highly irritable, pain in their calf muscles hand and feet, breathlessness, lack of concentration, heart and kidney disorders,.

Due to the presence of excess salt, sugar and several synthetic chemicals the fast food turn extremely poisonous and toxic.

As a result the symptoms of liver, kidney disorders, hypertension and diabetes start appearing. Hydrotherapy 1 Steam bath Mild steam bath is extremely useful for various ailments, such as joint disorders, respiratory problems, oedema, asthma, obesity, apart from this it relieves liver disorders, hysteria, nephritis and prevents kidney failure. It relieves blood circulatory problems. More over it tones up the mental capacity and hearts strength. It relives serious clinical problems such as ascites, oedema, respiratory congestion, pneumonia sciatica, arthritis, psoriasis, cystitis etc.

Due to this the blood capillaries get dilated and their oxygen retention capacity increases. Due to the hyper-thermic effect the melanin cells get activated. Spinal bath Cold spinal bath acts as nervine tonic and general tonic. It tones- up the entire spinal nervous system. Thus employing various techniques of hydrotherapy it is possible to prevent various ailments, keep healthy and thus avail an ideal healthy life.

Sun controls the biological clock. The sun rays are indispensable not only for conservation of health but also for maintaining a healthy daily routine. The infra rays exert the temperature regulation effect. Where as the ultra violet rays exert the physio-chemical and physio-biological effect and thus regulate the blood pressure. When sun rays belong to 0. Such rays divert the blood flow towards skin and thus nourishes it.

This activates the sensory nervous system, expands the constricted cells, regulates the peripheral resistance and thus lowers blood pressure. The sun rays of low density, as during morning and evening stimulates melamine formation and controls the synthesis.

Airings or Air bathing This means that once every so often one removes the clothing, allowing the pores to breath freely. This is extremely good for the body and improves the exterior tone of the nurovegetative system so that the body develops a wonderful power of resistance.

Fasting Fasting for one day in even ten or twelve days, even one is in good health, purifies the body and thus can prevent the inception of diseases.

Singh S. Chandra, Prakriticayur Vigyan. Gore M. Kumar, Rogo Ki Sahi Chikitsa. Kumar, Prakritic Chikitsa Avam Yoga: Vaigyanic Prayog. Chopra Dr. Bagchi B.

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Electroencephalography and Neurophysiology, Pranayam, V. Dutta S. Bakhru H. Rawls, E. Carrington P, and Ephron S: Meditation as on adjured of Psychotherapy. S and Chrzanowski G Wiley Interscience. Chapter-5 Outcome of spirituality: In a society plagued with domestic and communal violence, we need to globalize wisdom. Though we have advanced technologically, we have cared very little for the emotional and spiritual needs of people.

A sense of belongingness with the whole world-rising above the narrow considerations of color, culture or back ground, is the need of the hour. We need to look back and learn from the mistakes of the past, we need to understand what is lacking in society and how we can nurture the human values without which his earth cannot be sustained. Once the spinning impact of west becomes weak, there is bound to be a more helpful and harmonious process of mutual give and take.

And that will be for the benefit of all. But for this to happen, India will have to intervene with his powerful spiritual influence and his characteristic integral philosophy and way of life. That alone will help resolve the conflicts of the present situation and reconcile the seeming contradictions in a harmonious and. That is the role which India is declined to play in the new millennium.

Mere listening to spiritual discourses is not enough. One should always sit back and reflect on what had been said to actually benefit from them. It is said, "one hour of reflection is equal to seventy years of pious worship.

It is only when we introspect about good things that we try to imbibe them in out life. Listening to the best of things without reflecting back on them has only superficial affects, By reflection, one can realize the depth of the issue and its meaning. Janism says that the dharma is made up of "Non-violence, Self control and austerity. Non-violence is the heart of Jainism. All worldly problems can be solved by keeping nonviolence in center.

We can protect environment i,e earth, water, fire, air, vegetables and small creatures by reducing our day to day requirement by reducing our greed.

