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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd kitab-amtsilati-jilidpdf . Tafsir Yasin, Tafsir Jalalain, Tafsir Munir, Tafsir Showi, Tafsir Ibnu Katsir, Asbab. PDF | Shihab is an Islamic scholar who have prolifically produced a the utterance of al-Qur'an is not stated clearly on the previous verse showing the wondrous .. Ibn cAtiyyah, A. M. (). al-Muharrar al-wajiz fi tafsir al-kitab al-c aziz (Vols. TERJEMAH TAFSIR IBNU KATSIR Berdasarkan Jilid Kitab . Dalam Tafsir Ash- Shawi (Showi) 'ala Tafsir Al-Jalalain (تفسير الصاوي) karya.

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Tafsir al-Jalalayn is one of the most significant tafsirs for the study of the Qur'an. Composed by the two “Jalals” -- Jalal al-Din al-Mahalli (d. ah / ce) and . our translation of the Tafsīr al-Qurʾān al-ʿAẓīm of Sahl b. ʿAbd Allāh .. Muḥammad al-Samʿānī, Kitāb al-Ansāb, facsimile edition (Leiden, ), f. b and. The following is a list of tafsir works. Tafsir is a body of commentary and explication, aimed at . Al-Muharrar al-Wajiz Fī Tafsir al-Kitab al-Aziz ('The Concise Record of the Exegesis of the .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

First karamah: Tidak sah sebuah pembebasan budak itu kecuali dilakukan oleh yang memiliki hak untuk membebaskan. Kalau kita menggunakan pendapat jumhur ulama, karena hukum dasarnya tidak sah, maka uangnya harus dikembalikan keapda pembeli dan barangnya harus dikembalikan kepada pedagang. Pesantren Jampes has contributed to popularizing this group. Even though she advertised the land, no one was interested in buying it.

The oneness, the One, O! The participants in this instruction ranged from students to local people. He wrote the prayer as follows: The Prophet, intercessor to creatures, blessing and peace of God is upon you, O! The light of creatures, O! The guidance of mankind, O! The source of mankind and O! This exclamation was as follows: They usually use this phrase to welcome people. The exclamation can be found on a small printed card or a sticker supplemented with the following advice: Plate 4.

Dapat digunakan untuk segala macam kebutuhan terutama kejernihan hati dan ketentraman jiwa boleh diamalkan oleh siapapun tanpa pandang bulu. As a result, the ghauth will be able to help people to reach A. The prayer was as follows: My Lord radiate on me the radiation which can reach to His Highness.

At that time he did not give any reason why this should be recited after the prayer. But, eight years later, not only was this exclamation included in the text, but it was also recited loudly while facing all four directions in turn. The exclamation was as follows: Therefore, Turn to Allah, and say: Truth has come and falsehood has vanished; surely falsehood is a vanishing thing. Our Lord. My Lord, take my hand and people ummat. According to the statutes of the organization Chapter I: At that time, serious conflict 7 Interview with Zainuddin, Kediri, September, Few people know the reason behind the prohibition.

However, this argument seems too subjective. For example, whoever recites for a certain number of days would be able to gain gnosis. Where does such information come from? Can we accept this information? We did not have any evidence of this event.

If he believed that the dream of the Prophet is right, it is his right to say that.

In fact, there are many reasons why the guarantee should have been given by the author. Firstly, it was issued on the basis of thinking well of God A. Furthermore, as observed by Sodli What people might do is to make every effort Sodli However, the guarantee is no longer included in the current pamphlet. This objection might be based on the knowledge of Prophetic traditions. Rituals of Islamic Spirituality In addition to this, the family genealogy can add to the authority of the author among his followers.

As described by Woodward The preservation of family trees linked to the Prophet is usually more emphasized among Arab families sharifian families in Indonesia.

List of tafsir works

However, if the dreamer practises by himself what he received in the dream, Islamic law will guarantee it. In fact, the Prophet guaranteed that people can have dreams about him Chapter IV and that if they see the Prophet in a dream, he must be the real Prophet since Satan is unable to resemble him.

Tafsir showi pdf kitab

Therefore, having a dream about the Prophet can be justified in Islam. As a result, this spiritual experience is emphasized, and if followers have experienced it, they can tell others about the experience. And they fall down on their faces weeping, and it adds to their humility. This crying has nothing to do with the loss of things.

