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The best baked simulated cassava-rice simulated chips was resulted products are available in Indonesia despite its poor nutritional value. chip foto video indonesia pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Mar 26, am. Looking for chip foto video indonesia pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top. Bahasa Indonesia - English 1 BANANA CHIPS; 2 Introduction; 3 Preservatives / Additives; 4 Banana chips processing; 5 References and.

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PDF | This study aimed to reduce the dominant factors affecting the production of banana chips in Lampung, Indonesia. Banana chips currently. Determining Factors of Banana Chips Production in Lampung, Indonesia. To cite this article: M Apriyani and F M Saty IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. PDF Downloads: Simulated chips are chips that involving flour formulation and kneading process during its preparation Aneka Fermentasi Indonesia ( AFI), Bandung, the Rice bran used has a brand called dr.

In Germany , Belgium and the Netherlands only two flavors were traditionally available, red paprika paprika , sometimes also called ungarisch and salted gesalzen. Rice bran tempe has been made through fermentation method using Rhizopus oligosporus culture. Charles E. Archived from the original on 28 July Soybean that have been peeled then boiled for 30 minutes with a temperature of 0 C. Damayanthi E.

Fatemeh Ramezani Kapourchali Canada. Final Approval by: Article Metrics. Indonesia has a diversity of traditional food. One of them is tempe, a fermented food which is generally made from soybean. Currently, the diversity of tempe raw materials and tempe products are widely developed with the aim of increasing the nutritional content of tempe.

Processing soybean into various foods is generally a simple process, like chips. Chip is one of the most popular snack food consumed by all ages. The effects of rice bran tempe flour addition as a fortification of wheat flour in the processing of simulated chips was determined. Rice bran tempe has been made through fermentation method using Rhizopus oligosporus culture.

This study aims to determine the chemical properties and sensory tests of simulated chips with the addition of rice bran tempe flour. Results have shown protein, fat and ash of the simulated chips to be increased, while carbohydrate content decreased corresponding to the increase in proportion of rice bran tempe flour.

However, the consumer perception has stated that simulation chips product with added rice bran tempe flour has no resemblance to the commercial product as a whole product. Curr Res Nutr Food Sci ;6 3. Tempe is a fermented food by the Rhizopus sp. Merril with the addition of rice bran. Rice bran is a by-product of the rice mill, which has nutritional and phytochemical sources that are good for health.

The higher the nutrient contained in a foodstuff, the more susceptible to damage resulting from enzymatic activity and microorganisms. The action of the enzymes that accelerate the lipid oxidation of the rice bran.

Fermentation is a potential process to prevent damage of rice bran and able to increase the functional value of rice bran.

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It can serve as prebiotics. Processing soybean into various food is generally a simple process, like chips. Chip is one of the most popular snack food consumed by all ages, including in Indonesia.

Indonesia pdf chip

Simulated chips are chips that involving flour formulation and kneading process during its preparation. Snack or snack food is a kind of food that has been known widely to most people.

These snacks are usually consumed between the main meal times. For some people, snacks as a part that cannot be left out of everyday life. In Indonesia, snacks have been developed since s. One type of snack that is developed and quite popular is chips. Chips are generally made by using one type of raw materials, such as potatoes, cassava, and other materials that have been thinly sliced and then fried.

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Limitations of raw materials will produce chips that have a less diverse taste and type of nutrition. In this research,rice bran tempe fortified with chitosan and GDL were dried and ground into flour. Utilization of rice bran tempe flour was intended to provide the added value to the product and to increase the nutritional value of the resulting chips. The research materials used consist of soybean Glycine max Ld. Other ingredients used to produce chips are wheat flour, sago flour, salt, lime betel, margarine, garlic, onion, cooking oil and water.

A total of 40 grams of soybean was washed and then soaked for approximately 24 hours in the water. After that, the soybeans are peeled off the shell. Soybeans were boiled for 30 minutes at a temperature of o C which then they were drained and aerated. After that, the soybean was added with 0.

GDL is used to speed up fermentation time. Soybean that have been peeled then boiled for 30 minutes with a temperature of 0 C. Soybean then drained and aerated. Ten grams rice bran was added to the ingredients, stirred and all parts of soybean covered rice bran. Then added Raprima culture tempe was added as much as 0. Incubation was carried out for 30 hours at ambient temperature.

Furthermore, rice bran was milled using a grinder.

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The production of simulated chips started by mixing all of the used materials which are wheat flour, sago flour, rice bran tempe flour, margarine, onion, garlic, salt, and water.

The used formula is shown in Table 1. Then the dough is stirred until homogeneous and sheets are formed with noodle roller. The next stage was for minga round with diameter of 3 cm, then fried using oil temperature of 0 C for 15 until 20 seconds. Table 1: The moisture content was analyzed using oven evaporation method. Simulated rice bran tempe chip samples were analyzed and compared with commercial chips as a control. A seventy-five untrained panelist evaluated the chips using a 9 point hedonic scale ranging from 1 extremely disliked to 9 extremely liked.

