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Swami Sivananda eBooksA Call to LiberationA Great Guru and His Ideal DiscipleA Guide to Noble LivingA Message to New InitiatesA. libro sobre Kundalini Yoga es tal vez la más vital de todas sus obras,. Atman. Efectuad Sadhana Kundalini Science of brain breathing by Swami Sivananda . It would seem altogether superfluous to try to introduce Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati to a reading public, thirsting for spiritual regeneration. From his lovely.

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Swami Sivananda adopts this rule of conduct in his life and never, even in Therefore, even if Swami Sivananda wrote elaborately about what obstacles he had. SWAMI SIVANANDA AND THE SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE. . Swami Sivananda has written over books on Yoga and Vedanta, Health and Healing. By. SRI SWAMI SIVANANDA. Sri Swami Sivananda. Founder of. The Divine Life Society. 6(59(/29(*,9. ,)Swami Sivananda.

All sensual objects will have no attraction for you now. Ifthere is fatigue you have gone beyond your capacity. The body prompdy sets to work to renew it. I am pure consciousness, I am distinct from the body, mind and Prana and senses, I am the self-luminous Light of lights. It will not come easily at first but it can be turned into a habit. Give up scheming and planning. Everybody does concentrate to a certain extent, when he reads a book, when he writes a letter, when.

Lay the founda tion of right conduct, postures, regulation of breath and abstraction to start with. The superstructure of concentration and meditation will be successful then only. You should be able to visualise the object of con centration very clearly even in its absence. You will have to call up the mental picture at a moments no tice. I f you have good concentration you can do this without much difficulty. In the beginning stage of practice, you can con centrate on the tik-tik sound of a watch or on the flame of a candle or any other object that is pleas ing to the mind.

This is concrete concentration. There is no concentration without something to rest the mind upon. The mind can be fixed on any object in the beginning which is pleasant. It is very difficult. Those who practise concentration evolve quickly. They can do any work with scientific accuracy and great efficiency. What others can read in six hours, can be read by one who does concentration within half an hoUr. Concentration purifies and calms the surging emo tions, strengthens the current of thought and clari fies the ideas.

Concentration helps a man in his ijnaterial progress also. He will have a very good out turn of work in his office or business house. What was cloudy and hazy before becomes clear and defi nite.

What was difficult before becomes. You can achieve anything through concentration. Nothing is impossible to a man who practises regular concen tration. It is very difficult to practise concentration when one is hungry and when one is suffering from an acute disease. He who practises concentration will possess very clear mental vision. Meditation is the only royal jroad to the attain ment of salvation or Moksha.

Meditation kills all pains, sufferings and three kinds of Tapas fevers and five Kleshas or sorrows. Meditation gives the vision of unity. Meditation produces sense of onerjess. Meditation is an aeroplane that helps the aspirant to soar high in the realms of eternal bliss and everlasting peace. It is a mysterious ladder that con nects earth and heaven and takes the aspirant to the imnortal abode of Brahman. Meditation is the continuous flow o f one thought of God or Atman, like the continuous flow of oil from one vessel to another Tailadharavat.

Meditation follows concentration. Practise meditation in the early morning from 4 to 6 Brahma-Muhurta. This is the best time for the practice of meditation. Sit in Padma or Siddha or Sukha Asana. Keep the head, neck and the trunk in a straight line, and concentrate either on the Trikuti, the space between the two eyebrows, or on the heart with closed eyes.

Meditation is of two kinds viz. In abs tract meditation he meditates on his own Self or Atman. Place the picture of Lord Hari with four hands in front of you. Gaze at this picture steadily for five minutes and then close the eyes and visualise the pic ture.

During visualisation move the mind on the various parts of Vishnu. See with the mind His feet first, then in the following order, legs, His yellow silk cloth, His golden necklace set with Kaustubha gem on the breast, the earring, Makarakundala, then the face, then the crown On the head, then the discus in the right upper hand, then the conch in the upper left hand, then the mace in the lower right hand, then the lotus in the left lower hand. Then come down to the feet and repeat the process asrain and again.

Finally fix the mind either on the feet or on the face. Narayanaya, mentally. Think o f the attributes of the Lord such as Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Purity, etc.

Meditate on Om and its meaning with feeling. This is Nirguna Dhyana. Repeat Om mentally. Iden tify yourself with Atman. Feel I am the all-pervad ing immortal Self or Atman. I am Sat-Chid-Ananda Brahman. I am Sakshi or silent witness of three states and all modifications of the mind. I am pure consciousness, I am distinct from the body, mind and Prana and senses, I am the self-luminous Light of lights. I am the eternal supreme Soul.

I f you have contentment, cheerfulness, patience, unruffled state of mind, sweet voice, one-pointedness o f mind, light body, fearlessness, desirelessness, dis gust for worldly things, think that you are advancing in the spiritual path and that you are nearing God.

O Prem! There is a place where you will neither hear any sound nor see any colour. That place is Param Dhama or Padam Anamayam painless seat. This is the realm of peat and bliss. There is no "body-consciousness here. Here mind finds rest. The intellect ceases functioning. There is neither fight nor quarrel here. Solemn stillness reigns supreme here. Rishis of yore attain ed this place only by melting the mind in the silence. Brahman shines in native effulgence.

Forget the body. Forget the surroundings. For getting is the highest Sadhana. It helps meditation a great deal. It makes the approach to God easier. By remembering God, you can forget all these things.

Taste the spiritual consciousness by withdraw ing the mind from the sensual objects and fixing it on the lotus-feet of the Lord, who is ever shining in the chambers of your heart. Merge within by prac tising deep silent meditation. Plunge deep. Tap the source. March direct towards the fountain-head of Divine Consciousness and drink the Nectar. Feel the thrill of Divine Em brace and enjoy Divine Ecstasy. I shall leave you here. You have attained the state of immortality and fearlessness.

Fear not. Shine now. Thy light is come. Practise regular systematic meditation during the same hours daily. You will get the meditative mood easily. The more you meditate, the more you will have inner spiritual life, wherein mind and Indriyas do not play.

You will be very close to the source, Atman. You will enjoy the waves of bliss and peace. All sensual objects will have no attraction for you now.

