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The moment he was about to voice out a curse that would barely fall short of violating the academy regulations, Kirito made a noise by making a kick with his heel from behind, making him narrowly recover his senses. While letting out a vague reply that neither agreed nor disagreed, Eugeo pondered on the empire's structure once more. Now then, hurry and show us your form over there. The secret moves of the Norkia-style, the Valtio-style, and our Aincrad-style are powerful. That is such an odd word to use, Eugeo-dono. I certainly have difficulties understanding just which part of this is supposed to be unbefitting, vulgar behavior!

Tossing a large piece of fried meat into his mouth, he chewed for a moment with his eyes closed before speaking with the mannerisms of a lecturer. Eugeo fearlessly reached out as well and bit into smoked fish and herbs between thin slices of bread. Unlike the bento that Alice would deliver to him daily, long ago when he was swinging the axe alone in the woods, the bread had the taste of the city with plenty of white butter spread onto it.

He wasn't used to the dainty high class cuisine when he just arrived at the central, but he could honestly consider it delicious now. While pondering on whether that meant he was getting used to it, Eugeo nodded at Tiez as well. But wasn't it hard to gather this many ingredients?

Tiez turned towards her once again and Ronye answered humbly. Eugeo-senpai was away at the library, so I see, so that's what happened.

No, in the first place, if you're getting along that well already, there's no reason for you to run away now! What was all that trouble for Well, what can I say, I thought I was the one being overly concerned for your case, Swordsman-in-training Eugeo-dono. It was the same back before we got in the Zakkaria Guard Squadron and on the journey to Centoria; he's treated all suspicious and scary at first, but before I knew it, the wife and kids at the farm or inn grew fond of It's best for you to watch out and not end up that way, Ronye.

Kirito-senpai looked scary, but I found out he was a kind person straight away, so Even while doing so, he continued to stare at the partner of his at his side who was calmly gobbling down the food, wondering if there was any way to drop that guy down a peg That was when Tiez and Ronye suddenly sat up straight and opened their mouths to speak in a solemn manner. Eugeo-senpai, Kirito-senpai. Actually, there's a request that we would like to ask from the two of you.

What is it? Lost for words once again, he tried to recall if he really did say those words and finally remembered. It was true, he did seem to faintly recall telling Ronye, "I think it's fine if you want me to talk to the teacher for you and get your mentor changed", when Kirito kept her waiting several days ago.

So, would that make this luxurious meal a farewell gift? Eugeo tried to confirm just in case while assailed by dismay. Or Kirito's Tiez who was sitting on Eugeo's left was the first to start speaking and she did so in a panic. It's not about us, that's simply unthinkable. On the contrary, there are many who want to switch to serve as valets for the two of you Her name is Frenica and she's a very nice girl who's serious, puts in her best, and is skilled with swords yet humble, but Actually, the elite swordsman-in-training who chose Frenica as a valet seems to be quite a strict person Especially in the recent few days, she appears to be punished for long periods of time over minor blunders and ordered to provide services that should be.

Returning the half-eaten fried meat to the plate, Eugeo alternated between looking at each of them, not completely wanting to believe it. I wish to provide my help as soon as possible, but if I'm not wrong The duty of being a valet is assigned to one chosen among the twelve novice trainees that In other words, to dismiss Frenica's appointment, not only the instructor's approval is needed, but the swordsman-in-training's as well, huh.

Art novel sword pdf 11 online volume

Well, I can try persuading though Tiez hesitated for a short while before softly letting the name out from her lips as though it was difficult for her. I'll totally beat him up the next time.

Art novel volume 11 sword pdf online

But that might possibly be the reason The result was a draw, but Humbert didn't seem satisfied with that So the reason behind him being tough on Frenica recently might be due to that duel With her eyebrows raised, Tiez murmured in uncertain tones. As revenge for not winning, he used the Punishment Authority on Frenica and ordered those humiliating acts of her, is that how it is?