We should meet on injustice not with the force but with forbearance, Violence begets violence, emity leads to Emity. There is nothing in the world or even out of it that can be called good except the principle of nonviolence of all living beings.

The root course of violence is material goods. The virtue of non-violence and Aparigraha are capable of establishing universal peace. Anand bliss is experienced by the sage who is free from all desires. Gita tells us that the actions should be performed after brushing aside all. The highest aim of human life is to attain eternal bliss. All the conduct should be such as would bring us the maximum of happiness and remove miseries from our lives.

Religion is the banana skin and spirituality is the banana. The misery in the world is because we through away the banana and are holding on to the skin. Religious leaders, political leaders, business establishments and social workers should get together and spread the message of unity. All religions and traditions have a common value system. These shared values have to reach every corner of the world.

Even if one pocket of the world remains ignorant of these values, the world will not be a safe place. Sit a while in solitude, meditate, reflect on your thoughts, actions, your immediate environment the world around us. Think over and over again, introspect, and we will here that inner voice, God's voice, cleanse our soul always. Never let dust or dirt settle on it and distort our vision. Keep it bright and Shining. The heart is God's treasury. Keep it pure and radiant.

Let our thought be pure, let our whole life be pure. It is also vary necessary to teach our children about the importance of purity of life. Moral education is a must today. Young children have impressionable minds and we should try to develop a spiritual outlook in them.

We should help them inculcate good values and thoughts. Religion comes from the Latin word religate, which means "to bind". Thus, the rule of religion is to bind, to unite. Religion is a unifying force that which unites man to man.

Religion simply binds us by commands so that we may no degenerate in miserybodily, mentally or spiritually. We ought to be sensitive to the cause of the society and humanity. We must involve ourselves in the activities of the society and try to reform it from within as much as we can. We should not shut out eyes to the crimes taking place in the society. We are about to enter a new era, which will see the dawn of a new divine civilization on earth. Let us now try not to divide the people into smaller sects or sections but unite them to accept one religion, one God and one humanity.

Remember, we are not an integral part of God. All religions emphasize moral and spiritual values of love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and good conduct. Fundamentals of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is essential a cultural and spiritual concept.

It looks upon the whole world us one's own family. Love and harmony, co-operation and mutual support are the basic ingredients here, as in a family.

Naturally the idea of exploitation is alien. Individual and collective interests are complimentary to each other. Unlimited consumerism is ruled out,. According to Vedic traditions God has gifted intelligence to man. Let us make full use of this intelligence in uniting the mankind.

The earth is the garden of God. Let us not spoil it. Let us not annoy God by destroying what he had built with love. The best thing is to begin with children. Let us sow the seed of love in them and not to say or do anything that would create feelings of hatred in them. Why say this country is mine, that country is yours? Why not say the entire universe is mine and thine? Are we not foolish for fighting each other in the name of religion or nationality. When the entire universe is ours and the Almighty God is one.

There is hardly any sense in fighting each other and destroying God's creations. It is not painful? Think over it. The Indian sages and seers propounded the gospel truth "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam".

Let us Vow to follow this divine teachings and consider ourselves as the citizen of the world. We need unity to build a new one world country. The concept of human unity is very old. Indian seers had unequivocally proclaimed that not only humans but the entire creation is one single family.

For those who have a refined and generous outlook, the whole world is just one family. In mast Indian homes it is normal to see a family living together with the grand parents. They are of different age, yet they. All this is due to the great teachings of our religion. Hinduism believe in universal unity and happiness. As one of its prayer says, "May all be happy. The Hindu system of varnashram dharma and the four Purushartha reinforce unity as well.

They are meant for the proper development of society. Shri Krishna himself made it clear in Bhagavad Gita that a person's action determines his caste.

The message of Bhagavad Gita is addressed to all men without distinction. The famous law of karma and rebirth, the concept of immortalality of the soul give hope and light, peace and solace to people of all castes, creeds and religions. It is considered a universal gospel. Peace and harmony in the world will come through brotherhood and love. With true enlightenment a person rises above the level of boundaries of race, religion, language or nation.