Opponents of this group always question whether the weeping is sincere and why it is necessary to weep collectively using a loud speaker. It is also likely that some objections to this broadcast weeping are based on the opinion that it can disturb the tranquility of public life. If you recite it, cry. If you are not able to cry, try to cry. Examples of the criticisms include the following: Article 4 of this chapter stated that all mass organizations were required to mention this base, as described in article 2 in their statutes Anonymous As a result, the members of PSWP felt that they were not be free to implement the policies of the organization.

He, then, gave a solution to cope with the problem which is known as Wasiat 9 Mei However, this solution did not necessarily mean that the problem could be resolved. Abdul Latif Madjid argued that the registration was not important, and in most cases would restrict the organization. He, then, suggested that this problem should be resolved through a mechanism other than discussion I.

This is a special prayer aimed at seeking guidance from God when Muslims face difficult options. If the verse consists of goodness, it can be used as guidance. For example, if they experience a good dream, then the dream can be the basis for a decision and action.

According to the Prophetic sayings, false dreams are thought to be caused either by Satan or other evil spirits. In contrast, true or good dreams are thought to be caused by God or an angel. The results were as follows: In this new structure, those that had been involved in the conflict could still become members. As a result, conflict between the two factions became even stronger and this contributed to the break up of the organization.

The conflict emerged again, even more strongly because the two factions found it difficult to agree on a successor to the founder. Abdul Latif Madjid was convinced that he was entitled to be the successor since he was the oldest son, although he was not the first child because he had other older sisters. She explained that since the late leader had not given any last testament, two things had been left: All those in attendance agreed to the decision Yusuf But according to another faction, Abdul Latif Madjid was not invited to the meeting.

Therefore, he did not know about the announcement. Since the meeting was a family meeting, it was inappropriate that Abdul Latif Madjid was not invited, especially as he was the oldest son of the founder.

This decision was valid for only a few hours since in the morning it was changed. Therefore, instead of supporting the 16 Interview with Zainuddin, Kediri, September, It is clear that the earlier decision was changed due to strong pressure from one of the members of the family, probably Abdul Latif Madjid, who was reportedly not involved in the first meeting.

He described the story as follows. All of them are still alive…That is the promise of God. In the first meeting His promise was not fulfilled, but four hours later His promise was fulfilled Madjid Chapter IV authoritative person as a means to legitimise his election as the successor of the founder. He needed to explain the story to his followers since at the same time another faction questioned the validity of his choice as the leader.

This forum, inevitably, opposed the claims of Abdul Latif Madjid. Furthermore, Abdul Hamid had strong ties with the faction because one of the senior members was his father- in-law. Each faction had its own loyal supporters. Internal conflict between Abdul Hamid and his faction resulted in a split of the alliance.

One informant speculates that this happened because Abdul Hamid was not satisfied with his position in the forum when he realised he was just a symbolic leader and that the real authority was still in the hands of the forum members, notably the former board of PPSW.

The headquarters of his organization is situated directly beside the Pesantren Kedunglo. The organization also established many branches throughout Indonesia. The heir, however, might have one quality that the author had. This is like the Muslim scholars who have been regarded in the Prophetic tradition as the inheritors of the Prophet.

This conflict thus resulted in confusion among people on which group to join Anonymous c: These conflicts show that any religious organization can be vulnerable to conflict if one of the proponents of the organization emphasises his or her own interest rather than those of the organization. Rituals of Islamic Spirituality Plate 4. Chapter IV 4. Therefore, people cannot ignore one of these three aspects and stress the others Madjid a: He put it as follows: His teachings are widespread in North Africa and similarly present in the most of Islamic world, as far as Indonesia Lewis Chapter IV In this sense, sincere and pure intentions are required to transform activities into worship.

In contrast, every deed that is not performed solely to worship God falls to the desire of the lower soul A. Rituals of Islamic Spirituality of the tripartite path to God Anonymous n. There is no power and might save in God Anonymous n. Therefore, one should keep in mind that every bad deed can only happen because of God.

In contrast, if all activities, including prayers, dhikr, are not based on Li Allah-Bi Allah, they will be worthless. As a result, they can easily claim that everything they do is because of their own strength and power. Moreover, since the essence of observance requires the understanding of the observed in every situation, such an intimate relationship will lead people to achieve the intended observance of the Prophet Anonymous n.

