Bts installation pdf

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The Base Transceiver Station (BTS) consists of a single rack or procedures, even installation/maintenance staff cannot beat the system. We offer BTS Installation & Commissioning and MW Installation & Commissioning on turnkey basis for telecom networks. Our installation team has experience of. •Follow instructions in the user's manual for lubricating and changing accessories . .. Weight of BTS cabinet with full configuration is Kgs.

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Mobile WiMAX system, starting from installation of IDU/ODU up to power-on. Structure The instructions marked by symbol are especially important for safety. Ericsson Bts Installation and Commissioning PDF - Free download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. NOKIA FLEX I EDGE BTS INSTALLATION COMMISSIONING AND. does anybody have any documents about nokia BTS for 3G and 4G? NOKIA FLEXI EDGE BTS INSTALLETION COMMISSIONING AND PLANNING BASE TRANSCEIVER STATION nov SAURABH BANSAL B,.TECH ECE v SEM 3.

Start on. Additionally, modem air- conditioning systems are noise reduced compared to older models, which is also a contribution to the environmentally friendly. BTS Base transceiver station configuration setup and installation- complete video. If the problem is beyond then certain limit then Marketing Division informs the technical department about the rising complains and asks to take necessary steps. If there is a public mains supply available, AC loads are usually directly fed from the mains to reduce conversion losses. If the pre set location is not appropriate for the site like, it can be pond or EPZ area then they cannot take the place.

Generally Grameenphone does not exceed the budget for investment. These are: From their surveys of the customer satisfaction, regional offices, or customers complains they come to know about the weak network coverage. If the problem is beyond then certain limit then Marketing Division informs the technical department about the rising complains and asks to take necessary steps. The second reason, demand for improving the capacity of the current network coverage is identified by the technical department itself.

After getting finding the demands for the new BTS the Planning department of technical division goes for an analysis and makes a draft proposal considering the cost and revenue to the Corporate Finance and Treasury for the approval of the project. But the planning cannot get in to the in-depth analysis regarding the investment. So after getting the proposal at first the proposal is evaluate with some factors. Such as, 7. But in real the population size will not matter as much as finding out the actual number of target customer from that population is important.

Then investing in that area will not prove a wise decision. On the other hand if the scenario is totally vice versa, target customers are filling a large portion of the population then investment decision will be a profitable one. The target customers of Grameenphone belong to the age group of 15 years to 65 years.

If the numbers of potential customers are large in numbers who are out of network in the proposed location for BTS, then the investment decision should be must.

But if the numbers are not vivid like maximum people above 65 years and below 15 years then there could be taken an alternate decision of investment of BTS.

Because the proposed area may have large number of target customers but they do not have the enough capacity of income to spend it on the mobile.

Pdf bts installation

In that case the investment decision will not be profitable. Like a area around Rangpur where target customer can be high but per Capita income is not enough to spend on mobile. But if the existing customers are large in numbers then the investment decision can be taken. It can enhance the chance of increase the number of new customers if the network and services are satisfactory in that region.

But if location does not have so much social gathering then an alternate decision can be taken for the few customers. Because base on this analysis the success of the investment decision can vary. If the number of the competitor are small in number in that proposed area the investment decision should be taken to grave the potential market considering the other factors.

Then the SPI department sends a team of 4 members to the site for the survey and other details.

Generally this team has members from- 7. Generally planning department set the promising location for the site via GPS system. But often they found that the location may not be suitable for the site at the field visit.

In such condition whatever the alternate decision is taken by the team, to monitor and allow that a member from the planning team joins the team.

If the pre set location is not appropriate for the site like, it can be pond or EPZ area then they cannot take the place. So for taking an alternate location from which the site will get maximum advantage a member of SPI department joins the team.

Ericsson Bts Installation and Commissioning PDF | Ericsson | 3 G

When the team a found a suitable location then the member of the civil department find out the condition the location. Like, if it is land then what is its condition, situated in flooded area or not, if yes then what could be the solution. Or if it is a building then what is the condition of the building, is the building strong enough to take the load of the BTS site, in which part of the building the site can be made etc.

When all the other team members are satisfied with the location the member of the finance department, meet with the owner of the location for further negotiation. If it is a green field location then Grameenphone generally purchase the land for the site. But it is not possible all the time. As the land can be a government land or the owner may not want to sell the land in such cases, the want to take the lease of the land.

Even taking lease is not possible then they try to take Land for rent. Even the owner is not ready for the rent then they drop this location and found another one. Once the rent is set, then the team made a Memorandum of Understanding MOU with the owner of the land.

In the MOU all the clause and policies are written in detail. Then the reports are sent to the accounts payable section finance division for further process. After getting the reports finance verify the technical justification, Meeting minutes, and approval notes. Then they open a vendor maintenance form with the detail information of the owner of the property and cost center creation form with the detail information of the site. Then finance compliance determines the vat, tax of the site.

Like If the usage land is greater than sqf then vat is applicable after 10th January and If the usage land is greater than sqf then vat is applicable after 10th June After determining the vat and tax of the site, the information are inputted into the System and create a vendor invoice for determining the payment sector.

Generally these payments are done under the heading of Site and space. Then printed invoice are sent to the LOA for approval. After the approval of the invoice it is send to the treasury section for making the checks.

BTS Installation

In the treasury section they deduct all the vat, tax and make check of the net amount and forward this check to the SPI department. Then the SPI will meet again the property owner with check of advance payment and 2 copies of agreement paper.

After the signing the agreement paper by the both of the parties the agreement will be valid and the rental period will be started. Then planning department decided whether to make room or pre fabricated shelter depending on the property condition.

Pdf bts installation

In the mean while engineer from the civil departments also check the building status and prepare the layout. Then the site is over to the civil department for the further process. After that civil department creates Purchase Requisition from the vendor, list and send the PR to supply chain Management Department. The PR consists of all the valuable details regarding the site construction.

And it is clearly stated in the PR that what will be the maximum limit of the payment for the vendor. Again, the PO has all the details including time duration for the construction work, who will be the engineer in charge EIC etc.

After that, the selected vendors will go to the site and start the construction work under the observation of the EIC. The EIC will monitor the whole work and if found any work unsatisfactory, he has the right to stop and make them do it again.

Generally, vendor gets maximum 45 days to complete the whole site. After implementation of all the equipments the sites becomes on air and civil department handover it to the Regional Office.

But from the second issue all checks will go to the Regional offices from the Treasury department via OSS department. Then the RO will deliver the checks in the respective sectors. After the negotiation of the land Grameenphone purchase the land following the general procedure of land purchase. And the payment can be made on check. And the whole purchase and payment process is held on LC. And after checking SAP will forward the bill to the respective department from where the PR was issued.

And for completing this task OSS will take maximum 2 days thus this civil work bill will go to the civil department. After that OSS again check the draft bill scan and store the information in the SAP and send the bill of valid reasons to the vendor for sending the final bill. Again, OSS gets only 1 day for doing this task. After getting the draft bill vendor will send the final bill to OSS again.

And they will get 3 days for sending the final bill after getting the draft. Then OSS will send the final bill to the Accounts payable division of finance department. After getting the bill accounts payable will verify the final bill and the relevant documents.

Installation pdf bts

If there is any need they will communicate with the compliance department for the explanations. This process may maximum 5 days.

Ericsson Bts Installation and Commissioning PDF

Each department has their own work, so for a single project there are multiple departments are directly associated with it. This is helping to reduce the working chaos as well as smooth the process. It is not easy to go through the whole process in such a short time but yet after analyzing the whole process there are only few spaces where I can suggest them for reconsideration.

So before going with high investment set up new BTS plant in such areas Grameenphone should at least ensure that it will increase its customer. For that Grameenphone can invest in the new facilities, advertisements before such big investment. Otherwise it can go with the alternate investment decision.

But they are not allowed to share their BTS with each other. So if a operator faces network coverage problem the it can rent other operator site and install its own BTS. But this facility is right now not present in Bangladesh. So if Bangladesh government allows the mobile companies for local roaming facility it can reduce the BTS investment cost. So for that Grameenphone Limited should take some initiatives for the government approval.

Because this steps may bring huge returns for the company in future. Transport ADM equipment install, commissioning and cut- over. Jan 5, This guide will give you a brief overview of the OpenBTS. This education system in japan pdf guide will cover the installation on a GNULinux machine. Applications from Ericsson.


May 29, Aug 29, Sep 18, By Iqbal Khan 2, views. The range of RBS models gives oper. The authors describe the requirements underlying RBS , its technical design and characteristics.

Pdf bts installation

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