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3, Teacher's book. by Kate Wakeman. Discover English. 3, Teacher's book. by Kate Wakeman. Print book: Juvenile audience. English. Pearson Longman. Check out extra grammar resources to help your students master English English course Discover English level 3 cover. Level 3. Students' Worksheet. Discover English Global 3 Test Book by Carol Barrett, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Discover English 3 Test Book. Sreten Lazarevic. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button. Discover English Starter - Test Book. Uploaded by. Pablo Castro. Discover English 2 Test Book. Uploaded by. Zdravka Jelačić- Majkić. english 3 test book. pdf. discover english 3 test - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

I Felix Oh - Look at me! Q Do you eat breakfast? Published on Sep 8, Monica Mm mm, yes. His name is Fred. It's eight o'clock.

Discover English 1 - Test Book

I E talking at the moment. Complete the story. The dog is running to the trees. DJ Here is the news. One man is tall and has got black hair. His friend has got brown hair 3! Now here is Bob Mayhem. M W He — talk to the police.

There they are! Write the -ing form of the words. Bob Oh, yes, look! The policeman 5 1 go gin run to the bus station. Yes, they're 3 stop on the bus now! Stop them! Which are true for 5 Walk you? The man isn't wearing a white T-shirt. He's wearing a black T- shirt. A word in each sentence is mixed up. Can you work it out? Complete the dialogue between Felix, Ben and Monica. Use these Talking Tips. Gemma Look it's 5 o'clock! Felix Have you got any money?

Gemma No I haven't, but Monica has got some money. Monica No, I haven't. Gemma Oh, Monica, 2 Monica No, l'm notjoking. Ben, have you got any money? Ben No, I haven't. Monica What can we do? Monica Why are you laughing? Gemma Yes, you two. Ben Your face! Of course we've got some money.

Monica You're terrible! Clothes Write the words. Write the answers. She is. Go past the cinema and turn right. It's on your. A Excuse me, l'm looking forthe supermarket.

Excuse me, where is the park, please? Turn right. The park is on 5 4 Excuse me, where's the swimming pool? Go straight on and turn right. It's past the library, on your left.

Write directions from the bus station to: Complete the phrases. Use at, past or on. Write directions from your classroom to two places in your school. Choose from: Thank you for your report. We can see you on our spacevision. Put the correct sticker next to the 3 Why 3: The police are looking for a fhief. He is a young man and he is wearing a green baseball cap and 9 a white T-shirt. He has gofshorflalack hair and brown eyes.

Fill in the missing clothes words here. Put the other sticker here and complete the description. The police are looking for a thief. Examples ' My boots are brown. My trousers are blue. Make present continuous questions with the words. Go orplay? Use Let's or How about. Complete the place words. Grammar Complete the directions. A Excuse me, where is the cinema? That's Franco. Write the sentences using the present continuous of the verb in brackets.

Ely Picture Dictionary Zonths Write the months. Chin ejse: New Year T Write the month. Birthdays Holidays. Which month is Easter in your country? D Circle the odd one out. Find six Talking Tips in the birthday banners. That isn't fair That's disgusting!

It's a joke That's a good idea ' OK, now we've got Ben's present. Monica Brilliant! Gemma Do you like your ice cream, Monica? Monica Mm mm, yes. And you? Gemma Yes, it's really good.

What's that in your ice cream, Monica? Monica Chocolate? I haven't got chocolate. Gemma Oh, Monica it isn't a real bee! It's a toy! Monica Hmm.

English 3 test book pdf discover

Why have I got a toy in my ice cream? Gemma Ha! So, let's eat your ice cream! Gemma Hey! Now I haven't got an ice cream. Complete the sentences using information in the table. Write the sentences. NEVER in the summer. Write similar sentences about you and your friends.

discover english 3 test book.pdf

I never have a party at Christmas. Find the words. We are here for our Christmas holiday. I — my brother Harry. He Lee in the pool. They have summer in December in Australia. People otten " swimming on Christmas Day.

Christmas toad in Australia is sometimes different too. Today we are having an English Christmas lunch and we 3 in the garden by the pool. Have a good Christmas in the UK. Complete the text with the present ordinal numbers simple or the present continuous of the verbs in write the missing numbers and words: Every year we 5?? At the moment I write cards and Le make presents. Christmas 1 What is your mum doing at the moment? Write three 3 when is the maths test? Weather ,.. Read about the weather in these eight countries and draw weather symbols.

What's the weather like in: The weather in Europe 1 the UK? It's mining and it's cold. KGY5 2 Portugal? What's the weather like in your country Complete the report. On our 3 the weather is always hot and Put the stickers in the correct place. You say it is 9 Th": What is spooky? Why are costumes Whitie anal itihas got some i 2 E L spooky? They are 5.

Are you commg O. My hair is long and black: I never go to school on Sunday. I often go swimming. Directions to my school: Go straight on and turn left. People are celebrating Carnival in London! They celebrate the carnival every year, I in Augast. The weather is fantastic today. It's usually hot and sunny in summer in London. Every year there are lots of bands.

They all wear costumes and they play drums and guitars. I'm eating a big sandwich at the moment and I'm drinking a big cola! They are singing and dancing in the street. I never sing and dance in the street! But my sister loves dancing and she wears special clothes every year.