Unless our mental horizon and perception is broad we cannot achieve success in life. Due to our ignorance we are trying to establish the superiority of our own race and religion. The cause of today's dangerous situation is the ignorance of mankind. It is by understanding the spirit of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" that world peace can be ushered in this world.

Today the world is on the verge of total destruction. Every country in the world, in the name of peace and self defence, has accumulated weapons of mass destruction. But through such weapons peace cannot come in this. In this dangerous situation respect for all religions and "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" can usher peace in this world.

India is land where ideal of unity in diversity has existed for long. The Hindu religion itself is made of many creeds like Vaishnavism, Shaivism and Shaktism. This clearly give us an idea of unity in diversity existing in the heart of Hindu religion.

India is a world in itself for its diversity. Outcome of Spirituality: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam The aim of life should be to realize God and follow his teachings. We should think twice before we act so that our actions do not cause miseries to others. Let us dedicate the rest of our life in the service of God. The best service to God is service to society.

Let us turn our own self-interest into public interest. Selfless actions are the actual prayers to God.

Yoga guide pdf complete

Hatred in society has caused immense harm to the society. Worship is that which inspires us to perform a good deed, worship is that activity which makes other happy. Worship is that which provides succour to the needy.

Renouncing selfish desire is the highest state of renunciation. When such divine state is achieved one dedicates. Only a selfless person is worthy of leading the mankind. A selfless person belongs to no particular nation, religion or culture. Such a selfless person is a citizen of the world. Let us follow selfless person for achieving one world dream. The basic teachings of all religion are same.

Prophets of all religions have stressed upon the need of knowing and realizing God by following his teachings. Vedas say, for wise people, the entire humanity is but one family. Ramayana preaches God is present in all human beings. The Gita teaches, "Be involved in the good of all humanity". According to Jainism "Do not indulge mind, body and speech in the evil of all other creatures.

Who is big, who is small? Bible teachers, "Love they neighbor and the world is but family. All religions give the same divine message of unity of God. All schools should, therefore, teach children to follow the teaching of all prophets. From the first day in school, a child should learn that God is one, religion is one, humanity is one.

The simple truth is that every one of us belongs to this universe and the universe belongs to us. The all human beings are small part of this great universe. Then why this disunity, why this mutual hatred.

Why this mutual suspicion? According to Vedic. Does this message not enjoin us to live in unity, peace and harmony? We all are equal in his eyes. Why should we then create differences and manipulate things to act against God's design? The time has arrived when we should come close to each other for realizing the one world dream.

Conclusion Every creature of globe wants to live and no body likes to die. Therefore no one has any right to destroy or harm any other living being.

Yoga guide pdf complete

Jain ethics believes non-violence means universal truth. There is only one caste namely manhood. Complete detachment from people, places and material things. Lord mahavira's teachings are to highlight the importance of practicing unity, non-violence and giving up anger, egoism, deception, greed and similar vices to be able to attain salvation.

There are countless persons or organizations in the world who advocate world peace and world unity. Our forefathers were great visionaries for advocating world peace and world unity. Therefore, they incorporate article 51 in the constitution of India to enjoin the Government to work for the unity of mankind in the spirit of our ancient belief of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

All wars will come to an end when the World Government is framed. The existing stockpile of nuclear weapons will be destroyed by the World Government thus formed. A new era of everlasting peace will then prevail on earth, ushering in a new era of everlasting peace will then prevail on earth, ushering in a new civilization. Come, let us all join in this World Government movement. Humanity will forever remember India for bequeathing to it the ideal of Vasudhiva Kutumbakam.

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Sri Sri Ravisankerwww. Udara charitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam. Formation of secraments in girls through Prekshadhyan Yoga Need for the formation of sacraments Indian philosophy and the philosophies other than the Indian one have expatiated the word "sacraments" or habits in their own way.

Considering from a broader point of view, formation of good habits, or bringing about refinement and purification means inculcation of human virtues in man. All the philosophies and ideologies agree to this definition. The present age is an age of science and of materialism.