Without him, the world would not have been created. The merit of the Prophet is not confined to the time during which the Prophet lived, but continues to the present. According to 28 Associating partners with God. He was the greatest Sufi in Islam. He was the most prolific of Sufi writers. The number of his works number more than In fact the fabric is nothing without the thread and the thread is nothing without the cotton. In contrast, bad deeds which violate the law of God cannot be deemed to be the merit of the Prophet.

He considered responsible for introducing Sufi teachings among Indonesian Muslim reformists. Although they have passed away, they are believed to be able to give spiritual guidance to people. The next doctrine is Bi al-Ghauth.

This is partly because the perfect expression of gratitude A. He said this as follows: The fulfillment of obligations will result in the fulfillment of other rights. For example, children must fulfill their obligations to their parents, and parents have to fulfill their obligations to their children without claiming their own rights. He puts it this way: This doctrine is described as giving priority to fulfilling the most important matters as well as the most useful matters.

This doctrine applies especially when people are faced with two important options. In this case, they should choose which one is the most important. If both options are important, then one should choose the option which is more useful.

According to this doctrine, everything that leads to the consciousness of God and His Prophet is regarded as most important aham and everything which gives benefits others is regarded as the most useful Anonymous b: It consists of four volumes.

Sixth, people should feel full of sinful hoping for the God forgiveness and regretting their sinfulness. Bruinessen His doctor could not do anything to cure the ailment and asked the grandson to bring his grandfather home. As a result, the health of his old grandfather gradually improved.

These stories have been collected and published by Pengalaman Rohani Team Spiritual Experience Team either in the form of a book or magazine articles Rohani The grave of the founder has become an important local pilgrimage site for his followers. Visitation is usually held in the morning after the dawn prayer. They convey a kind of blessing. As Werbner has argued, since a saint is regarded by Sufi followers as having divine sanctity which can irradiate them, to touch anything which is related to the saint is like absorbing his spiritual power Werbner In order to avoid overcrowding, this event is divided into five sessions held over five days.

Those who join the ritual consist of different ages and genders Anonymous b.

Tafsir pdf kitab showi

Female participants waiting for a pisowanan session Plate 4. Other Muslim groups object to this, arguing that the involvement of children in Sufi practice does not educate them since they are too young to experience and practise Sufi knowledge. As informed by Sodli, one of Muhammadiyah members compares the involvement of children in Sufism to asking a baby to eat hot chilli Sodli In other words, it is argued that Sufi practices will harm the mental development of the children.

Chapter IV Plate 4. The louder they weep, the deeper is their regret of their misdeeds. This ritual is performed to call humankind from all over the world to return to the path of God. This ritual follows a ritual conducted by the prophet Abraham.

He often delivers a speech which touches the heart of the audiences, leading them to weep. One can add a teaspoon of sugar to water as a drink or mix sugar with food. The use of sugar as a means of healing J. It should be held for three consecutive days and nights without stopping. It is in such pilgrimage that Muslims from quite separate social backgrounds gather. As observed by Gilsenan These pilgrimages served as channels of information.

This is valid if Sufism is conceived not merely as the practices of a Sufi order but as ascetic and devotional practices that do not need to be involved with mystical way. To be more specific, the education system in the pesantren strives to mould wali yang intelek, intelektual yang wali: To implement this vision, Pesantren Kedunglo offers two types of education. The first type is an educational system which is in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education I.

This system enables these various schools to receive educational subsidies from both the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Most of the texts are classical Arabic texts I. The texts are given to students in evening class in accordance with their level of study.

Both are treated equally in terms of their rights to have an access to education. Rituals of Islamic Spirituality Map. It consists of a central board office, representatives in provinces, regencies, sub- districts, and villages. The aims of this structure are to build strong ties among the followers, who cannot directly consult with the central board, and to help coordinate activities according to the level of the organizational structure.

Such a structure requires officials to show responsibility towards the followers. He also has the authority to set up new departments on the basis of the needs of the organization.

The financial assistance collected from the followers can be divided into three categories. The first category is income contribution I. This can be taken from their daily income, monthly income or their occasional income. The second category is contributions taken from poll tax I. The third category is income from donations which are given voluntarily by followers on a daily basis. The officials encourage the followers to increase their donations Anonymous b: As Pranowo observed, refusing to accept financial assistance from the government might be regarded as demonstrating a close- minded attitude.

According to him, the reason is that no financial assistance from government can be free from corruption I. Nevertheless, the followers are strongly encouraged to give donations, poll tax zakat fitrah , and wealth tax A. In order to implement this policy, the department has officially given detailed instructions to its representatives at all levels regarding the methods of collecting donations.

It is not to be given to an organization Qardhawi It is highly recommended that the followers put some money into the box everyday with pure intention I. The department of finance at sub-district level then collects the funds every month and passes them on to the department of finance at regency level. At the end of every month the funds should be given to the central department of finance after deducting the funds for the organization at the regency level Anonymous a: However, this amount is just a target, and in fact the amount of money from those sources is frequently less than the target.

Therefore, followers need to give financial assistance to the organization not only for the sake of the organization but also for the benefit of the followers themselves, particularly to improve their closeness to God and His Prophet. The first is the lowest one given to disciples to practise tarekat. One of the activities of this department is to give short courses and regular upgrading training for preachers, members of board of the organization, and followers at all levels.

And from among you there should be a party who invites to good and enjoins what is right and forbids the wrong, and these it is that shall be successful 3: The prophets of God were equipped with miracles A.

Tafsir showi pdf kitab

He put it this way: All Praises are due to Allah. We easily love God, we easily apply lillah and billah, and easily perform worship. When asked whether their good deeds I. According to fiqh rules, good deeds I. They may even be infidels I. Everything has a cause. He had a problem which made him upset. After fifteen days his problem could be solved, but he did not want to convert to Islam. For instance, there have been studies showing the inclusiveness and tolerance of Sufi groups and practices in South Asia.

Saheb observes the inclusiveness and tolerance shown by a Sufi group in Nagore, India. Werbner further shows that the shaikh Zindapir, a Sufi master of the Naqshabandi order in Pakistan, for instance, is typical of Sufi saints in that he stresses the importance of inclusiveness and tolerance towards other religious faiths.

The term spiritual experience could also be translated as miracles A. Within the Sufi tradition, stories of miracles are well documented in Sufi hagiographical works that are responsible for the spreading of those miracles stories in Muslim societies.

kitab muamalat.pdf

Most of these miracle stories tend to describe the extraordinary powers of saints that seem to surpass natural law Schimmel The main questions here are how the idea of spiritual experience I. All things to do with the group are centred on the leader. These miracles thus prove his sacred quality.

This fact has inevitably made the leader central to the devotion of his followers in seeking his barakah blessing and attaining spiritual experience. Furthermore, this is considered the highest achievement that most followers aspire to attain.

This notion is also found elsewhere, such as in Egypt and Morocco, where miracle and barakah are not only a source of individual and group satisfaction but also based on dreams in which one finds refuge Gilsenan This official instruction is mentioned in a leaflet as follows: After obtaining consent from them, the team then publishes the experience in a book or magazine.

These accounts are similar to hagiographical Sufi stories. However, not all of the followers agree to share their spiritual experiences Chapter IV with the team.

Some people also disagree with the publishing spiritual experiences because this may cause others who do not have such spiritual experiences to become jealous.

Rituals of Islamic Spirituality a Study of Majils Dhikr Groups in East Java

On the other hand, others take the view that recounting spiritual experiences to the team only expresses a divine gift of grace A.

Some Sufi theorists have even warned that karamah constitutes a temptation given by God in order to test His servant W. Ernst Spiritual experiences after seeing the leader performing such miracles are seldom experienced while awake. The stories that followers tell can be divided into several themes. Examples of stories with these themes are given below: He asked me to wait for him in the living room, while he went into his room. Then he came and saw me with two plates of rice.

He asked me to have dinner. After having dinner he showed me a letter of decision surat keputusan written by the Prophet Muhammad. He let me read the letter. I was impressed with the beauty of the paper and the writing of the letter. The garden was the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. I walked into the garden to enjoy some flowers planted near the bank of a river. Then, another voice said the same thing, but the voice was spoken by flowers and subsequently the stones, fish, ground, and birds said the same thing as the water and flowers did.

Examples of these themes are as follows: At day seventeen, I had a dream that I had died and lay in a grave alone. Suddenly two angels came to torture me. The two angels paid respect to the gentleman by bending their head to him asking: This person came to me and said to me: After this occurrence, the leader and his wife suffered from disease for days and he died after that.

The wife died several weeks after her husband. They even experienced a tragic and critical moment before they died. He is well known for his kesakten spiritual power. As a result we were involved in a heated discussion with him.

After this incident, Pak Arif suffered a serious illness which caused him to be sent to a hospital for a month at a high cost. Karna Aji, and he sat in front of us as if he would marry us. He said to us: Karna were friends at university but we are in different departments. After experiencing the dream, I fell in love with him, but as woman I tried to hide the feeling.

Finally, after some years Mr. Karna and I married. At that time, I just shed tears because I remembered the dream that I had experienced several years ago.

Acccording to the dreamer, this experience proves that Abdul Latif Madjid is not only able to understand the destiny of every follower but is also able to communicate with his followers wherever they are Rohani One day my company lost its motorcycle, which was kept in a warehouse. Because I worked at the warehouse, my boss was angry at me and at other workers who worked at the warehouse. At My wife was about to give birth. I brought her to Dr. Sahono Hospital in Kudus. According to the medical specialist, the blood pressure of my wife Chapter IV had reached Another story which can be categorized according to this theme is the story of a student of Pesantren Kedunglo who met Abdul Latif Madjid in a dream.

In his dream, he was visited by Abdul Latif Madjid who removed a dirty grass root from his heart Rohani A tale with this theme is as follows: He asked me to go to the bank of the Brantas. One group appears good outwardly, but actually it is inwardly dark. In this sense, the spiritual experience can serve as one of strategies to resolve a conflict that the followers face.

Moreover, as Ewing This, in turn, can cause the follower to feel that he has undergone a fundamental change in his spiritual life. This can then be used as a glue to build cohesion within the group. Therefore, this group bridges the Geertzian cultural contrast between abangan and santri. The aim of this ritual fast was not only to ask God to give guidance as where a text should be place among other texts but also to ask Him to give a benefit for each text of prayer.

Then, the idea to hold the ritual was brought to the central board of the organization in Jakarta and widely spread in other branches throughout Indonesia. As a result, the ritual has become popular and is used by this organization not only for religious purposes but also for political purposes.

Dhofier as quoted by Mulyati Chapter V sought aid from your Lord, so He answered you: In his prayer, the Prophet said: Nevertheless, it is certain that most of these groups have similar objectives , namely, to ask for help and forgiveness from God through the combination of prayer and the repetition of the sacred names of God and dhikr.

It was written in Rituals of Islamic Spirituality time studying religious subjects from primary and secondary to tertiary school levels.


He never studied at a secular school. He obtained expertise in spiritual healing through wandering from one teacher to another in Java.

For example, he learned spiritual healing I. The selection of this regency in the eastern region of East Java for the first site for this group was not an accident.

From July to November , following the downfall of Suharto, several violent murders occurred in Banyuwangi in particular and many other regions in East Java in general. Local people believed that the killers of sorcerer I. The situation certainly created panic among villagers in Banyuwangi. Although villagers intensified their vigilance, they found it difficult to identify the real killers. Consequently, suspicions increased as to the perpetrators of the killings in Banyuwangi. Moreover, this situation led most people, particularly Muslim clerics, to feel threatened because they felt that they might be future victims.

Chapter V reported to have been killed at that time. Plate 5. They worried that if those people were allowed to follow gemblengan , they would misuse their spiritual power. Chapter V that it would not lead to social unrest Rahim n. From to was a period of turmoil in the Indonesian political landscape. On 7 June , the first general election after the downfall of the New Order regime was held to elect the House of Representative members from forty eight parties with different political ideologies.

Banyuwangi became an arena for political parties, including Islamic parties, to gain as many voters as possible. In order to attract voters, some political parties recruited charismatic Muslims scholars as vote getters whom they believed had a lot of followers but also had the ability to attract voters in the region. As a result, relations between them and government or among themselves worsened. We are all brothers. From the beginning, he intended to help the government establish a peaceful situation in Banyuwangi.

In addition, he felt an affinity with him because both were classmates when they studied in Pesantren Jampes , Kediri. Establishing a new religious fraternity required a name to identify it from others. It was not easy to name and establish a new group, particularly 11 He has passed away when I returned to Australia. In Sufi tradition, the name of a Sufi order is traditionally taken from the name of their founder.

However, for him, to achieve the love of God is difficult because God is an unseen object. By contrast, lay people can only love something concrete. Therefore, loving those loved by God I.

He might have thought that other people would be unfamiliar with his name. This date coincided with the rumor among people that the day of judgment I. Those people asked me to cure them from inner illness and help them cease from wrongdoing I. Chapter V illnesses nor help themselves to cease from wrongdoing without help from God. At the beginning, the activity of this group was simple.

This group aimed to provide a venue to hold prayers and to discuss Islamic teachings and personal problems for those who were ignored, held in contempt by other religious leaders or regarded by others as local hodlum I. As a result, they were no longer fearful of joining the group. In contrast, in Banyuwangi, this group faced serious challenges especially from local kyai. There can be little doubt that the real objections to this group was that it threatened the standing privileges of local kyai.

If a student cuts this relationship, he will never obtain the sanctity of God through his teacher. Thus, this group was not opposed to either NU or its teachings. He further stated that if this group were integrated under NU, this would reduce its popularity among people from other social and political backgrounds. Therefore, he was strongly opposed to that plan. The student argued as follows: One of the leaders of this group stated that this ritual includes pronouncing the name of the shaikh or teacher as mediator in the ritual A.

This practice is not intended to ask something from those people but merely to identify them as righteous persons in the view of God. He made the analogy to a person who wished to meet a manager. According to Sufi tradition, repentance A. The first is contrition for acts of disobedience. The second is the immediate abandonment of sin through fulfilling the obligation to refrain from disobedience.

The third is the determination not to sin again al- Qushayri This ritual usually begins with a session called arwahan. As implied by this term, which is derived from the word meaning the soul of deceased person I.

Normally, these requests are written on a piece of paper and given to the coordinator a few minutes before the session begins. Asking for a share in the blessing I. In return, those who make these requests should give some money voluntarily to the coordinator. When the arwahan has been concluded, the next session will be a religious lecture A. Chapter V and is usually based on the preference of the leader. On some occasions, the lecture is given and developed from questions asked by the participants.

Therefore, the lecture could include various topics on Islamic subjects and individual consultations. Usually during a major ceremony or ritual held by Sufi orders, this kind of lecture does not allow the audience time to ask questions. It is clear that some of the names cited during tawassulan are renowned names, which have important positions in the chain of transmission in various famous Sufi orders. Pronouncing these names during the tawassulan session does not mean that these names are considered as transmitters A.

Moreover, they are also believed to be capable of becoming involved in the lives of those who pray Ewing According to the rule of hadith A. Unlike rituals held by others Sufi groups, this prayer is recited in both Arabic and Javanese. It can also be recited in other vernaculars depending on the language of the majority of supplicants.

Even, in the five times prayers, understanding the meaning will contribute to improve the focus A. This prayer is as follows: And Oh! Allah I ask you to ease all of my problems, to meet all my needs, to make all business successful for my family and myself. And I ask you to make me and my family happy both in this world and the world to come, to increase my livelihood and wealth which are blessed and useful, and I ask you to save me and my family from trials, misfortune, dangers and from all unpleasant things.

These rituals are usually attended by a small number of people. On the other hand, the selapanan ritual is generally held outside Kediri and can be attended by a great number of people. On these occasions, a meal and special water are provided for the participants in the ritual.

When the ritual has concluded, the committee that organized the ritual usually serves a meal from a general kitchen I.

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The special meal provided during this ritual is rice served with eggplant vegetable curry. In addition to the meal, special water called blessed water I. Rituals of Islamic Spirituality 5. Another mark of organizations is that their holders are full time and fully paid. Moreover, the appointment of officials is based on administrative convenience. Sufi orders in Indonesia can also be shown to follow this typology. Although there are chairpersons I.

As a result, they are immediately responsible to him. Moreover, such occasions are sometimes used by the leader to give religious messages to his members informally. In addition, if people want to consult privately, they can meet him directly in his house at any time or they can make a call through his assistants J.

The majority of its members come from the lower classes of society. Most of them come from rural areas rather than urban areas. The members of this group comprise not only elderly men and women but also younger people. Even Sufi groups such as Hamidiyah Shadiliyah Gilsenan They will not suffer any harm if they abandon those orders. However, if they abandon their allegiance to the Tijaniyyah , they will experience harm and death Sirriyeh The relationship is based on a general normative comportment I.

You should not complain about what the shaikh has done, even though the shaikh may have done something which is unlawful in appearance. In short, you should surrender yourself to him. This is partly because speaking too much in front of the shaikh will eliminate his veneration. When those activities have been completed, the committee is responsible for reporting about these activities to the tokoh sentral.

If he cannot attend and lead the weekly ritual, he delegates his representative to lead the ritual. Without a mandate from him, no one dares to lead the ritual. For example, it has never asked its members to give money regularly to the leader of the group. In an event like ruwatan, for instance, the event committee usually asks those who participate to give some money.