In Daniel's diary, what are people doing? They're celebrating Carnival. What do people do every year in London? What's the weather usually like? What is Daniel doing at the moment? Write three things What do the bands play every year? What are people wearing? Does Daniel sing and dance in thestreet? Writing 5 Imagine you are at a festival in your Eountry.

Answer these questions 1 Where are you? What is the name of the festival? Use Daniel's diary to help you. Look at David's school timetable. I I 0 French RE. Wednesday Ialkmg Tips!

It is now Friday. Are these sentences true or false? Circle the time words and phrases. These sentences are about today. Change them and write about yesterday. I was at home yesterday. Last Tuesday 3 Ben isn't at school today. Order the words. Yes it was. X No, 3 Monica was at the library last Saturday. J 4 You were at the cinema last Sunday. X 5 The children were in the classroom last night. X 6 We were at Gemma's house on Sunday. Find fourteen verbs in the past tense and write them in the table under Past.

Past remembered Main verb remember 1 1 1 verbs. He was OK. It was terrible. No he wasn't. Past simple: Make these sentences negative. Use 3 Leo did his homework last night. Complete the sentences with the negative form of the verb. We didn't like the holida.

Digyou walk to the bus station? Write questions. Did we study histoyy lagyear? Ask Ali questions about the words in bold. I didn't have any homework so the weekend was brilliant! Write answers about you. I was bored in French last Thursday. Fiz, why did you go to school with Kit?

You know everything about Earth 2 l 5 When were you scared? Can we. Your fnends from outer space. We learn about ditferent places in the world and abautditferent. Whatis it? Write the date. Vocabulary Find the months. Use the past simple 1 F. Fill in the missing letters.

L 5 Where your brothers? I don't know! I B Complete the sentences with the past of the verb in brackets. I 3 I hurry tothe busstation. What's the weather like? Tick the correct columns. BBC1 The Simpsons -rum; uqfiysqui-. Match the verbs and their past forms. Use these verbs in the past tense. The show was amazing.

3 test english book pdf discover

I 3 jithe music and the songs. Complete the. It 2 be about toys. I 5 like the Sindy doll from the My brother 7 love the Action Man toys — they 5 have lots of different clothes. Readmg Q Read the text again. Underline all the Read this letter to the Discovery Web Page.

Write the verbs here. My sister came too. We saw the musical The Lion King. It was amazing! Which verbs in the text are regular? Which are irregular? Irregular verbs in Africa called Simba. His father ; Mufasa was the king, but his ; , g brother Scar, wanted to be king.

Scar didn't like Mufasa and he hated Simba. It was a sad story but it was happy in V, the end. Simba was the king! It was amazing. I took lots of photos. It wasagreat day! In 8 fantastic was ease. Grease The musical is: Answer Gemma Hi Ben what are you writing about?

I saw it last night. Gemma What did you see? Ben It was called Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Gemma Oh yes, Felix went Ben Yes, he did.

Discover English 1 - Test Book

Ben I didn't like it very Gemma Did Felix like it? Ben He loved it. It's a joke That's disgusting move-ever How embarrassing Wait a minute Complete the dialogue. You're sitting in my chair! Oh, OK. It's 4 o'clock. Let's go home. There's a frog in my lunch bag. Did you do this? Oh no! Have you got any money, Gem ma? Gemma No, I haven't. Make these sentences into questions. Did you see the programme? Complete the questions about the underlined parts.

I I saw the film Spiderman last night. The story was about a school student called Peter Parker. But he was scared and at first, he didn't talk to her.

Then 4 he did lots of things for her. With four levels and two possible starting points, Discover English provides a solid grammar and lexical syllabus with the right amount of variety and challenge to motivate young Pearson Longman, Discover English provides a solid grammar and lexical syllabus with the perfect mix of variety and challenge to motivate young learners Pearson, Texts and dialogues present new language in meaningful contexts Culture Sections encourage Liz Kilbey.

Izabella Hearn. A new four level course for today's students in today's classroom. Solid grammar and lexical syllabus provides variety and challenge Language presented in meaningful modern contexts through texts and dialogues Culture sections - students reflect on differences between themselves and others Full multimedia suite including 'Interactive DVD' and 'Active Teach' software Exam Judy Boyle, Pearson Longman, Boyle Judy. Secret Messages Study Skill: Making Trash Into Treasure!

Message in a bottle Expressing surprise and disbelief Discover Skills: The Invitation Study Skill: Past and Present Project: The regular Watch Out! There is also a motivating Talking Tips!

There are regular Fun Zone exercises throughout the book, which provide light-hearted grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking practice They also include songs, raps, puzzles and games Songs There is a song in alternate units These are connected to the unit topic and grammar This is very motivating for students of this age! Fun facts Regular Fun facts provide extra interesting, lighthearted information linked to the text in the lesson in question For example, see Unit 1b on page 13 You may occasionally need to help students with lexis or to translate Fun facts provide an excellent starting point for discussion on a related topic Try this!

Occasional Try this! Look at the pictures and correct the sentences Books closed Sit down with your arms folded and act feeling fed up Say: Then pick up your book and say: Elicit that you are complaining Books open Ask students to look back at the dialogue and say who complains and what they say Tom: Ask students to highlight the prepositions Point out that the phrases can be used with either a noun e.

Pronunciation Encourage students to stress the words which carry meaning, e. Then ask students to complete the text Check answers Answers student page Exercise Tell students to write the questions, then ask and answer in pairs, using Answers Were the children walking home?