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Tapping Into Wealth Expert Coaching. Coach Teri Bach [email protected] com or TAPPING SCRIPT. Customize from your. MONEY MAP. That is why I have a whole chapter in my book Tapping into Wealth delving .. / stories/downloads/ Benefiting from my Tapping into Wealth coaching (training by Margaret M. Lynch) you will free yourself from your money blocks and transform your wealth picture.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "There is no more powerful tool in the world to actualize change than Tapping. But there are times when the tool isn't enough, when. tappinG into Wealth. How emotional Freedom Technique (eFT) Can Help. You Clear the Path to Making More Money. margareT m. lynCh. WiTh Daylle Deanna . - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. .Tapping for Money BOOTCAMP for the Secret of Intentional Wealth Author: Margaret M. individually or as part of a . And allowing more money into my life.

We totally believed in scarcity Here are a few things to get you started An excellent review of current research by David Feinstein just published in Review of General Psychology: Judith Reisman, Ph. Disappointment about money And I am really disappointed Miruna Miru. She will give you the downloads for those trainings you help you along at no charge.

Along with the downloads and video training you will be invited to a complimentary webinar. This is entitled Clear Self-doubt and claim your Confidence and Power. She will share her approach to inner work that creates quicker outer results.

You will learn about confidence and how it can make or break your practice. Margaret will share with you:. Along with the current download and training you will also be able to access her other training as well. She will give you the downloads for those trainings you help you along at no charge. Blessings Dawne. Margaret, I am a business owner and keep my prices low. Many folks have told me that I do not charge enough for what I bring to the table and that is true.

I run a small residential cleaning business that uses only safe products for cleaning. My son works with me as a sub contractor, so I am my only employee. I have been told by business coaches to charge more. Every time I have done that I have lost clients.

This is the truth of the matter. I am encountering competition from illegal aliens here in the South and they live in abandoned apartments, sometimes as many as 20 living together.

They pay no income tax, nor do they pay licensing fees for the city and county. There are few folks out there as clients who recognize what I provide.

And the ones that do are hard to find. Educating folks to the dangers in commercial cleaning products has been a challenge.


Overcoming that resistance has been my mission for all these years. When Obama took office and the sub-prime scandals began to surface, many of our clients lost their jobs. I have tried tapping to help myself feel comfortable about charging more before and while it helped me to feel comfortable asking for more money, it did not prevent clients from saying that they would go elsewhere for a lower price because they could not afford it.

In we were doing a rousing business. I had a full schedule, Saturdays included and three sub contractors working for me. Losing clients hurt those folks terribly as one of them had two ailing parents she cared for, one had a special needs child, and the other was also a single mom. Telling them I had no work for them was the hardest thing I have ever done. I think about the children who have to be hungry, people who had to move because they no longer could afford their dwelling places.

Margaret, you are living in a fantasy world if you think this tapping thing will work across the board. Believe me, I used it for weeks and all I got were fewer clients and less income. Its is so great. I am trying to get into the new Starbucks that is being built in my area. I want to be a manager. This has so helped me.

Tapping into Wealth Margaret Lynch PDF

Thank you, Thank you!. Helps boost my confidence. Think this is a wonderful exercise. I am just starting out but think im undercharging for my service.

However I am fearful if I charge more clients wont come and I will never get off the ground. The visualisation exercise brought a sense of panic but loved the tapping. Will see how I feel after a week, Thanks as always Margaret x.

This is so true. I feel cringey and uncomfortable when increasing my prices. Obviously I have money issues, from my childhood, and am trying to tap through those. This is an exciting exercise to do. I look forward to seeing the results. Love the words Margaret. It gets right into the heart of the concern. Always good and concise wording from you and it is SO helpful.

Thanks Margaret! This is a really valuable work. Juicy stuff! Thanks so much for sharing this tapping cleanse with all of us, Margaret! I loved it; just by going through the exercise, I could feel myself worthier of earning more money! Time to tap on this and boost up inner qi in being okay to asking for more. A commenter named Lucy said she used this and got fewer clients for the effort. Of course it is impossible to assess if there is actually a cause and effect relationship there.

Tapping “Cleanse” to earn your true worth!

And that is my issue with the whole EFT industry. Any evidence at all, beyond anecdotal reports of feeling better for the time being? Despite my efforts I find zero evidence of any relationship between the tapping and an outcome. No scientific studies, no statistical comparisons, no review of the literature such as it is , nothing at all that supports the many promises, insinuations and magical statements regarding the impact of EFT.

So folks, pay attention to the insinuation that if it is not working for you it must be because you are not participating sufficiently. The truth is that this is a simple technique that creates a short term effect, which varies among people and will not lead to significant behaviorally different outcomes. The tapping is just something to do while you organize your anxiety and fear temporarily. Hopelessness and loss about money Shame and disappointment connected to money Anger and fighting connected to money I totally honour that that was their way And I am open to releasing this So I can create my reality In my present moment.

Take a nice, deep breath. Now, re-create the scene or movie again and note if there was something vivid or loud about the scene. If there was, I would recommend using it to do a separate tapping that focuses on that vivid or load aspect.

Wealth tapping pdf into

Review of Vibration about Income: Check-in and see where your feelings are when you say the It is not enough statement now.

Even though my income isnt enough I totally blame myself I am a loser Thats what my income means I should have been able to fix this I should be doing better Clearly I havent done enough And I am going to love and accept myself as totally un-acceptable. Even though my income is just not enough And I know what that means Is all on me I should have done it better I should be doing it right I am totally missing something I am failing I honor who I am anyway. Even though this income right here on my paper It means only one thing I am screwing up This number defines me I accept who I am anyway Even though I really dont Because I should have done it better.

All these heavy self-judgments I keep screwing up I must be missing something Ive got to figure this out This number means I am losing I am not doing it right It is so heavy I feel all the guilt So stupid It is so embarrassing If people knew what I earned I would be humiliated It is all me It has got to be I am doing it wrong And every time I think that thought I tell the Universe I dont deserve And it feels so heavy That I get stuck And my view of abundance And possibilities Shrinks down small Should have done it better All my fault Every time I think those thoughts I contract I get stuck I push myself lower I push my deserving lower All these self-judgmental thoughts I am open to seeing them for what they are Thoughts running in my head Habitual thoughts running in my head I am just going to be open to the idea That I have always done my best And I actually deserve right now That would feel really different.

Now, review your new number for the It is not enough statement.

Pdf tapping into wealth

Where are your feelings now? For the Charismatic Leaders out there, look at the number again and say: It is not fair, I am working so hard and it is just not there. How true does that feel? Then check for anger because the Knowledgeable Achievers will have it and it means they are back to judging themselves. Focus on Anger Feeling anger means Something does not feel fair.

Anger also means you are in a place of disempowerment Remember, anger is the other side of passion. I am pissed! This sucks! It is not fair I am working so hard! I am just going to honour my anger It feels really justified.

Into pdf tapping wealth

And I am trying to be positive I am actually really angry! What the hell!? How much harder do I have to work? There is just not enough coming in And it sucks! And I am angry And it is really unfair I totally honour this anger This rage I could kill somebody! It is so unfair And I see other people making more And they are not as half as good as me There, I said it Totally justified anger.

I am really angry And I have been angry for a long time And I try to hold it at bay And be positive Nobody likes my anger But it is really unfair I feel like I am fighting a battle And I am losing And I hate losing And I am doing so many things right It is infuriating It is unfair