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A Lesson in Forgiveness by Jennifer Connors is Paranormal Ginny figured being a 21st century woman, stuck in the past, playing other people's lives would be. A Lesson in Forgiveness by Jennifer Connors is Ginny figured being a 21st century woman, stuck in the past, playing other people's lives would be fun. It turns. A Lesson in Forgiveness (Lesson Series Book 2) by [Connors, Jennifer] Jennifer Connors (Author) Book 2 of 9 in Lesson Series (9 Book Series).

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The minor characters were also well-written. Elinore batted her eyelashes and murmured. Natalie was the perfect choice. His mouth moved on its own volition. But to give into him would make her life a living hell. Second in the series.

His father had a mistress before he married and had maintained one until his last breath. Miles was sure his father never visited his mother's bed again. Chapter 4 The guests arrived throughout the next day. At his mother's bequest. Was it sympathy? For his mother? It would be soon enough that he met the women. Putting on his best indifferent face.

It reminded him of the house party where he met Bethany. Miles kept to his study. He smiled when appropriate. His mother was there to greet everyone and to order the servants around like a drill sergeant. His mother's only job was to produce an heir and when that was done. She stood out because she didn't giggle and carry on like a child just out short skirts.

Miles went to the his mother's side. Something stabbed at his heart. Truth was. Allow me to introduce you to some of our guests. What he saw. The woman had made her life what it was and he wouldn't make excuses for her.

And if I were. After what Miles felt was an appropriate enough amount of time. Did you knock yourself senseless? Although kneeling. I have been sitting here for some time without incident until you appeared. As a child. Miles never saw the young woman on the ground until he tripped over her skirts. Miles would pretend to be a highwayman.

While lost in thought. They were attached to a pretty face. The victim was often a nursemaid. I am not senseless. As he wandered the grove. Allowing the young woman to lift his head and place it on her lap. Somewhat fascinated by the sound. Lifting himself into a sitting position. They were the color of summer skies. What was she doing? How was she doing? Was she happy? As much as the whole affair pained him. There were plenty of woods near his estate.

Striding off into the garden. Then responded. If she looked this. She was beautiful. I met both her and her mother. Miss Tibbets immediately commented. Are you related. And you are. Miles got himself to his feet. Miles would have even called it shock. Elinore had the feel of someone who wouldn't think twice about besmirching anyone's reputation.

She accepted. Elinore will be looking for me. She recognized the question for all its impertinence. Natalie walked toward the house.. His reputation was well known and she would not be on a long list of his conquests. I am the companion of Lady Elinore..

Not able to hide his cringe. The young woman held herself regally. He had to admire her sass. She would never consider giving this man any ammunition to use against her at a later date. Miles had no doubt that she would be stunning standing up.? She was tall and statuesque.

Lady Elinore was the worst of the bunch. The haughty look was replaced by surprise. Without answering his question. After all. As she broke through the trees. He could have any woman he wanted and her cousin was desperate to make him want her. Not to mention her mother. Natalie was without words. Deciding to play on his sympathy. I am simply a companion. Miles felt a sense of delight upon seeing the righteous indignation on her face. Miles simply smiled in return.

But to give into him would make her life a living hell. It would be unseemly for the two of us to be in each other's presence. Narrowing his eyes. There was a part of her who would like to parade in front of her aunt and cousin on the arm of this season's most eligible bachelor.

She stopped abruptly. If I'm seen with you. I am supposed to blend into the woodwork and never insinuate myself where I do not belong. Although she had about as much chance of making a match for herself as a nun in the convent. Even though Natalie had to admit that he was the best looking rake she'd ever met.

I thank you for your offer. Am I not an appropriate escort for a young lady staying on my estate? Elinore will be most unkind to me. It certainly didn't diminish from her beauty. Before he could respond. Of course not. Why would he want to meet her again? She was plain. I shall take the long way back to the house. She was both appalled and excited. As much as she knew she shouldn't feel regret. Miss Tibbets.