The panelists were asked to score for texture, taste, color, aroma, aftertaste and overall acceptability.

All of the analysis were reported in this study and was performed in duplicates. The preparation of the soybean seeds consists of cleaning from physical contamination such as fine pebbles and damaged seeds. Furthermore, soy has been soaked in water then boiled which given the acid compound GDL. Natural acidification can be replaced by chemical acidification.

Chemical acidification is the acidification process by adding acidic substances to achieve conditions that is suitable for mold growth. Then, the next process was the immersion that aims to soften the texture of soybean seeds. It makes easier for mold to penetrate soybean in the fermentation process boiling of soybean which is done for 30 minutes. Soybean boiling in the process of making tempe has served to inhibit the growth of other microorganisms that are not desirable.

Then, the boiled soybean are aerated at ambient temperature for the soybean to dry completely. To prevent microbial contamination, the aeration is carried out with a short period of time.

This is done to avoid contamination of bacterial decay which can inhibit the mold growth. The mold is the dominant tempe fungus although some other moulds, such as R. Molds which grow during fermentation will form hyphae, a white thread that covers the surface of soybean seeds and bran as to form a bundle of mycelium that binds soybean seeds to one another, form a compact structure and a dense texture.

Therefore, tempe contains nutrients that are easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the body. It is one of the main factors to determine the quality of tempe, as a source of vegetable protein that has a high digestibility. Figure 1: Click here to View figure.

Figure 3: Rice Bran Tempe Chips: Table 2: The shelf life of the product will be longer if the moisture content of food product lower. Low moisture content gives the crispy texture to the product. High protein content in chips was due to the presence of rice bran tempe flour which was added to the formulation.

Banana Chips (Practical Action Brief)

Although these values are significantly different, the protein content of rice bran tempe simulated chips is not too high in value. Ash content is an indication of mineral content of the chips. Ash that contained in rice bran tempe simulated chips has an average value of 1. These results indicate that the mineral content of simulated chips with the addition of rice bran tempe flour as more than control chips. The high fat content can be derived from rice bran. The greater addition of rice bran tempe flour followed by decreasing of carbohydrate levels.

The carbohydrate content of tempe flour is This is due to the reduced proportion of wheat flour that caused by the substitution of rice bran tempe flour. The sensory evaluation studies that have been reported here were found based on the evaluation by 75 untrained panelists. Overall, the hedonic test has showed that RBTC1 chips as having a higher degree of preference than other formulations. When compared with controls and commercial products, simulated rice bran tempe chips have a lower degree of preference and there were significantly different.

This is because the color of rice bran tempe simulated chips RBTC1 is not significantly different from the control product. Color is a very important parameter in food products. The color visual is the first factor to appear before considering other factors and may affect the selection of food products.

Chips with the addition of rice bran tempe flour have a slightly brownish color, thus the consumers tend to choose commercial chips. This is because consumers are still not familiar with rather bitter taste caused by rice bran. RBTC1 chips and commercial tempe simulated chips have their yields of 4. These results explain that consumers tend to prefer the taste of tempe chips without the addition of rice bran.

Consumers tend to prefer crisp textures. When the texture associated with the level of crispy simulated chips, the congested texture of crispiness is also increasing. The level of hardness can be caused by the increase in protein content. The existence of protein will form a matrix on the fiber-like product which can increase the hardness of the product. The more the addition of rice bran tempe flour,the bitter it will be. The main source of bitter taste is the process of damage to lipids, proteins, amino acids, and peptides.

Table 3: Multidimensional Scaling MDS is a statistical analysis to determine the similarities and dissimilarities variables as described in geometric spaces.

Due to they are in the same quadrant. The samples residing in the same quadrant also have similarities, while the products contained in different quadrants have different characteristics. Therefore, the commercial products are concluded to have close proximity to RBTC2, this indicates that the formulation has a close resemblance to the commercial products. Figure 4: Two dimensional plots of control and three of formulations of rice bran tempe flour from a classical MDS.

It has an effect on the decrease of carbohydrate content. However, the simulated chips product which was added with the rice bran tempe flour did not have any resemblance to the commercial product as a whole product. Scopus Journal Metrics CiteScore NAAS Score 4. Other Journals by Enviro Publishers. Your Name required. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the consumer acceptance of the deep-fried carrot chip product, and to assess the differences in acceptance of the carrot chip product between American and Southeast Asian consumer panelists and between males and females.

Briefly, carrots were trimmed and cut into 55 mm lengths and mechanically peeled using the Hobart Peeler Machine Hobart Manufacturing Co. The carrot slices were steam-blanched for 4 min, cooled under running tap water for 4 min, soaked in sodium metabisulfite 0. The fried carrot chips were drained on paper towels, and shaken with 1. The carrot chip product was packaged 15 g per bag in layered film 2. Kapak Co. The Southeast Asian panelists were originally from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, and had lived in the United States less than three years.