The world will appear to you as a long dream. Jnana will dawn in you by constant, deep meditation. You will be fully illumined. The curtain of igno rance will drop now. The sheaths will be torn. The body-idea will vanish. You will realise the signifi cance of the Mahavakya, Tat Tvam Asi.

All diffe rences, distinctions, qualities will disappear. You will see everywhere one infinite, illimitable Atman, full of Bliss, Light and Knowledge. This will be a rare experience, indeed. Do not tremble with fear. Be bold. You will be left alone now. There is nothing to see or hear now. There are no senses. It is all pure consciousness only. Thou art Atman, O Prem. Thou art not this perishable body. Destroy the Moha for this filthy body.

Do not utter in future My body. Say, this instrument. The sun is setting now. It is drawing within all the rays. Now sit for meditation. Again have a dive in the sacred Atmic Triveni within. Col lect all the rays of the. Give up all sorts of fears, cares, worries and anxieties. Rest in the ocean of silence. Enjoy the eternal peace. Your old Jivahood is gone now.

All limitations have disappeared. I f the desires and old Cravings try to hiss, destroy them by the rod of Viveka and the sword of Vairagya. Keep these two with you always for some time till you get Rrahmi-Sthiti fully established in A t man. OM is Sat-Chid-Ananda. Om is Infinity, Eternity. Sing OM. Feel OM. Chant OM. Live in OM. Meditate on OM. Hear OM. Eat OM. Drink OM. May that OM guide you! Swami Sivananda. Taste OM. See OM. I prostrate myself before the five-faced Lord o f Parvati, who is adorned with various ornaments, who shines like Sphatika jewel, who is seated peacefully in Padma pose, with moon-crested crown, with three eyes, wearing trident, Vajra, sword, axe on the right side, serpent, noose, bell, Damaru and spear on the left side and who gives protection from all fears to His devotees.

I always meditate on the Ever-pure, All-Pervad ing Pranava, Omkara, which is known by the various Srutis as the source and support of Vedanta, the cause of creation, existence and dissolution o f this universe, which is the soul of this universe and which is Truth, Knowledge and Infinity. I meditate on Dattatreya, the son of Atri, who has six hands, who holds a garland and a Kamandalu in two hands, with Damaru and Trisula trident in the other two hands and with conch and discu3 in the upper two hands.

I worship the lotus-feet of Ganesa, the son o f Uma, the destroyer of all sorrows, who is served by the host of Devas and Bhutas elementals. I always take refuge in Lord Guha of six faces,, who is of deep red colour and infinite knowledge, who has the divine peacock to ride on, the son of Lord Siva and leader of the army of the Devas.

I meditate on Goddess Lakshmi, who has lotus in her hands, who is of cheerful countenance, who bestows fearlessness with both her hands, who is decked with precious jewels of various kinds, who bestows the desired fruit on her devotees, who is worshipped by Hari, Siva and Brahma, who is at all times surrounded by Saktis, and has Nidhis trea sures known as Sankha, Padma and Mahapadma. I know not anything higher than the lotus-eyed Krishna with hands adorned with flute, looking like a heavy-laden cloud wearing a yellow silk garment and with lips like ruddy Bimba fruit and face shin ing like the full moon.

One should meditate on Sri Ramaehandra, with hands reaching the knees holding the bow and arrows, seated on the locked-up lotus posture, wearing a yel low garb, with eyes vying with the newly blossomed lotus petals, with a pleasant gait, who has Sita to hie left side, who is blue like the clouds, adorned, with all kinds of ornaments and having a big circle of Jata on the head. May the Sun-God Surya the eye of the world, who is the bestower of all bliss, who is worshipped by Lord Hari, Siva and other gods, who shines in the rising mountains, who shines with jewel-decked crown, who is the lord of the planets, who pervades the whole universe, who shines with the glow of his lips and the beautiful hair, who is endowed with divlno splendour, protect me.

What Is Concentration? Where to Concentrate? Aids to Concentration.. Antarmukha and Bahirmukha Vrittis.. Know the Ways o f Mind.. Reduce Mind-Wardering. Tap A ll Powers.. Story of Concentration.. Yoga Prasnottari. Chapter Two. What Is Meditation? Selection for Meditation.. Meditation in Different Paths.. Preliminary Meditation: A Meditation on a Rose.. B Meditation on a Buffalo.. C Meditation on Mahatma Gandhiji.. D Meditation on 12 Virtues..

E Meditation on Divine Songs.. F Meditation on Gita Slokas.. Saguna Meditation: A Meditation on Ishta Devatas.. B Meditation on Virat Purusha.. C Meditation on Gayatri.. Nirguna Meditation: A Meditation on Ideas.. B Vedantic Meditation. G Meditation on Mahavakyas.. H Positive Meditation.. Introduction IP Aimless Wandering 2. Cessation of Sadhana 3. Deha-Adhyasa 4. Diseases sp Myeh 5. Environments 7. Evil Company 8. Fault-Finding 9.

Habit of Sell-Justification Impulses Impure and Immoderate Food Irregularity in Sadhana Jerks Lack of Brahmacharya Ojas Lack of Yama and Niyama Lingual Diarrhoea Need for a Preceptor Overeating, etc. Poor Health So-Called Friends Social Nature Tftndri-Alasya-N idra Vulgar Pleasures Wealth XXIX.

Ambition and Desire 't 2. Moral and Spiritual Pride 3. Religious Hypocrisy Dambha 4. Name and Fame Kirti and Pratishtha.. Elementals Bhuta-Ganas 6. Visions 7. Siddhis 8. Kashaya 9.

Laya Rasasvada Tushnimbhuta Avastha Stabdha Avastha Avyaktam Valediction.. Various Experiences in Meditation 2. Anahata Sounds 3. Lights in Meditation 4. Mystic Experiences of Sadhakas 5. In the Hours of Meditation 6.

Vision of God 7. Feelings of Separation 8. Cosmic Consciousness 9. Blissful Experience Mind Moves Bhuta-Ganas xjcjri. Concentra tion 1 fixing the mind on an external object or an internal point.

