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The Lutterloh System ~ Learn how to cut out patterns for all types of garments in all Plus Size (or any size) Vintage Dress Sewing Pattern - PDF - Pattern. Tell us a little about how the Lutterloh system and company got started. The pattern making system 'The Golden Rule' was established in system similar to Lutterloh- I do not know for certain it was an Éclair system but its likely it was from what I can find. Each system consists of a pattern drawn out in.

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Documents Similar To Lutterloh Book Lisette Pattern Designs. Uploaded by. flyban. Sunburst Pattern System. Uploaded by. Alexandra Khemara . Lutterloh System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Lutterloh System. Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Lutterloh System Free in pdf format.

Classic Supplement Nr. Now that my family has seen me wearing this top I have decided not to make another one. In either case I say "ewww". In the US the stystem was sold at "free" seminars where you could buy the books, rulers, paper, etc. This pattern has us draw each piece separately so make sure to mark the cross point on each one. This pattern was plenty easy to enlarge to my size. I've taken new measurements smaller than last year so it's not likely that's the problem.

Perfect Patterns for you! Shop the Golden Rule System. Featured Products. Special Offer. Quick View. Add to basket. Uncategorised Tailor- and Designer Curve out of Acryl. Popular Products.

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Uncategorised One year subscription. Uncategorised Classic Supplement Nr. Uncategorised Seam Allowance Guide. Uncategorised Pattern Drafting Paper 10 m x 0,70 m each roll.

System pdf lutterloh

How To. Easy-to-Follow Pattern Tutorial.

System pdf lutterloh

Our Story. Why Lutterloh? We use cookies to make this website easier to use and more secure for you. Please accept the storage of cookies. TangerineBoutique , May 30, So the tape measure and special ruler have arrived - plus a paper copy of the thingy that's supposed to help you draw curves it's not mentioned in my book, but it's part of the system nowadays - according to a photo copy enclosed by the seller, they used to provide a drawing of this that you had to enlarge and cut yourself - so at least I don't have to do that!

The most vital accessory to the whole thing really is that plastic ruler that you could tack to any tape mesaure at 8 centimeters - the only condition is that you need a centimeter-tape measure. So if you're interested in their vintage patterns, they are out there on ebay mostly from what I've seen now, the extension magazines or single patterns more than the books.

There are the high-priced ones from seller who know what they're doing, but I've seen a few vintage things at a low starting price too. And don't buy a modern starter set just to get your hands on the ruler - unless you want the actual modern patterns too but even a modern or 80s kit might be less on ebay than buying it from Lutterloh - look out for a vintage ruler, they are out there, and it costs less in the end.

Though considering what that bit of plastic and a tape measure are worth per se - it's still enough - but that's the way the cookie crumbles Midge , Jun 9, Karin, I think this is a jewel for developing vintage patterns, but I don't like the system.

The finished designs look basic patterns with some design details. They don't have fashion silhouettes. In the US the stystem was sold at "free" seminars where you could buy the books, rulers, paper, etc. I think they were updated quarterly, but maybe more frequently. Well, the modern patterns don't look very exiciting, that's what I thought too and the XL patterns are even worse - sorry, even when you wear a big size you look better if you don't dress just in sack-shapes They have something like quarterly updates you can subscribe to.

These "extensions" are also more frequently available on ebay when you look for vintage Lutterloh stuff, than the books. The problem is also that they claim that the pattern, once you've drawn it, will exactly fit your figure, but that's relative - it takes your bust and hip measurments, and you enlarge it according to that - but that's only two points of measuring, so you might still have to make adjustments.

That's what I read in a lot of placse and I can just imagine it being that way. I also read some critical comments as to how some people thought they were pretty much talked into buying the system in one of those "free" seminars.

I definitely don't like the sound of that - I'd be the first person not to buy it just because someone was trying so hard to sell it to me. I don't react well to these kinds of sales tactics. I'll just enjoy the book I have here and will be giving one of the more simple patterns a try because I'm curious.

The Lutterloh Golden Rule Pattern System – Basic - dolfmeister | Yumpu PDF Downloader

I have the figure that sometimes needs the top in one size and the bottom one size bigger, so I'll be interested to see how it works out. Karin I went and did a day class with a Lutterloh representative and it all makes sense once you have made a couple of patterns for yourself.

I bought the modern system was not pressured in any way and like as much as having the modern system is good would love to have the vintage patterns as well. The system now comes with 2 plastic curved rulers that are designed to go with the lutterloh patterns will help you draw the pattern and it does allow you to make it to fit properly. They are available on the lutterloh website that caters for you area.

Lutterloh Spanish

Remember when you are drawing the pattern you need to mark your seam allowance on the material or otherwise it wont fit you. I have since bought a very early supplement No 10 which is very early 40s which is I look forward to your reply Loveallthings50's , Aug 31, The book is pretty small - it measures just 21 x There's 2 patterns on each page.

I see the systematics though - in the 40s it was only half as long, so that would mean just one pattern per page I guess? Seam allowances are second nature to me - I learned sewing with Burda patterns.

Patterns that include an allowance still feel a little unusual to me. Haven't got round to trying a Lutterloh pattern out yet, Ive been so caught up with knitting and today I took a chance with the sunlight to reshoot all the clothing in my Etsy shop in daylight instead of my horrible flash photos. Midge , Aug 31, Hi, just came across this and so glad I did. I have this same s Lutterloh pattern book too, but it's in German.

For the price I paid, I thought I could also get the curve ruler and the measuring tape. I was really disappointed. So be warned Unless you do not mind.

Pdf lutterloh system

I didn't want to return mine because I loved the pattern and yes, I did enlarge the pdfs but was such a hassle. I used my French curve for drawing curve lines.

I've made 2 dresses from the patterns and they fit my customer really well.

Stitchintime , Sep 5, Interesting thread: I missed this when it came out. I haven't seen this particular system but it's similar I think to how I learned costume construction - we used a book called the Evolution of Fashion by Hill and Bucknell I still have it, it was very big and expensive and it includes similar small drawings of the pattern pieces.

You drafted them up in the size you needed. Conveniently, I was exactly the same size so didn't need to alter for sizing at all.