In our opinion, similarities in culture, especially in language and in the types of foods they usually consumed, exist in these Southeast Asian countries. Prior to sensory evaluation, the panelists were asked to provide demographic information including age, gender, race, cigarette smoking, any allergy to certain foods, special diet, illness, and information about their general preferences for chip products.

The packaged carrot chips were removed from the freezer 18 h prior to evaluation and the product was at room temperature when the tests were performed. The panelists were asked to test individually, so they did not influence each other. Other factors were evaluated using 9-point rating scales: Using an open-ended question format, panelists were also requested to give their opinions on what they liked most about the product.

Correlation coefficients between selected sensory attributes were also deter- mined. Most collsumer panelists indicated that they liked chip products moderately No significant differences PT 0. Based on the percentage of consumer panelists who rated the overall appearance above 6 like slightly , the majority The better the color and the more uniform the carrot chips, the better the consumer liking on the overall appearance.

Both ethnic groups of consumer panelists rated crispiness as good. The mean oiliness score for all subjects was 4. The differences by country, gender, and country x gender were not statistically significant P 1 0. Mean S. Mean 6. American 45 6.

Flavor The odor was rated good, while the saltiness and sweetness were rated nearly about right Table 4. No significant differences P 2 0. In general, the flavor of carrot chips was acceptable to the majority of consumer panelists No significant differences P 1 0.

About The comment given most often by Forty-four percent of the consumer panelists indicated that they liked the crunchy, crispy texture of the product, and Some TABLE 5. This indicated that all the consumer panelists, including Southeast Asians, were familiar with chip products.

This is reasonable because potato chips are available and popular worldwide. According to the report of Pepsico , Frito-Lay Internationalhas operations in 45 countries including zyxw Indonesia and Thailand and makes chip products available in countries. In addition, we believe that the people in Southeast Asian countries are also familiar with their traditional chips like those from banana, cassava, sweet potato, rice, and taro.

Therefore, a new type of chip like carrot chips likely would also be acceptable to this community. Deep-fried carrot chip products that are high in provitamin A carotenoids and antioxidants cannot provide these important nutrients unless the product is liked and accepted by consumers Szczesniak Sensory attributes, i. DRISKELL The majority of our consumer panelists, regardless of country or gender, indicated liking evaluation score of 2 6 the overall appearance, overall texture, overall flavor, and overall acceptance of the carrot chip product Fig.

MacDougall reported that consumer acceptance of foods and manufactured food products is influenced predominantly by the intrinsic appeal of their appearance. Studies have shown that the color of a product influences the perception of other sensory attributes, such as aroma, zyxw taste, and flavor Lawless and Heymann Published literature related to sensory differences by gender groupings are limited, as is that related to differences by the region of the world from which individuals originate are lacking.

Suknark et al. The results of the present consumer study indicate that there were no significant differences in the sensory attributes, including overall acceptance, of the deep-fried carrot chip product between a group of consumer panelists from the plains areas of the United States and those from Southeast Asia. This carrot chip product may be used in both Southeast Asian and North American countries as a vehicle for increasing provitamin A carotenoid intakes as well as antioxidant intakes to possibly overcome nutrition and health problems in these countries.

Proper processing of the carrots, especially methods involving cooking, improves the bioavailability and bioconversion of the provitamin A carotenoids Rock ef ul. Some concerns exist regarding the fat content of the developed deep-fried carrot chips.

The fat content in this product may increase the carotenoid bioavailability Jalal ef al. Many populations in the world do not consume diets high in fat, and the addition of some fat to their diets may be beneficial. It is likely the Southeast Asian consumer panelists included in this study are representative of those residing in Southeast Asia; the same is also likely true with regard to the American consurner panelists.

Using the factors for conversion of provitamin A carote- noids to vitamin A recently given by the Institute of Medicine Therefore, the consumption of 20 to 25 g of the product would provide enough provitamin A carotenoids to satisfy the human adult daily need for vitamin A. If the deep-fried carrot chip product is organoleptically acceptable to consumers in Southeast Asia and America, and likely it is, then the deep-fried carrot chips may be used as a vehicle for increasing the consumption of provitamin A carotenoids as well as antioxidants to overcome nutrition and health problems in both countries, and perhaps worldwide.

Formulation of corn-based snacks with high nutritive value: Food Sci. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U. Department of Health and zyxwvu Human Services. Cancer Registries: CDC http: Accessed February 24, Food-based strategies to control vitamin A deficiency. Food Nutr. The vitamins: Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and zyx Health, pp. Packaging preservation of -carotenein sweet potato flakes using flexible film and an oxygen absorber.

Food Quality 22, Prevention of Micronutrient Deficiencies. Institute of Medicine, National Academy Sciences. Serum retinol concentrations in children are affected by food sources of 0-carotene, fat intake, and antihelminitic drug treatment. Epidemiologic evidence of a role of carotenoids in cardiovascular disease prevention.

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Sensory Evaluation ofFoods: