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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up-Three months after her mother was killed by a drunk driver, year-old Gwen Frost begins attending. Touch of Frost (The Mythos Academy) (): Jennifer Estep: Books. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jennifer Estep is a New York Times, USA Today, and Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy Book 1) · Jennifer Estep · out of.

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My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy -- a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off. Touch of Frost book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Touch of Frost description: My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy — a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek.

View all 3 comments. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Then, someone stole the Bowl of Tears, a magical artifact that can be used to bring about the second Chaos War. Wieso kann ich gar nicht so genau sagen. Enlarge cover. She's also hypocritical, since she breaks the rules herself by sneaking out of school to visit her grandmother every few days.

Something that was important. In ""Touch of Frost"" it is not as bad as in, for example, Clarity. But if the heroine would play her cards, or rather abilities, right, there would be no need for her to admit repeatedly that she is no Veronica Mars. Gwen, whose gift is ""touch magic"" - having visions when touching people or people's objects -, breaks into a room to find clues about a murder, but actually tries to avoid touching most things in there.

She takes out a book with a sticky note tacked to a rather relevant looking paragraph, but a day later she has still not tried her power on it.

Gwen's reluctance is feebly explained away by her fear of reliving horrible moments or learning secrets without the consent of people she respects, but in the light of solving the case - and the fact, that Gwen earns money by locating lost and sometimes embarrassing stuff - that sounds far-fetched.

Gwenny is even of the unkissed sort and ohhh does she want to make out with the bad, but life-saving boy, but then she would compromise him by learning all his and his family's dirty secrets and probably his hot and dirty thoughts on top.

Therefore she takes down her open arms in time, makes a double morron out of herself verbally, has the love interest's half-melted ice-eyes turn to popsicles and does not get a third chance in the end, because by then we have - just in time - switched to the moody-broody ""I-cannot-have-you-know-my-dark-secret-and-my-utterly-ugly-side-yet-although-I-crave-you"" part of the required plot development.

Who would have guessed, huh? That would be all for now. Before you say it, I have to bring it on the table myself: I cannot successfully explain what made me read a paranormal boarding school romance again after so many disappointments. Must have been the high average rating plus the enthusiasm of several of my friends - or my indestructable hope that Enid Blython and J. Rowlings cannot be the only ones who were able to pull off addictive stories set in boarding school environments.

View all 5 comments. Maybe it's because I'm fighting off the sickness and have no time for nonsense, or maybe I just need to stop making excuses for this. I've never been a fan of slut shaming. I'm especially not a fan of slut shaming when it's sexist and one-sided. To Gwen, chicks who sleep around are sluts and whores. Logan, however, who has been in every girl in school's bed, is sexy, mysterious, and dark when he does it. She even goes so far as to say she understands why he sleeps around, because his body is just so perfect.

Wait, what? I also couldn't find any spare fucks to give over who murdered Jasmine. Seems I'm all out of fucks. I should make a note to stop and get more from the store on the way home from work Finally, if I have to hear one more god-damned-blasted-time how Gwen is different and just doesn't fit in at Mythos, my next step will be to start sawing off the end of a shotgun.

Go feel guilty about your dead mother some more. I don't see how that could possibly be unhealthy. You'll turn out fine. And because this review would be incomplete with out a zero fucks gif how could I deprive you like that?

View all 18 comments. Mar 24, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it it was ok Shelves: Ugh, what's with the slut shaming? So one girl at her school is beautiful, popular, and sleeps around.

That's not exactly admirable behavior, but to bring it to the front and judge her and secretly slut shame her and have other characters talk about it behind her back is not cool.

Jasmine's not the only character that Gwen names as a slut either, Logan Quinn supposedly sleeps around. Again, typical teenager behavior, and bringing it up constantly doesn't make for an entirely likable character wh Ugh, what's with the slut shaming? Again, typical teenager behavior, and bringing it up constantly doesn't make for an entirely likable character when it says something that said character is judgmental like that. The book is just all right, the idea of an academy full of descendants of legendary warriors and servants of the gods is nice, but oh god, Gwen does not fit in.

And it's not only that, she is such a little whiner about it; I'm reminded of the goth and emo kids at my school who whines about everything and goes against the establishment just for the sake of being contrary. Gwen is like that, and she's not a very sympathetic character in my eyes.

She's also hypocritical, since she breaks the rules herself by sneaking out of school to visit her grandmother every few days. New premise, but not an entirely promising nor attractive one. Whiny, annoying lead character. Will continue the series, but only because I'm bored and lacking reading materials.

View all 6 comments. Jun 09, Mizuki rated it did not like it Shelves: This book is one of those "Oh I'm the poor, humble girl who has to go to a school filled with spoiled rich kids" books.

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We're all supposed to be guilt trapped into feeling bad for the poor heroine, but sadly I found myself being annoyed by both the main character and the story. The author, Jennifer Estep tried very hard to make her heroine and her story humorous, but both come off very forced and awkward. Not to mention the 'heroine' also loves to label people with stereotypes such as 1.

Not to mention the 'heroine' also loves to label people with stereotypes such as 'the band geek', 'the slut' and 'the spoiled brat' and so on, such attitude makes her rather unlikable.

Yes, we're treated with tons and tons of slut shaming. And according to the heroine, a girl sleeping around with boys is a slut and a bitch, but a bad boy who sneaked out from girl's dorm and asked another girl whom he had barely spoken to before to "get back to his dorm" makes the boy a sexy dangerous bad boy?

There's also no sense of reality in Estep's mythology and the magical school for mythical warriors. Supposedly all students and professors were trained and prepared to battle the evil villains but their actions and how they handle the incident of a girl student being murdered on campus shows me none of themeven the professors who are adults, can handle serious issues logically and maturely.

I mean, no one ever thinks about searching the murdered girl's dorm for evident or questioning her friends in order to find the murderer? Are you kidding me!? So the whole thing looks just damn fake and make-believe. Estep, why don't you take a writing lesson before you start writing anything else in the future?

Last but not least, how the murder mystery is revealed at the very end is so cliched and forcedso the bad guy wastes time to inform-dumps the entire evil plan to the heroine, instead of finishing her off then and there!?

It's so cliched that it reads like some badly written detective novels. It also reminds me of how J K. Rowling reveals the 'mysteries' of each of her Harry Potter book I'm referring on the ones I did bother to read, you know. Vampire Academy Fans! Except instead of Vampires it's a school for Mythical Warriors. I was not disappointed. From the first page this author caught my attention and I was eager to learn more about Gwen, Mythos Academy, Daphne, and Spartan-Licious "Logan freaking Quinn" Meet Gwen Frost, she's a gypsy, an outcast, a nerd and a comic book fanatic.

She's one of my new favorite protagonist! She's also witty, ch "Come inside and all will be revealed" Originally what caught my interest was that this book reminded me of Vampire Academy except mythical creatures instead of vampires.

She's also witty, charming, fun loving, empatic and smart. All the way in the back here. What are you? A vampire who's afraid of sunlight or something?

Estep pdf touch of jennifer frost

Were vampires real too? I wondered but I didn't want to look stupid and ask, especially since I didn't know what Daphne was doing here in the first place. I've got this whole superhero thing going on, so I sit way back here to keep the paparazzi and rabid fans at bay.

Spartans, Romans, Valkyrie, Amazons and she's the lonely new Gypsy on the block. As you learn these whiz kids ferociously powerful warrior gifts are compatible with the mythical creatures in Clash Of The Titans whereas Gwen's gift of Psychometry appears to be no match for their talent and skills, or so it may seem.

Psychometry is the ability to touch someone and read their emotions, thoughts, interests and deepest dark secrets. I rolled my eyes while Daphne sniffed.

I'm a Valkyrie, remember? I could pick you up and break your back over my knee, Spartan. The next book Kiss Of Frost comes out late this year as well. I'm eagerly looking forward to catching up with Gwen's life at Mythos Academy now that she's discovered her true Gypsy heritage while shes learning her inherited magical powers, as well as Daphne, and of course The Spartan-Licious "Logan freaking Quinn" ; Like what you see here, check out more of my reviews at http: View all 4 comments.

May 08, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: I love the talking sword. Also the heroine and her enemy turned friend. I think this one would make a great tv series.

The ending was hands down my favorite part. Everything comes together really well. Also I want some of grandma's cookies. Ich liebe es Brauche dringend Band zwei: Nov 21, Rayne rated it did not like it Shelves: The book had an interesting premise, even if somewhat sketchy.

I liked some of its concepts, but the protagonist completely ruined any chance this book had with me. In case the 1 star rating wasn't clear enough, I absolutely despised it. I gave it 2 stars at first, because I really hate giving books a 1 star rating. I do give out 1 star ratings when a book deserves it, but I like thinking that almost every book has something to offer.

But, after sleeping The book had an interesting premise, even if somewhat sketchy. But, after sleeping on it, I came back the next day and got a great amount of pleasure out of giving this one the single, lonely star I feel it deserves. I know I'm in the minority here, seeing as how this book has an overall rating of over 4 stars, but I really fail to see the appeal of this one, and it is not because of a lack of trying.

While reading it, I gave up on this book three times. Three freaking times I put it aside, completely decided to never bother with it again, but I came back again and again. I just want to make it clear that I did not come back because I was intrigued or because I wanted to know the big "mystery": Everything about this book is ridiculously predictable right from the start. The reason I came back was because I kept hoping I could see what everyone was raving about.

I think the 1 star rating makes it pretty clear that I never stumbled upon what makes this book deserve the praise. Gwen is one of the most detestable characters I've ever had the misfortune of reading about. She's right up there with Luce, Nora and Zoey in the list of characters I wish I could erase from literary existence by flushing them down a toilet.

She's whiny, judgmental, self-absorbed, self-righteous, oh, and she wants me to remind you that she has no friends. God, I swear she said that last thing about 50 times per chapter.

Please, remind me how much of a loner and a rebel you are about five freaking times per page, I don't get tired of it at all. Oh, and you wear hoodies and read comic books? Wow, that is so interesting and original and totally explains why absolutely no one gets you.

Yeah, right. Guess what? That was me in high school and that never had as a result a shortage of friends or cruel rejection from everyone.

Frost jennifer estep pdf of touch

And, of course, Gwen is a loner because she's not as rich or as "pretty" or as "special" as the rest of the mean girls in class, when the truth is she actually is, but, of course, she just doesn't know it. But that's okay. Gwen comforts herself by declaring all the other girls "raging sluts" and knowing that no matter what she does, says, wears or who she likes, she will never be like those "raging sluts". The whole characterization of one of the pseudo-antagonists in the story is that she is gorgeous and is only popular because she's been with every boy in school and likes labels and brands and is mean to poor little Gwen.

Sounds familiar? Yes, like every other generic YA mean girl out there. And the plot is not that different, either. There's really nothing original about this book. I considered giving this one extra points for bringing different types of warriors and mythical creatures into one school until I realized that, not only is the whole concept far-fetched in itself, the book never offers a real explanation for it.

Oh well, I suppose it does. The school is supposed to train all these warriors for a war that even the protagonists is convinced is just a whole lot of superstitious bogus. Which if you think about it, for a girl that has powers and lives constantly surrounded by mythical warriors like the Valkyries to not believe that there could be a war with other mythical beings, well, it's pretty stupid all-around.

This book was really infuriating and frustrating. There's barely a plot in there, but I couldn't be bothered to follow it anyway when I had to see it flow through a character like Gwen, who is ready to judge and insult and scorn everyone around her but falls for a guy that's popular because he hurts people and signs the mattresses of all the girls he sleeps with on campus, because, of course, that makes him so hot.

There's no character development in this book, no real mystery driving the plot, a ridiculous resolution that continues to belittle girls and furthers the stereotype about the mean girls and condemns woman sexuality, an interesting, but ultimately unsatisfying concept and a terrible lead I wish I could bleach out of my mind. It's been, what?

The thing is that I was actually expecting a lot out of this one, but a book like this one is nothing but a slap in the face to YA readers out there. It's nothing but a generic, formulaic story that has been done many times because someone out there believes we are not smart enough to recognize it for what it is, throw in there a bunch of high school stereotypes and some half-assed mythology to make it paranormal, and there you go. To conclude this rant, I vow to never read any more books in this series and to try my very best to even forget I wasted my time reading this.

View all 27 comments. Mein erstes Buch hat mir sehr gut gefallen! Mehr auf: Auf der Mythos Academy soll sie lernen, mit ihrer Gabe sinnvoll umzugehen. Die St Mehr auf: Der Schreibstil der Autorin ist einfach und nicht sehr anspruchsvoll.

Der Satzbau und auch die Wortwahl sind einfach gehalten, dadurch kommt man schnell voran. Dachte ich auch, aber das Buch war durchzogen von Klischees und es war alles total vorhersehbar.

Jennifer Estep

Ich habe es zusammen mit Ney gelesen. Das muss nicht in Band eins sein, auch nicht in Band zwei oder drei, vielleicht erst in Band sechs, aber es passiert sicher. Klar war das meiste davon schon vorher klar, aber es zu lesen ist nochmal was ganz anderes.

Das Ende war aber das schlimmste vom Buch, ich musste mich richtig zwingen, dass ich die letzten 20 Seiten noch lesen, da sowieso nichts SPannendes mehr passieren konnte und es mich auch nicht interessierte. Durch die Vorhersehbarkeit war es auch nicht sonderlich spannend. Ich war richtig froh, als ich fertig war mit dem Buch, ich habe noch den zweiten Teil hier stehen und werde den auch lesen, aber ob ich danach weiter lese wage ich einmal zu bezweifeln.

Ich glaube das wird aber nichts mehr, oder wie Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon sagte: Ich vergebe daher 2 von 5 Sterne. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt, wie es in Band 2 weiter gehen wird. Ich fand den Auftakt der Mythos Academy Reihe wirklich gut. Einziger Knackpunkt: Hinzu redet sie aber immer von Spartaner und Co.

Mar 17, Edie rated it did not like it Shelves: Double standards alive and well in modern YA it seems. I am not sure how to grade this one, it is easy to read, a little easy to guess plot points, but a fun and interesting read except for one thing.

At the school there is a girl who is denigrated throughout the book as a slut.. And apart from a couple half jokey remarks Double standards alive and well in modern YA it seems. And apart from a couple half jokey remarks this is completely brushed aside What freaking year is this??? While the slutty dude who helped with her demise, gets off free. It grates me when it happens all too frequently in adult romance books, but I find it impossible to swallow in YA. I don't read much YA, does this happen a lot in YA??

Should I just avoid the genre? After reading the first book of the spin-off series, I was curious enough to know where the story started so I decided to go back and read this series. Firstly, I was most intrigued about the heroine, Gwen in this series.

Touch of Frost

These days, I feel like Young Adult books are becoming more Adult in nature. The themes tend to be more complex and are all about great responsibility that you can easily lose sight of the true essence of a Young Adult novel.

It captures the Young Adult essence, but still has the quality of a excellently written novel. The other thing that I think sets this series apart from others is the variety of paranormal species that are present here.

Gwen is a Gypsy, but there are so many other species here that it will cater to everyone. It also gives the author so much room to play. View 2 comments. View all 3 comments. Aber erst einmal abwarten bis der Himmel purpur ist. D Ich wollte einfach mal nur einen bekloppten Einblick geben, was mich bei dem Buch so genervt hat. Das Buch bestand eigentlich nur aus Wiederholungen und der Farbmischung Purpur-grau.

Kleiner Einblick: Niemand beachtete mich, und niemand sprach mit mir Versteht ihr, warum ich so genervt war am Anfang? Ich habe ja schon einige nervige Buchcharaktere erlebt, aber Gwen Frost ist wirklich special.

Ich war auch etwas schockiert, als ich gesehen hab bei der Inhaltsangabe, dass sie schon 17 sein soll. Ich dachte, von ihrem Verhalten her, dass sie 14 sei. Aber gut Ach ja, und bevor ich es vergesse: Was hat sich die Autorin dabei nur gedacht? Das wirkte so kindisch Und ja, ich werde mir den zweiten Band auch "antun". Es hat mich irgendwie doch gefangen genommen und ab und zu hatte das Buch auch eine gute Message: Zur Bewertung: Und so eine nervige Special-Protagonistin ist auch auf Dauer ziemlich anstrengend.

Meiner Mutter geht es gut und sie lebt. Was ich irgendwie komisch fand.

Jennifer pdf touch of frost estep

Aber ich glaube das Buch ist vor den Filmen erschienen und von daher fiel das nicht in meine Wertung. Zum Ende hat es mich gepackt und ich wollte das Buch am liebsten nicht mehr aus der Hand legen. Aber bis es erstmal so weit war hat es leider zu lange gedauert.

Ich kam anfangs irgendwie so gar nicht in die Geschichte rein und konnte mich mit Gwen nicht anfreunden. May 23, Djezelle rated it liked it Shelves: Christian Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: Quick review: Nice Rating: PG Thumbs Up: A really unique world I could get lost in Characters: Well Written Plot: Who done it wrapped in a paranormal world Page Turner: Yes Series Cont.?

Yes Recommend: Yes Book Boyfriend: I was just waiting for it to come on audible. When it did, I snagged it up. Talk about page turner.

For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at: My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy -- a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebody's head with a sword and Logan Quinn, the hottest Spartan guy in school, also happens to be the deadliest. But lately, things have been weird, even for Mythos. First, mean girl Jasmine Ashton was murdered in the Library of Antiquities. Then, someone stole the Bowl of Tears, a magical artifact that can be used to bring about the second Chaos War.

You know, death, destruction and lots of other bad, bad things. Freaky stuff like this goes on all the time at Mythos, but I'm determined to find out who killed Jasmine and why -- especially since I should have been the one who died. Fantasy Young Adult Fiction. Publication Details Publisher: Kensington Imprint: Kensington Books Publication Date: Mythos Academy.