Not even able to find the needed words to express it well; that was the degree of difference in their mindsets. For Eugeo who grew up in a pioneer village in the outskirts, he could guess at Humbert's mentality, but had absolutely no sympathy for it.

When he was a child in Rulid, the son of the chief guard, Jink, did do various mean things to him, but his motive was definitely extremely childish. Jink liked Alice, so he disliked Eugeo who was always with her and bullied him by hiding his shoes and such. However, it seems that Humbert took the anger from not winning the match against Eugeo and hurled it all at someone completely unrelated to the affair, his own valet traineethat Frenica who he should have been mentoring with concern.

He knew the existence of the words, revenge and venting anger. Even Eugeo experienced it once when he was young, when he got jealous over the wooden sword his father bought for his elder brother as a gift and couldn't help but hit rocks countless times with his own wooden sword that was handmade by his father, ending up with it breaking.

His father scolded him, saying that it was a shameful act known as venting anger and he never did it ever again. Just like breaking your own wooden sword, it was likely that being excessively strict on your own valet trainee was not against the Taboo Index, Empire Fundamental Law, or even the Master Sword Academy's regulations.

Howevereven if that was true, did that mean it was fine to do it? In this world, aside from laws that were tangibly recorded down, shouldn't there be something important that one must follow?

At that moment, Tiez, who seemed to have been tossing around the same doubts with her head lowered, muttered as though she was forcing the words out from her throat. I do not understand. My father had always said this. Hence, we must not take for granted, that we live in a larger house than commoners and are bestowed several privileges. The fact that we are nobles means that we should exert all efforts to ensure those who aren't are able to live on in happiness and peace, and when the time for war comes about, we must draw our blades before those who aren't nobles and succumb to death before they do, he said She stared at the solemn form of the Imperial Administration that slightly peeked through above the treetops for a while before returning her glance to Eugeo and the rest.

Speaking of the Zizek family, they are an illustrious family who constructed a huge mansion in the fourth district and even own land in the outskirts of Centoria. So shouldn't Elite Swordsman-intraining Humbert-dono be striving much, much harder than the lower class nobles for the masses' happiness? Even if it wasn't noted down in the Taboo Index, nobles must always consider their own actions and not cause misfortune for others through them Humbert-dono's actions might not be against both the Taboo Index and the academy regulations How could However, Eugeo who embraced the same doubts as the girl did not have an immediate reply Ronye held out a white handkerchief and touched the area around Tiez's eyes, and at that time "He's a wonderful father.

I wish I could meet him. That black-clad swordsman, who inspired awe and fear in his fellow students with that intimidating glint in his eyes and blunt demeanor, as well as that match with the previous head swordsmanin-training, Uolo Levanteinn, that became legend, looked at Tiez with consoling eyes and talked gently, word by word.

Nobles, or in other words, those who possess power, must use it for the sake of those without it Kirito's voice flowed on like a spring breeze. Even if it's not prohibited by the law, there are still things that can't be done and inversely, there might be things that must be done even if it's prohibited by the law. However, Kirito stared into the young girls and continued talking unwaveringly.

That an unjust law is no law at all. Regardless of how magnificent a law or authority may be, you mustn't blindly accept it. Even if it doesn't violate any taboos or regulations, Humbert's conduct is definitely wrong. There are no excuses for doing something like making an innocent girl cry. That's why someone has to stop him, and in this case, that would be Guess it's up to us, huh. If everyone bends it as they like, there wouldn't be any order, would there?

Doesn't the Axiom Church exist to judge on the behalf of the masses? Hence, it ended up allowing Humbert to vent his anger on his own valet. However, much like how Sister Azariya would scold Jink for his pranks long ago, Eugeo and Kirito are able to express their opinions to Humbert, their peer.

That should be a completely different matter from actually doubting the authority of the Church. The one who made the world was God, and the Church was God's proxy.