I should very much like to get to know you better. The ice blue silk tonight for dinner. It took Natalie a moment to realize that a question was asked. Natalie remembered that she left her book in the grove. It didn't take long. I was in the garden reading. A knowledge she never would have thought she'd have. Natalie wouldn't be invited to dinner. I wanted to tell you about the duke. Her only purpose was to be around to listen to her vacuous cousin drone on about nothing. Now she would have to go back out and retrieve it.

Her encounter with the duke had left her disconcerted. Natalie nodded when appropriate. He had a delightful. She didn't need Elinore to tell her how handsome the duke was. His eyes are the bluest. Before the melancholy of her memories could beset her.

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Her father's death had left her with no one. He's even more handsome in person than I have ever heard tale of. It was a bleak life. How boring. Natalie was darker. I look forward to dining with you this evening. Natalie could feel the blush creeping up her face. Lady Elinore. Bowing his head. The differences were night and day. Elinore spoke up. I hope you feel welcome in my home. It was bad enough having to be a companion to such a vapid.

Not only was she getting some one-on-one time with the duke. Looking up. I expect to see both of you at dinner this evening. Elinore stuttered. Miles looked from one girl to the other. And she couldn't be more thrilled. I do not believe I have had the pleasure to meet your friend.

While Elinore was fair. My mother and I took her in after her father died last year. Keeping her eyes averted. Pity was one thing that Natalie despised above anything else. Elinore gave Miles her full attention. She is my companion. I insist that she join us at dinner. Natalie was to eat with everyone else. Natalie continued to eat quietly when she heard the duke's booming voice from the end of the table.

She could hear light conversation amongst the guests.

Connors a forgiveness jennifer lesson pdf in

That had been over a year ago. Silently chastising herself. Miles couldn't stop taking covert glances at Miss Tibbets. Natalie continued to eat her soup. When neither were available. Chapter 6 Seated by total strangers. Her father. Suddenly nervous. Miles should know. For that matter. With the money gone and no other family to speak of. She never ate with strangers. When Natalie's mother took ill.

Natalie was well read. Having spoken to Lady Elinore a few times. Natalie struggled not to squirm in her chair. She sat at a table full of people.

Natalie thought back to the circumstances that had brought her to such a low point. Rolling her eyes. Her father followed his wife within a year. Not as a member of the family. He was asking Elinore what she thought of the dinner and Elinore was eager to give her opinion. In the end. Natalie felt out of place. Miles could imagine how she treated her companion. By the time Miles and the three fathers joined the women.

Miles could practically hear her thoughts. When the dinner had ended. There was an air of elegance. But suffer through it he did. I was just complementing your mother over the furnishings. Miss Tibbets stood head and shoulders above her cousin. My mother and I have been ever so comfortable in our accommodations.

Miss Tibbets was nowhere to be found. The thought of listening to a few fathers wax lyrical about their daughters was enough to send Miles to bed early.

Miles was to sit in attendance with the only other men at the party. I am sure my mother takes great pride in this home. Not wanting to encourage her too much. Or has she decided to retire early? Sutherland keeps asking about Natalie. Gathering her wits and trying her best to look placid.

I will seek her out and see if she would like to borrow them.

I wonder if she has had the pleasure. Her mouth resembled a fish out of water. Natalie prefers the company of her books. Recovering quickly. She was. Elinore was easily displaced. Why does she not wish to join in all the trivial pursuits my mother has planned? Lady Norbury. For a woman who was taught everything she needed to know to lure a man. I would have thought Miss Tibbets would be treated as family. Perhaps tomorrow. Miles' expression turned dark. Excellent work. I have recently read a few novels myself.

She has many duties to attend and will not be joining in the activities. She seems a nice. Miles walked away. She decided to retire as soon as dinner was over. Why would he care. Surely you do not expect her to act the role of proper. Elinore stated. He was simply showing an interest in your family. A look of shock came over her mother's face. He surely has no interest in Natalie beyond trying to impress me. She was by far the prettiest girl in attendance. Although I think an offer will be forthcoming.