Once a Sanskrit scholar approached Kabir and asked him, O Kabir, what are you doing nowf Kabir replied, 0 Pandit, I am detaching the mind from worldly objects and attaching it to the Lotui-Feet of the Lord.

Right conduct, posture, Pranayama and abstraction from sensual objects will pave a long way in achiev ing rapid success in concentration. Concentration is tht sixth step in the Yogic Ladder. There can be eoncentratlon without something upon which the mlfid may rest. A definite purpose, interest, attention Will bring success in concentration.

T it senses draw you out and perturb your peace Of Blind, Zf your mind is restless, you cannot make any progress. When the rays of the mind are col lected by practice, the mind becomes concentrated and you get Ananda from within. Silence the bub bling thoughts and calm the emotions. You should have patience, adamantine will and untiring persistence. You must be very regular in your practices. Otherwise laziness and adverse.

A welltrained mind can be fixed at will upon any object either inside or outside to the exclusion of all other thoughts. Everybody possesses, some ability to concentrate on some lines. But for spiritual progress concentra tion should be developed to a very high degree.

You should not fight or wrestle with the mind. Celibacy, Pranayama, reduction of wants and activities, renunciation o f sensual objects, solitude, silence, discipline o f the senses, annihilation o f lust, greed, anger, non-mixing with undesirable persons, giving up of newspaperreading and visiting cinemas, all increase the power of concentration, Concentration is the only way to get rid o f worldly miseries and tribulations.

The practitioner will have very good health and a cheerful mental vision. He can get the penetrative insight. He cam do any work with greater efficiency. Concentration purifies and calms the surging emotions, strengthen the current of thought and clarifies the ideas. Purify the mind through Yama and Niyama. Concentration without purity is of no use.

Japa of any Mantra and Pranayama will steady the mind, remove Vikshepa and increase the power. Concentration can be done only if you are free from all distractions.

Concentrate anything that appeals to you as good Or anything which the mind likes best. The mind should be trained to concentrate on gross objects in the begin ning, and later on you can successfully concentrate on subtle objects and abstract ideas. Regularity in the practice is of paramount importance. Gross forms: Subtle forms: Sit before the picture of your Ishta Devata and close your eyes.

Keep a mental picture of your Ishta Devata at the space between the two eyebrows or in the heart. Concentrate on Muladhara, Anahata, Ajna or any other internal Chakra. Concentrate on the Divine qualities such as love, mercy, or any other abstract idea.

Concentrate gently either on the lotus of the lieart ' Anahata Chakra or on the space between the two eyebrows Ajna Chakra or Trikuti , or on the tip of the nose. Close your eyes. The scat of the mind is Ajna Chakra. The mind an be controlled easily if you concentrate on the Trikuti. Bhaktas should concentrate on the heart.

Yogis and Vedantins should concentrate on Ajna Chakra. Crown of the head Sahasrara is another seat for concentration. Some Vedantins concentrate- here. Some Yogis concentrate on the tip of the nose Nasikagra Drishti. Stick to one centreof concentration. Cling to it tenaciously. I f you concentrate on the heart stick to it. Never change it. Guru will select a centre for concentration, if you are a student of faith.

I f you are a man o f self-reliance, you can select a centre for yourself, Bhrumadhya-Drishti is fixing ones eyes bet ween the eyebrows.

This region is Ajna Chakra. Sit ih Padmasana or Siddhasana in your meditation room and practise this gaze gently from half a minute to half an hour. There must not be the least violence in this practice. Gradually increase the period. This Yogic Kriya removes Vikshepa or the tossing of mind and develops concentration.

Lord Krishna prescribes this practice in chapter V, Sloka You can select yourself either this gaze or the Nasal Gaze. The gaze is fixed at the tip of the nose. Even when you walk in the street, keep the nasal gaze. Lord Krishna prescribes this in chapter VI, Sloka SampreTcshya Nasikagram Looking fixedly at the point of the nose without looking around. This practice.

A Raja Yogi concentrates on the Trikuti Ajna Chakra, the space between the two eyebrows which is the seat of the mind in the waking state. You can easily control the mind if you can concentrate on this region. Light is seen during concentration in this region very quickly even in a days practice, by some persons. He who wants to meditate on Virat and he who wants to help the world should select this region for Ms concentration.

A Bhakta or a devotee should concentrate on the heart, the seat of emotion and feeling. He who concentrates on the heart gets great Ananda. He who wants to get Ananda should con centrate on the heart. A Hatha Yogi fixes his mind on the Sushumna Nadi, the middle path in the spinal canal, and on a specified centre, viz.

Some Yogis ignore the lower Chakras and fix their mind on the Ajna Chakra only. Their theory is that by controlling the Ajna Chakra all the lower Chakras can be automatically controlled. When you concentrate on a Chakra, a thread-like connection is formed in the beginning between the mind and the Chakra centre of spiritual energy.

Then the Yogi ascends along the Sushumna from Chakra to Chakra. The ascent is made gradually by patient efforts. Even a mere shaking of the opening of the Sushumna causes a great deal of Ananda bliss. You become intoxicated. You will entirely forget the world. Great Vairagya comes in.

You will. You will behold various visions. You will witness the splendid Antarjyotis. This is termed Unmani Avastha. You will get different Siddhis, different types of Ananda and different kinds of knowledge by controlling and operating on diffe rent Chakras: I f you have conquered the Muladhara Chakra, you have conquered the earthplane already.

I f you have conquered the Manipura Chakra, you have conquered fire. Fire will not bum you. Panchadharana five kinds of Dharana will help you to conquer the five elements. Learn them under a Guru who is an adept Yogi. Aids to Concentration. Concentration or Dharana is centering the mind on one single thought. During concentration the mind becomes calm, serene and steady.

The various rays o f the mind are collected and focussed on the object of meditation. The mind is centred on the Lakshya. There will be no tossing of the mind. One idea occu pies the mind. The whole energy of the mind is con centrated on that one idea. The senses become still. They do not function. When there is deep concen tration, there is no consciousness of the body and surroundings.

He who has good concentration ean visualise the picture o f the Lord very clearly within the twinkling of the eye. Manorajya building castles in the air is not concentration.