The Church that led the Human World well for hundreds of years couldn't have been mistaken; things progressed without him voicing those out. The one who answered Eugeo's question was not Kirito, but Ronye, who had kept her silence until then. The clear speech spoke by the usually docile girl, with a strong light in her eyes, gave Eugeo a slight shock. I feel like I understood a little about what Kirito-senpai had said. An important spirit to have despite it not recorded in the Taboo Index Not merely obeying the law, but thinking about why that law exists with that justice in consideration That thinking through it is more important than abiding by it Being able to think is a human being's greatest ability.

It's stronger than any famous sword, stronger than any secret move. Facing his partner that still had many mysteries surrounding him despite spending over two years sleeping and eating together, Eugeo asked one last question. An integrity knight of the Church? He's probably already dead, though.

After seeing off Ronye and Tiez, who each carried a completely emptied rattan basket and waved with their other hands while returning to the novice trainee dormitory, Eugeo looked at his partner's face once again. Kirito, have you come up with anything regarding the matter about Humbert?

But still For him to get chosen to be the head elite swordsman-in-training, he should have not only skill with the sword, but also good scores in his sacred arts, law and history as well. Raios is in the same room as Humbert, right? So don't you find it strange that he's keeping quiet about Humbert venting his anger on his own valet trainee? Even if there isn't a formal punishment, bad rumors will spread at least, and at that time, Raios's reputation will drop as well, sharing the same room.

For a mass of pride like him, I believe he'd hate it as much as an actual punishment In other words, wouldn't that mean that Raios gave up on Humbert's sullenness as well? If the cause was the duel with me, I would definitely need to have a word with You object to Humbert's actions, get into some sort of argument, then as a result, end up violating the academy regulations Even if our placings are different, Humbert and I are both swordsmen-in-training.

As long as I don't specifically insult him verbally, no matter how he notes it down, it won't be considered as disrespect. Rather, I'm more worried about you, Kirito. Like getting mud on that guy's uniform or something. Kirito had committed that exact act of disrespect the previous year, on the previous head, Uolo, and was ordered to duel with the ridiculous conditions of using real swords and the first to strike wins. Kirito, you just stand at the back for a bit with an intimidating look.

I'll be counting on you. We'll give a verbal warning today and if they don't heed it, let's appeal for Frenica's substitution to the management. Humbert should hear us out at least. Even that much should have an effect on that guy. Slapping Kirito's back while he still looked unsatisfied about something, Eugeo started walking towards the elite swordsmen-intraining's dormitory constructed atop a hill.

The indignation he felt when he heard Tiez's story did not fade away easily and his pace naturally sped up. A year ago, the person who awaited Eugeo, appointed as a valet without knowing his way around at all, atop that hill had the name Gorgolosso Baltoh; he was a great man who certainly did not look a single day before the age of twenty. That bulky body with roughly twice the girth of Eugeo was covered in solid muscles and paired with splendid sideburns that resembled the manes of lions that lived in the South Empire, though Eugeo had not seen them outside of art, they made him wonder if he entered an instructor's room at first.

Gorgolosso took a fleeting glance at Eugeo frozen from the tension, and ordered, "Take your clothes off", in a gruff voice. Eugeo was horrified, but he couldn't disobey it, so he took off his grey uniform, leaving behind a single piece of underwear. He was immersed once again, from head to toes in that intense gazethen Gorgolosso gave a broad, toothed smile and said, "Alright, you've trained well".

Feeling relieved from the bottom of his heart while he wore his clothes back on, Gorgolosso informed Eugeo that he was not a noble, but rose up from a commoner guard as well, which was the reason why he singled out Eugeo who had the same history. For the one year after that, although his vivacious behavior troubled Eugeo at times, he did not work him unreasonably hard, acquainting him with the Eugeo still thought the splendid Valtio-style swordsmanship taught by Gorgolosso was just as important as Kirito's Aincrad-style in getting him through the swordsman-intraining selection test.