By making new discoveries in all the fields of life, science has made life extremely comfortable and convenient. The quest for convenience has given birth to materialism. Presently, materialism is at its highest level and the whole world is dazzled by it.

No doubt there has been a great development in the whole world but the fact that there has been a great deterioration in values which cannot be denied.

The fact most alarming is that the greatest deterioration has been there in human values. We see that human values like the feeling of friendship, compassion, brotherhood, sensitivity, morality, forbearance, renunciation, honesty, simplicity and positive thinking etc.

That is why human qualities liketerrorism, immorality,. The ones who are still clinging to the good human values, are feeling suffocated. Hence a great need for the formation of sacraments, for bringing about refinement and for the development of human values is being acutely felt.

Good habits are important for and useful to each and everybody, but here we are particularly concerned about the need for and utility of forming sacraments in girls. We will try to throw light on the ways and the experiments by which this purification may be brought about. Man is the smallest unit of world peace.

Acharya Tulsi has rightly said Sudhre vyakti, samaj vyakti se! Rastra svayam sudhrega!! First of all there should be improvement in an individual. If the individuals are improved, society will improve, as society is nothing else but a group of individuals. And if society is improved, nation will improve automatically. In order to bring about and establish peace in the world, we will have to think of the ways of improving man, the smallest unit. In this regard, it has been aptly said Apna sudhar sansar ki sabse badi seva hain Improving oneself is the greatest service to world.

If every person brings about a change in himself, improves himself, the world will be automatically changed and improved. By improving oneself,. The first thing required for improving the world is to make man a 'good man'. All the great thinkers of the world are emphasizing the fact that without the restoration of human values, there can be no happiness and prosperity in the world. Today, things have changed immensely. Globalization has reduced the whole world to the level of a small village.

A village being very small, anything happening in it, immediately comes to the knowledge of each and everybody living in it. In the same way because of the great revolution in the field of Information and Technology, anything that happens in the remotest corner of the world, immediately spreads all over the world through T.

D, internet, e-mail and mobile. This is human weakness that a person grasps evil earlier than he grasps good. We will have to arouse awareness for human values; we will have to attract man to goodness. Man, by instinct, is drawn to evil. In order to restore human values, we will have to start a campaign for the formation of good habits. The need for bringing about refinement and purification in man with the help of experiments and training is being felt all over the world.

Such a refined person can bring about refinement in others as well.

Morning Yoga Routine For Beginners Chart (Download PDF)

Thus the number of the people refined in this way will go on increasing and their ratio will also increase. Utility of the formation of sacraments in girls A Girl is a seed; a mother is a tree and a grandmother is a banyan tree.

The quality and form of a tree depends on the seed. This free beginner yoga class is appropriate for those getting started with yoga as well as people who are complete beginners and this is their first yoga class ever! This is not a lecture about how to get started with yoga or learn yoga, but a full minute free yoga class that anyone comfortab Sometimes, there just is no time for yoga. That's why I created this 5 minute yoga routine for all levels.

Because even if you're sick, or late, or having a crisis, you can always find FIVE just five minutes to do some yoga, and the Sometimes you want to stay IN bed and do yoga. This is MY personal morning routine sequence that you can do under the covers.

Follow along on your iPhone or tablet and let me know what you think! In this easy yoga sequence, we stretch the hamstrings, hips, and low back. This is exactly what my personal yoga practice looks like when I'm stressed, overworked, overtired or just too fatigued to stand up.

Even if you are exhausted, you will feel so much better after minutes of Yin yoga This yoga sequence for inflexible people is designed to help stretch the major muscles in the body and get you ready for a deeper, fuller, yoga practice. This is perfect if you're a beginner, new to yoga or just consider yourself very stiff.

This yoga sequence is designed to open your shoulders and chest, as well as stretch out your low back. We start on the floor taking it easy at first well, not totally easy, it's a very deep shoulder stretch. Then we flow through standing poses and a unique back bending sequence I've been really Subscribe Share Share with your friends.