Likewise, if they want to receive air karomah, they should give some money in return. It is therefore difficult to trace the stream of funding in this group because all financial matters Rituals of Islamic Spirituality are discussed internally among a few individuals. Pesantren Jampes has contributed to popularizing this group.

Even in Indonesian Islam, dakwah is applied and interpreted in different ways. Human beings consist of two aspects: Both of them constitute life in unity which needs different food supplement. Likewise, the latter will be healthy and functional if it is supplied with enough nutrition and vitamins.

However, most people have forgotten this spiritual need. In fact, if this spiritual need can be fulfilled, all social problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, as well as social crimes can be resolved. Instead of ignoring them, he stressed that these people should become the main target of Islamic dakwah. In response to this objection, he argued as follows: The Prophet give his advocacy A.

He maintained that if those people are willing to repent seriously, God will forgive all their past sins; God only loves those sinners who are willing to repent. Without this fertilizer, plants will not grow perfectly. Thus, he believes that because of those people, the status of other people before God can improve. Suddenly, the Angel of Gabriel comes and brings water to extinguish the fire and it is out.

Therefore, since people do not know their own fate, they should not underestimate others who are still sinning. He believes that if they have not received hidayah, they will not stop drinking. They will ask thee about intoxicants and games of chance.

In this way God makes clear unto you His messages, so that you might reflect [al-Baqarah 2: Rituals of Islamic Spirituality O! Leave it aside in order that ye may succeed. As a result, they were not reluctant to join other rituals held in other places.

He questioned: According to Islamic jurisprudence fiqh , watching dancing women and hearing women singers can lead to immoral acts I. My informant argued that this blue water of the deep ocean remains pure and clean even though dirty streams of water from rivers flow into it.

Sunan Kalijaga used the story and actors in shadow puppet I. In fact, as van Dijk The reason for accepting this person as a member of the group is related to his dakwah strategy to show the tolerance and inclusiveness of Islam toward other religious believers. He said: As a drug addict, I want to quit my addiction. However, no one including my close friends could help me to quit. Instead of helping me, they all left me alone with my problem.

Actually, I need those who can hear and help me to ease my problem. Finally, I found a person who could help and listen my problem. He is a wise man. I have spent many nights chatting with him until morning. He patiently heard my problem and gave advice to me. This radio program could be heard by those who lived in Kediri but also by those who lived in other cities such as Tulungagung, Nganjuk, and Jombang.

In this way, as a leader of the group, he can communicate easily with his followers. For his followers who cannot visit him regularly, this program helps them to keep in touch with their leader. A second avenue for making dakwah acceptable, especially to those categorized as orang ruwet, marginalized people I.

It is sanctioned by the Prophetic tradition because it can encourage Muslims to remember death A. In regards to dhikr al-maut, the Prophet Muhammad in his hadith asked Muslims to remember death abundantly and regarded those who frequently remember death as people of genius. In other words, the tombs of saints are considered efficacious places from which to offer prayer I, doa. This notion, he asserted, in fact was relevant to several hadith , which state that the tombs of Muslims are part of the gardens of paradise A.

So, this hadith can be interpreted as tombs becoming gardens of paradise if people follow properly the teachings of religion during their life in the world, or the tombs can become the abyss of hell if people transgress the teachings of religion. There are several Muslim tombs where this group holds its rituals. These shrines are located in several regions of Kediri, enabling this group to attract people who live in the vicinity of these shrines.

The ornamentation of the tomb was like most Hindu tombs. Chapter V Plate 5. Rituals of Islamic Spirituality Plate 5. Explaining this cannot but help to attract people to join the group. This book also notes that each formula has a particular and specific purpose if it is recited a specified number of times and in specific ways.

This practice should be performed for seven days consecutively at midnight or 10 pm. In doing so, the group has adopted the ideas of Sufi dakwah and Sufi tolerance, which have been practised since the introduction of Islam to the Indonesian Archipelago. I only wrote and compiled it.

He described his experience as follows: But I did not watch my ship. We walked together. It seemed that we walked in the city of Mecca. So, I asked his friend in Arabic: Moreover, he claimed that although he did not promote and advertise this formula to the public, it attracted a large number of followers to practice the ritual of the group.

However, this group did not attract many followers. People who came to the event were supposed to listen to the memorizers or reciters and correct them if they make any mistakes Thoha According to Abdul Qadir, one of senior leaders in the group, in , a semaan was even held in the Yogyakarta palace to commemorate the fortieth day of the death of Hamengku Buwono IX. The mechanic replied: Those who join the semaan definitely practise such activities.