Sri Swami Sivananda Concentration and Meditation

It is wild jumping of the mind in the air. Do not mistake Manorajya for concentration or meditation. Check this habit of the mind through introspection and self-analysis. I f you concentrate your mind on a point for 12 seconds, it is Dharana concentration. Twelve such Dhyanas will be Samadhi 25 minutes and 28 seconds.

This is according to Kurma Purana. Concentration may also be directed on the mental image of God. The practice of concentration and the practice of Pranayama are interdependent. I f you practise Pra nayama you will get concentration. Naturally Prana yama follows the practice of concentration. There are different practices according to different tempe raments.

For some the practice of Pranayama will be easy to start with; for others the practice of con centration will be easy to begin with.

When there is deep concentration you will ex perience great joy and spiritual intoxication. You will forget the body and the surroundings. A ll the Prana will be taken up to your head. Pranayama or control of breath removes the veil of Rajas and Tamas that envelop Sattva. It purifies the nerves Nadis. It makes the mind firm and steady and thereby renders it fit for concentra tion. The dross of the mind is cleansed by Prana yama just as the dross of gold is got rid of by melting.

When you study a book with profound interest, you do not hear if a man shouts and calls you by your name. You do not see a person when he stands in front of you.

You do not smell the sweet fragrance of flowers that are placed on the table by your side. This is concentration or one-pointedness of mind. The mind is fixed firmly on one thing. You must have. It is easy to concentrate the mind on a worldly object, because the, mind takes interest in it naturally through force of habit.

The grooves are already cut in the brain. You will have to train the mind gradually by daily practice of meditation on God, or cm the Self within. The mind will not move now to external objects as it experiences immense joy from the practice of concentration. A goldsmith converts 10 carat gold into pure gold by adding acids and burning it several times in the crucible. Even so, you will have to purify your sensuous mind through concentration, reflection on the word of your spiritual preceptor and Upanishadic sentences or meditation, Japa or silent repetition of the name of the Lord.

Beginners will get jerks in meditation. Jerks of head, feet, hands, arms, forearms and trunk may take place.

Timid persons are unnecessarily alarmed on this score. It is nothing. Meditation brings on changes in the cells of brain, nerves, etc. Old cells are replaced by new Vigorous cells.

They are filled with Sattva. New grooves, new channels for Sattvic thought-currfents, new avenues are formed in the brain and mind.

The muscles are therefore agi tated a bit. Be courageous and bold. Courage is an important virtue and qualification for aspirants. Cultivate this positive quality. Sit in a proper posture. Shut your eyes. Ima gine that there is nothing but God everywhere. Algebra, the science of abstract numbers cannot be understood without a preliminary practice and. Kavyas in Sanskrit and higher Vedantic books cannot be understood without a preliminary knowledge of Laghu and Siddhanta Kaumudis and Tarka-Sangraha.

Even so, meditation on Nirguna, Nirakara abstract Brahman is impossible without a preliminary practice of concentration on a con crete form in the beginning. More concentration means more energy. Concentration opens the inner chambers of love or the realm of eternity. Concen tration is the sole key for opening the chamber of knowledge. Develop the powers of deep thinking and concentrated thinking. Many ob scure points will be rendered quite clear.

You will get answers and solutions from within. Suka Deva had to go to Raja Janaka to get con firmation of his knowledge and realisation. He was tested by Janaka in the Durbar. Raja Janaka ar ranged for music and dancing parties all round his palace to distract the attention of Suka Deva.

There were various kinds of shows and entertainments. Suka Deva was asked to carry in his hand a cup of milk that was filled to the very brim, around his palace and to make three such rounds without allow ing even a drop to fall on the ground. Suka Deva completely succeeded in his attempt as he was fully established in his Self. Nothing could distract his mind. Be slow and steady in concentration.

By practice of concentration you Will become superhuman. You will have to coax the mind in the begin ning just as you coax the children.

Mind is also like an ignorant child. Speak to the mind. O Mind, why do you run after false, worthless, perishable objects? You will undergo countless sufferings. Look at Lord Krishna, the Beauty of beauties. You will get ever lasting happiness. Why do you run to hear worldly love-songs? Hear the. Bhajana of the Lord. Hear the soul-stirring Sankirtan. You will be elevated. The mind will gradually leave its old vicious habits and get itself fixed on.

When it is freed from Rajas and Tamas, it will guide you. It will be your Guru. This will drive away all worldly thoughts from the mind and remove Vikshepa tossing of mind. Then take to mental repetition of Om.

Sivananda pdf swami

Avoid all other sense-impressions and ideas. Pre-' vent the complications that arise out of correlated actions in the substratum of the mind. Abstract the mind on one idea alone. Shut out all other processes of mentation. Now the whole mind will be filled with the one idea only. Just as the recurrence or repeti tion of a thought or action leads to perfection of that thought or.

Yoga in daily life by Swami Sivananda

It will be very difficult to fix the mind on one thought in the beginning. Diminish the number o f thoughts.

Try to have the thought fixed on one sub. I f you think of rose, you can have all sorts of thoughts connected with rose only. You can. You can think of the various preparations made out of roses and their uses. Check the aimless wandering state Of the mind. Do not have thoughts at random when you think of a rose. Gradually you can fix the mind on one thought only.

Eternal vigilance is needed in thought-control. Concentration increases by curtailing wants and desires, by observing Mauna silence for one or two hours, by remaining in seclusion in a room for one or two hours daily, by practising Pranayama, by prayer, by increasing the number of sittings in meditation daily, by Vichara, etc.

Then only you will have concentration of mind. The practice of Maitri friendship with equals, Karuna compassion towards inferiors or distressed persons, Mudita complacency towards superiors or virtuous persons and Upeksha indifference towards sinners or wicked persons will produce Chitta-Prasada cheerfulness or serenity and destroy hatred, jealousy and dislike Ghrina.

Concentration will increase by lessening the number of thoughts. Certainly it is an uphill work to reduce the number of thoughts. In the beginning, it will tax you much. The task will be very unplea sant.

But later on you will rejoice as you will get im mense strength of mind and internal peace by reduc tion of thoughts. Armed with patience, perseverance,. After crushing them, it will be easy for you to root them out. Mere crushing or sup pression will not suffice. There may be again resur rection of thoughts. They should be totally eradi cated just as loose tooth is rooted out. Concentration can be developed by observing Mauna, by the practice of Pranayama, Self-restraint, vigorous Sadhana and cultivating more mental non attachment.