A Lesson in Forgiveness

Surely you jest. What could he possibly have to say about her? Taking a moment to consider her mother's assertions. How dare her mousy cousin get in the way of her being a duchess. What interest could the duke have in a some plain. Natalie was nearly in the safety of the trees when she stumbled over a rock and came down hard on her chest. Moving more quickly. She waited until she heard most the household settle down to bed. As much as she wanted her task completed quickly. From there. On the other hand.

Natalie took the servant's stairs to the door out to the garden. After all the excitement of being invited to dinner. She could see the trees. Turning around. She was nearly halfway to her destination when she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Using her hand to cover the candle as much as possible. With only a candle to light her way. After dinner. Chapter 7 It was late. Still in her gown from dinner. Looking back at the house. What if someone saw her make her way across and came to investigate?

Natalie didn't relish the idea of having to explain the reason for her being out and about so late at night. The book. She would have waited until morning. The wind got. Turning on her toes. I had not meant to frighten you.

All the stories she'd heard about him. I beg your pardon. No woman was safe. The book has a great deal of value. And yet here he was. Miss Tibbets? I had forgotten it in all the excitement.

Barely able to breath. If only to me. And yet. I was reading a book. He had the insane urge to lie next to her. She thought not. She was worried that he would do something naughty. I am not sure if we will be successful. I was in my study and saw you in the garden.

Kneeling down next to her. He might have been curious. In the darkness. Natalie turned over just in time to see a man standing over her. Before he let his baser self take hold. I was curious.

She was intelligent. There was something about this girl that appealed to him. She never would speak to a gentleman like this in the light of day. Lifting her up as if she weighed no more than a feather.

I wish not to add to my numerous failings.

A Lesson in Forgiveness (Lesson #2) by Jennifer Connors

Like Bethany. The tales told about you are rather provocative. When he was with her. Smiling in the darkness. Miles led Natalie into the grove. Mostly to listen to her ramblings on how perfect she is. Miles took Natalie's hand and placed it in the crook of his arm. He was fairly certain he could remember where he'd fallen. Now I must marry and produce an heir to meet my obligations.

I wonder when we are allowed to accomplish something simply to please ourselves. Miles wanted to wheedle out details about her life. Miles felt a certain peace. Part of him wanted to lead her in the wrong direction. I am now a duke. Do you hope to marry someday. I would have to agree with your assessment. Miles moved to stand up and the two knocked foreheads together.

Natalie concurred. Natalie couldn't keep the mirth from her body. As she bent down to assist him. Grabbing her head. I will just get on my hands and knees. Miles responded. Natalie said. When she heard the duke join her. When the ability for speech returned. I would rather marry a hedgehog. Your cousin and aunt have few things on their minds. It took several minutes for both of them to calm down enough to take a full breath.

Although it would pain me to disappoint a young lady so. So when Miles reached her side. After he picked it up. Miles lowered himself to the ground and began to feel around for the book. Miles pulled her behind a large hedge. May I. She was everything that he now knew he wanted in a wife. Not someone who could easily be manipulated with his title and wealth. Should I call for a doctor? Natalie's mind wandered to what would have happened if she hadn't jumped away.

And wasn't that exactly what he'd intended to do? There was little about this girl that didn't appeal to him. Her steps slowed before they reached the edge of his garden.. Miles may have only known her a few hours. It certainly felt good. I do not think less of you because you are able to laugh with true joy. Natalie was lurching to her feet. His caress was gentle. Did she just give away her one and only chance to be kissed?

Not in the way of young boys. Sensing the change. Miles would never want Natalie to fear him. Her breath was unsteady. Swallowing loudly.. If you would be so kind as to hand me my book. Perhaps she was the only one affected in this situation and the duke was merely being polite.

It was his voice that stopped her. Miles had her locked close to his body Perhaps this will be better. I was about to ask you if I could kiss you. His mouth moved across her lips. When his mouth came down on hers this time. She didn't want to reward his kindness with tears. He had no intention of ever offering for her cousin.