This is an important thing to remember. Niku sing penting. Di tengah-tengah kulo panjenengan angel noto bojo, noto rumah tangga, sulitnya menciptakan sesuatu yang indah, tanda-tanda musibah badhe dugi katah, berarti kulo panjenengan dituntut nyusun ketahanan batiniyah, nyentuh duspundi supados Allah iku sayang, gati teng kulo panjenengan.

Niku mawon. Rituals of islamic Spirituality 6. The names of all the persons mentioned in this formulae are as follows: Abdillah b. Indeed, the group characterizes these individuals as the youngest dwellers in Paradise. In the world to come I. Rituals of islamic Spirituality those who have been with Allah because these persons can bring you to be with Allah. In addition, forty days is also used by this group as a requirement for those who want to benefit from the formulae.

There was no particular position or separation between the leader and the members during the ritual. Unlike rituals held by Sufi orders, no specific ritual dress is worn by participants and the leader. The position for female and male participants was separated during this ritual. At the rituals that I attended, the leader of this group often gave a very short religious message to the participants at the end of the ritual and the semaan.

The topic of the message was usually based on the preference of the leader. It is likely that this was to keep him in the collective memory of the participants. In addition to holding the ritual on specific occasions like the anniversary of the death of particular Muslim saints and the founder, this group also conducted the ritual on a weekly basis and every selapanan every five weeks in a group.

The ritual held at his tomb could be attended by thousands of people, who travelled from all over Java to attend.

Secondly, it was to pray for all Muslims. Thirdly, it was to gain blessing barakah since it is recommended to visit the tombs of pious Muslims to gain their blessing and to emulate their virtues in fulfilling religious duties.

People who lived around the site believed these old tombs had keramat. Only he knew the objective. However, the decision to give the memorisers the privilege of being buried at the site also raised difficulties.

The criteria to determine which memorisers should be buried there is not clear. In addition to asking for spiritual guidance I. He described his mission as follows: They are not good people I. One of those people was Erna Jaelani, a singer from Surabaya.

She admitted that after meeting him she not only stopped singing in pubs but also avoided entering them. She then became a wedding stylist and opened a fashion shop in her carport Jawa Pos This story was also told in an interview held by a journalist from Matra magazine. Rituals of islamic Spirituality O! Allah just as you have made these people have a party in this place, may these people also have a party in the world -to- come.

Because of his intensive worship of God, the virtuous person was endowed with the power of miracles I. It is said that one of his miracles was that wherever he walked in the desert, a cloud shaded him so that he was protected from the hot sun. But the virtuous person refused the prostitute and asked her to go away. At that time, God said to the current prophet that He had forgiven any sins committed by the prostitute.

God then withdrew the power of miracles he had given to the person and gave it to the prostitute. Chapter VI Plate 6.

Akbar Tanjung, the former minister in Suharto era. Matra Magazine, October, This story tells us that Khidr was allowed by God to do things which seemed to be evil and 9 Interview with Thabut, Kediri, November, His name is Balya ibn Malkan.

Every age has its Khidr. His immortality is emphasized in Islamic tradition Gibb and Kramers Rituals of islamic Spirituality malicious in the eyes of lay people but had benefits later. Not every one can emulate Khidr and even the prophet of God, Moses, failed to understand what Khidr was doing. In doing so they can feel secure in their camouflage and they be satisfied with the reception of God al-Ghazali Asked why as a Muslim he drank beer in bars, he replied that he knew nothing about alcohol and only knew about mushkir, a kind of beverage that can make people drunk.

He claimed that no one had told him whether beer can be categorised as mushkir. He argued that instead of spending money buying something so useless, people should use the money for other purposes such as helping the poor. All Muslim jurists mention that any drink which may cause drunkenness is prohibited.

This term is given to those who can perform deeds that break the custom of God I. Rituals of islamic Spirituality linuwih called karamah.

He was always guided by God, either through visions or dreams. With this guidance, he may have committed minor trespasses but he immediately repented.

With this title he deserved to be a spiritual teacher A. They serve as an important model of exemplary piety for his followers. As result, this improves their spiritual focus A. Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition , Edited by: Bearman, Th. Bianquis, C. Bosworth, E. World Digital Library. Retrieved 1 March In John L.

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