The practice to concentrate on the Sandhi junc tion between the Jagrat and Svapna and to pro long that Sandhi is a difficult one. A t night, sit in a quiet room and watch carefully the mind. You will be able to get at the state of junction. Practise regu larly for three months. You will have success. Reduce your activities. You will have more concentration and inner life. I f you find it difficult to concentrate your mind within a room, come outside and sit in an open place or terrace, or by the side of a river, or in a quiet comer of a garden.

You will have good concentration. You press the button and light flashes out from the torch in twinkling of an eye. Even so, the Yogi concentrates and presses the button at the Ajna Chakra, the centre between the two eyebrows, and the divine light flashes out immediately.

The Antarmukha-Vritti is the indrawing energy of the mind owing to increase in Sattva. You must learn the art of making the mind in trospective or turned inward upon itself through the Yogic Kriya, Pratyahara abstraction.

Those who know this practice can really be peaceful. They only can be really peaceful. They only can be really happy. Mind cannot do any havoc now.

The mind cannot externalise itself. It can be kept inside in the Hridaya Guha cave of the heart. You must-starve the mind by Vairagya and Tyaga renunciation of de sires, objects and egoism. When the outgoing tendencies of the mind are arrested, when the mind is retained within the heart, when all its attention is turned on itself alone, that condition is Antaimukha-Vritti.

The Sadhaka can do a lot of Sadhana when he has this inward Vritti. Vairagya and introspection help a lot in the attain ment of this mental state. The Bahirmukha-Vritti is the outgoing 'tendency of the mind due to Rajas. Further, on account of force of habit the ears and eyes at once run towards sound. Objects and desires are externalising forces. A Rajasic man full of desires can never dream of an inner spiritual life with Antarmukha-Vritti. He is absolutely unfit for the practice of introspection.

When the vision is turned outwards the rush of fleeting events engages the mind. The outgoing ener gies of the mind begin to play. When you are firmly established in the idea that the world is unreal, Vikshepa through names and forms and Sphurana of Sankalpas thoughts will slowly vanish. Repeat constantly the formulae: Brahman alone is real. Wqrld is unreal. Jiva is identical with Brahman. You will gain immense strength and peace of mind through the repetition.

Know the W ays of Mind. Dharana is practised for stopping the modifica tions of the mind. Concentration is holding the mind to one form or object steadily for a long time. The Chitta or mind manifests in five different forms. In the Kshipta state, the rays of the mind are scattered on various objects. It is restless and jumps from one object to another. In the Mudha state, the mind is dull and forgetful.

Vikshipta is the gathering mind. It is occasionally steady and at other times distracted. By practice of concentration the mind struggles to gather itself. In the Ekagra state, it is one-pointed. There is only one idea present in the mind. The mind is under control in the Niruddha state. This leads to Bahirmukha-Vritti.

The mind is drawn towards objects. Through constant Sadhana spiritual practice the mind must be checked from externalising. It must be made to move towards Brahman, its original home. There is no limit to the power of the human. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear on one point. You are born to con centrate the mind on God after collecting the mental rays that are dissipated on various objects. That is your important duty.

You forget the duty on account of Moha for family, children, money, power, posi tion, name and fame. Mind is compared to quicksilver, because its rays are scattered over various objects.

It is compared to a monkey, because it jumps from one object to an other. It is compared to moving air, because it is Chanchala. It is compared to a rutting, furious ele phant, because of its passionate impetuosity.

Mind is known by the name Great Bird, because it jumps from one object to another just as a bird jumps from one twig to another, from one tree to another. Raja Yoga teaches us how to concentrate the mind and then how to ransack the innermost recesses of our minds.

Concentration is opposed to sensuous desires, bliss to flurry and worry, sustained thinking to per plexity, applied thinking to sloth and torpor, rapture to ill-will. So long as the thoughts of one are not thorough ly destroyed through persistent practice, he should ever be concentrating his mind on one truth at a time. Through such unremitting practice, one-pointedness will accrue to the mind and instantly all the hosts of thoughts will vanish.

That unfortunately cannot be done. Pessimistic thoughts. Do not trespass against the laws of health. Do not spend any money in purchasing so-called patent medicines and specifics. Do not be carried away by the pompous advertisements made by quacks and charlatans. Tirke plenty of exercise in the open air.

Thke simple whoresome. If you can fast for a whole day. Have mental and physical recreation. The cells and tiszues are filled with morbid. Do not go to doctors very often. Give up hot. Develop the powers of endurance and resistance. This is heliotherapy or sun-treatment. Bask in the sun. Mjust your diet. Lead a spiritual life. All wrath.

Working late at night. All micmbes will die when your vitality. Lack of the proper kind of food. Understand the laws of nature and the principles of hygiene and health. They are worthless. All diseases will leave your body by themselves. Expose your body to the rays of the sun for a short time daily. Health and llatha yoga 3. This is the secret of health and happiness. You will derive energy and power from the sun. Rest in bed is necessary. Various kinds of anxieties and worries.

Be moderate in food. Energy is depleted by frts of anger. Meditate on OM'. OM is thy real name. Incurable diseases are cured by japa or by singing the Lord's name. Smile and laugh. Why do you unnecessarily introduce foreign drugs into the system?

Resort to Nature-cure. OM is the best tonic. Observe celibacy. Practise regularly breathing exercises. Do not think too much of the disease and too much of the body. Cheer yourself up. The Yoga System of Patanjali. May you prosper gloriously! Om Shanti!

Karura and Laws of Nature Man gets good health on account of good karma actions done in his previous birth. Sing OM. Think of OM. If you are thirsty. Thou art bodiless. All germs that cause diseases are destroyed. Have a cheerful countenance always. He who had done meritorious services in his previous incarnation. Keep the mind fully occupied in some way or the other.

All the tissues are bathed in the nectar that flows during meditation. You can take sago and milk. Secret of Hedth and Long Life 7 Fasting eliminates poisons and overhauls thi system thoroughly. The name of the I-ord is the best medicine or tonic in the world.

