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20 items CodeIgniter User Guide: Installation Instructions. Search User Guide. Installation Instructions. CodeIgniter is installed in four steps: 1. Unzip the. CodeIgniter and several other widely used web applications. Rick Ellis has a . In some places, this book goes beyond the User Guide, though, when it tries to. CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for It is recommended to go through this user guide before building your first web.

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The User Guide contains an introduction, tutorial, a number of "how to" guides, and then reference documentation for the components that make up the. Contributing to CodeIgniter¶. Contributing to CodeIgniter · Writing CodeIgniter Documentation · Developer's Certificate of Origin CodeIgniter API documentation with instant search, offline support, keyboard shortcuts, mobile version, and more.

By registering, you agree to our terms of service, including receiving some tips and offers from us from time to time. To answer your question "I'd be interested to hear how libraries, etc can be loaded at the controller level as that didn't seem documented very well. Unfortunately cake is missing that. He was always preaching about it, so I gave it a try. An update: I also tried cake first, then tried CI found it good then tried cake again and found it amaizing.

Try this one.

CodeIgniter Framework PHP - En Español

Abdulla Nilam Nadeshwaran Nadeshwaran 3 Can you write it on a line please? This solution works! Hope this helps. Sorry for poor English.

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The first suggestion behaves like there is no donwload and just displays the pdf on browser, the second suggestion generates an error: I will investigate further and let you know if i will get solution.

I tested Nadeshwaran and it is working. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. I wrote up about this too and agree with your points. I think the main advantage of CakePHP lies in its handling of models and associations. They're just so powerful if you use them correctly. Good post. I'm working on a few big projects, one in particular that has over tables, most of them with 10,'s of rows and a few with millions of rows.

They're not really high-traffic sites they're mostly intranets , luckily.

Pdf codeigniter documentation

Obviously with such large datasets, most queries are highly optimized for their specific usage. Many queries touching the same tables can look different depending on what columns are being extracted.

We do a lot of reporting, this is also another place where tricks are used to gain speed. How much of a pain is it to build your own queries in many places, and does it defeat the purpose of having a framework?

I've looked at CakePHP and while it seems powerful, too much magic is going on. And very often, the tables are already created when I get a project handed over Anyway I'm simply looking for advice since I'm tired of having , of lines to manage on that project. Life would be so much easier if we would have a framework!!!! I also tried cake first, then tried CI found it good then tried cake again and found it amaizing.

It is what should be a rapid application framework. It has so many cool stuffs. Many people have said praised many features such as associations etc. But I think it's the over all organisation that makes cake so much better. I never "got stuck" at anything. There is something for every problem. Its like they have thought of everything when coding it.

The documentation is a problem. But cake is for serious customers not for rookies so this hardship is justified. But after you grasp cake, there is no going back to CI for sure.

I wonder why no one mentioned bake. It is one of the best thing in cake. You just have to do the tweekings and you have an rapidly developped apps. I think CI is good. But what CI does can be done with even joomla. You have sense of magic when using cake but not in CI.

Also the user base also matters. Cake has so many "working" projects around. Ranging from OS projects to commercial projects. Being a freelancer, I have got many clients asking to develop their apps in cake not in CI. So it is shining where it really "matters". Guess what, even mambo will be using cake. This shows its commitment that an established and widely used cms like mambo will be using cake. I belive CI is good at the begining.

But if someone is really looking for rails like experience, and want to use it in real projects then cake is the best option. For the first time, i decided to use a php framework, prado was the point, but it was hard for me to learn, so i gave up. Second choice was CakePHP. When i read the manual, i said "what is it? CI's Documentation is great.

And then i tried to go back to CakePHP after i found how frameworks works. Step by step, i understand about CakePHP flow. It is very impressive. I like a lot about Model Associations. Everything makes sense. So finally, i choose CakePHP for my web developement. Its just easier to learn when you need to do things fast. But its not really what i want. Now im thinking about checking out a new framework. Rails is very slow and not recommended!

Pdf codeigniter documentation

You might try Django, which is well documented, but has no books in print. Django is much, much faster than Rails. Rails makes development a pain in the rear, because each test takes forever to run. You can not only do a coffee break while the test is running, you can go out and have a two-martini lunch! And each release is slower than the last. Don't ask me where all these fanboys came from, but it has much more to do with Ruby than with Rails. Ruby itself is elegant. I have used Fusebox for all my PHP projects to date I came from the ColdFusion side of things, where Fusebox is quite well established, so it was an easy switch.

Pdf codeigniter documentation

I'm currently starting a new project, and I'd like to use a more OO style of development, which CI seems to support very well. I love CI's documentation too -- among the best I've seen on any open-source project. Cake, by contrast, looked hard to understand and unimpressive, at least from their website. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

I'll post again if I have anything new to say about this CodeIgniter is lightweight, faster and better documented. CakePHP is bloated and slower. When I looked at choosing a framework, it seemed like CodeIgniter was the clear winner.