The day Gorgolosso graduated from the academy and left for the central, Eugeo asked a question that he had hidden over that one year. About why he named him, instead of Kirito who entered the school due to a recommendation from a guard squadron as well.

While brushing his disheveled sideburns, Gorgolosso answered. True, I did realize that guy's ability with the sword was higher than yours when I saw the performance arts during the entrance exam. But you see, that's the exact reason why I chose you. I figured you would be the type to struggle to the death while glaring at the top, just like me. Well, one way or another, that second-ranked Rina already chose Kirito by then, though.

Gahahaha, while he lively laughed, Gorgolosso rubbed Eugeo's head with his massive hand and spoke. That he definitely had to become a swordsman-in-training, and then treasure his own valet trainee. Eugeo nodded without end while holding back his tears and sent Gorgolosso off at the school gate until his huge frame disappeared from sight.

That man taught him that elite swordsmen-in-training and their valet trainees did not merely have the relationship of a mentor and a caretaker. Eugeo thought that he probably wouldn't become as much of a mentor as Gorgolosso was. But still, he intended to try his best over this one year, to teach Tiez what that man had taught him, even if it's merely a fraction of it.

Rightthis might be what Kirito Humbert and Raios might not understand this. As they've gotten placings below thirty with their scores in the entrance examinations, they probably went easy in the selection match due to their objections to becoming a valet.

Sword Art Online 11 - Alicization Turning

Even so, there were things that needed to be said. Pushing open the door before him with his two hands and entering the swordsmen-in-training's dormitory, Eugeo ascended the large staircase in front with loud steps from his leather shoes.

A short bit after knocking on the door at the eastern corner of the dormitory's third floor, Humbert could be heard asking who's there from inside. We have something to discuss with Swordsman-in-training Zizek.

Humbert, who glared at the two in turn with a scowl, cried out with a voice that might even be loud enough to pass through the atrium in the middle of the dormitory to reach the first floor.

Sword Art Online 11 - Alicization Turning | Swordsmanship | Orc (Middle Earth)

It's obvious that you should request for permission for a meeting through a letter first! Let them pass, Humbert, though it is unfortunate we could not have any tea prepared for them, at this short notice.

Make sure you express your gratitude for Raios-dono's hospitality. Forcing those words out through his lips, Humbert turned aside. While wondering just what sort of skit this was supposed to be, Eugeo entered the room with a bow. The amount of space and arrangement was of course, the same as Eugeo and Kirito's, but the fixtures, such as the carpet spread over the floor and the pale curtains that wavered in the gentle spring breeze, were replaced with those of the highest grade.

Even the couch with its width of three mel had a silk finish with ample cotton, and Humbert sank in deeply upon sitting on its right edge. Raios could be seen sitting on the left edge, but barely sank in, resting his head upon it and his two legs stretching out onto the table, in an appearance as though he was sleeping.

On top of that, these heirs of upper class noble families were not wearing the academy uniform, but comfortable and thin long garments. Raios was bright red and Humbert was bright blue; that glossy luster was unique to high-grade silk from the south. The aroma drifting from the cups lined up on the table was probably green tea, a specialty from the east.

After putting that to his mouth and slowly sipping it, Raios finally turned towards Eugeo. And so, what business do you have with us in the evening of this rest day, my friend, Swordsman-in-training Eugeo?

There was another couch before the table, but he seemed to have no intention of asking them to sit. While thinking that suited himself better, Eugeo looked down at the two with as strict a face as he could muster, and spoke. Before disgracing the name of a friend at school, I believed it best to render some advice, though it may be presumptuous on my part. To think you could be so concerned about my friend's reputation. However, I regret to inform you that nothing comes to mind regarding that sort of rumor.