Thke away the mind from the body and think of the diseaseless Atman or soul within. This is very important. The rationale of this kind of yoga or spiritual treatment is not yet fully knornn to the medical profession. You should have intense f. Meditation creates new. Too much thinking of the disease will intensify the malady.

May God bless you with perfect health. Some people inherit diseases from their parents. They are governed by laws. In the vast universe man is the only breaker of laws and violater of rules. God has provided for you defensive forces in the body to act against the invaders.

It rises at the proper time and sets at the proper time. There is no mercy. The stars and planets revolve in an orderly manner. He deliberately ignores the rules of hygiene and right living and then weeps when he is ailing from an incurable. Nature always tries to keep up health. The sun performs its duties quite regularly. The parents. Without cause therr is no effect. There are laws in the mental plane. Only rarely a few domesticated animals require some medical help as they cannot lead a natural life.

There are also diseases which are spread by infection or contagions that is to say the air carries them. They do not violate larvs of nature and therefore they seldom require any medical hdp.

He is the single example of lawlessness and discord. The leucocytes or white cells in the. I Health and Hatha yoga who had helped the poor and the needy. There is perfect order everywhere. Of course the natural laws are relentless. There are laws of hygiene and health which govern our being.

There is seldom any sickness amongst the animal kingdom. There are laws of physics. The law of causation is inexorable and unrelenting. The whole universe. He wilfully disregards the laws of health. Infectious and contagious diseases invariably take their rise from people dwelling in unhealthy places like marshes. Causes nervous weakness. It is the best antidote for hatred. Spiritual Materia Medica Anger: Generates poison in the blood and heat in the blood. Strengthens the heart and mind.

Do not eat what you call quick lunches. It removes all diseases caused by fear. How to Become a Centenarian Do not worry. The lymphatic glands serve as strong fortresses. But you have forgotten Him. Wonderful tonic. Secret of Health and Long Life 9 blood frght with the germs and kill them. Removes a host of ailments. This destroys the germs.

Causes low blood pressure. May you all be endowed with good health and long life! May you all be free from all kinds of diseases! May you all be established in that diseaseless. Purc Lave: Produces joy. How merciful is the I-ord! He takes care of you in all possible ways. Thke nutritious food. Never fool with doctors and do not go. Try to remember Him from now and attain eternal bliss and immortality.

It is the best antidote for fear. If the above be combined with kevala kumbhaka. Remain as much as possible in the open air and especially in the sunshine. Tirke large quantities of milk. Avoid places that are overheated. Go early to bed and rise early. Give up alcohol. If that is arrested. Toxicity due to advancing age can be overcome by combining the following: Wear loose collars. Thke a bath daily. Be temperate in the use of tea or coffee. Wear pomus dothing. When you reach the age of ninety yearc you may do.

With advancing age toxicity is inevitable. Brilliant young men with extraordinary qualifications and recommendations alone get a job in these days. EnergT is thus dissipated through unnecessary movements of the dilferent parts of the body on account of lack of knornledge of the elementary principles of the science of relaxation.

There is unhealthy competition in these days. During relaxation the musdes and nerrres are at rest. He will have to learn lessons from the cat. He has brought tension in many musdes and nerves through incorrect posture. Some drum with their lingers on the table when their minds are idle or vacant.

There is unemployment everywhere. He has forgotten the first principles of relaxation. Some persons shake their legs unnecessarily while sitting. If you practise relaxation no energy will be wasted. The prana or energy is stored up and conserved. You will be very active and energetic.

Some shake their heads. Some whistle. Man has acquired many artificid habits and has alloned nature's original habits to lapse. Some tap their chests or abdomen with their fingers. The vast majority of persons who have no comprehensive understanding of this beautiful science of relaxation simply waste their energies by creating unnecessary movements of muscles and by putting the musdes and nerves under great strain.

Remember well ttrat laziness or indolence is quite different from relaxation. All the parts of the body do not work at the same time. He has no indination for work. Relaxation is equally necessary. When certain parts or tissues are working you can give rest and relaxation to other parts. Only then the tissues of the body utilise the blood fully absorb nutrition. You will be quite fit for doing further work effrciently. He always gets disturbed. He never allons even a small amount of energy to trickle away.

Relaxation comes through discipline. Do not mistake laziness for relaxation. You must know well the science of relaxation. Disrurbed sleep or dreamy sleep does not give full relaxation. He accomplishes wonderful work. The lazy man is inactive. You can maintain good health by alternating orercise with relaxation. When you feel sleepy it indicates that your system is in need of rest. They should practise. Give the needed rest to the brain and body at once. You get complete relaxation in sleep.

When the brain gets tired the fint sign is that pu cannot keep your attention fixed on what you are doing. He is full of lethargy and inertia. Busy people such as doctors and lawyers should know the science of relaxation.

You can get relaxation even when you are awake or working. A man who has a worrying habit cannot relax well. Exercise is necessary ficr health. You must at intervals rela: The brain demands rest. Develop the habit of sleeping at will at any time.

The quality of relaxation depends on the mental poise of the person. The mind does not wait fior onders. You do not argue here. Energy flows in their nerves when they relax. They in the waiting will thus be quite Relaxation fit for further activity in the courts or the dispensary. Fior instance.

The musdes contract and you perform the action of conscious or unconscious lifting up the chair. You may "I do not check the impulse through discrimination and reflection He does not man. The impulse is transmitted fmm the brain through the motor neryes to the muscles of the arms.

All other actions are similarly performed by yor. There is much wear and tear in the musdes through onerwork. They can relax the mind and take rooms of railway stations and bar rooms as well.

The action of one set of muscles can be checked by the action of another set of musdes. This is an instinctirrc or mechanical movement. When you wish to contract a muscle in order to perform an action. One impulse may try to Put one set of musdes in motion. Yogis know this science well. If the muscles are o'rerworked. They will never experience fatigue. Science ofRelaxation rest also 13 it daily. They can close their eyes for a few minutes even while standing. When the musde contracts it pulls up the limb you wish to move.

Suppose you wish to lift up a chair. Energy or prana travels through the motor neryes. They are perfect masters of this useful science. An unconscious act is done instinctively or mechanically. Those who do not possess a knowledge of this science of external and internal relaxation waste their physical and mental energy considerably.