Logan what version of CakePHP were you looking at? What kind of benchmarks did you get between the two frameworks? How do you define bloated? By lines of code or number of features? It really depends what you're looking for.

An update: CI's approach to unit testing was a little anemic, and I wanted to play with TDD on this project in addition to some other things There's a lot to learn here, but I can always use a few new skills. I'm still on the fence in deciding which framework to use.

I've never used a framework before so I am leaning toward CodeIgniter. I have a new project to start, and it's relatively small, and probably would be perfect for CI. But, I don't want to get down the road a few months, and regret not going with Cake from the start because of it's increased DB automagic.

It's tough to go back and refactor an application using an entirely different framework. Decisions, decisions I use CI. I never even bothered to try Cake because I was immediately put off by the documentation, or lack thereof. As well, CI doesn't make assumptions about how I ought to implement my application.

CodeIgniter en Español

Zend Framework. Both have their benefits, but I use CodeIgniter because of its heavy documentation, simple learning curve, out-of-the-box features, security, and video tutorials! Google results appears to have shifted. The difference a few short months can make. Excellent article! There is no reason to use CI instead of my own library. CI is missing same essential classes like ACL etc.

But cake or zend fr have very rich tools than CI. Plus, yes CI is very easy to learn because there is more less things to learn: If a framework provide more tool, you have to spend more time to learn each tool.

If you dont need any tool. Plus, CI and ZF are depend on their commercial company ellislab, zend. This is negative point. Cakephp is belong to only its community. There is not importand speed differences between these frameworks. If speed is most importand thik for you should not use any framework.

I was using CakePHP for my day-job, but now that i'm going freelance i consider learning another framework, and right now i'm learning CI. A lot of things are very familiar to me, such as routes, helpers, controller, views, etc. But so far, i think that the Cake's top advantage is the out-of-the-box model association features habtm, hasmany, hasone And if you keep struggling with the doc, there are some nice books on the subject like: Beginning CakePHP, from novice to professionnal. For me, both development speed and runtime speed is important.

Using a fast framework is a tradeoff, but a convenient one. This is what Rapid application development is all about. I just started reading about these frameworks lately Cake, CI, Symphony, ZF as an alternative to our in-house framework and gotta say Cake has many cool ideas but some many of its syntax and conventions are really ugly and unintuitive.

For now, we'll learn the best practices and wait for Cake2.

Good afternoon. As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it. I am from France and now teach English, please tell me whether I wrote the following sentence: I read both cakephp and CI book.. Actually later no there may be something called CI I personally feel it should be mergered They are very similar now Rassel, make sure you know the OOP coding methodology before you try and learn a framework as it will help alot!

I don't like the query response to be array. It could be just me but just can't remember the key name especially for people whos mother tangues is not English like me whereas if it was returning array of classes i can just use the auto-complete feature of IDE.

Cakephp has command line tool to generate model, view, controll classes based on tables you have in the database and make the relationship for each models, but you can't really use to update the relationship otherwise it will have to write over to the existing ones. My name is Jonathan Snook and this is my site.

Pdf codeigniter documentation

I write about what interests me, which is usually web design, development, and technology. I'm also in the middle of a food adventure. I tweet. Want to learn more?

CodeIgniter vs. CakePHP I almost fear putting this kind of post together as it's bound to pull the fanatics in the negative sense of the word out of the woodworks.

Why compare these two? And the list goes on Approach to Simplicity I believe much of CodeIgniter's appeal is its simplicity in its approach. Working with Models CodeIgniter's model handling is fairly straightfoward and basically allows you to mimic a standard SQL query with a few straightforward commands like these examples: Take the following query as an example: Validation When working with models, you'll inevitably have to handle data validation.

Views CakePHP handles this fairly well by using a default layout which you can easily switch at runtime. Auto-loading CakePHP allows for application-wide changes to be done via the base application controller that all other controllers inherit from. Documentation Documentation is key to understanding any framework well enough to develop within it. Final Verdict I'm a pretty pragmatic individual and I honestly feel that these two frameworks have a lot going for them.

PDF of CI Documentation

Notes This comparison was based on the documentation for CodeIgniter 1. Anyhow a Zend vs. Cake vs. CI vs. Symfony would be cool, hell I'd probably pay for such a study.

Just skimming the codeigniter documentation I dont see any functionality to associate models? I hate the implementation in cakephp: Exactly what I was looking for. Database Class section was left out. Updated PDF. I updated the link to a newer version of the PDF. In the initial one I somehow left out the entire database section. Legal Notices. By registering, you agree to our terms of service, including receiving some tips and offers from us from time to time.