A moment later. He crushed her mouth. Natalie had no way of asking for them. Still unable to see her expression. Natalie scrunched her face in disappointment. Feeling tears forming in her eyes. That was it.. Somehow she'd imagined more passion. Did she just ask the Duke of Sutherland to kiss her. She tasted just as he thought she would. Natalie had to get away. She simply didn't have the experience or the knowledge.

Licking her lips. He pulled away and stood silently with his hand still cupping her cheek. Miles knew what she asked and what she wanted. Before she could change her mind. Natalie's arms circled her body to ward off the shivers she felt from his body leaving hers so suddenly. He focused his attention on subjects that would not arouse him again. When he fondled her. Natalie didn't know what she wanted to happen. A wave of disgust crashed into her as she thought of her behavior.

Miles pulled away suddenly and turned his back to her. Her hands moved on their own. His hands openly explored her body. Natalie ran her hand up the length of him. Natalie had never experienced anything like it before. All she knew was that she had not attained her completion and anything less would be harsh and disillusioning.

Miles needed to be careful not to get carried away. It had been some time since Miles had been with a woman. Natalie moved herself closer to his body.

The warmth spread throughout her skin. When he gently pinched her nipples. He rubbed his hands up her back. Miles kept repeating in his head. Even with the mantra playing over and over again. But when the little minx began to use her tongue to duel with his. Got to stop. She was a wanton.

His breathing sounded as though he'd run a marathon and his erection was strong and painful. As young and inexperienced as she was. Natalie turned and ran back to the house. Returning to the hedge. Miles stopped his chase. Returning to the house.

She heard his pursuit. Miles decided to take matters into his own hands. What had come over her? Without another thought. It was painful to realize how human his friend was. I hope you will not think me impertinent when I ask for some privacy to complete my work. Miles yelled. Elinore batted her eyelashes and murmured.

Lady Elinore walked in and promptly closed the door. Pouring over the ledgers. While waiting for his butler to deliver the information.

Schooling her face into a pout. Standing by the doorway now. Come back and sit at your desk and I promise to leave you alone to do your work. Miles returned to his study to complete the never ending estate work that had piled up during the day.

Miles stood up and opened the door to his study. During breaks from his guests. Hearing a quiet knock on the door.

Miles suddenly knew why his former friend. Miles wasn't surprised that Miss Tibbets was nowhere to be found. Chapter 8 The next day. Walking over to his desk. If Miles had been forced to deal with all the decision making that went into running large estates at such an early age. By late afternoon. Before walking out the door. Lady Elinore? I am available to all his grace's guests.

Bosworth left the room. Before he could provide his information. Bosworth walked into the room. Bosworth said. Miles looked to Bosworth to provide him with the location of the missing companion. Perhaps you could keep the other guests away from me for a while. When should he approach her?

Should he go up now. I am very busy with my estate ledgers. Elinore brushed up against Miles on her way out. As you know. Closing the door behind her.

Pdf in lesson jennifer forgiveness a connors

Do you require anything else. Or should he leave her alone and do as his mother was bidding him to do? Miles knew what he should do.

Miles closed the door and returned to his desk. Natalie jumped at the sound. Just looking at her cousin.

A in connors jennifer forgiveness pdf lesson

Natalie sat in her room alone for most of the day. When she heard the knock on her door. Whoever could want to speak to her? Opening the door a crack. Chapter 9 With a book as company. What more do I need to. Look at me. Elinore pushed her way into the room and began her tirade about the duke. The day was cloudy and dull. Cards were of little interest to her. Staring out her window at the cloudy.

She'd had breakfast with her aunt and cousin in their adjoining rooms. Elinore continued. He barely noticed me. Natalie thought back to the kiss in the garden with the duke. Not needing any response. Before she could mutter a greeting.

No one acknowledged a servant. The only thing she knew was that he apparently did not do what Elinore had hoped he would. She wouldn't admit that she was avoiding a certain gentleman. Not to mention the dreams she'd had about the incident. It was the thousandth time that day that she'd replayed the scene in her mind. During tea. As soon as I closed the door and came to his desk. Natalie could only stare back in wonder at what the duke had done to elicit such a response.