Those who practise relaxation can conserve their physical and mental energy and utilise it to their best advantage. When the scorpion stings rour frngEl the finger is at once withdrawn. The desire creates an impulse in the brain. A current of prana or energy is transmitted along the nerves from the brain.

Du may jurnp at once to beat him' An impulse has already put one set of musdes in motion. A large number of people are sla. Meditation gives perfect rest. Be cireful to sit correcdy in order to avoid fatigue.. Even while at work you can relax if you are conversant with this science. I lay great emphasis on the relaxation of the mind. They could get sleep at any part of the day or night.

Her frce will show signs of the fatigue her body is undergoing. Raising of impulses and counter-impulses or repressing impulses. They are tossed hither and thither. If you relax all the rrrrr"l. It can be Iearnt very easily. He who can relax well can turn out much work. Mahatma Gandhiji knew this science well. Relaxation is of two kinds. Relaxation of the muscles is as important as contraction of the musdes. The science of relaxation is an exact science. The woman who can nwer reliax.

By being in a continual state of nervous tension as many women are.

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If you can relax all the muscles. No matter horu urgent the task. A repressive impulse will check at once the operation of the first set of muscles. If you relax certain muscles of certain parts only. There is another dassification. Napoleon also had a fufl knowredge of it. I-et me forgive him now. You can take a nap even while sitting in a chair when several people are talking and laughing. Her body will lack poise. Sit on a very He who has perfect mental poise can relax and sleep at any time.

There ane many jobs which can be done in a sitting position darning. The mind gathers experiences through the body and works in conjunction with the prana. Fatigue can be avoided at other tasks by adopting a cornect standing posture.

If lying on the mattress. When resting in a chair. If there is a stomach ache the mind cannot work. Place the body well back and have a firm cushion to support the lorver part of the back. The body is a mould prepared by the mind for its enjoyment. The weight of the body is not thrown on one leg or the otheq but is distributed evenly on both.

Mental Relaxation Just as you relax your musdes after having frnished your asanas and physical exercises. Make the mind blank. The mind acts on the body and the body reacts on the mind. Thought takes form in action and action neacts on the mind. Sit with the knees and feet dose together and firmly planted on the floor or on a stool. When a job necessitates your being on the feet for a long timq. The idea of propping up the legs is to make the spine lie flat and to cool the feet by letting the blood run away from them.

If the body is healthy and strong the mind will also be happy. Nerrer sit on the edge of a chair. Bvery minute he is wasting abundant muscular and nerve energ"y and brain Potver.

Conversely the body has some influence over the mind. Removal of tension in the musdes brings repose and calmness to the mind' A man of easily irritable nature cannot eqioy peace of mind. Relaxation of the muscles bring: His brain. Do not cross the legs. Science of Rclaxation 15 eighteen inches from the ground with a stiff cushion under the knees and let every musde go 'flop'. It will not come easily at first but it can be turned into a habit.

The mind has influence for instance. Another thing to remember is to choose a chair of the correct height. Close the eyes. Anger does positive injury to the brain. Think of courage. You are not profited a bit by exhibiting anger. By relaxation you give rest to the mind. You do not gain anything by worrying yourself unnecessarily and manifesting anger for nothing at all.

You will get immense peace of mind. Expel all worry. Be careful and thoughtful. If you worry yourself frequently. If you really want to enjoy unruIlled peace and abiding joy. Ail unnecessary worries should be avoided. By repeating an action. If you do exercise regularly it will drive the blood more vigorously.

Exercise is essential for the different organs of the body to function easily and effectively. It is very essential for keeping up good health. The blood is equally distributed and the circulation of blood in the lungs is improved.

It preserves the healthy tone of the body. It removes debility and obesity. It is necessary to promote the repair and formation of tissues. The heart cannot work efficiendy without definite exercise. Without exercise there will be no health. During growth it corrects various deformities. The increased output demands. The blood will be loaded with poisonous matter. The whole system will refuse to function. The stomach will refuse to digest the food properly and the intestines will dedine to function effrciently.

The lungrs will take in the air with deep breaths. You learn to control the weak side of your natune and give fuller freedom to the best spirit that is in you. When the action of the heart is improved by exercise.

The chest will expand. More waste and used air will be driven out. Exercise bestows a general efficiency of body and mind. The amount of oxygen inspired and of carbon dioxide expired is greatly increased. It supplies morle oxygen.

All the movements of the body are done by muscles. I have a very strong deltoid muscle. There is increased perspiration. After exercising. It reduces and regulates the temperature.

Muscular exercise has a beneficial elfect on the body as a whole. It leads to better mental effrciency and better performance of mental work.

They do the function of cleansing more energetically and more effrciently. If any orga. Exercise gives a healthy glow all over the body. You should have a well-built body without adiposity. A sick penion after a prolonged illness is not able to walk or even stand by himself.

It promotes the action of the skin. Fat hinders. They are like big iron balls. You will be lazy and weak. This contributes to their growth and energy.

It removes constipation and produces a regular action of the bowels. Because it gives a rapid supply of blood. A gymnast. Either a thin. They have a wonderful and beautiful physique. If you have well-developed musdes you can turn out more effrcient work. But if the muscles are much used. I can walk thirty miles a day without any exertion.

Exercise increases the nutrition of the muscles. O Ram. Well-developed biceps and chest are a source of great joy to a student. By doing mild exercises they gradually regain their lost tone and strength. You will have no pourer of endurance. When he wants to show his general fitness he pulls up his sleeve and says. It is as hard as a stone. It trains the respiratory muscles and it has a marked influence in straightening the back.

Every musde of the body should in the exercise. You should select that form which suits you best whether it be riding. The musdes of the back are particularly strengthened. Ifthere is fatigue you have gone beyond your capacity. Mental culture and spiritual culture should not be neglected. Reduce the number of exercises and the period of exershare cise. Exercise should be systematic.

Be regular in your exercise. It may do more harm than good. Swimming exercises all the limbs. The bowels are massaged by th. There should be perfect exhilaration of spirit after exercise. Nearly every muscle is called into play in rowing. Some young persons become too fond of games. The outside air is pure and benelicial. In cpling No other exercise has so good an effect on the respiration and circulation as running.