Though I am ashamed of my ignorance, nothing would please me more than having you enlighten me on this issue. I have heard that Zizek-dono was committing vulgar acts upon his own valet trainee. I do believe you would have some inkling of that! You can't simply condemn everything as disrespectful, inside of this academy at least. That said, it would be a different story if that was merely slander utterly without basis though. Where have you heard that queer rumor from, Eugeo-dono?

This is not without basis. I've heard it directly from the novice trainees who stay in the same room as Zizek-dono's valet. Is this how it is, then? Are you saying that Humbert's valet had formally entrusted you with a protest via the novice trainees of the same room by her own accord? No, that's not it, but It was true that he wasn't here due to a personal request from Frenica, so it would be difficult to hold his ground if his claim was rejected as slander without basis.

However, as there was no way Eugeo could retreat in front of Raios grinning away in his slovenly posture and Humbert crooking his mouth in a loathsome manner, he sharply returned a question. I believe the two of you are denying it in that case?

That Humbert-dono is committing unbefitting acts upon that valet trainee named Frenica? That is such an odd word to use, Eugeo-dono. How about using what is more easily understood, by saying that it violates the academy regulations? Even if those regulations applied only on academy premises, their importance was close to the same level as the Taboo Index or the Empire Fundamental Law to students and none should dare to break them. Even Humbert wouldn't violate the academy regulations; Eugeo knew better than to consider that as well.

That was the very reason he couldn't forgive them. Anything goes as long as it wasn't against the regulations, their acts were grounded in that belief even if they didn't voice it out. Taking in a deep breath of air, Eugeo continued the dispute. Eugeo could not give an immediate reply. With that, Raios spread his hands out in an exaggerated motion and spoke while shaking his head left and right. How is it, Humbert, has any of what Eugeo-dono spoke of rang any bells to you?

I have absolutely no idea what he's talking about! In the first place, there is no damned, no, there is simply no way I could have done any vulgar act on Frenica I'm sure you too, recall the match which, though I find it shameful to admit, ended as a draw, Eugeo-dono; I mended my ways after that and devoted myself to training. Perhaps due to restraining from any practice that would create those unattractive muscles up until now as well, it was inevitable that my body would ache.

Hence, I had to reluctantly ask for Frenica to massage and relax my body when I got the chance to take a bath every evening.

In addition, it would be troubling if her uniform were to get wet, so I had the generosity to permit her to undress herself to her underwear. I certainly have difficulties understanding just which part of this is supposed to be unbefitting, vulgar behavior! Gazing in a daze at Humbert, who was chuckling away through his throat, Eugeo noticed the birth of an unfamiliar emotion deep in his heart. Was treating a human like this with courtesy, and even attempting to persuade him actually necessary?

Wouldn't a single strike on him from a wooden sword without any questions asked suit him more than words? His right hand twitched, wanting to thrust in with a wooden sword and challenge a duel here and now, after which Eugeo noticed his waist was empty. Taking in countless deep breaths of air to compose himself, he let out a voice as restrained as he could muster. Humbert-dono, do you believe that an order like that To actually order your valet to undress, just how shameless could you It was as if he was waiting for those words from Eugeo; that was what it seemed like.

To think those words would come from your own mouth, Swordsman-in-training Eugeo-dono, hahaha! After all, haven't you yourself undressed night after night, for that large male commoner when you served as a valet trainee, Eugeo-dono?! To think you would accuse others of being shameful when you were so fond of getting naked yourself, ha-ha!

Eugeo's entire body trembled uncontrollably as the impulse earlier assailed him once again. The moment he was about to voice out a curse that would barely fall short of violating the academy regulations, Kirito made a noise by making a kick with his heel from behind, making him narrowly recover his senses.

His mentor, Gorgolosso, certainly did order him to remove everything except his underwear once or twice a month. However, that was to confirm how his muscles were and to point out the training he lacked, without even a single trace of dubious implication. But even if he were to refute it that way, Raios and Humbert would probably get ahead of themselves even further and mock not only Eugeo, but Gorgolosso as well.