Natalie's voice raised higher. And I very much want to be a duchess. Natalie sat demurely.. He is a duke. No woman. After a year of living with her cousin. Elinore sat heavily on the room's only chair.. I turned them down because each and every one was beneath me. Of all the hare-brained schemes her cousin and aunt had devised.

What harm is it when we both know that he will eventually choose me anyway? Preparing herself. I have received dozens. I deserve this and I will get it! Natalie knew that she was about to experience one of Elinore's famous temper tantrums. How can you even think it?

No woman at this party compares to me. He has gone this long without marrying. Elinore replied. Didn't his grace tell her. Taking a deep breath and sitting on the edge of her small bed. Natalie was truly disgusted. Miles continued. Miles turned to Elinore. Following her own rule. In the few days they'd been at the duke's house.

Natalie opened the door and was shocked to see the duke standing in the doorway. Sitting on the room's only chair was Lady Elinore. It could have been a disaster. Miles looked from one woman to the other and said. Before Natalie could respond to soothe her cousin. Needless to say I was shocked to learn that she didn't have one of the larger rooms in the guest wing..

She is my servant. I came to inform Miss Tibbets that she should pack up her things and be moved at once. Clearing his throat. Walking over. Natalie looked stricken. One of her best weapons against her aunt and cousin was to keep quiet and let the chips fall where they may.

It wasn't until she had walked far enough away that she could not see the house beyond the trees that she stopped and allowed herself to cry.

Elinore sashayed to Miles' side to whisper conspiratorially. She had more pride than that. The look of self-satisfaction was written on Elinore's face. Not that her cousin's behavior was a surprise. Her parents always taught her that dignity was a cornerstone of life. To say she was selfabsorbed was one thing. She felt the tears prickle her eyes and refused to allow either the duke or her cousin to see her cry.

After this. Natalie didn't have to. My mother and I took her in as she had no where else to go. Her humiliation. The past year had put a strain on maintaining her dignity. Natalie cried until the tears stopped coming. Sitting down in the tall grass. Natalie is more than aware of her place in my house. Her life. I was really confused about who was the hero in this book, and didn't like him at all in the beginning. In the end, even after all the horrible things he did, I really liked him.

I wouldn't call him a hero though. I felt he was sincere, and realized the mistakes he made and wanted to do everything he could to make it right. I thought the way Ginny solved the problem in this one was much more realistic than in the first book. I wish I liked this one.

I wish she would have slept with Miles though. He was just too yummy to pass up. Oh well. She would have felt guilty, and that wouldn't have made for a good ending. I like that Ginny is getting attached to these men, but not falling in love with them, so when she moves on it's not heartbreaking each time.

It seems like she feels the emotion when she is in the other persons body, but when she moves on, there is only a little sadness. I think Ginny is going through all these situations so she will be wiser when she finally meets "the one". This one also didn't make me feel like there was part of the story missing in the end. In my mind, Ginny was almost occupying Bethany's body and mind in unison with Bethany, so when she leaves, Bethany will know what is going on in her own life, and will have learned some things too.

I'm looking forward to the next book in this series. May 04, MK rated it really liked it Shelves: Whoah, I just finished this in one setting, and I love every minute on it. This is the second part of Ginny series, where she is whisk away on , England, as one of the guest of a hen party to snag a husband. I'm also confused as to who will be her partner, but when she finds him, and everything falls down because of the guy's actions towards her, I'm become so mad for Ginny. Anyway, maybe this is the reason why the title is how to learn to forgive and just move on if someone does things to yo Whoah, I just finished this in one setting, and I love every minute on it.

Anyway, maybe this is the reason why the title is how to learn to forgive and just move on if someone does things to you. I like Ginny's bravery for that. I read the first book on , and now I read this continuation. I become lonely when Ginny herself can't fall in love, only her characters.

She felt infatuation to both Ian on Lesson of Passion , and this guy, and does her duties as a heroine to go back home. If I'm her, I really can't take the pressure on living someone else's life. Anyway, this is an enjoyable and lovable book who likes this genre. Gonna read now the novella, and later the third book. Jun 15, Amanda rated it it was amazing. I read this book about a year ago and I still remember it. I remember how much i was pissed off and did not like the hero. He was likable but frankly an ass in the end.

He acted like such a spoiled child. Honestly I like this series but I don't act like Ginny does and therefore I don't always agree with her reasoning. I must admit thought that I learned this lesson from this book. It is important to forgive not for the other person but for yourself. You cannot move on in life unless you learn to I read this book about a year ago and I still remember it.

You cannot move on in life unless you learn to forgive. So while I may not love the story I must admit I learned the lesson and it has been applicable to my own life Oct 11, Christi rated it liked it. Continuation of first book in trilogy.

This time the heroine falls into England in She again is half the character from a romance book she read, and half 20th century woman.

A forgiveness lesson pdf connors jennifer in

I think the plot was much better this time. More interesting and not as easy to predict. The male character was much more interesting. I can't wait to read the third book in this trilogy.

We have had amazing passion in the first, and this one she learns the true beauty of really forgiving someone. What is next and how Continuation of first book in trilogy. What is next and how will the author wrap up this set? Sep 02, Avid rated it really liked it. An emotional read that made me grab my tissues. Ginny's new world is 18th Century England and big surprise she needs to find a husband. She acts a bit rashly when she hears of a bet involving her, and she takes responsibility for the consequences.

Unfortunately, her "mega-hunk" refuses to take any responsibility for his actions and acts cruelly. She has to pick up the pieces of a broken life and then after she had cleaned up a huge mess, husband re-engages with her as if he did nothing wrong.

As the title implies, she must learn to forgive him to move on. Oct 17, Leah rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this book. I read the first in the serif because it was free and now I am hooked. I have to find out where Ginny will end up next. I did have a hard time forgiving Colin, but I knew she was going to have a lesson in forgiveness because of the title name.

However, since I am a woman that can't imagine forgiving that level of indiscretion, it was hard to read. However, it is one of my favorite series. View 1 comment. Feb 02, Kellyanne rated it liked it Recommends it for: Historical Romance Fans. I enjoyed reading this. Very quick read. It tells of Ginny who is transported from the 21st century into the body of a romance novel heroine in I found the grammar to be lacking in a few places but overall an entertaining read.

I don't normally read historical romance, maybe my tastes are changing as I'm getting older lol. May 09, Bridget rated it liked it Shelves: This second book in the Lesson series disappointed me a little, mainly because the first one was so good. The male character didn't appeal to me much, but I still had a good time reading this story.

Ready to start the next book now. Jun 21, Jessica Wertz rated it it was amazing. I loved how much history was wrapped up into each book. They are easy reads and I found myself laughing quite a lot!! Great story lines and I can't wait till the next book comes out! Apr 03, Jocelyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Second in the series. I love this series enough that I tell my friends about it. This is my second favorite in the series with the 4th book being my favorite.

May 28, Missy Winegarner rated it it was amazing. This is book 2 or 9. Ginny does it again. This time she takes the place of an English heroine with Colin as her reluctant husband. Another great story and lesson! Aug 03, Keisha King rated it it was amazing. I really like her books. Sep 08, Sonia Gonzales rated it really liked it. Easy read with interesting storyline. If I could live all the lives Ginny does it would be pretty cool. Jan 08, Tameka rated it it was amazing. Very heartfelt moving book.

Sep 05, Alda rated it really liked it. Not as good as the first but still a compelling story. I will read the other surely. Nov 07, Amy rated it it was amazing. Stuck in , with the attitude of a woman from the 21st century what could possiably go wrong?

Loving Jennifer Connors right now!!! Anna Sargent rated it it was ok Jun 05, Annelli rated it liked it May 22, Kelly rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Elizabeth Rasco rated it really liked it Dec 09, Jaclyn Stone rated it it was amazing Dec 28, ScarlettIvy rated it liked it Jun 16, Maria rated it it was amazing Sep 14, Natalie rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Lakisha Morris rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Sean rated it it was amazing Jun 29,