It is the mind that makes the man. It increases the flexibility of the body and develops greater capacity for balance. It is the soul that makes the superman.

Reduce the fat through regular and systematic exercise. Exercise 19 work by its extra weight. Do not fatigue yourselfor go beyond your capacity. It is a pleasant and invigorating form of exercise. They neglect their studies and grow up with big bodies but little mental culture. Exercise should be regulated and adjusted to the needs and capacity of the body.

Gymnastics develops and strengthens the muscles symmetrically. It provides the most varied movements and educates the hand and the eye to act in union. Chills strould be avoided after exercise. The amount of exercise should be regulated according to the age. Exercise should be regular and systematic. It should be repeated daily about the same hour.

Hockey necessitates much turning about and is beneficial to the trunk musdes. After exercise the body should be washed or sponged. Football is a good musde-forming game. Every part of the body should take part in the exercise. Exercise should be taken in the open air.

It promotes strength and develops the musdes of the leg and thighs. It keeps the players out in the open for hours. It should never be taken just after or just before meals. The ficllowing rules for exercise should be observed: She makes him go to sleep. Nature talres him to her bosom at night to soothe his tired nerves and brain. Perfect relaxation is obtained in sleep.

There is temporary absorption of the mind into its cause. A period of activity is always followed by a period of inactivity. There is always a cycle in nature. Man works hard in daytime so that he may get what he desires most. Even the heart has a period of rest. Sleep is a physiological phenomenon by which the mind. During work. He is the sounce. Relaxation is necessary for health. He is the Lord of [ords. Sleep is the most perfect form of rest.

They also need relaxation. The musdes are completely relaxed. He is the soul of all. During sleep the mind goes back to its source.

The mind rests in Him during. During rest the repair and renewal of the tissues takes place. He is the silent witness of the three states: The tendencies and subtle desires become latent. What is required is quality of sleep. Eor an old man over sixty years. Ten hours sleep is necessary for a child.

Adults who work hard may sleep for eight hours. Mindr pmna. The more sound sleep one has. Wellington and Sir Henry Thomson. Medical men and psychologists are paying great attention these days to the question of sleep. There have been several instances of famous men who kept lit and active with less sleep than that eqjoyed by most people.

The mind assumes a seed-like state in deep sleep. So Atman is the all-doer and also the non-doer. The mind that was working in the brain during the waking state moves through susumna nadi into the heart and rests in Atman.

Vedantins make a deep study of sleep and draw conclusions about the all-blissful Atman. The hours of sleep necessary depend upon your physical and mental capacity for resisting fatigue. A thin veil of ignorance separates him from Atman. The husband rejoices zur soon as his wife removes the veil. Too much sleep causes prematurt decay and weakens brain power. Sleep is nature's tonic for a healthy life. So did Edison. Too much sleep makes a man dull and lethargic.

The amount of sleep required varies with age. As age advances people requirc less sleep. There is no benefit from rolling in the bed for hours. Even if you have a sound. It is the soul that reaily mwes the senses.

Without sufficient sleep you will not be effrcient. Persons who do brain work are in need of more sleep and rest than those who do physical labour. The jiva individual soul is very near to Atman. All thoughts subside.

Massage diverts blood from the brain to the exersleep. If you wish to get sound sleep you must regulate the hour of your last meal of the day. Write down such as 'I your spiritual diary. Massage also induces sleep. If you cannot sleep naturally take a brisk walk in the open air for fifteen minutes and then go to bed. Do not cover your head during sleep. Sleeping in the day time should be avoided. Sleep on your side. You can sleep with your head towards the west or south.

When you sleep keep all the windows and doors of your bedroom open. Wear loose clothing. The more oxygen you inhale during your sleep the more refreshed you will feel throughout the next day.

Do not take drugs to make your sleep. Review your actions of the day before going to bed. I will contnol anger. Sleep with your head towards the east. The brain is called upon to work the digestive organs vigorously while it should be sleeping restfully.

Keep the same time daily for sleep. You will get sound sleep if you sleep in a quiet. Roll the beads of your mala for ten minutes and meditate on the form of the Lord and His divine.

You will have sound sleep. Do not sleep with your head towands the north. Do not cover yourself with heavy blankets or clothing. Make fresh resolves for the next day will not use vulgar or harsh wonds.

You will have sound Do not develop a douche or enema habit. Do not take any food late at night. I will control passion. It is quite unhygienic' You 'will inhale again the foul air exhaled by the lungs. This helps to empty the stomach. Cooking should not be done in the bedroom. I will observe celibacy. If pu suffer from constipation. Sleep 23 Avoid going late to bed. Two persons should not sleep together for this neason.

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Late supper makes the brain work and disturbs sleep. Do not build castles in the air. Much depends on a person's physicar and mentar capacity for. Those who have reached the years of discretion should decide attributes.. You will not gain spiritual strength thus. I ast of all the skin ceases to feel touch. Give up scheming and planning.

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If you have ill-feeling against anyone. Complete fasting helps in the control of sleep. The brain does not receive. Half of your lifetime is wasted in sleep. Haie preasant thoughts only. They can get real rest from meditation. The whole body is asleep. In going to sleep your eye-lids close first. Good spirituar ideas will sink dor. Those spiritual aspirants who want to do rigorous sadhana should reduce their period oi sl. Fior three months reduce the sleeping period by half an hour.

Sleep as a condition of rest cannot be governed by hard and fast rules. Keeping wide awake throughout the night is ca[ed vigil. In course of time you should become a conqueror of sleep like Arjuna and l. Everything depends upon the constitution a. During the next three months go to bed at ll p. Fiour hours sleep will ampry suffrce. The sense of taste and smell then g. You will enjoy sound sleep. Go to bed at That doctor who tries to help natune is a judicious doctor.

You will be endowed with a high standard of vim. Eat simple. He who says "I have cured such and such a disease. Do not thrqw away the water from rice and boiled vegetables. Eat to live. Bask in the sunshine. You are its driver. Learn how to take care of it properly. Live in the open air. Do not go to doctors frequently.