That was why Eugeo tried his best to hold on and quietly spoke after managing to regain his calm somehow. What is certain here, is that valet trainee for Swordsman-in-training Zizek has not been going against orders even while going through intolerable experiences day after day. If I don't see any change for the better from now on, I would have to consider requesting the instructors to conduct an investigation, so kindly keep that in mind.

No sooner had the door closed behind him did Eugeo clench his right fist with the intention to strike the wall, but he then noticed that if he were to do that with the physical strength he had built up, he might make a dent in the wallor in other words, lower the building's Life, and reluctantly lowered his arm.

Damaging the academy's facilities or fixtures was a clear violation of the Taboo Index and in the first place, it would be the very example of anger venting. He felt a slight longing for the Gigas Cedar that was practically unyielding, regardless of how many times he struck it with that axe filled with resentment from one thing or another.

As a modest substitute, he made noises wrecking his shoe soles as he started to walk towards his own room on the west, and Kirito spoke from behind.

Easing his pace, he walked by his partner's side. But still, that was unexpected. I totally thought you would explode before I would.

It's just that I completely forgot about it So, what do you think? He probably took Tiez and Ronye conveying Frenica's story to you into account and planned to impose the maximum punishment onto you if you went too far in your remarks towards Humbert back then, as disrespectful behavior.

We really can't look down on the craftiness of that upper class noble, huh What a disaster And you've always said nothing good would come out of reacting to their provocation too We've got no choice but to beat those guys if we want to represent the academy, so we'll earn their resentment sooner or later.

But seeing as that bunch had such a huge laugh about it, they should be satisfied for the time being. Just in case Humbert were to continue humiliating Frenica, we might want to prepare a letter in advance, to immediately request for an investigation from the instructors at least, though.

Yeah, that's right. But if that really happens, us bawling in front of those guys like a couple of babies might have been more persuasive. Both Humbert and Raios were strong with the sword, and even their grades in the academics were good. They received an abundant allowance of Shear gold coins from their families every month, were able to buy as many clothes and personal accessories as they wanted and if they were to get fed up with the dormitory's meals, they could eat whatever they liked in the restaurants outside the school every night if they wished.

It certainly was enviable from the point of views of Eugeo and Kirito who get by somehow with the money saved up from the time they were guards in Zakkaria. And yet, why do they view Eugeo as an enemy, ridiculing him at every turn and trying to make him surrender? And consequently, what do they intend to gain from it? He did realize that the world wasn't full of good people, that there were unkind ones around at least, but stilleven if they were noble and commoner, they were both fellow people born in this Human World.

This was what the Axiom Church taught. If that was the case, no matter what sort of human it is, they should possess a good heart as their base. Yes, even if it was Raios or Humbert. If they were to cross swords not in a haphazard duel, but on the grand stage of the official match instead and show each other all of their skill and power, they would definitely come to terms with several things.

Thinking about such things while opening the door to his room and entering it, Eugeo declared before his partner disappeared off somewhere. I have to get much, much stronger, after all. To teach Raios and Humbert that the sword isn't as generous as to let them win without any practice. Then, see you at dinnertime. No matter what those guys tell you when I'm not around, be careful not to get heated up like earlier.

Stay cool, right? Upon voicing out that which had both the meaning of keeping one's composure in the Sacred Tongue, and that of a parting phrase, Kirito made a bitter smile, seemingly embarrassed, while replying with the same phrase. Perhaps satisfied after laughing so much, Raios and Humbert paid no attention to Eugeo throughout the practical swordsmanship exercises in the morning and the specialized lessons in the afternoon the next day. Even Humbert, who sent him a scowl filled with resentment each time their faces met until the previous week, persevered in completely ignoring him.

Of course, Eugeo felt considerably relieved, but the problem was whether he mended his ways towards Frenica or not. He had jointly written and signed an investigation request letter addressed to the academy's management the previous night with Kirito. If it was tendered, an official hearing would be conducted with both parties on both Raios's and Eugeo's sides, but even those two should want to avoid that, considering how much they valued their prestige.

Just as the boring empire history lectureafter all, incidents that really could be classified as incidents rarely ever happenedended, Eugeo parted with Kirito, who went to the library to return a book, returned straight to the swordsmen-in-training's dormitory and waited for Tiez and Ronye so as to deliver the progress of the case.

Before long, while the four o'clock bell rang at its scheduled time everyday, those two came and started on the cleaning up after an energetic greeting. Eugeo sat on the chair in his room, having nothing. He offered his help in cleaning more times than he could count previously, but was flatly refused with a "This is my important responsibility! Thinking back, he recalled that he had told Gorgolosso the same thing himself, so he reluctantly tried his best not to make the room too untidy, but the girl wasn't satisfied with that either, always having the strange complaint that there wasn't enough to clean up.

Bustling around with a long cloth mop in hand, Tiez finished cleaning the living and bedrooms in thirty minutes and entered Eugeo's room, closed the door behind her and snapped the heels of her leather shoes together. The cleaning for today is complete! Leaving the relaying of information there to his partner, Eugeo answered Tiez with a short acknowledgement. Thanks as always. This is the valet's duty!

I apologize, but could I talk to you about a little something? There's no need to stand up, so have a seat. Upon voicing that out, he recalled that this room only had one chair, the one for the writing desk. The moment he said "Then over here", Tiez shook her head with a "No, I'll keep standing", so Eugeo interrupted with a "Then, how about over there? Tiez opened her eyes wide for an instant and nodded with an indistinct blush on her face this time.

Sitting on the same bed as a girl wasn't a violation of the Taboo Index or the academy regulation, was it, Eugeo confirmed in his mind before sitting quite a distance away, and after turning only his upper body towards Tiez, he started on the main topic with the most serious face he could make. That guy probably doesn't want to blow it up any further either, so I doubt he'll be giving out anymore of those unbefitting orders. I'll make him apologize properly as well soon, so I'm so glad, thank you very much, Elite Swordsmanin-training Eugeo-dono.

I believe Frenica will be glad to hear this as well. I mentioned it a In other words, Frenica got mixed up in the conflict between Humbert and me. I would like to properly apologize to her as well, so could you get me an opportunity to do so?

I'll simply convey your words to Frenica.

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Looking towards the wall in front, her voice flowed out as a whisper. About why Elite Swordsman-in-training Zizek-dono did those horrible things to Frenica, how he could do those things when he felt neither hatred nor resentment for her. Kirito-senpai said that nobles must maintain their pride.

I actually knew. That there are some among the upper class nobles that, erm Phantom Bullet, Vol. Reki Kawahara. The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume Aneko Yusagi. Volume 3.

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We'll publish them on our site once we've reviewed them. Continue shopping. Item s unavailable for purchase. Please review your cart. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we'll automatically remove it at Checkout. Remove FREE. Unavailable for purchase. The outside Asuna's point of view is almost non-existent in this book. Third, even now that Kirito is not OP, he still behaves like he is.

You just know he' This is a poor book and it only gets 2 stars because of the last chapter. You just know he'll accomplish whatever he wants. The only positive points are 1 the last chapter which I won't spoil and 2 some hints to Weapon Memory, an idea stolen from Bleach where weapons take a second shape Dec 17, Carol rated it it was amazing.

Holly molly I think this ending just fried my brain. What an amazing story, now it's finally getting exciting. This is what I was expecting from Aincrad to be honest. Something about virtual reality that would be so bad that a distinction between both would start to become impossible, and I'm glad we finally have a story of this magnitude. We've been following Kirito in his quest to find an administrator to log out of this virtual world, and I've got to say this book really delivered, because Holly molly We've been following Kirito in his quest to find an administrator to log out of this virtual world, and I've got to say this book really delivered, because we found much more than that.

There's also stuff that annoyed me. There's a lot of disturbing scenes that I thought were unnecessary, and some logic that I keep saying shouldn't even make sense the way all is built. Reki does offer an explanation in the last chapter, but even so, a few things don't quite match I think. We learn why nobles are like that, and while I thought was quite an stretch on the narrative, I'm letting it go because we need conflict. But all in all, I love how she is constructing the whole Artificial Intelligence background, and all the built up of her virtual world.

There's been lots of revelations in this book, from around halfway through. I've already had a bad feeling about the Integrity Knights and all, but this last chapter far exceeded my expectations. I knew things were bad, or at least I had a feeling there was somethig odd in this world.

But I was not expecting any of this. And I really don't want to say much because And now I need to keep reading. I need to know! I never thought SAO could become this I love it. If you thought Aincrad was bad you're in for a ride, the Underworld is way worse. And much more scarier. Yey, novel illustrations are out! Watch out Asuna fans - am I shifting my affections now? Sep 06, Alisha Tarran rated it really liked it.

Buckle in kiddies, you're in for a bumpy ride in this volume of Sword Art Online! Things happen, some realisations are made and then boom See you next time!

Pdf novel volume 11 sword online art

It's pretty brutal. Because I'm making all kinds of assumptions and theories and it's going to be a while until next volume, I guess! Sword Art Online, as a whole, was pretty disturbing. Let's be real. The whole concept behind it was disturbing. Reading it was disturbing. Watching it was disturbing. But this arc is takin Buckle in kiddies, you're in for a bumpy ride in this volume of Sword Art Online! But this arc is taking all of that to a new level. Sure there's no 'you die in the game you die in real life' but that doesn't make this arc any less In this volume we learn a whole tonne more about the world that's been created, how it changed and grew and became what it is when Kirito found himself in it, and we get some more information on Rath.

Then there's the disturbing scene with Raios and Humbert.

Online novel art pdf 11 sword volume

My hatred for them knows no bounds. But this volume is pretty pacey. We have Eugeo's POV for most of the volume, and we shift from the school after said disturbing scene and meet up with Alice a lot sooner than I was expecting! I was here ready to be in it for the long haul and do the tournament etc but nope.

This arc is moving forward pretty speedily. Things have changed with Alice, and Kirito finds himself participating in a prison break but that's not the most shocking development of the whole volume. We meet Cardinal. Where've you heard it before? Sounds super familiar right? It took a moment when I was reading, for me to answer all of those questions and then it hit me like a brick. That's pretty much all I'm going to say about that We have a pretty major development right before the end of the book!

I'm mildly worried we're going to lose out on Tiese and Ronie, I feel like there's lots of potential with them and we're possibly not going to get to see them again.

Which will be a liiiittlleee bit disappointing. While I found the beginning of this volume a little bit slow as we built up towards a certain dark event, the majority of this volume has a great pace and provides us with lots of intrigue and information as well as a shock twist at the end of the book. Right at the end! We finish up with the school and head in to new settings and territory just before the book ends, and I'm very intrigued to see how this is all going to play out. We have a rough deadline thanks to Asuna's POV for when this is all going to be resolved, but I since we've got a long way to go still!

I feel like this arc is like every horror movie ever with the AI taking over control basically. But it's a bit more disturbing. Sep 01, kerrycat rated it it was amazing Shelves: This arc is so upsetting and stressful - and volume 11 reveals so many disturbing difficulties. WHY Kawahara-sama WHY and then at the very end the personification of something so integral to SAO since November 6, that I had to literally slap myself with the realization of what was happening then, as Kawahara-sama puts it in the afterward: We're with you, girl.

View 1 comment. Let me clear it. This volume is the best Sword Art Online Novel i've ever read. Not just that, the stressful and frustation in the middle of story is really make me want to read more and more.